LXY Book 14: Chapter 18


Book 14: Chapter 18 – Charging Through

Meanwhile, the Black Bone Mountain’s Mountain Lord calmly issued an order, “Kill him. I’m sure you’ll manage.”

The purple-scaled man hesitantly replied, “Mountain Lord, this assailant is very strong. There’s likely no one here, on Ice Iron Planet, who can deal with him. Even with the advantage provided by the terrain inside the fort, we may still have to launch an all-out siege on him! In this case, the fort will surely be somewhat damaged in the process. Casualties are certain to appear amongst your subordinates.”

“Alright,” the Black Bone Mountain’s Mountain Lord grunted in agreement and then cut off the transmission.

Only then did the purple-scaled man finally exhale.


As an underling of the Mountain Lord, he had to be very careful about his actions. Not too long had passed since, during a cursory offering of beautiful woman to the lord, the eighth commander had unexpectedly enjoyed the most beautiful of the bunch in private. That would normally not have been an issue, since she was merely a Transcendent beauty, yet the Mountain Lord had whipped the eighth commander to death using a Heart-Branding Whip. Every lash of this item would would cause pain that permeated the soul, so it could even be used to torture Deities to death. It was an extremely cruel punishment.

After that, the Mountain Lord’s subordinates no longer dared to act negligent.

“Commander, what should we do now?” two beautiful servants asked from the side.

“Whether his plan is to simply attack the fort or to save someone, he still has to charge inside.” The purple-scaled man looked coldly toward the projected scene in mid-air. “Let him enter. Hmph! The area is littered with traps and arrays; he won’t last long.

The two beauties nodded in agreement. They were quite clear on how secure the fort truly was.

Outside the front door of the fort.

Xue Ying stepped onto the hard ground made out of ice chunks to walk next to the carcass of the collapsed Tower Tapir Beast. Its skull was caved in, and purple blood flowed from its mouth in streams. It was quite clearly dead.

A Deity world creature like this has formidable strength. However, it didn’t cultivate said strength, instead being especially groomed to gain it. One who gains strength easily also has obvious weak points. This Tower Tapir Beast’s vital point was its skull; once broken, it was done for, Xue Ying silently ascertained. Even then, defeating one was still rather difficult even though I knew its weak point. With these arrays suppressing me, I had no way of traversing space to attack the interior of its head directly. On top of that, its skull was so hard that my first strike actually wasn’t enough to dispose of it; it took me two strikes to succeed.

The Tower Tapir Beast might have been powerful, but Xue Ying was even more so! After all, his avatar had cultivated the Time Immemorial Body to the third layer!

Of course, he had long since condensed the grade one Deity Heart known as the World Deity Heart, so he could actually raise his Time Immemorial Body to the fourth layer. But if he did that, when the Myriad Flower Feast came around, those powerful existences spectating the battles would be able to tell from a glance that he had a grade one Deity Heart. His main goal for the Myriad Flower Feast was to temper himself, which would allow him to grasp his second grade one Deity Heart that much quicker. At that point, he could become a stage two World Deity.

Of course, amongst his secondary goals was obtaining a Myriad Flower True Fruit, as well as becoming a disciple under a formidable powerful existence.

“Hmph.” After looking at the towering gate before him, Xue Ying coldly snorted and then immediately brandished his fire-red spear. The spear’s shaft rapidly expanded to become a full hundred meters long. It then furiously streaked across the sky to strike the fort’s front gate head-on.


This caused the gate to shake and emit a loud sound. Right afterward, it began to twist and then collapsed to expose an ugly rift.

His third layer Time Immemorial Body brought his strength and speed to the doorstep of the World Deity level; his physical prowess alone was a bit higher even than the Tower Tapir Beast’s! It must be stated that there was actually a huge gap between the peak Deity stage and the World Deity level. It was so large, in fact, that it could be compared to the distance between the highest heavens and the pits of the earth. Xue Ying had already exceeded the peak Deity stage while still at the second layer, so it was only natural that the third would be even more heaven-defying.

Truthfully, the 《Great Chaotic True Force》was even better when it came to pure power, but in spite of his Star Deity Heart having long ago reached the peak of the Deity stage, the Great Chaotic True Force had yet to reach the second layer. After all, it only had six stages in total, so its second layer was comparable in difficulty to the third layer of the Time Immemorial Body.

Hong. The rift in the main gate received another blow, and then the gate was directly sent flying with a large booming sound.


A scream came out from within the fort. Clearly, an enemy had been waiting in ambush behind the door.

Xue Ying smiled and took a step inside. His relaxed gait hid that, with every step, he traversed a great distance, space faintly changing as well.

“The assailant has a Space Deity Heart. Be careful, all of you.”

“Everyone prepare and listen to my orders.”


“This fellow is unexpectedly stupid. He actually dares to rush in so dim-wittedly?”

“Nearly nobody who could become a Deity is an idiot. Keep your vigilance.”

Xue Ying stepped along the expansive tunnels of the fort and traversed directly deeper inside. The further he walked, the darker it became. However, there were some crystal rocks inlaid on both sides of the tunnel, which emitted a dark-green light.

This is quite intriguing. With his spear held in one hand, Xue Ying walked as if taking a stroll in the garden behind his home; he was extremely laid-back.


Sou sou sou sou sou!

Upon attacking, five rays of light were revealed to actually be five silver-armored guards. Deity runes flowed along the surface of their suits of armor, which helped to greatly improve the surges of Deity energy each of them could unleash. Furthermore, the five of them streaked across in five different arcs, enveloping Xue Ying like a huge cobweb. As they neared, their bodies began to turn illusory.

“Chaotic Suppression!” Xue Ying swept his spear across in an overbearing manner. This was the one move he had focused on for a thousand years, and it embodied his entire comprehension of Chaos. Unfortunately, he was still unable to comprehend a Chaos Deity Heart.


Wherever his spear passed, space was twisted—even darkness was crushed—and a faint illusion of black stars slowly rotating appeared; everything in its surroundings began to collapse. The expressions of those five guards with illusory bodies who were originally surrounding him all paled, and they tried slowing down in an attempt to dodge.

However, just how fast was Xue Ying’s spearmanship?

The spear continued on its path toward the guards. One was merely swiped over, and his illusory body immediately began to crumble and shatter. Another had been directly touched and was even more surely dead.

In a mere moment, three of the five guards were killed on the spot, while the remaining two fled in a frenzy.

“The realm of this intruder is incredibly high.”

“He must have grasped a secret skill.”

Those two remaining guards were scared silly.

Back when Xue Ying fought the Tower Tapir Beast, he had not been forced to reveal a secret skill. But this time, so as to be a bit more clear, he unleashed his real power. It must be stated that quite a number of people could reach the peak Deity stage, but the amount of people able to create a secret skill using the Laws and Profound Mysteries as a base was very small. Xue Ying’s Chaotic Suppression was created with suppression by power in mind.

“Hmph.” Disinclined to spend any more time on those fleeing, Xue Ying continued on his path.

The fort was extremely large.

On his path, Xue Ying encountered the occasional ambush, lighting-fast attacks, and sieges as gentle as silk screens, but none of it amounted to anything. In the face of Xue Ying’s absolute speed and strength, these tactics were all jokes! After all, the Time Immemorial Body focused most on survivability, while strength, speed, and so on were all well balanced secondary aspects. When combined with the Extreme Piercing, Xue Ying’s speed was far higher than theirs.

“The first layer has already been broken through.”

“The second layer will not be able to last much longer. Of the thirty guards who surrounded him, more than half have perished.

“We can find no flaws in his spear technique. His power is not focused on just strength, speed, or group attacks—he actually has no weak point.”

Within the palace hall of the fort, three underlings were rather anxious.

The purple-scaled man raised his head to stare at the image hovering in mid-air. His complexion was ugly to behold. “Such a powerful expert…shouldn’t he be focusing on cultivation in preparation for the Myriad Flower Feast? Why would he come attack Ice Iron Planet?”

He could easily tell that the strength of this spear-bearing youth who had just charged in was very deep and was significantly higher than that of ordinary peak Deities. It was reasonable to think that such a strong personage would have incredible prospects, so why was it that he had come to fight them?”

“Commander?” The three underlings looked toward the purple scaled man.

“Don’t worry, he’ll very soon reach the third layer… This fort becomes more dangerous the further down one reaches, and the third level contains arrays personally arranged by the Mountain Lord. It’s a pity, but even a formidable master like him will die right there.” The purple-scaled man sneered. His losses this time around were rather large. Perhaps the Mountain Lord would even arrange for punishments to be dealt out, which served to further anger him. Even then, he was still absolutely confident that the youth could be dealt with. To be more precise, his absolute confidence stemmed from the trap arrays set down by the Mountain Lord.

Xue Ying continued advancing along the path, the guards of the fort further retreating in defeat with each of his steps. None of them dared meet him head-on any longer. As he kept walking along the main tunnel, he could see crystal rocks now shining everywhere around him suffusing all in sight with green light.

“Eh?” Xue Ying suddenly frowned as he looked further ahead.

Right in front of him had just appeared an icy white dragon approximately a hundred meters in size. Its entire body was covered by a frigid aura, and countless Deity runes flowed along the surface of its body, all of them faintly linked to the entire world.

Xue Ying understood from a glance. What a powerful formation array. It can unexpectedly draw and condense the cold aura of the entire Ice Iron Planet to form a dragon. A formation array of this level must have been arranged by a World Deity.

Hou~ The silver-white dragon immediately emitted a low roar, and swung its tail without warning. Even the walls were collapsing under the thrashing of its frosted tail. It then turned into a phantom and immediately attacked.

It is definitely stronger than the Tower Tapir Beast, Xue Ying instantly made his judgement.


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