LXY Book 14: Chapter 10


Book 14: Chapter 10 – Reaching the Maximum Lifespan

Xue Ying had always been a very patient person. Even when he had been faced with the enormous Mo Yang Clan at the tender age of eight, he’d still persisted in crazily practicing his spear techniques; the amount of tempering that he’d experienced since then didn’t even need to be mentioned. Considering the fact that he’d managed to comprehend a grade one true meaning, his temperament was naturally quite distinct. After retrieving his wife from the brink of death, Xue Ying understood…

One needed to treasure every last piece of beauty in life! No matter how strong someone’s cultivation was, they had still reached that point in order to live and for all the people that they cherished. Therefore, if there was no need for him to go all out, he wouldn’t go all out, nor would he take unnecessary risks. He would rather quietly cultivate.

As for becoming a Deity?

This wasn’t much of a challenge to him. Back when he’d fought against the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God, he’d already been capable of easily killing an ordinary Deity. Xue Ying’s current goal was to comprehend the grade one World Deity Heart as soon as possible, in order to become a World Deity! Only then would his journey truly begin.


As he accompanied his wife, he occasionally met with his parents, brother, Uncle Zong, and the others.

The rest of his time, he observed all living things in the world in order to further his comprehension of the True Meaning of the World. He didn’t dare to be lax in his cultivation.

Year by year went by as time flowed on.

The Xia Clan world was extremely tranquil, yet in its tranquility, it was rapidly expanding. The Xia Clan’s population was unceasingly multiplying and becoming stronger, while an even larger Imperial Xia City was slowly built on the foundations of the former capital. As for the Xia Clan’s affairs, the Elder’s Association was managing them, both big and small. As Xue Ying very rarely interacted others, he was known as a very aloof person.

In the blink of an eye the world had changed.

Within Snowrock Castle.

“Hu.” Xue Ying stopped practicing spearmanship, put away his blood-drinking spear, and then walked off of the martial practicing stage

The castle was still as large as it had been during his childhood. However, for the now thriving Dong Bo Clan that had since multiplied, this castle was too small! Only extremely talented junior individuals from the Dong Bo Clan had any hope of entering their ancestor’s residence and receiving pointers from Xue Ying. The rest of the Dong Bo Clan’s juniors simply didn’t have the qualifications to live there. Usually, only Dong Bo Lie, his wife Mo Yang Yu, Zong Ling, Xue Ying, and his wife Jing Qiu inhabited the castle. Of course, Dong Bo Qing Shi would also visit on occasion.

As he strolled through the castle, Xue Ying softly sighed.

“Emperor.” He came across a young youth during his stroll. This youth was incomparably moved upon seeing Xue Ying and greeted him as respectfully as possible; he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

“Have you finished practicing your spearmanship?” Xue Ying asked.

“En. I just finished practicing.” The youth’s face was still slick with sweat.

“You should quickly go wash up then; you’re sweating all over.” Xue Ying faintly smiled as he spoke.

The youth nodded repeatedly.

He was simply too moved.

The person in front of him was the legend of the Dong Bo Clan, who could be described as the strongest existence throughout the Xia Clan’s entire history—Emperor Dong Bo. To be able to live in his ancestor’s residence and occasionally receive pointers from such a person…how could he not be moved? In addition to this, there had since been all sorts of books written within the Xia Clan world that contained a few of the Emperor Dong Bo’s legends, all of which made the Xia Clan’s clansmen worship him even more.

As Xue Ying continued his stroll, his face remained mostly expressionless. He occasionally passed a few servants, all of whom felt that the Emperor wasn’t in a good mood today.

“Father, Mother, Uncle Zong.” Xue Ying greeted them as he entered a pavillion.

“Oh, Xue Ying, come, come. Take a seat.” Mo Yang Yu, Dong Bo Lie, and Uncle Zong were all seated within the pavillion. However, their faces were now very aged. It was clear that they were very close to the end of their lifespans, considering how aged they were despite having transcendent bodies.

“Yes.” Xue Ying sat down next to them.

“Oh, Xue Ying. Recently, you’ve been visiting us three old people quite often.” Dong Bo Lie’s voice was old, and his aura was somewhat feeble. “We know that you’re doing so because we’re reaching our limits. However, it’s not necessary for you to do so… We’ve lived quite splendid lives. I was borned in a poor mountain village, yet I managed to live through the bloody battle of the army and then stake my life adventuring all over. I even got to know my wife Ah Yu, and my lifelong brothers Zong Ling and Tong San…and had two children, you and Qing Shi. Despite the many ordeals I went through, I truly don’t have any regrets in this life.

Xue Ying softly nodded as he respectfully listened to his father.

Amongst the waning life auras of his father, mother, and Zong Ling, his father’s was the weakest. Based on his senses as a Material Realm Lord, he could tell that his father didn’t have long left.

Even though a Transcendent’s lifespan was eight hundred years, it wasn’t set in stone that one would be able to last until the very last of those eight hundred years; the closer one was to the limit, the easier it was for them to die.

“The thing that I’m most proud of, however, is you, my son.” Dong Bo Lie grinned as he looked at Xue Ying. “You’ve pleasantly surprised me and surpassed my expectations time and time again. I, Dong Bo Lie, can say that I’ve made the greatest contribution to the entire Xia Clan: having you as a child! Hahaha…”

Dong Bo Lie laughed.

Suddenly, his aura rapidly diminished.

“Father.” Xue Ying’s complexion changed, and he transmitted on the spot, “Qing Shi!”


Dong Bo Qing Shi instantly appeared inside of the pavilion.

“Father!” Tears began to stream down Qing Shi’s face.

Xue Ying didn’t shed any tears as he silently stood to the side. His father, Dong Bo Lie, was still sitting there with a smile on his face, but his aura had already been severed. The nearby Mo Yang Yu simply held onto Dong Bo Lie’s hand and then reached out to softly embrace her husband one last time.

The nearby Zong Ling also simply gazed at Dong Bo Lie.

“Xue Ying.” Jing Qiu had also suddenly appeared.

“It’s nothing.” Xue Ying remained very tranquil.

His father’s passing had a rather large effect on his mother; she passed away only a month later. After another six months, the lonely Zong Ling also passed away.

Within Crimson Rock Mountain.

“Let me handle this matter.” Crimson Rock remarked, “It’s a small matter to reconstruct a fleshly body for your relatives. What sort of fleshly body do you want for them? Do you want them to have a Transcendent fleshly body?”

“An ordinary fleshly body is fine,” Xue Ying replied.

“Then this won’t take long,” Crimson Rock said.

Crimson Rock was an unparalleled existence within the Eden treasure; controlling Space Time and Profound Mysteries was very easy for him. As such, reconstructing a fleshly body was an incredibly simple task. Crimson Rock had also helped Xue Ying raise his avatar’s perfect fleshly body earlier.

Merely a day later, on the grassy fields that lay on the outskirts of a city in Crimson Rock Mountain’s inner world.

Two young-looking men and a young-looking woman suddenly appeared.

They were Mo Yang Yu, Dong Bo Lie, and Zong Ling, though their appearances were that of when they were in their prime!

“This, this unexpectedly…” Mo Yang Yue, Dong Bo Lie, and Zong Ling all looked at each other with incomprehension and astonishment on their faces.

“We’re actually this young? I, I actually…” Mo Yang Yu was even more astonished at her own body.

“I’ve really become a human.” Zong Ling also inspected his own body with incomparable amazement.

“Father, Mother, Uncle Zong,” Xue Ying called out as he appeared beside them.

“Xue Ying, according to what the grand existence who saved us said…he’s your friend?” Mo Yang Yu then emotionally said, “He was actually able to reconstruct our fleshly bodies after we died.”

Xue Ying nodded, smiling. “Once one becomes a World Deity, their Deity Sea becomes an inner world capable of receiving other people’s souls. While others would look down on them for joining the Demonic God, why do you think so many transcendents still joined? It’s because there’s a hope of being drawn into the Demonic God’s Deity Sea once they die. Those with a large enough contribution would even be able to have their fleshly body reconstructed and have another chance at life. Father, Mother, Uncle Zong, you’ve just had your fleshly bodies reconstructed.”

“Then, if one’s soul is recovered after they die and their fleshly body reconstructed, wouldn’t they be immortal?” Mo Yang Yu exclaimed.

“First of all, when one dies in battle, it’s very likely that their soul will be extinguished. Secondly, even if one’s fleshly body is reconstructed again and again, they’ll go insane and collapse if they live too long.” Xue Ying explained, “Even World Deities can gradually lose the ability to guard their original Deity Heart and go insane if they’ve lived too long. As for Transcendents, they don’t even need to be mentioned.”

“Father, Mother, Uncle Zong, this is the inner world of Crimson Rock Mountain, which is extremely vast.” Xue Ying smiled. “It’s an unknown number of times larger than Xia Clan world. The number of Transcendents and Deities here is numerous. Thus, you guys can properly cultivate and live your lives here.”

“Good.” Dong Bo Lie smiled.

“Hahaha, I didn’t think that I’d receive such a pleasant surprise once I died.” Zong Ling truly felt joyous and carefree.

All three of them were in high spirits.

“This is a transmission treasure. If you need to get ahold of me because of an emergency, you can use it to contact me. Here are the treasures that you all had stored before.” Xue Ying handed each of them a transmission bracelet as well as the treasures that they’d gathered throughout their previous lives. “I’ve already left behind a detailed set of instructions to Crimson Rock Mountain’s inner world.

His father, mother, and Uncle Zong left soon afterward.

Xue Ying tracked his parents with his eyes as they left. He also wished for his parents and Uncle Zong to be able to cultivate and walk further along the path cultivation. The reason that he hadn’t told them that he could reconstruct their fleshly body before they died in their first lives was because he wanted them to truly experience death once, as it would be of sufficient aide in their cultivation.

He’d also elected to only give them ordinary fleshly bodies because it would serve to allow them to steadily advance one step at a time.

After all, even if they failed, they could still have a third, or even fourth life.

Crimson Rock would also keep an eye on them at all times. Thus, his parents and Uncle Zong definitely wouldn’t be in danger. As the world was incomparably vast, under the secret guidance of Crimson Rock, it would be impossible for his two senior apprentice brothers to discover that he’d sent three people into the world.

Six hundred and fifty years after the war had ended, as well as a hundred years after his parents and Zong Ling had entered Crimson Rock Mountain’s inner world.

Within the Snowrock Castle.

Xue Ying, who’d been in the middle of guiding his juniors, suddenly felt a movement in his heart and immediately commanded, “Practice well.”

“Jing Qiu, I’ll be heading into seclusion for some time.” Once Xue Ying had transmitted this, he suddenly appeared where the Xia Clan world’s Realm Heart was located with a sou.


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