HC Volume 1: Chapter 22


Volume 1: Chapter 22 – Soldier Captain

Zhang Mu brought the small group onwards, killing off five more Skeleton soldiers that dropped a few gold pieces along with two pieces of equipment.

【White-bone Bracelet】(Common Black Iron), Level 5, Strength +1, Vitality +1, Agility +1, Spirit +1, Durability 20. White-bone Accessory set 2/3, currently no set effects.

【Sword of Skeleton soldier】(Common Black Iron), Level 5 one-handed sword, +10 Physical Attack, +1 Sharpness, 1% chance of incurring Curse effect, Durability 20.

White-bone Bracelet was one of the three accessories belonging to the White-bone set, with an effect of +1 to all attributes. 【Sword of Skeleton soldier】 was a one-handed sword that was longer than the Fine Iron Dagger and had greater attacking power that coupled with a chance of incurring the Curse effect. Zhang Mu equipped it by exchanging his previous-equipped Fine Iron Dagger for it.


Now, Zhang Mu wielded two long swords.

On his left hand, he brandished the Sword of Skeleton soldier.

On his right hand, he flourished the Dinichthys’ Sword.

Usually, a one-handed weapon did not have a stronger attack power and effect compared to a two-handed weapon, but when a person dual-wielded two swords, the damage ability was much stronger than a two-handed weapon. There were many dual-wielding classes – Thief, Assassin, Hit-man, Fighter, and Berserker. A thief was limited to dual-wielding daggers, an assassin limited to dual-wielding knives, a Hit-man limited to dual-wielding pointed-blades, a fighter limited to katars, and a Berserker limited to one-handed axes. Rangers though, being the most versatile class, had the majority dual-wielding long swords.

“Five percent left to level up,” Zhang Mu checked his experience bar. Turning back, he asked, “What about you all?”

Fatty still needed 25% more, Leng Yun needed 31% more, and Sun Bing needed 39% more. Chen Ling, due to the fact she had just reached level 5 recently, needed 89% more experience r to reach level 6. Regardless, farming Elite monsters definitely gave a feeling akin to sitting on a rocket.

Zhang Mu felt very satisfied. After resting for two minutes, they continued on.

Because the cave was so large, there should be quite a number of Skeleton soldiers. Every skeleton was a precious resource to them, giving them a boost to their experience and a large chance of dropping equipment.

Even though it was night, the small group was filled with fighting spirit. Without any thoughts of resting, they continued deeper into the cave, accompanied by a chilling cold. The cave became bigger and bigger. The air was not very putrid, seeing that the cave was not enclosed. Above them, crevices allowed some light from the moon to shine in, leaving mottled splotches of moonlight on the ground.

Soon after beginning their journey again through the cave, they found yet another three skeletons.

Chen Ling’s face displayed a strange expression, Softly she said, “These skeletons seem kind of different.”

The others noticed this strange discovery as well.

The Skeleton soldiers they had previously encountered had the majority of bones coloured greyish-white, without much luster. The weapons those skeletons carried were rusted, giving the sense of a lack of combat prowess. Two of these newly encountered Skeleton soldiers were much whiter than normal, and their swords appeared sharper and were without rust. Even the ghost-flame in their eyes glowed brighter, giving off the sense of being stronger than the Skeleton soldiers they had previously faced.

Apart from these two skeletons, an even more special skeleton stood between them.

This skeleton stood two meters high and carried a two-handed Broadsword. On its back, it wore a ragged scute laden cloak that looked like a fallen leaf with moths on it, battered and rent with different sized holes.. This skeleton gave off a sense of pressure given much stronger than the other two skeletons.

Zhang Mu gazed over at the three skeletons and read the appearing descriptions.

【Elite Skeleton soldier】(Bronze Elite), Level 5, 350 Health Points, 150 Mana, Description: An elite Skeleton soldier that is stronger than a normal Skeleton soldier.

【Skeleton Captain】(Bronze Elite), Level 7, 500 Health Points, 200 Mana, Description: The captain of an army in its past life, this Skeleton Captain was also a talented warrior with powerful skills and swordsmanship.

“Should be the mini-BOSS of this cave. It’s power is not weak, let’s be more careful.”

Leng Yun asked, “How should we kill it?”

“We’ll kill them one by one,” Zhang Mu observed the surroundings, before pointing at the middle skeleton, “Sun Bing, use taunt to pull on the captain. You don’t have to attack, just hold it for us. Fatty, Chen Ling, both of you will be responsible for the soldier on the left. Leng Yun will team up with me to dispose off the right soldier as quickly as possible. Any questions?”


“That’s good then. Let’s start!”

The five of them split up with an understanding of what each other would be doing. Zhang Mu and Leng Yun flanked right while Fatty and Chen Ling flanked left. Holding his shield before him, Sun Bing forged straight ahead. Once the three skeletons became alarmed, Sun Bing used his Taunt skill on the captain.

With the ghost-flame flickering wildly within the eyes of the Skeleton Captain, it immediately utilised the technique of a swordmaster, 【Charge】. Within the blink of an eye, the Skeleton Captain rushed to the Sun Bing’s front, hacked its sword at his shield, and caused Sun Bing to retreat a few steps. The Skeleton Captain did not wait for Sun Bing to stabilise before forming a few apparition with its Broadsword, causing a few bright sword lights to appear suddenly.

Fierce Wind Combo Slash!

Peng Peng Peng Peng!

Under the defence of his shield, Sun Bing withstood four continuous fierce attacks which reduced his health points by a quarter. Sun Bing would have had a very difficult time surviving a direct attack without his shield. The technique was an extremely powerful one that boasted a fast speed and was difficult to evade.

The Skeleton Captain had a relatively high strength that was easily comparable to other lone-based Elite monsters.

Sun Bing could not maintain this for long!

Alarmed by the fervency of the Skeleton Captain’s attack on Sun Bing, the two Elite Skeleton soldiers rushed toward their captain’s aid, swords in hand.

Zhang Mu shouted, “Quick, attack!”

Fatty used his Brutal Charge and stopped one of the soldiers from continuing. Chen Ling aided by the side. Zhang Mu slid quickly towards the other, slashing a few times with his swords, causing some damage. The Skeleton soldier quickly turned his attention to Zhang Mu, letting go of Sun Bing before fiercely attacking.

Bronze-grade Skeleton soldiers had higher health, higher mana, and higher attributes than the Black iron-grade Skeleton soldiers. They had greater attacking power, greater agility, e and thus, had greater combat power by more than twice that of the Black iron-grade soldiers.

Leng Yun sprayed the Acid bomb on the Elite Skeleton soldier, not causing much damage but effectively reducing the Elite Skeleton soldier’s defenses. She then cast her Ice arrow right at it. An Elemental Mage’s damaging ability was really too terrifying. With this action, about 60 of the Elite Skeleton soldier’s health was shaved off. The only drawback to the Acid bomb spell was its long cooldown, though. After Leng Yun’s initial attack, Zhang Mu was responsible for finishing the battle.

The Elite Skeleton soldiers had reduced defense inflicted by the Acid bomb and reduced movement by the Ice arrow, thus reducing its combat power. Zhang Mu certainly had the capability to solo it thereafter. The two swords in his hands glowed with mild green blade light, slashing right at the shoulder of the skeleton soldier, shaving off 36 of its health.

Elite Skeleton soldiers were undead and thus, did not feel any pain nor any terror or other emotions. Even after having the sword cut on its body, it did not have any negative or unfavorable reactions as if it was not being attacked at all. Raising the sword in its right hand, the skeleton fiercely stabbed outwards, resulting in a greyish sword light appearing from the blade. Even though the Ice arrow slowed down its movement, its current motion was still faster than an average person would be able to react to. Zhang Mu immediately dodged it before using his right hand to jab at the head of the skeleton, leaving behind a sword mark.

The Skeleton soldier did not care about the damage done to its body. Waving its right arm wildly, sword lights followed by more sword lights began flying forward. They came fast and furious with plenty of of strength. Yet to Zhang Mu, the skeleton’s movement was stiff and predictable. With r half of its health now gone, Zhang Mu was able to easily dodge the attacks.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

The long sword met with another long sword in the air a few times, generating sparks from the clash.

Seeing a flaw, Zhang Mu took advantage of it and fended off the attacking skeleton soldier before beginning a round of onslaught that brought the skeleton soldier’s health to zero. It finally dropped onto the floor as a pile of bones. The massive amount of experience given by its death brought Zhang Mu to level up to level 6, increasing his health, his mana, and his attributes tremendously.

The cooldown of Leng Yun’s Acid bomb spell ended. Immediately, she cast it on the other soldier. Zhang Mu rapidly slid towards it, teaming up with Fatty and Chen Ling in attacking the skeleton. Within 10 seconds, the skeleton soldier fell onto the ground.

Now, all that was left was the strongest Skeleton captain.

The Skeleton Captain had at least four to five different techniques. All of these techniques could be categorised under the skills of a Swordsman. The strongest skill, Fierce Wind Combo Slash, consisted of four continuous attacks which added up to a great deal of damage. Sun Bing had a hard time standing against this powerful attack. If it were the others who got hit by this technique, they would certainly die.

Zhang Mu shouted, “Sun Bing, move backwards!”

Leng Yun shot out an Ice arrow, reducing the movement of the Skeleton Captain. Sun Bing hurriedly retreated. He was bleeding and did not have any capability to continue battling. Zhang Mu and Fatty – the two main damage-dealers – immediately took over Sun Bing’s position.

“Brutal Charge!”

Fatty charged right at the body of the Skeleton Captain, knocking it a few meters backwards. He then brought up his great sword and slashed right at the head of the skeleton. The Skeleton Captain reacted with a slash right at Fatty’s great sword before suddenly turning its blade, cutting Fatty’s chest and destroying Fatty’s leather armour. Blood began to ooze from the injury, and Fatty’s health points dropped by almost 40%!

“Damn, that was some perverse damage!”

Fatty was heavily injured and thus, began retreating. The Skeleton Captain did not give him any chances. With a charge, it rushed towards Fatty, brought up its Broadsword, and used its – Fierce Wind Combo Slash!

“Not good!” Fatty’s expression changed.

Right at this moment, Zhang Mu utilised his God’s Blessing and slid between Fatty and the captain. The four sword lights landed on Zhang Mu’s body and were nulled by his invulnerability. Even still, it caused Fatty’s soul to almost fly off as he almost lost his life. Thankfully, Zhang Mu saved him right in the nick of time.

“Be careful.”

Zhang Mu wielded his swords and began battling the Skeleton Captain by himself. Only after Fatty recovered did he come back to the battle. Chen Ling was there to help the two of them as well. The Skeleton Captain’s combat power was really strong; Zhang Mu had to attack and withdraw in random and unexpected patterns to avoid the sword light. The Ice arrow reduced the Skeleton Captain’s movement, the Acid bomb reduced its defense, and Taunt was used at pivotal moments in taking away the aggro of the skeleton. The whole battle lasted for five to six more minutes before, the Skeleton Captain’s health finally dropped to zero. Two pieces of equipment dropped out after it perished. One item was a skill book.

【FF-grade Skill Book, Fierce Wind Combo Slash】, Learning requirements: Strength 15, Agility 20. Class restriction: Swordsman, Ranger.

【White-bone ring】(Common Black Iron), Level 5, +10 Health, +10 Mana, Durability 20, Part of the White-bone accessory set.

【Skeleton Captain’s Broadsword】(Common Black Iron), Level 5 two-handed sword, +18 Attack, 2% chance of critical when attacking, Durability 30.

After the death of Skeleton Captain, Fatty leveled up to 6, allowing him to fully recover from his injuries.

Zhang Mu felt extremely pleased!

Finally… finally a Ranger’s skill book dropped!

A technique that was relatively powerful in offense was exactly what Zhang Mu needed now!

Zhang Mu’s strength had already exceed 15, and his agility had already exceeded 20. All the requirements were met for him to learn the skill book.

【Fierce Wind Combo Slash LV1】, FF-grade skill, highest possible LV3, Explosively continuously attack, every attack cause 50% of one’s attacking power + 50 strength attribute’s damage, Total number of combo slash is determined by the user’s agility and attack speed, with a minimum of at least two times and a maximum of six times. Mana consumption: 5, cooldown 45 seconds.

At the same time, the last item required to complete the White-bone accessory set was dropped as well!

Within the three accessories of the set, the necklace increased the user’s physical attack. The bracelet increased all of the user’s attributes, The ring increased the user’s health and mana. Once the three pieces of accessories were worn together, the set effect would appear.

【White-bone accessory set】, During attack, 10% chance of incurring twice the damage.

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