LXY Book 12: Chapter 11


Book 12: Chapter 11 – Distress of the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God

“What is that?!”

All of those mortals in the many cities looked up in astonishment.

Such a scene was truly too shocking.

A vast ocean was forming in mid-air, with waves surging fiercely in an imposing and majestic manner. The image was so powerful that it caused the hearts of all those mortals to tremble. The ocean was large enough to cover an area of more than five thousand kilometers! A huge ocean the size of a county appearing high up in the sky was a scene much more dazzling than even the sun! More than half of all the living beings in the Xia Clan world were witness to the scene, while the other half could not see it because of clouds, tall mountains, or other obstacles.


“How can there be such a big ocean?” Even Legend knights and Legend mages could not understand what this scene represented, much less the mortals.

Sou sou sou!

In various parts of the Xia Clan world, many figures rushed up into the sky and then stopped in mid-air to look at the humongous ocean of seemingly endless might.

“Someone is opening up their Deity sea?” The Transcendents were shocked at the sight before their very eyes.

“Deity sea? A Deity domain? What’s going on… Is a Deity emerging?”

“Who became a Deity?”

The Transcendents were all getting flustered.

“Mn?” In an ordinary village, Chao Qing, still disguised as an ordinary mortal garbed in tattered clothes, looked upward, his expression also shifting. “Another Deity? Who can it be?”

As a native of Xia Clan and having received the blessing of the Xia Clan world, he was able to quietly return after becoming a Deity within Crimson Rock Mountain.

Throughout history, whenever a Deity would emerge, the Xia Clan and the Beast Clan would immediately investigate whether the new Deity was from their side or the opposing one. If the Deity didn’t show themselves, it was clear that they were of the opposing clan! They would then helplessly retreat back to their Transcendent world without hesitation.

Even Palace Head Chen’s Qi Avatar left the Infernal World for the mortal world in order to investigate this occurrence.

“Palace Head Chen, this new Deity, are they part of our clan?”

“Palace Head Chen, is it a Transcendent of our Xia Clan who has become a Deity?”

“Palace Head Chen, this new Deity is…?”

Palace Head Chen was bombarded with large amounts of reports.

The whole clan was anxious to get a better read of the current situation. Most ordinary Transcendents would find themselves practically unable to resist against any newly emerged Deity! What they were unaware of, however, was that this era was different. Xue Ying, for example, reached a level at which he could easily pinch an ordinary Deity to death. The only problem was that the opponents this time around were the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God’s army! This led him to continue cultivating within Crimson Rock Mountain!

“Who exactly is it?” Palace Head Chen was also trepidant.

That was when a message reached him. “Palace Head Chen, please rest easy.”

A surge of joy immediately filed Palace Head Chen’s heart. The one who had transmitted this message was none other than Jing Qiu. He immediately replied, “Do you know who the Deity is? Could it be Xue Ying himself? No, that can’t be right; Xue Ying had yet to even reach the stage three realm when he left.”

Mountain Lord He and Faction Head Si Kong Yang, who both condensed true Deity Hearts, or Chi Qiu Bai who was already at the peak of the stage three realm in his grade three True Meaning—any one of these personages was much closer to becoming Deities. Xue Ying’s talent was indeed splendid, with his three different grade two True Meanings, but their realms were momentarily not that high. According to Xue Ying’s own words, they had yet to even reach the stage three realm.

“It’s not him but a plant lifeform he sent,” Jing Qiu transmitted. “This plant has already become a Deity, and it is still improving and growing with each day. It will certainly prove to be of great use to us in the upcoming war.”

“Good. This is great news!“ Palace Head Chen succumbed to great joy.

Very soon, he had already transmitted a message to the large crowd of Xia Clan Transcendents. “Everyone, you can rest easy. The newly emerged Deity is one of our Xia Clan. As their identity, we must temporarily keep it secret.”

The hearts of all those Xia Clan Transcendents relaxed for a moment before a mood of exaltation erupted amongst them.

Their side had a new Deity?

It was common fact amongst everyone in this era that the situation was becoming dangerous, as the Xia Clan had already begun moving people in the dark. So now that a Deity emerged in their ranks, how could it not be a joyous occasion?

While an ecstatic mood covered the Xia Clan, the atmosphere in the Transcendent world known as the Oceanic Forest World was decidedly morose.

In this world, there was a rigid castle, semicircular in shape with countless seals engraved on its exterior. This sort of structure could not move, but its defenses were even beyond those of a Battleship D9! On top of that, the castle was wrapped in arrays that isolated its interiors from the external world! This was among the reasons why Xue Ying had not been able to enter it, despite investigating the Beast Clan for the past hundred years he was poisoned!

What way did he have of entering it, except for perhaps laying siege to it straight-on?

Even then, the castle was so incredibly sturdy that even Battleship D9 was powerless to destroy it.

Hua hua hua~

Inside the castle, a huge humanoid figure lay in the middle of a flowing lake of blood. His body was wrapped in crimson red scales, and his breathing was faint and slow.

Beside this blood lake was an enormous skull, together with a golden-robed man.

“A Deity has emerged among the ranks of the Xia Clan,” the skull representing the Great Demonic God said in a deep tone.

“You think I’m not aware?” the golden-robed man said, his voice tinged with frustration. “It’s all your fault. You thought too much of yourself back then, and your fleshy body was destroyed, which meant we had to delay the war for fifty years. If not for that, we might have already occupied the entire Xia Clan world! This new Deity from the Xia Clan…it would mean nothing if it were some ordinary Transcendent, but I am afraid it might be Dong Bo Xue Ying!”

“How am I to be blamed for this?” the Great Demonic God’s skull replied, clearly displeased. “Do you really think I could have expected that an apex Transcendent would suddenly emerge in the Xia Clan? Had Dong Bo Xue Ying not set out to destroy the headquarters of my Demonic Faction while getting rid of that nearly complete fleshy body in the process, how could we have even discovered how powerful he was? How else were we to team up to attack him?”

“It’s precisely because we teamed up that he was inflicted with the Six Ghosts Resentment hex poison!”

“Even under the influence of that hex poison, his combat power increased immensely! Without it, he would very likely had a secondary awakening of his bloodline, which would cause his body and soul to be undergo a qualitative change. By then, his combat power would have certainly been so much stronger than now! It’s not necessarily true that if we had started the war fifty years ago, the situation would have been better,” the skull of the Great Demonic God retorted.

That golden-robed man did not reply, for he knew those words to be true.

Xue Ying’s rate of improvement was just that tremendous. Even with the hex poison influencing him, he was still able fight on equal grounds with Lord You Lan back at Black White Deity Mountain.

“We’ve already set down an oath, so there’s no need to blame each other any longer,” the Great Demonic God’s skull said. “Right now, what we must decide on is our course of action.”

“What is absolutely clear is that we have to clear up the facts. In other words, we have to find out whether Dong Bo Xue Ying really was the one to become a Deity!” The golden-robed man frowned. “With his three grade two True Meanings, the threat he would pose as a Deity would far exceed any ordinary Deity with a grade two Deity Heart! Letting his comprehension grow any further would only increase his chances of refining the Realm Heart. Should he succeed in that endeavour, he would become a Material Realm Lord, there would no longer be any point in fighting with him over Xia Clan world.”

“Even if he does become a Deity, shouldn’t he still take several thousand years to refine the Realm Heart?” the Great Demonic God skull asked.

“If he becomes a Deity after he returns to the Xia Clan world, it basically means that he has already become an honorary disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain and has gained a huge amount of treasures in the process. Should that be true when we begin the war, he will certainly prove to be a huge obstacle,” the golden-robed male revealed his assumptions.


The Great Demonic God skull pondered for a while before finally replying, “If Dong Bo Xue Ying did become a Deity, he would have very likely done so stealthily while still within Crimson Rock Mountain; he would not do so like this, in such an open area. He would have a longer period of time to continue growing. For the moment, I believe that this disturbance caused by the opening of a Deity sea was not caused by him.”

“I also think that the probability Dong Bo Xue Ying being the new Deity is quite low! He’s still too young after all, and condensing a grade two Deity Heart isn’t so easily accomplished. Even if the probability were lower than it is, however, we still couldn’t take the gamble! After all, our latest intelligence reports state that the new Deity is also not one of the Transcendents we know, like Si Kong Yang or Mountain Lord He. Even then, it’s certain that the Deity is one of them, is it not? Who else could it be than Dong Bo Xue Ying?” The golden-robed male felt slightly frustrated.

There were only so many Xia Clan Demigods, and those who had the potential of becoming Deities were so few that one could count them on the fingers of one hand! By process of elimination, the probability that Xue Ying became a Deity was instead the highest.

But his heart told him that Xue YIng becoming a Deity so young could not possibly have happened.

“We can’t take chances!” the golden-robed male finally stated. “There’s no way but to clear up the facts.”

“And how should we do that?” the Great Demonic God skull asked. “Just earlier, we’ve sent Qi avatars over to the disturbance to investigate, but we were not able to find any signs. The one who became a Deity has quite clearly hidden themselves in some other location.”

The golden-robed male rather unwillingly replied, “Through the Temporal Temple! Only they could clarify as to whom exactly has become a Deity!”

Some ordinary Transcendent becoming a Deity was of no consequence to them, but Xue Ying being the one to do so would be terrifying news.

“Alright, I’ll go and ask. Let’s see what price the Temporal Temple puts on this information,” the Great Demonic God skull said.


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