EDAH Chapter 96


Chapter 96: The Badge of Bravery once again

“He, he, when you said you came from Heavenly Stellar City, I could already guess the reason why you came here.  Although the blood coloured phoenix isn’t as strong as a true phoenix, it could still be considered a phoenix.  At the same time, with its strength, it could be considered a Heavenly Level beast…..Or even a Mysterious God Level beast.  It is not something that humans can fight against.  After those twelve brave soldiers went after it, there was only one that came back with heavy injuries.”  The mayor slowly finished and then gave another long sigh.

There was someone that came back alive?

“Where is that person now?”

“Come, I will bring you to see him.”


The Gu Ping Town’s mayor stood up and brought Ye Tian Xie to a small hut nearby.  He spoke while walking, “That one brave soldier from Heavenly Stellar City that came back suffered heavy injuries.  He can no longer walk or fight and has been staying in our village to heal.  Although we have wanted to help him send a message to Heavenly Stellar City, we didn’t have enough strength.  There are many dangerous monsters on the road to Heavenly Stellar City, so……”

That was why the Heavenly Stellar City Lord lost all news of this small group.  Actually, because they had lost all contact, the Heavenly Stellar City Lord had thought that they had been eradicated by the blood coloured phoenix.  That’s why he made Ye Tian Xie come here, because he wasn’t willing to give up hope.  Perhaps even he wouldn’t have thought that there was still someone alive.

The door to the small and simple wood cabin was opened and there was a person lying on the simple bed inside.  Beside the bed, there was a pair of middle aged man and woman currently taking care of the person.  They immediately greeted the mayor when they saw him.

“Young man, this is person you were looking for.  He, he, brave warrior from Heavenly Stellar City, a friend is here to see you.”  The mayor laughed as he spoke.

“Friend?”  The person covered in bandages lying on the bed turned his head and looked at Ye Tian Xie.

“Hello, I am Xie Tian.  I was sent by the Heavenly Stellar City Lord to come and find you.  The fact that you haven’t reported back in a month has made him very worried.”  Ye Tian Xie walked forward as he spoke with a concerned face.  The first half was the truth and the second half was a lie that he had added in.  Because, it was a very effective way to get closer to this person.

The result was that the injured Heavenly Stellar City guard became very excited.  He turned his body and said with emotion, “It was us who used the wrong method and we still caused the City Lord to be worried……Ai!  Friend, I’ll have to trouble you to report back to the City Lord.  Tell him that other than me, the other eleven people are all dead……and it will take me at least another month before I can return.  Also, I need you to tell the City Lord that the blood coloured phoenix is truly too strong.  It has at least reached the Heavenly rank, or perhaps it has even reached the Mysterious God rank.  Destroying it, only the Lost City’s strongest masters could achieve this task.  Also, the reason why it attacks Heavenly Stellar City is not because it bares any unknown hatred or grudges.  Rather, it still has not matured yet, so it instinctively attacks things that it sees.  I’ve heard people say that the blood coloured phoenix flies around without any kind of goal.  It is also because of this that we were able to drive it off time after time.

After the Heavenly Stellar City guard finished talking, Ye Tian Xie heard a clear prompt sound ring in his ears.

“Ding…… You have obtained vital information for the quest ‘Investigating the whereabouts of the missing city guards’.  As long as you return to Heavenly Stellar City and report everything back to the City Lord, the quest will be finished.”

Rushing from yesterday all the way until now.  Passing through all kinds of dangerous territory and passing all kinds of monsters that were beyond his level.  Now that he was here, the quest was finally complete.  As long as he pulled out the Heavenly Stellar City Return Scroll and returned to Heavenly Stellar City, he could immediately finish this Unique Quest.  

This was a quest that didn’t require any fighting or any kind of collecting.  It was simply a quest that required one to find some information, but those that knew where the quest would take them, none of them would question just how difficult this quest was.  Although the difficult part of this quest did not surpass what level twenties could achieve, only level fifty or up players could rush to this dangerous area.  Moreover it would take an entire day and night.  As long as one reached this area, the quest could be considered a success.  Everything was actually quite simple.

“Alright, I will bring your report back.  You should just relax and recover here.”  Ye Tian Xie said as he took out the Heavenly Stellar City Return Scroll.  He turned and smiled at the Gu Ping Town mayor as he said, “Thank you mayor, you’ve helped me a lot.”

“Ding……Because of your extraordinary charm and politeness, the Gu Ping Town mayor’s favorability increased by 22.”

“He, he, young man, you’re too polite.  If there is a chance in the future, we welcome you……Ah!  You……That badge on your chest is……is……”  The Gu Ping Town mayor had half finished his sentence before he became excited.  He was so excited that he began to shake as his eyes fell onto the left side of Ye Tian Xie’s chest.  The happy expression on his face became one of shock.

Ye Tian Xie instantly understood.  Left side of his chest……Badge of Bravery.

After obtaining the Badge of Bravery for a few days, he began to realize just how powerful it was.  Right now, if that pharmacist from Beginner Village 60001 Yuan Que took that Heaven Brilliance weapon Demonic Snake worth ten million gold coins to trade for this Badge of Bravery, he would still reject that offer.

And the power of this Badge of Bravery did not just show itself in Heavenly Stellar City.  Even in a small village like this, there were still people that recognized it.

Of course he didn’t know that the man who this village was named after, the man who had saved this village, had also owned a Badge of Bravery.  There weren’t many that could obtain the Badge of Bravery, one might not even appear in over ten years.  But as long as one could obtain it, they were destined to be a truly strong person.  Because of this, Gu Ping Town where they respected and worshipped heroes, they had a deep respect for those that could obtain the Badge of Bravery and the Hero’s Badge.  This could be considered a tradition passed down to this very day……And today, the Gu Ping Town mayor saw that Ye Tian Xie had the exact same legendary Badge of Bravery on his chest, how could he not be excited?

“This is the Badge of Bravery, does mayor recognize it?”  Ye Tian Xie was very calm and clear as he asked, his face showed a curious expression.

“Badge of Bravery……It is actually the Badge of Bravery……I know it, of course I recognize it.  It is a symbol of someone truly strong.  Our ancestors taught us, as long as we see someone with the badge……In a blink of an eye, a hundred years has passed.”  The mayor’s mood continued to fluctuate.  Even the two middle aged people in the room were as excited as the mayor was.  Their eyes stared at the Badge of Bravery on Ye Tian Xie’s chest.

What will it bring me this time……Ye Tian Xie’s hand was still holding onto the Heavenly Stellar City Return Scroll, but he no longer had any intentions to crush it.  He had a blank face as he quietly calculated in his heart.

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