LXY Book 13: Chapter 2


Book 13: Chapter 2 – Blood Creeping Flower

“Level 12 Star Pagoda?”

The Great Demonic God and Sorcerer God glanced at each other. Their vision skimmed across the external wall of the fort to rest on that distant Battleship D9 as it flew into the towering Star Pagoda as well.

“The Level 12 Star Pagoda has a price of over two million Deity crystals, so how could it appear here, on the Xia Clan world?” The golden-robed Sorcerer God mumbled, “This is impossible!”

An ordinary stage one World Deity must be quite rich to be able to take out a million Deity crystals.


He, the Sorcerer God, was a Lord of a material world. His true body remained in the material world and wasn’t afraid of offending anyone, and neither was he afraid of adventuring. Even though he had not cultivated for a long period of time, he was quite extraordinary and could bring out ten million Deity crystals. This had been accumulated after many adventures, however, and if he were to buy the ‘Level 12 Star Pagoda,’ by forking out over two million Deity crystals all at once, he would have to analyze this decision carefully.

Without a reason, not only him, even the Great Demonic God would not be willing to be so extravagant.

The Great Demonic God had more Deity crystals than the Sorcerer God, but not by much. Even though he was stronger, he lived in the Dark Abyss and had to be careful—unlike the Sorcerer God, who wasn’t afraid of death!

“Initially, I thought that since you, Sorcerer God, could send countless treasures into the material world without having to go through the Temporal Temple due to your status as a Lord of a material world,” the Great Demonic God continued, “we have already prepared sufficiently enough. Yet, who would have thought…”

If they were to send a Star Pagoda through the Temporal Temple…the transportation fee would be at least a hundred times the original cost.

Over two hundred million Deity crystals?

Much less them, even stage three World Deities would have their faces turn black at the thought.

“How could this be?” The Sorcerer God felt that this was too hard to believe. With a cold expression, he growled, “According to what I know, becoming an honorary disciple will only allow one to gain 100,000 Deity crystals. Even after becoming an inner disciple…the cultivator will at most gain 1,000,000 Deity crystals! How could he obtain the Level 12 Star Pagoda? Unless…he has become a personal disciple?”

“But according to my knowledge, the rules of Crimson Rock Mountain stated that to become a personal disciple, either the Transcendent grasps hold of a grade one True Meaning or becomes a Deity with a grade one Deity Heart within ten thousand years. How long has Dong Bo Xue Ying cultivated for? Unless he has a grade one True Meaning? If he does, then there is no need for this war to carry on anymore! There will certainly be some powerful existences coming over to receive him as a disciple. With a powerful existence interfering, we can only lower our heads,” the Sorcerer God said.

“It’s impossible for him to be a Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning.” The Great Demonic God shook his head as well.

Grade one True Meaning Transcendent?

In the entire Deity world and Dark Abyss, these Transcendents were the true princes of the heavens. Despite Crimson Rock Mountain falling into the Xia Clan world, similar to how those Deities in the Deity world could contact with their hometown in the material world, Xi Wei, He Fei Yun, Ge Bai and other World Deities from within Crimson Rock Mountain could contact with those in the Deity world and could secretly send news to some powerful existences in the Deity world with close relations to Crimson Rock Mountain!

Once a powerful existence interfered with this war, it would naturally end.

A powerful existence stood high above others…

There were billions of mortal worlds, and if a war was being fought over a single mortal world, the powerful existences would never personally descend to interfere with one unless there was a special reason, as reaching their positions meant that they cared greatly for their reputations.

“It seems like the World Deities within Crimson Rock Mountain have lended Dong Bo Xue Ying some assistance.” The Sorcerer God said, “They must feel that Dong Bo Xue Ying is someone worth helping.”

“But how many treasures can there be in Crimson Rock Mountain?” The flames on the Great Demonic God’ figure burned brightly as he growled, “It has fallen into the material world, and every single piece of treasure used is a piece less! For them to bring out a Level 12 Star Pagoda is quite amazing of them.”

They were not wrong.

The treasures in Crimson Rock Mountain were not endless. But coincidentally, the Crimson Rock Mountain had a World Deity who specialized in refining—Ge Bai. This Level 12 Star Pagoda had been refined by him, and for the sake of this world, Ge Bai had even refined other things to aid Xue Ying.

With a World Deity specially refining things for this war, Xue Ying had a greater chance of victory!

“Wake up.” The gold-robed Sorcerer God’s eyes were cold. Looking through the external wall, he gazed at that Star Pagoda currently releasing endless light. “Although I am highly reluctant to admit this, this war indeed has many variables.”

After constructing the spatial passage, after setting down the fortress…

The two of them had thought that…

They were victorious!

They had not expected other World Deities to ever fight with them! As for Xue Ying? They did not put him in their eyes at all. Even if Xue Ying was an honorary disciple, so what?

But this Level 12 Star Pagoda made them feel something was amiss.

“Then let’s battle!” The Great Demonic God’s voice thundered, “We have a stable spatial passage, and we have various treasures chosen and sent down from the Deity world. I don’t believe we can’t defeat a single Dong Bo Xue Ying!”

Sorcerer God nodded. “If we can’t defeat a little brat, that’ll be a true joke.”

The Star Pagoda towered high.

Within a vast palace hall.

Xue Ying and Jing Qiu currently stood there as figures started materializing next to them—Chao Qing, Mountain Lord He, Palace Head Chen, Chi Qiu Bai, Great Uncle Palace Head, City Lady Bu, Si Kong Yang, and other Demigods. Their gazes were all resting on Xue Ying, and every one of them felt exuberant.

“Ladies and gentlemen, even though what I am saying will not be good to hear, there remains spies amongst us from the Demonic Faction or the Beast Clan.” Xue Ying continued, “Thus, everyone will have to remain temporarily in different regions, with only projections sent over here.”

“Haha…that should be the case. For the sake of the war, there’ll never be enough vigilance.” Palace Head Chen looked toward Xue Ying with joy, “I long knew that you, Xue Ying, were still alive, but no matter how I tried asking Jing Qiu, Mage Jing Qiu just refused to tell me the answer.”

“Palace Head Chen, pardon me,” Jing Qiu interjected.

“Ai ai ai, that was something you should have done.” Palace Head Chen was quite cheerful.

Chao Qing also beamed at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying also looked toward Chao Qing, chuckling. “Old Chao, I’ve long known that you have returned; it was just that we have yet to meet.”

“Ai, I also thought that by relying on the Battleship D9, we will be able to give them a huge impact. Who would have thought the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God’s combat powers would far surpass my imaginations!” Chao Qing shook his head. “This is no longer a simple battle between Deity Avatars.”

“After they constructed a stable spatial passage connecting them to another mortal world…” Xue Ying continued, “the Sorcerer God will be able to send countless treasures from the Deity world here without getting it through the Temporal Temple. This battle is indeed very tough, but I’ve played a strong card at the very beginning by setting down this Star Pagoda so as to turn the surrounding space into a separate world, which gives us an advantage!”

“Can we win?” Palace Head Chen asked.

At this moment, everyone present on the scene turned toward Xue Ying.

“We can fight for it.” Xue Ying elaborated, “If we were to destroy that fortress directly, destroying the stable spatial passage, then we would have won; they will no longer have any hopes of coming over.”

“If we were to lose, then we could only retreat back to the Infernal World. I’ll similarly return to Crimson Rock Mountain to continue cultivating, and hopefully, I will be able to refine the Realm Heart within the next ten thousand years. If I can’t do so, the Xia Clan will not be able to stand up any longer,” Xue Ying declared. The moment they were defeated in the war, the Infernal World would be completely surrounded. Any future Transcendents from the Xia Clan world would never be able to enter Crimson Rock Mountain!

“We’ll fight for it then,” Faction Head Si Kong Yang growled.

“Xue Ying, have you gotten your poison cured?” Chi Qiu Bai asked.

Xue Ying laughed. “Naturally!”

“The disturbances created by both the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God have far transcended our expectations. This time, we’ll have to rely on you,” Chi Qiu Bai stated.

“Rest assured. We still have a chance to fight for victory.” Xue Ying’s words had yet to finish when…


A faint tremor rumbled outside.

Xue Ying and the others looked outward. The walls of the palace hall immediately reflected the scene outside, allowing them to easily see an enormous plant sway and frantically sweep across a section of the desolate desert. Countless vines and beautiful red flowers were wantonly shaking about. This enormous plant was so tall, it pierced through the cloud layers, and it was able to match the towering Star Pagoda height-wise. The vines had permeated throughout the vast desert.

Every single vine and flower of this enormous plant was covered by a layer of black fluid. Some complex Deity seals had been inscribed on top of the black fluid layer.

Xue Ying revealed a grin.

That black fluid had been a weapon specially made to accommodate a plant life form and was really powerful. It costed Xue Ying a total of 300,000 Deity crystals! Giving it to the Blood Creeping Flower was just like giving wings to a tiger. The Blood Creeping Flower was also one of the main strengths he had this time!

“Master, are we acting?” Blood Creeping Flower asked. Its voice resounded throughout the entire sky.

“Xue Man, don’t be so rushed,” Xue Ying admonished. His voice also emitted out from the Star Pagoda.

On the other side.

Within the fortress.

“Magnificent Sorcerer God,” eighteen figures respectfully shouted as they stood to the side. All of them were emitting an aura belonging to the Deity realm.

The Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were both calmly staring outward of the fortress. They had seen the towering and swaying Blood Creeping Flower.

“Blood Creeping Flower. From its shape, it should be at the middle stage of the Deity realm. Within the Star Pagoda, its combat power is able to increase fivefold!” The gold-robed Sorcerer God said, “From its surface, it seems to be equipped with some unique weapon, allowing its power to increase even further. Maybe it has reached the power of a late stage Deity?”

“Let’s try and attack it before saying anything else,” the Great Demonic God decided.


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