LXY Book 11: Chapter 30


Book 11: Chapter 30 – Arena Battle

“You shouldn’t put me on such a high pedestal. I’m not so sure I’ll be able to win either, and it’ll be even harsher on me if I fail,” Xue Ying joked, though his eyes were filled with fighting spirit. In regards to that fat hunk’s combat power, he did not feel he so certain he could triumph.

“Haha, no need to be so humble. You think I still don’t know you that well?” Chen Jiu turned toward the other arena with the three rosy-lipped children garbed in undergarments and laughed. “Losing in the previous arena, I can’t do much about. When it comes to this one, however, I can actually say I am confident in my chances.”


Both Jian Huang and the Meishan Clan Master nodded in response.


Xue Ying also agreed with that assessment. Chen Jiu had a total of eight arms! His strength truly showed itself when handling a joint attack.

“I’ll try this one again.” Chen Jiu immediately jumped into the air and landed inside the arena. The three cute children sitting cross-legged opened their eyes at the same time, all of them turning to stare coldly at Chen Jiu.

“Such cold little dolls.” Chen jiu immediately brought out his eight arms, all covered in a grayish layer of metal and physically strong. A terrifying aura surged out as eight unique dragons—his arms—roared out while glaring at the three children. While those three seemed cute, in reality, they were just condensed by the Laws of Profound Mysteries through an array. He could not afford to be even slightly careless.

Even Jian Huang ended up being defeated at the hands of those three.

“Up.” One of the children sneered.

Sou sou sou!

All three raised their sledgehammers and then leapt forward, leaving behind afterimages.

“So fast.” Watching the battle from below, Xue Ying was startled. The reason he watched was so he could then plan for his battles. While he had the intelligence reports, they could not match up to viewing the battle in person. This scene, however, made him jump in shock. The speed of the three children exceeded that of his and the rest; they were like wind, and their figures had even started to turn illusory.

Chen Jiu did not panic at all. His eight arms became bigger, akin to palm-leaf fans.

His palms occasionally clenched into fists; at other times they would turn into claws or sometimes simple fingers!

He had many offensive techniques: some soft, some hard, others unpredictable…

Hong hong hong~

The three children turned entirely into gusts of wind, their figures becoming full illusions. Their six sledgehammers complemented each other perfectly, as they frantically smashed outward.

These attacks were like the blades of a windmill and worked together like pieces of complex machinery.

The sledgehammers came smashing at him one after another. They complemented each other exquisitely, leaving their target with little time to rest.

Formidable. Xue Ying could not help but be startled at the sight. The three children not only move at extreme speeds, but they can team up, and coupled with the six sledgehammers complementing each other, they can launch a joint attack so quick that their opponent truly has little time to react. It’s no wonder that the Meishan Clan Master, Wu Huang, had to use the True Meaning of Space to prevent them from using that attack, and only then could he barely win. Meanwhile, Jian Huang has the True Meaning of Wave World, which he used to restrict the three children, and the Profound Mysteries applied through his sword techniques are also quite formidable in terms of close combat—but he still lost.

Xue Ying understood after watching the battle that Jian Huang’s defeat wasn’t unjustifiable.

If he were to suffer from one of those joint attacks in the real world, he would also lose!

Despite the power of his current spear techniques, it would simply not be enough to defeat the three opponents.

Having eight arms really does make a difference. Xue Ying grinned.

Chen Jiu had eight arms to deal with six sledgehammers!

His defenses were watertight. Even though his opponents were fast, Chen Jiu’s True Meaning of Only Me, complemented by the True Meaning of Eight Dragons, gave him an advantage in close combat a level higher than what the Meishan Clan Master and Jian Huang could attain.

“Chen Jiu is truly formidable. I was completely right before when I said that, amongst us, he is most likely the only one who could match the three children straight-up.” The Meishan Clan Master sighed. “For him to have cultivated to the point of spawning eight arms with the True Meaning of Only Me, and for each of them to be able to unleash such perfect strength, is already quite enough for us to find Chen Jiu admirable.”

The Meishan Clan Master also cultivated the True Meaning of Only Me, but he had no extra limbs of any kind.

After all, the fleshy body was perfect by nature, and to grow more limbs from that foundation…would make it very hard for the user to get accustomed to. That could even cause one’s combat power to drop. That being considered, someone able to unleash equal power through eight arms was amazing.


Chen Jiu violently shouted, his expression savage.

He would launch attacks as if in a frenzy, and occasionally, he would even use his body to withstand one or two of those sledgehammer attacks so that he could retaliate with even more strength.

Peng peng peng!

One of the children was finally sent into an explosive retreat, and his body immediately began dissipating.

After that single child’s defeat, the other two soon followed him in dissipating.

Hu, hu. Chen Jiu’s expression was starting to get pale as he stood alone in the arena. He coughed out a mouthful of blood. Throughout the fight, he had withstood a total of ten attacks from the sledgehammers. Fortunately, however, he had the Deity armor, which, coupled with his tyrannical body bestowed by the True Meaning of Only Me, enabled him to take them on.

“How is it?” Chen Jiu looked downward from the arena. He was quite joyful.

“Don’t be so pleased,” Jian Huang sneered. “You’ve barely managed to win a single round. If you’re so good, go ahead and defeat that fat hunk. Do that, and even I will find your ability admirable.”

Chen Jiu’s expression turned bitter.

“I’ll give it another try.” Invigorated from winning a match, Chen Jiu unhesitatingly gritted his teeth and turned into a stream of particles, rushing toward the arena presided by the fat hunk.


The fat hunk merely slapped in response.

Chen Jiu no longer tried meeting the attack face-on. Instead, he tried his best to dodge.

Peng peng peng. The fat hunk’s palm attacks were fast as lightning. They came at Chen Jiu from all sides, preventing him from dodging all the attacks. Surely enough, one of them landed on Chen Jiu’s arm, followed by a squeeze and a suppressive force enveloping his body. Chen Jiu’s eyes widened in disbelief as he was launched backward, out of the arena.

“Ai, I’ve lost even faster this time around.” Chen Jiu was unwilling to accept.

“You were too impatient after winning that previous round.” The Meishan Clan Master shook his head. “You must have patience when fighting this fat hunk and do your best to avoid facing him head-on. You’ll just lose the moment you’re forced into that position.”

“I know.” Chen Jiu felt anguish well up inside him.

All of them were under huge pressure during this trip, having signed that oath. But now that they were trapped here, Chen Jiu became aware that although his eight arms allowed him to triumph over those three children, he found it currently impossible for him to defeat the fat hunk. The gap between them was actually huge!

“I was defeated in both arenas. At least you, Chen Jiu and Wu Huang, have both won that match against the three children.” Jian Huang laughed. “It would seem I must continue cultivating. If my combat power doesn’t increase, forget the fourth or fifth vine leaf worlds, I’ll most likely be stuck here, in this third vine leaf world.”

The Meishan Clan Master and Chen Jiu both nodded.

“Xue Ying.” The Meishan Clan Master looked toward Xue Ying only to see he had fallen into deep contemplation. “There’s no use in overthinking it. Just go ahead and give it a try. Should you fail, you can try again later.”

“Dong Bo will not lose that easily,” Chen Jiu commented.

“Chen Jiu, you seem truly confident in Xue Ying’s chances.” Jian Huang could feel that something was amiss. “You won the bout against the three children, but only because you have eight arms. Meanwhile, Wu Huang had an even harder time winning that same fight. While the trial of those three children is, indeed, simpler, it doesn’t mean Xue Ying will find it so easy to defeat them, much less that fat person.”

“You’ll understand once you see it,” Chen Jiu said.

Xue Ying finally said, “I’ll go ahead and give it a try.”

After watching from the side for quite some time, he had a decent understanding of the two trials and had already formulated some plans in his mind. Naturally, whether those plans would bring success could only be determined after putting them in action!


Xue Ying leapt over to the arena presided by the three children.

Just moments ago, the three children had dissipated during the fight against Chen Jiu, but another set of three identical children had formed to take their place. They looked exactly the same as before, with the same cute features. They were sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed and two sledgehammers each placed to their sides. Once Xue Ying landed inside the arena, they abruptly opened their eyes to stare at Xue Ying.

“Attack!” The three children immediately took up the two sledgehammers by their sides. They then turned illusory due to their extreme speed and charged Xue Ying.

Xue Ying just calmly in place, allowing the three children to approach as they wished.


Xue Ying explosively brandished his fiery-red spear along an arc. It was accompanied by the terrifying destructive aura of the Star Meteor Annihilation, which produced a frightening maelstrom that attracted those three children toward him. The spear finally launched into a piercing motion.


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