LXY Book 14: Chapter 5


Book 14: Chapter 5 – This Junior Will Remember it Well

“An overlord of the Deity World?” Xue Ying felt yearning in his heart when he heard this. Even the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were considered minor characters amongst the peak-level characters of the Deity World and the Dark Abyss; they even had to rush about for the sake of World Deity ranked secret techniques. Usually, those who had become overlords wouldn’t have any trouble learning any World Deity ranked secret techniques and were generally even capable of bestowing World Deity ranked secret techniques to their subordinates.

“Master, you are the newest master of the Crimson Rock Mountain. I’ll do whatever you order me to do. Everything will be carried out according to master’s orders,” the treasure spirit Crimson Rock hurriedly said out of innermost loyalty.

“You’ll do whatever I ask you to?” Xue Ying didn’t know whether to laugh or not as he looked at the treasure spirit Crimson Rock. The treasure spirit Crimson Rock was stunned for a moment but nodded once he’d recovered. “Naturally.” You’re the master of this treasure, while I’m merely the treasure’s spirit.”

“Then you can call me Dong Bo,” Xue Ying said.


“How could I do such a thing, you’re my—” The treasure spirit Crimson Rock hurried to reply.

“This is my very first order,” Xue Ying stated.

The treasure spirit turned dumb when it heard this and could only nod obediently. “Alright.” However, his heart felt warm when he realized that Xue Ying was truly treating him as an equal.

Xue Ying smiled. So what if it was a treasure spirit? It was still an intelligent lifeform that had been alive far longer than he had.

“Then master… no, Dong Bo, you can simply call me Crimson Rock. There’s no need for you to call me Senior Crimson Rock anymore. How could a master call this treasure spirit a senior?” Crimson Rock replied.

“Alright, alright.” Xue Ying laughed. “Oh, right. I’d like to ask, which powerful existence was it that killed teacher Sacred Master Crimson Rock? I’ll have to be careful of them, right?”

Crimson Rock immediately nodded solemnly. “Mn, this is definitely an important point of precaution. You must never let him find out that you’re a Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning. Actually, you must be extremely careful toward anyone—toward any true life form. Those brothers-in-arms of yours, your wife, and anybody else you trust. No matter how much you trust them, you must never let them know, for as long this info has been leaked, the possibility that it will circulate exists. And if that happens, you’ll be in grave danger! Even if some powerful existences come over to receive you as their disciple, the fact will still remain that many enemy superpowers will think of ways to kill you for refusing their offers. This is also one of the things that every Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning has to be wary of.”

“I understand. So, who killed teacher?” Xue Ying asked.

“I can’t say his name.” Crimson Rock explained, “The moment I do, he’ll sense it.”

Xue Ying immediately regained his senses.

“Of course, I could tell you through other methods, but it would be best if you didn’t know. The moment you do, you will act cautious toward him and will have animosity toward him.” Crimson Rock sighed. “The moment that you hold any animosity against him, the karma between the two of you will greatly increase.”

Hating a person would create karma!

“Karma?” Xue Ying was startled.

“Mn, karma.” Crimson Rock continued, “Actually, you’ve already generated a certain amount of karma with him just by becoming a disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain. However, since you don’t know who he is, and thus don’t hold any hatred toward him, the karma between you two is still weak.”

Crimson Rock laughed. “You don’t have to be too worried though. A powerful existence…they’re such a high level of existence compared to you that when there’s a war going on between them, it isn’t likely for it to affect minor characters, such as their descendents.”

Xue Ying was startled.

“Just like mortals, the adults kill each other, while they rarely kill children and teenagers.” Crimson Rock said, “The Deity World and the Dark Abyss only have a few very powerful existences combined. These existences are eternal, and though they will occasionally fight each other, causing one of them to fall, they generally won’t go and chase the weaker World Deities at the stage one and stage two realms, much less deal with Deities and Transcendents. That would be truly disgraceful!”

Xue Ying somewhat understood.

“As arrogant as these powerful existences are, they’d rather wait until you’ve become a stage four World Deity before acting.” Crimson Rock commented, “Of course, there are still accidents, such as when one takes the initiative to provoke any of these powerful existences, thus challenging their dignity. These people deserve to be killed. Then there’s those that have comprehended a grade one True Meaning. A Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning will most likely become a stage four World Deity in the future and is destined to become a huge threat to these powerful existences. As such, they’ll naturally seek to eradicate such threats, which is acknowledged as acceptable amongst the powerful existences of the Deity World and the Dark Abyss.”

Xue Ying was speechless.

“As such, so long as you don’t take the initiative to provoke a powerful existence, or reveal yourself as a Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning, the other side will almost assuredly not act against you,” Crimson Rock concluded.

“I understand.” Xue Ying nodded.

Provoke them?

He wasn’t that idiotic. Thus, all he really needed to worry about was not revealing his secret.  “时空神殿能够让时光回流,很可能看到我修炼一品真意的场景。”东伯雪鹰连道,“这可就暴露了。”

“The Temporal Temple might be able to see through the time flow and see that I’ve managed to successfully train in a grade one True Meaning.” Xue Ying said, “This means that I could possibly be revealed.”

“You can rest assured.” Crimson Rock smiled. “The Temporal Temple doesn’t observe the time flow very frequently; this takes up a lot of energy. He’s also a Deity treasure and has to oversee a countless number of Reincarnators across space in addition to observing Deities and World Deities too! You aren’t worth enough for it to pay that much effort to you. Of course, if it knows that you have a grade one True Meaning, then it will certainly pay more attention to you.

“Following this, if it knows, it’s master will of course know too!

“However, the Bloodshed God Palace, Temporal Island, and Myriad God Palace came to an agreement long ago. The Temporal Temple could supervise the endless reaches of space and easily find geniuses. As such, they set down an agreement that they were forbidden from forcible taking away Transcendents with a grade one or grade two True Meaning. At most, they could only invite these people. If someone with a grade one True Meaning is discovered, they won’t possibly reveal their existence either! If there were to reveal them, it would mean that they’ve destroyed a Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning.

“Considering his status, the Island Lord of the Temporal Island finds the thought of dealing with a Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning disdainful.

“The Bloodshed God Palace, Temporal Island, and Myriad God Palace represent the three existences that stand at the apex of the Deity Realm and Dark Abyss; they can’t be bothered to receive a disciple with a grade one True Meaning.” Crimson Rock said, “While other powerful existences would compete against one another to snatch these disciples, those three existences are much more focused on one’s combat power.”

Xue Ying lightly nodded.

He understood.

The Bloodshed God Emperor, the Temporal Island Lord, and the Myriad God Palace Head were all existences that stood at the true apex of the Dark Abyss and Deity World. All of the other powerful existences could be said to be at a lower level than them. At their level, they generally couldn’t be bothered to deal with most matters anymore, nor would they care about a grade one True Meaning. If their power increased by even a little bit, it would have a huge influence.

The Bloodshed God Emperor, for instance, was publicly recognized as the strongest of the three. Following this logic, the Bloodshed God Palace had the largest territory amongst the three superpowers in the Deity World. Furthermore, the ‘Bloodshed Tavern’ had also spread throughout the entire Deity World and Dark Abyss.

Why? Because it was powerful enough!

“Understood.” Xue Ying nodded with enlightenment. He then laughed involuntarily. “That’s right. Even though I might be a large threat in the future, I still won’t be placed in the eyes of those three existences. The gap between us is still too large.”

“Crimson Rock, that mysterious white-haired old man who saved my wife from before,” Xue Ying asked, “do you know who he is?”

Crimson Rock smiled. “He is the sacred master’s life and death comrade, another a powerful existence.”

“He’s a powerful existence?” Xue Ying was startled when he heard this; that mysterious person truly was powerful.

“He’s Forefather Scarlet Flame,” Crimson Rock said.

The moment that he spoke.

An indistinct undulation descended and swept through the place.

“Little brat, you mustn’t forget about our agreement.” A voice filled with laughter sounded next to Xue Ying’s ears.

“Junior remembers.” Xue Ying immediately bowed.

“Haha…” That undulation soon retreated.

He’d arrived extremely fast and left just as fast, thus Forefather Scarlet Flame didn’t realize that Xue Ying had grasped hold of a grade one True Meaning already.

Crimson Rock revealed a grin. “Forefather had quite a good relationship with Sacred Master, and they cultivated together for a long period of time on the Sun Star. This time, however, we invited him to act. He said that you are an emotional descendent who won’t forget gratitude nor kindness. Considering the relationship he had with Sacred Master, he decided to act in the end.”

“I am naturally not someone who forgets kindness. Such a huge favor is one that I’ll gamble with my life on the line,” Xue Ying said. Soon afterward, he asked, “You said the Sun Star? According my knowledge, we might be able to see the Sun and Moon Stars, but we still haven’t found them.”

“Ordinary World Deities can’t find them, but Forefather is still able to do so.” Crimson Rock said, “Actually, right now, finding a good teacher would be the best for you right now. Even though you’ve taken on Sacred Master as your teacher, he’s already dead and can’t teach you. With your innate talents…if you can find a good teacher, you’ll be able to dig out your potential and thus walk down a further path in the future.

“Forefather has told me that, in around a thousand years or so, the Bloodshed God Palace would be having a grand feast and asked me to participate. He said that I could make use of the opportunity to become the disciple of a powerful existence,” Xue Ying said.

“Grand feast?” Crimson Rock suddenly seemed to flash with enlightenment. “What Forefather mentioned must’ve been the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast.”

“Myriad Flower Feast?” Xue Ying was puzzled.

“It’s where His Majesty, the one behind the Bloodshed God Palace, invites as many powerful existences as he can for a grand occasion. At this occasion, he brings out the precious Myriad Flower True Fruit for the powerful existences to enjoy. Thus, this grand feast is also known as the God Palace’s Myriad Flower Feast,” Crimson Rock explained.


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