LXY Book 14: Chapter 24


Book 14: Chapter 24 – Enraged

Mountain Wu City’s wide city gate towered high into the sky. Two rows of Deity-level soldiers stood in formation atop the walls on either side of the gate, all of them being up to five thousand kilometers tall. They wore black, standardized armor and constantly kept an eye on their surroundings so that they would be able to spot any disturbances.

“The guards atop the gate and the soldiers responsible for the teleportation arrays have vastly different statuses, despite both being soldiers,” Yun Hai transmitted to Xue Ying. “And that’s because the gate-guards all have the ‘entry’ rank. Dong Bo, are you aware of what this rank represents?”

“I am.” Xue Ying nodded.

Having an entry rank was equivalent to being an official in the mortal world.


Those with entry ranks could in turn be attributed as direct subordinates of the Bloodshed God Palace; even though the entry rank was a low rank within the God Palace, it still meant that they were part of it.

“So long as one has attained the entry rank, it means that they’re part of the Bloodshed God Palace.” Yun Hai and Xue Ying flew side-by-side toward the city gate as he transmitted, “Even World Deities wouldn’t dare to kill even a single soldier that belongs to the Bloodshed God Palace! It would be a challenge to the entire Bloodshed God Palace the moment they did so, and they would suffer a strict punishment according the God Palace’s laws as a consequence. As such, anyone with the entry rank will have a protective talisman on them at all times.”

Xue Ying laughed.

World Deities wouldn’t dare to kill people who belonged to the Bloodshed God Palace? World Deities who were truly powerful, such as stage three World Deities, would definitely dare to. However, stage three World Deities were simply too far away in the eyes of ordinary Deities.

Furthermore, even if they didn’t dare to kill them in public, that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t do so in secret. Of course, they would have to be able to prevent themselves from being discovered if time was reversed to investigate. However, so long as they could do so without being discovered, killing them was fine! As for Xue Ying, he was the current owner of Crimson Rock Mountain; of the many treasures left behind by Sacred Master Crimson Dust, several allowed him to prevent others from discovering him by reversing time.

Of course, these methods were considered extremely sinister.

“However, it isn’t easy to get an entry rank.” Yun Hai transmitted, “Generally, only a few people per starfield are able to obtain an entry rank. There are many in each starfield that patrol and guard the prefecture but don’t really have the entry rank. An example would be those guarding the arrays, or those guarding certain areas…they were simply hired to be in charge of trifling matters such as these; they aren’t of the entry rank! It’s quite simple to see whether or not someone has entered the Bloodshed God Palace’s ranks—by their armor! This armor was personally refined by the Bloodshed God Palace and represents somebody who’s entered the Bloodshed God Palace. Any soldier who hasn’t entered the Bloodshed God Palace will simply wear ordinary armor.”

Xue Ying nodded. “I heard that Purple Thunder was invited to join the Bloodshed God Palace, and that he has an entry rank?”

“That’s right.” Yun Hai laughed.

Throughout the entire Xia Clan, there was only one person who currently held a rank: Emperor Purple Thunder! As he’d obtained a rank, it meant that he was now a person of the Bloodshed God Palace and that he held a completely different status.

“Purple Thunder was invited because of his talent in the Dao of Medicine. However, even if he has the entry rank, it doesn’t mean he can abscond his position.” Yun Hai explained.

Xue Ying and Yun Hai passed through the towering city gate relatively quickly and entered the enormous Mountain Wu City.

Within the city, several exquisite and elegant cave dwellings peeked out from behind the concealment of many lingering clouds and misty fogs.

Countless Deities strolled through the city’s wide streets, while in the air, the Bloodshed God Palace’s soldiers and extravagant carriages occasionally flew from one point to another.


When Xue Ying and Yun Hai entered the city, an extravagant carriage was currently being pulled by nine black-scaled mutated beasts. The carriage was truly quite large, and a green-haired male with a pair of triangular eyes was seated atop it. On the back of the carriage, two black-robed attendants surveyed the ground below them.

The green-haired male’s gaze swept over his surroundings.

The Bloodshed God Palace’s soldiers frowned when they saw the carriage and subconsciously avoided it. As for the large number of Deities walking through the streets, they didn’t dare to look up; they did their best to avoid attracting the green-haired male’s attention.

Pa! The green-haired male grabbed a blood-colored whip with his right hand and then casually struck a place beneath him with it.

The whip immediately elongated to a few thousand kilometers long as it flicked toward the Deity located where he’d casually struck. When they saw the whip swinging toward them, they were so frightened that their expressions instantly turned pale. They tried to dodge, but it was to no avail, as the whip contained Profound Mysteries.

Pa! The countless blood-colored seals imprinted on the blood-colored whip revolved as it struck the Deity, causing him to howl in grief as he fell to the ground from the strike.

The nine black-scaled mutated beasts continued to pull the carriage behind them as they flew forward.

The green-haired male continued to casually strike randomly with his whip, whipping the Deities below him.

“A Heart-Branding Whip,” Xue Ying remarked as he glanced at the Deities occasionally being whipped. He couldn’t help but frown when he recognized what the whip was.

The Heart-Branding Whip was actually quite a commonly-seen punishment tool; it would cause immense pain to one’s soul if they were struck by it. In fact, the amount of pain it caused was so much that a Deity could die purely from the pain! The pain it caused was much more than that of the Six Ghosts Resentment hex poison.

“Let’s get away from here,” Yun Hai said, pulling Xue Ying with him when he saw the situation. At the same time, he transmitted, “That green-haired male definitely has a powerful origin, especially within Mountain Wu Star Field. He wouldn’t act so rampant if he didn’t. Neither of us have a rank; we’ll just die in vain if he strikes us.”

Xue Ying nodded.

Right. Due to how vast the Deity World was, cultivators generally advocated tempering one’s self via life-or-death situations. As such, only those with the entry rank would be protected by the Bloodshed God Palace! As for those who didn’t have a rank? The Bloodshed God Palace wouldn’t care even if they were to massacre one another! After all, with how many starfields there were, it would be hard for even the Bloodshed God Palace to concern themselves with every little thing.

“Considering the fact that he dares to be so rampant, and in turn most-likely has a strong background…he should have an entry rank as well.” Yun Hai transmitted, “He dares to casually kill those beneath him, yet we’re unable to kill him. The moment we did, it would be a challenge to Bloodshed God Palace.”


The green-haired male laughed as he continued to casually whip passersby, his laughter spreading through the air. He whipped anyone that wasn’t appealing to his eyes, causing them to roll in pain on the ground. The Heart-Branding Whip was truly too painful.

The green-haired male’s two black-robed attendants coldly surveyed the area around the carriage, their job to simply protect their young master.

“Young master is truly formidable. Who would dare to offend our young master throughout the entire Mountain Wu Star Field?” a charming woman next to him said flatteringly.

“One just has to open their eyes wide enough to see who I am.” The green-haired male grinned. His eyes were filled with savage coldness as he watched the streets below him and casually swung his whip.


That green-haired male suddenly frowned.

Most of the Deities in the streets didn’t dare to look upward and were actively avoiding the area the green-haired male traveling through, afraid that they’d attract his attention. However, he’d noticed two males leaving the area in the distance, one of whom was wearing a starry-blue robe and had dared to look at him; he was even frowning at him.

When he saw this, unhappiness surged through the green-haired male’s heart!

He could tell that the other party’s look hadn’t contained any reverence or terror! In fact, he’d actually had a look of displeasure!

“He dares?!” The green-haired male became extremely angry.

He was used to being able to run rampant and being able to do things according to his own wishes; killing someone in order to please himself was only a minor matter.

That starry-blue-robed teenager’s look and expression had clearly angered him.

Just a single look had made the green-haired male angry!

He was enraged and wanted to act against him immediately!

“Hmph!” The green-haired male snorted with fury. The nine black-scaled mutated beasts knew what their owner’s intention was; thus, they immediately turned and rushed toward Xue Ying and Yun Hai. As they approached the pair, the green-haired male furiously swung his whip toward Xue Ying.

Hua la.

The blood-colored whip rapidly elongated to five hundred kilometers like an uncoiling snake and rapidly enveloped the area beneath it.

Xue Ying looked upward at the whip as it descended. He also saw the cold, sinister look in the green-haired male’s eyes as he looked down on them from his extravagant carriage high up in the sky.

“Dong Bo!” Yun Hai was frightened when he saw the whip descend.

Xue Ying, however, simply pulled Yun Hai with him as, with a single movement of his feet, he used the Profound Mysteries of Extreme Piercing to escape the whip’s attack. Their figures fluctuated as the blood-colored whop slapped into the wide street of Mountain Wu City with a pa. Despite the strength behind the strike, it didn’t leave any damage behind; only a few faintly-glowing seals could be seen.

“You still dare to dodge! Such audacity!” the green-haired male shouted. His cold, sinister eyes were locked onto Xue Ying as he said, “Catch him for me! I want to beat him to death!”

“Yes, young master.”

The two black-robed attendants seated behind the carriage gazed coldly at Xue Ying. One of them suddenly rushed outward, turning into black fog as he immediately enveloped the area beneath the carriage. Many Deities that had previously filled the street were moving away as fast as they could, as they didn’t wish to be a part of what was going on.


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