LXY Book 13: Chapter 28


Book 13: Chapter 28 – A Glimmer of Hope at the Darkest Hour

Palace Head Chen, Si Kong Yang, Chao Qing, Mountain Lord He and the others all watched as a mere yell completely annihilated the originally terrifying World Deity Wo Hai’s avatar; they immediately gained a better understanding of Xue Ying’s current strength.

They stared at Xue Ying’s back as he carried his wife away, and each of them sighed.

They wanted to help, but they could do nothing.

“The strongest Transcendent to emerge in my Xia Clan, since the beginning of its history, has cultivated for such a brief period of time, yet he is still unequalled under the heavens. Even those Deity Avatars can be eliminated with a mere shout.” Si Kong Yang lamented, “Even the calamity created by the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God, the spatial passage construction, was forcefully crushed by Xue Ying’s own power. He has saved the Xia Clan, yet, at the moment, he cannot save his wife.”


“The path of cultivating inherently has all kinds of regrets.” Mountain Lord He softly said, “It’s merely that regarding Xue Ying, the affection between him and Mage Jing Qiu is extremely deep. I don’t know when he can surpass this setback.”

“This kind of thing, outsiders can’t help with,” Chao Qing commented.

“Even if one had heaven-overflowing strength, it falls short of the company of true love. If one is isolated and all alone, what use is there in strength or power?” City Lord Bu’s voice floated over.

Hua hua. Xue Ying carried his wife, and step by step, the surrounding scenery changed as he traveled unceasingly. Soon, he reached the peak of Snowrock Mountain.

Water Rites Town of Snowrock Mountain was situated in the north, so the mountain peak was still covered with snow.

Xue Ying set a recliner down beside him and covered it with a thick blanket. He laid his wife on top securely, tucking her in to protect her well.

“Jing Qiu, this is our home.” Xue Ying knelt down beside her and stared out at the surrounding scenery, his gaze on the distant Azure River below the mountain. “I’ve finally brought you here to take a look. In a while, I’ll bring you back to Crimson Rock Mountain. Afterward you’re situated at Crimson Rock Mountain…I will go properly cultivate. The greater my power, the more hope I have of obtaining a soul reconstructing treasure.

“Even if you cannot wait till that day, meaning your soul has collapsed, I will continue to cultivate. If I become a stage four World Deity, perhaps I can ask a powerful existence to help resurrect you from the river of time.” Xue Ying continued, “Although, this sounds very difficult. Stage four World Deities are all overlords in the Deity world, and cultivating to such a realm is incomparably difficult. But, I will definitely succeed.

“No matter how hard it is, I will not give up.”

Xue Ying mused, “Ai, if I had known earlier that it would be like this, I would’ve invited Mountain Lord He to Crimson Rock Mountain to cultivate back then. The higher his realm is, the larger his grasp on the control of the Star Pagoda would’ve been! Although the Crimson Rock Mountain’s rules does permit me to bring along family, bringing Mountain Lord He…truly is a little awkward. He isn’t counted as one of my family, ha ha…”

Crimson Rock Mountain, Crimson Dust Island.

Here, a white-haired old man with a youthful face stood by the lake, distantly gazing into nothingness. Beside him was the green-haired Xi Wei as well as the treasure spirit Crimson Rock Mountain.

“Forefather.” Xi Wei and Crimson Rock were both incomparably respectful.

“Forefather, can you help Xue Ying a little? This little fellow is the holy master’s inner disciple and deserves to be taken care of,” Xi Wei implored. Although she was pleading, she was still apprehensive. After all, she wasn’t asking for something the other side would definitely agree to. After all, although Xue Ying’s talent was rather high, he was still only an inner disciple and didn’t even have the qualifications to be a personal disciple.

After examining this kind of potential in regards to benefits, it was not worth investing too much in Xue Ying.

“We’ll see; we’ll see.”

The white-haired, youthful-faced old man then laughed out loud. “I reckon that Temporal Temple is only a treasure spirit. The work it conducts all have a set of very clearly defined rules. It can’t possibly do business at a loss! This little brat Xue Ying is an extremely heaven-defying Transcendent in the mortal world, but within the Deity world, Dark Abyss, and the millions and millions of other worlds as well as the entire river of time, there are countless other Transcendents significantly stronger than him. After all, only Transcendents with a grade one True Meaning are considered to be truly dazzling geniuses. His potential still falls a bit short.”

“Forefather?” Crimson Rock nervously inquired.

“Although his potential falls a bit short,” the white-haired, youthful-faced old man began, “he truly is a person with a most sincere and true-hearted nature. If I were to examine his birth up until this moment, I recognize his ability to crazily practice the spear even before he turned eight years of age; for his little brother, he didn’t care for this own life, and because of the Xia Clan, he will never live without a purpose… Now, for his wife to fall into such a state… For this type of person of a most sincere and true-hearted nature, if I were to help him, he won’t be ungrateful.”

The white-haired, youthful-faced old man’s life was everlasting, and his experiences were innumerable. He knew that although some talents were exceptional, some possessed pungent characters. Furthermore, there were those who, in the blink of an eye, would become ruthlessly hostile.

“Yes, Xue Ying is not one who would forget favors and violate justice,” Xi Wei added.

“Good, good, good. Although there are some inconveniences, I’ll help out this little youngster a little. After descending down and strolling around in my old chap Crimson Dust’s place, I have to do a little something.” The white-haired, youthful-faced old man nodded. “I’ll help out this disciple. Old chap Crimson Rock’s enemy, I naturally will not forget, but in the end, I must slowly wait for an opportunity to avenge him. The best course of action would be to wait until that little brat Hui Ming also steps across the boundary and becomes a powerful existence. If Hui Ming and I join hands, then the outcome will be promising.”

“I can’t wait for that to happen,” Xi Wei and Crimson Rock both concurred.

“You guys are trapped in here and, in the end, must wait for the Xia Clan to natively give birth to a World Deity. Only then can the Eden treasure be refined, allowing you guys to leave. For this, even I cannot do anything.” The white-haired, youthful-faced old man promptly declared, “I’ll go down to tie karma with Xue Ying and conveniently take my leave afterward.”

“We respectfully see off forefather.” Xi Wei and Crimson Rock were incomparably deferential.


The white-haired, youthful-faced old man immediately strode forward and disappeared into the Eden treasure. Although that had simply been a World Projection, which normally would be incapable of entering the Eden treasure, the forefather and the Holy Master Crimson Dust’s relations were extraordinary, so the treasure spirit naturally wouldn’t obstruct him.

On top of Snowrock Mountain.

Xue Ying was accompanying his wife at that moment, narrating many things that had come and gone. There were still many more words he wanted to say, but at this moment, a white-haired, youthful-faced old man appeared merely ten meters to the side of him. The old man smiled as he observed this scene. His appearance had not caused any disturbances, and even Xue Ying, who could now move a bit of World Energy, couldn’t detect him.

Suddenly, Xue Ying’s complexion changed. He turned his head to gaze at the nearby white-haired, youthful-faced old man.

How is this possible? I can even move some World Energy. Whether it was the avatar of the Sorcerer God, Great Demonic God, or even Temple of the Earth God’s stage three World Deity, they all couldn’t even think of escaping my detection. How can he appear without a trace beside me? And, I only discovered him by seeing him with my naked eyes. Xue Ying was shocked, but at the same time, he immediately understood that this old man had a realm which far exceeded a stage three World Deity.

In his heart, Xue Ying understood this and thus immediately stepped forward, his emotions going out of control. He respectfully and solemnly greeted this old man. “Dong Bo Xue Ying pays respects to senior.”

“You and I are brought together by fate.” The white-haired, youthful-faced old man extrapolated, “Therefore, I’ve come to tie down karma.”

They were indeed brought together by fate.

At exactly this era, the forefather descended to stroll through his close friend’s former haunts and to find some of the last words of his close friend, and so on. Because he had descended, he personally saw Xue Ying break through many ordeals to become an honorary disciple and even an inner disciple. He had also witnessed the great war outside and felt some affection toward Xue Ying. In addition, he felt that this youngster was truly a man with a most sincere and true-hearted nature. Although his talent and potential were not too dazzling, he still deserved to be helped a little.

“Senior…” Xue Ying faintly came to a conclusion and, incomparably overwhelmed, asked, “Are you willing to save my wife?”

The white-haired old man smiled faintly and nodded lightly.


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