HC Volume 1: Chapter 24


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Chapter 24- Cave Battle.

Fatty relentlessly attacked the skeleton mage and after being struck a few times with the great sword, the skeleton mage suddenly thrust its staff into the ground. Immediately, the ground broke open and a bony hand grabbed Fatty’s leg.


“I can’t move!”


Fatty struggled, but he still couldn’t break free from the bony hand.


Having obtained some time, the skeleton mage immediately took two steps back and flung a fireball at Fatty. Although the fireball seemed small at first, it instantly grew into a blaze. Rather than being an explosive spell, this skill was one that dealt damage over time. If it continued burning, it would definitely be enormously painful!

Fatty screamed miserably as he fell to the ground, frantically swatting at the flames. But it was impossible to stop the fire using ordinary methods since the flames were fueled by magic, and wouldn’t disappear until their magic power rant out.In a blink of an eye, his hair and his eyebrows had all been burnt off and the smell of burnt meat filled the air.


The skeleton mage immediately seized the opportunity to run away. Zhang Mu had no intention of letting it escape, so he skirted the rolling Fatty and charged towards the skeleton mage. Faced with a new enemy, the skeleton mage condensed a faint cyan wind blade in its hand and threw it at Zhang Mu. The wind blade was an extremely powerful and practical spell. It was fast, could be fired quickly, and only consumed a small amount of mana, but still dealt considerable damage, it could also sever limbs easily and cripple its target.

It was only a level 8 elite monster but it had so many skills!

Zhang Mu couldn’t avoid the wind blades so he was forced to activate invincibility, extinguishing the remnant flames on his body and repelling the wind blade. However, God’s Blessing didn’t just grant invincibility to S ranked skills and below, it could also instantly reset the few dozen seconds cooldown of Fierce Wind Combo Slash.


“Fierce Wind Combo Slash!”




“Set effect activate, -49!”


The skeleton mage possessed outstanding attacking power, even though its defense weren’t high, its acid bombs made it difficult to defeat. God’s Blessing gave his attributes a huge boost and elevated Zhang Mu’s offensive capabilities. A single Fierce Wind Combo Slash had dealt more than 150 points of total damage!


This type of frightening power, combined with such an abnormal damage output, was enough to even match those of an assassin. It made his blood boil with excitement.


Zhang Mu’s attacks were all concentrated around the waist and leg area, allowing him to sever the skeleton mage’s right leg, leaving it with barely 30% of its health remaining as it tumbled to the ground.


Losing its ability to move was a fatal blow for the skeleton mage, but it wasn’t defeated yet. An ice arrow nearly pierced clean through Zhang Mu’s chest, causing him to spew out a mouthful of blood along with ice and cold air. Unbearable pain lanced through his frame, and his organs felt like they had started to ice over.

His health had dropped to less than 25% and with the ice slowing down his speed; he was truly in an extremely dangerous situation.

If the skeleton mage attacks with another spell, Zhang Mu would definitely die!


However, it had already cast multiple spells, so all of its skills were on cooldown, rendering it incapable of casting. With its leg cut off by Zhang Mu, it was also incapable of stalling for time, so Zhang Mu endured the pain and coldness within his body and, with a loud shout, sent three strikes toward the skeleton mage’s head.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Currently, the attribute boosts were still in effect, so his power was incredibly impressive. With a dull snapping sound, the skeleton mage’s tough skull started to crack. Shards falling from the skull revealed a faint blue flame within. Zhang Mu stomped on the skeleton mage’s chest; he held his sword in a backhand grip and after a burst of sound, the tip of his sword was covered with a faint green light, he aimed at the open gaps and stabbed downwards.

The tip of his sword pierced through the blue flame!

Whether it be living creatures or the undead, everything had a weakness. While living creatures had many vital points such as the heart, brain, and spine, the undead only had one weakness, the undead’s source of life —— its soul flame. This was its only weakness and extinguishing it was equal to instant death. The skeleton mage suddenly twitched as the flame within its skull died out, the bones shattering one by one with a crisp ‘pa pa’ sound. The skeleton mage fell apart into a pile of broken bones, dropping a number of items in the process.

Zhang Mu pulled the ice arrow out of his chest and threw it aside, gasping for breath as his nose and mouth continuously discharged cold air. Even the blood spilling from his body was icy cold. He found it very difficult to breathe, so his lungs had probably been punctured.

On the other side, Sun Bing and Chen Ling were backed into a corner. Unable to defend against the continuous onslaught of the spear skeleton, they were about to be overpowered.

Fortunately, Leng Yun’s skills had just been restored, so she immediately cast Acid Bomb followed by ice arrow.

As the spear skeleton received damage, it immediately wheeled, raising its spear to use a skill. Leng Yun hurriedly dodged, the spear caused the wind to gust as it thrust past her side. After the first strike missed, the second strike came immediately, the spear sweeping around to hit Leng Yun on the back. This one strike had taken nearly 80% of her health, broke a few bones at the very minimum and sent her rolling by 3 to 4 meters.

Elemental mages were extremely fragile!


At this crucial moment, Fatty, whose body was charred and smoking, roared loudly and pounced at the spear skeleton, bringing it to the ground. He raised his great sword and struck its head twice, dealing 50 points of damage. The spear skeleton used its spear to prop itself up like a spring, rising straight up from the ground, but there now was a hole in its head. Fatty was knocked against something and the spear tip immediately took advantage, sweeping towards him. A burst of sparks floated in the air, and Fatty’s great sword was sent flying, rotating several times in the air before plunging into a rock, trembling incessantly.

Just as Fatty regained his balance, the spear skeleton raised its spear and lunged at him. Fatty paled, the ruthless thrust of the spear was aimed right at his heart. At this critical moment, Fatty unlocked his potential once again, tenaciously grabbing the spear and pushing it two meters away from himself with enormous power. Their contest of strength soon turned into a deadlock as they fiercely struggled for the upper hand.

Berserkers were the class with the highest offensive abilities and Fatty also had a fairly good body. However, the spear skeleton was an elite monster, and naturally had high attributes. As the deadlock continued, slight signs of fatigue could be seen on Fatty’s side. While Fatty’s strength had already surpassed those of weight lifting world champions, fatty had a human body while the spear skeleton were only made of bones, therefore he was extremely lacking in endurance.

The spear skeleton suddenly pushed upwards, lifting Fatty from the ground and throwing him a few meters away like a sandbag. The spear skeleton immediately followed up with a spear as Fatty scrambled to pull his sword out of the rock. But it was too late.

Zhang Mu arrived in the nick of time, his twin swords deflected the spear thrust away from Fatty and transformed into intersecting sword lights that fell on the skeleton’s armor.

Fatty finally got his great sword free from the rocks and used Brutal Charge to knock down the spear skeleton. Double teaming the skeleton, Zhang Mu and Fatty attacked without rest. Even though it had a high defense and a lot of health left, the spear skeleton still couldn’t withstand the combined attacks of two people. In less than a minute, the spear skeleton had been knocked down once again and its bones started to fall apart.

Under the combined attacks of Sun Bing and Chen Ling, the last spear skeleton also began to be suppressed. Leng Yun used Acid Bomb to weaken its defense while Zhang Mu and Fatty attacked together, and finally, the spear skeleton fell down.

“I almost died!” Fatty fell to the ground as he gasped for air, soon after, he began to convulse and he shouted: “Help me, my body hurts a lot! Nurse, I need treatment!”

Zhang Mu walked over while clutching his chest. He coughed out blood on the ground and said in a hoarse voice, “We have to conserve our mana right now. Just don’t die and bear with it, I’ll take out some roasted eggs.”

Sun Bing had been stabbed four times by a spear. Chen Ling had a deep cut on her abdomen, her intestines were flowing out but she forced them back. Leng Yun had been hit by the spear skeleton’s spear; she had multiple bone fractures and severe internal injuries. The battle was over but they were all seriously injured; the pain they experienced was far beyond an ordinary person’s imagination.

The battles were finished, but because they’ve been neglectful, they needed to double back.

Fatty shouted: “I really can’t stand, Boss, don’t beat me!”

Zhang Mu shook his head and said, “We are players, our bodies are strengthened so as long as we still have health points, we won’t die, nor would we easily lose consciousness. Furthermore, no matter how serious our injuries are, as long as we don’t die, our injuries will quickly recover.” After speaking, he removed his hand from his chest, his wound were no longer bleeding.

Leng Yun’s mana was extremely valuable, they needed to conserve each and every bit of it so that they could use it during their time of need. For this reason, everyone could only endure.

After about 10 minutes, the pain gradually receded.

Leng Yun had a pale complexion as she sat against the wall, her plump breasts heaved slowly as she took deep breaths, but contrary to Fatty, who was painfully rolling on the floor, she had stayed silent up until now. Her beautiful face was covered with beads of sweat and her eyebrows were tightly narrowed, making her look pitiful, but her bright eyes were unblinkingly fixed on Zhan Mu.

Everyone knew that the pain Zhang Mu had endured was no lesser than Fatty’s, he also had extensive burns and he was even injured by an ice arrow. However, while sitting on the ground with his eyes closed, Zhang Mu’s eyebrows didn’t even narrow since the beginning. Leng Yun felt touched in her heart and she felt a surge of respect.

Zhang Mu felt that he had almost completely recovered so he went to pick up the items.

The skeleton mage dropped a skill book, a scroll, and a piece of clothing. Both of the spear skeletons dropped a piece of clothing each and two white bone accessories.

【F+ grade Skill Book, Wind Blade】Learning Requirements: Spirit more than 30. Class Restriction: Elemental Mage.

【Skill Upgrade Scroll LV1】 A magic scroll capable of upgrading a LV 1 skill.

【Magician’s Robe】(Superior Black Iron), Level 5 Robe, +5 Physical Defense, +11 Magical Defense, +3 Spirit, +15 Health, Durability 30/30.

【Soldier’s Armor】(Common Black Iron), Level 5 Armor, +16 Physical Defense,            +5 Magical Defense, +1 Vitality, Durability 30/30.

【White Bone Necklace】: +4 Physical Attack, +4 Physical Defense, Durability 20/20.

【White Bone Necklace】: +4 Physical Attack, +4 Physical Defense, Durability 20/20.

Even though the battle was a bit dangerous, everyone felt satisfied with the items. The skeleton mage’s most powerful spell 【Exploding Fireball】didn’t drop, but the【Wind Blade】skill book still dropped. Wind Blade had higher attacking power than Ice Arrow and it was also more effective in battle. It was actually an extremely good skill.

The Magic Robe was a superior ranked armor. It had unusually high attributes, not only did it increase defense, it also increased spirit and health. These were the two things that mages needed the most; it was one of the best equipments available!


The skill book and the robe were both given to Leng Yun.

The Soldier Armor’s Defense was also surprisingly high, its only deficiency was that it could only be used by a knight. Sun Bing didn’t have an armor yet so it was given to him. The two white bone necklaces were left, one was given to Sun Bing to complete his set and the other was given to Fatty to raise his attack power.

As for the skill upgrade scroll, Zhang Mu used it for himself.

【Fierce Wind Combo Slash LV2】, FF-grade skill, highest possible LV3, continuous explosive attacks, every attack causes 65% of one’s attacking power + 80% of the user’s strength as damage. Total number of combo slash is determined by the user’s agility and attack speed, with a minimum of at least two times and a maximum of six times. Mana consumption: 5, cooldown 45 seconds.

The skill upgrade increased his offensive capabilities by a lot.

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