LXY Book 2: Chapter 14


Book 2: Chapter 14 – Threats

A flying-ship was parked on the grassland in front of Dragon Mountain Manor. The ship was covered by 20-30 meters worth of silvery-white colored magic patterns.

“Everyone, please get on the ship.” Yuan Wu escorted Xue Ying and five others to the ship location.

“A beautiful flying-ship!” Xue Ying could recognize beauty when he saw it. This was the first time he had ever seen a flying-ship. Before this, he had only heard about them. “The price of the cheapest refiner flying-ship is already more than 200,000 gold coins and only Legend rankers or very influential people can afford it usually.”

Si Bai Rong looked at Xue Ying’s reaction, and silently mocked him. “Lord Yuan, I see that this refiner flying-ship’s body is made from ‘Aquasilver metal’, and the cabin is made from glass. I can estimate that the ship’s value should be around 500,000 gold coins.”


“Ha ha ha, your Si Clan would need to invite several master refiners to acquire a refiner flying-ship, but this one was sent by our Dragon Mountain Manor headquarters. We didn’t even have to pay for it. Moreover, this refiner flying-ship was crafted by our provincial city’s Dragon Mountain Manor Master Refiner, so its cost was low. I estimate our expenses must have been only around 300,000 gold coins,” replied Yuan Wu.

Although he had guessed wrongly, Si Bai Rong kept his composure and replied, “ Amazing! I was actually thinking of buying a refiner flying-ship. Could I buy a ship from Dragon Mountain Manor?

“Of course you can. But it will have to be at the original price like other ships of the same quality.” Yuan Wu smiled and continued, “ We can’t sell it to you at raw cost. The master refiners also have to get some profit.”

Dong dong dong.”

Jing Qiu was first to board the flying-ship. She really loathed Si Bai Rong because the latter often used his clan to oppress others. This time he had talked so much, wasn’t it just to show others that he could afford a refiner flying-ship? Jing Qiu had been training under a Transcendent Great Mage. Her goal was to be like her master, to become a Transcendent.

That was real power! Showing off? Using your clan’s power to oppress others? So superficial!

Dong dong dong.” Xue Ying also boarded the flying-ship. With no target to show off to, Si Bai Rong and his bodyguard, Liang Yong, and Tang Xiong, who followed him blindly, also boarded the flying-ship.

“Have a safe trip!”

Yuan Wu looked in the distance  while standing on the grassland.


The flying-ship quickly soared to the sky, ascending higher. After it reached more than a kilometer altitude, the ship started speeding away. The longer the ship flew, the higher the altitude it reached, until it  flew so far high that it vanished into the horizon.


Inside the flying-ship cabin.

The cabin was entirely made of transparent glass. The people inside could see the outside scene, and the glass also faintly reflected its colorful reflections. The ship’s overall design was truly magnificent.


There were two people from Dragon Mountain Manor responsible for the ship operations. One of them, a male wearing silver white armor, looked at Xue Ying and the others and said, “Do you all want to attack Lu Clan’s Castle at night or during the day? If you want to attack in the day, our flying-ship can fly at top speed and arrive at the castle in two hours. But if you’re not in a rush, the flying-ship can fly slower, and arrive at the castle around nightfall.”

“There is no difference between attacking during night or day,” replied Jing Qiu with her melodious voice. “That Lu Huai Ru is a Meteor rank Mage, and also a refiner expert. The place is also extremely hidden, he must have already set several alarm array. As soon as we go inside, the mechanism will probably activate automatically and warn him of our existence.

“Jing Qiu is a Silver Moon Mage. If she says there will be an alarm array, then there will definitely be one!” Si Bai Rong exclaimed. “Since we will be discovered no matter what we do, then we’ll just attack during day. The sooner the better.”

“No need to rush, just attack at nightfall,” said Jing Qiu, “At nightfall, when the castle’s soldiers are changing shifts or preparing dinner. At this time, the castle security will be more lax, while during the day, security will be tighter. Moreover, the darkness of the night will affect the trapping arrays.”

“Jing Qiu is very clever,” praised Si Bai Rong.

“Okay, so we will strike at nightfall.” The two ship operators from Dragon Mountain Manor immediately made decisions accordingly. In fact, flying slower would save more energy, so attacking at night time would also be the most economical choice.

Xue Ying quickly walked out of the cabin and onto the flying-ship’s deck.

“The feeling sure is different.”

The wind on deck was relatively strong.

Thanks to the flying-ship’s design, however, the wind only whistled past it, not affecting the passengers on board. The wind on deck was already several times weaker than the wind blowing against the ship.

“Hu…” Standing at the deck while holding the ship’s railing, Xue Ying looked at the floating clouds. Below the clouds, he could vaguely see the vast terrain. The scenery was truly beautiful, making Xue Ying feel somewhat relaxed.

Dong dong dong.” Another person came on deck.

Turning his head to look, Xue Ying saw that the person was Si Bai Rong. The latter’s clothes were rather extravagant, the kind that nobility would usually wear. He also walked towards the railing, admiring the scenery, “Despite seeing it so many times before, seeing the world from aboard a flying-ship still is fascinating. Dong Bo Xue Ying, this must be your first time taking a flying-ship.”

Xue Ying ignored him.

“I know you, Dong Bo Xue Ying from Water Rites Town. Your parents were captured by the Mo Yang Clan, and you also have a younger brother named Dong Bo Qing Shi, right?” said Si Bai Rong.

Xue Ying frowned at him.

“Our Si Clan knows everything that happens within Azure River County.” Si Bai Rong looked at him, and continued, “To exterminate your small Dong Bo Clan would be an easy feat for our Si Clan. Let’s see, your Dong Bo Clan has two beastmen of different races, one a Lion-man, the other a Six Armed Demon Serpent, right? I remember that there were several traitors and rebels amongst the beastmen races. With some random excuse, like saying your Dong Bo Clan is sheltering a rebellious traitor, the clan would be finished. After that, we would destroy your dantian and qi sea, making you unable to remain a knight. We could also destroy your brother’s magic and then make both of you work as slaves. How do you feel about that?”

Si Bai Rong had spoken freely.

But his words were filled with threat and malice.

Usually, Xue Ying wouldn’t care about this type of man, a big clan’s disciple. This time, Si Bai Rong’s words had made him furious, especially because of the threat directed at his brother! Xue Ying had seen his brother grow up since childhood. He had always cherished him, and now Si Bai Rong said that he wanted to make his little brother a slave?

“Si Bai Rong,” Xue Ying said.

“Hm?” Si Bai Rong slightly smiled at Xue Ying, he was already used to seeing other minor clans bow before his Si Clan. “Do you know your fault? As long as today you recognize your fault and bow, then later send me 50,000 gold coins, then the interactions between us never happened.”  

“Si Bai Rong,” Xue Ying coldly said. “Has anyone ever told you that you are an idiot?”

Si Bai Rong was stunned, “You…”

“You are an idiot! Even a three-year-old child would be smarter than you,” Xue Ying coldly said. “This time, we are going to Qu Tai Town to deal with the Demonic Emissary in our Azure River County’s holy ground. There will be five of us fighting together, but this mission can still bring great danger. At a time like this, you foolishly try to threaten me? Let’s say that I complied to your request, I will most likely have a grudge with you, right? When the time to attack Lu clan’s Castle comes, if I plot against you at a the critical moment, you could even lose your life.”

“If you really want to intimidate and threaten me, then wait until the mission has already ended.”

“Except for making me hold a grudge against you, there’s no other use for your threat, right?” Xue Ying frowned, “Can you now admit that  you’re really not an idiot?”

“You, you…” Si Bai Rong’s face became ugly, “You’re really not afraid of me…”

“It’s up to you!” said Xue Ying, “But you have to risk bearing the consequences. And maybe the consequences won’t be as good as you think!” Xue Ying turned around and walked towards the cabin. He was too lazy to talk with this idiot any longer.

He considered this mission a way for him to accumulate some experience.

After this task finished, he would apply for Bronze Order and take on a few Bronze-rank missions. A Legend ranker’s power was entirely different. Ordinary city guards or similar army soldiers were powerless in front of a Legend ranker. Not to mention countering them, ordinary mortals stood no chance against their power. Therefore, when a Legend ranker committed a crime, it was up to the Dragon Mountain Manor to punish them!

The Si Clan would often threaten people whose strength was still under the Legend rank. Only a Legend ranker could have the opportunity to stand at the same level as them.

Si Liang Hong was definitely among the top five hundred powers listed in the  Dragon Mountain Book. Unless it was unavoidable, Xue Ying didn’t want to become enemies with Si Liang Hong.

“You, you…” Clenching his teeth, Si Bai Rong looked at Xue Ying, who was now entering the ship’s cabin. “He dares to ignore me, dares to ignore me! Good, very good! I will remember you! Just wait until this mission has finished, I will….”


Si Bai Rong’s expression suddenly changed, “This damned brat, he couldn’t be plotting against me in the middle of the mission, right?


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