LXY Book 2: Chapter 6


Book 2: Chapter 6 – If I don’t kill you, then I’m not a man!

Xue Ying entered from the back door of the castle. He walked in the castle’s shadow to get inside his room and, put down the Flying Snow God Spear inside and then hurriedly headed downstairs towards the living room.

Inside the living room.

Lord Si An was already being received by Zong Ling.

“This past month, there was another Mage’s tower built on Snowrock Mountain!” Lord Si An sipped his tea, “Our Water Rites Town’s most powerful knight and mage are both gathered here in Snowrock Mountain.”


“It’s only within Water Rites Town, it can’t be compared with other powerful experts out there.” Zong Ling smiled.


The wind whistled as a youth clothed in black came in.

Lord Si An turned around and when he saw the youth, his eyes brightened. He immediately got up, smiled and said, “Lord”.

“Lord Si An.” Xue Ying continued walking inside, “Please sit. There is no need for any formality.”

When he sat down, Xue Ying immediately asked, “Lord Si An, regarding my parents situation…”

“You can trust our Dragon Mountain Manor intelligence’s capability. We have the number one reputation.” Lord Si An continued, saying, “But I have to remind you to stay calm.”

“Calm?” Xue Ying heart’s tightened. Zong Ling’s face next to him also shifted.

“Please tell us,” Xue Ying said with a tranquil expression.

Lord Si An understood that this young Lord’s mind could undoubtedly not be calm. He secretly sighed before directly stating, “Your mother’s condition is not bad. She is a direct descendant of the Mo Yang Clan. Her brother, Mo Yang Chen, is their clan’s youngest Silver Moon Mage. With this status, your mother is only confined inside the Mo Yang Clan’s prohibited area, ‘Thunder Tide Shores’. Although a bit lonely, she can still live comfortably there. She has also devoted herself to studying magic, in fact I also heard your mother broke through to the Meteor Mage rank.”

“Ah Yu has long been a talented person. She really is the first among us to breakthrough and reach Meteor rank,” Zong Ling smiled and nodded.

“How about my father?“ Xue Ying worriedly ask.

‘Mother is all right, but what about Father?’

“ Your father……” Lord Si An hesitated for a moment, “That year, your mother refused to accept the marriage arranged by her family and fled from her clan. So the Mo Yang Clan then chose another relatively good direct descendant daughter to be married off. This girl’s father is called ‘Mo Yang Chen Bai.’ That year, Mo Yang Chen Bai couldn’t prevent his daughter’s marriage. He still regrets it even today. Since his daughter’s marriage, he has spent 20 years training, and has finally reached the Silver Moon Knight rank. With  help from his clan’s resources to refine a superior refiner armor, he is even able to fight on par with those of the Legend rank. Our Dragon Mountain Manor also sent him the Bronze Order!”

“Mo Yang Cheng Bai still resents that year’s events. He also begrudges your mother because your mother escaped from the arranged marriage, forcing him to marry his daughter to an old man.” Lord Si An continued swiftly.

“How did it become my mother’s fault? After my mother fled, his daughter’s marriage…… wasn’t that decided by the Mo Yang clan’s leader?” Xue Ying angrily said.  

“He didn’t dare to oppose the clan’s leader. He could only direct his anger towards your mother,“ replied Lord Si An. “Your mother has her brother’s protection, and moreover she is confined inside the prohibited area, the Thunder Tide Shores. He can’t do anything to your mother! But your father, on the other hand, is sentenced to do hard labour. Mo Yang Cheng Bai then directed and vented his anger on your father.”

Xue Ying’s face became ashen. He gripped his chair’s armrest, his fingers beginning to sink down into the wood.

“Your father was sentenced to a century of forced labor. He was taken to the Mo Yang Clan’s forge at ‘Fragrant East Lake’ to serve there. Mo Yang Cheng Bai often orders people to torture your father. He also specially asked the forge’s doctor to barely heal your father! Leaving  him constantly on the verge of death,” explained Lord Si An. “Without the doctor’s treatments, I’m afraid your father couldn’t have endured the conditions and would’ve died within 3 years time.”


Xue Ying’s hand finally made the armrest shatter, his eyes filled with killing intent, “Damn it, Damn it!”

He remembered his father’s majestic presence……

His father’s harsh and strict training and the doting love he had towards Xue Ying……

“Mo Yang Cheng Bai! Mo Yang Clan!” Xue Ying’s blood boiled, a bloodthirsty aura exuding from his body.

It also angered Zong Ling, his face becoming ugly.

Although Lord Si An said it in a simple manner, they all understood. Doing forced labor itself was already very torturous, but in addition, being tortured by people specifically sent to do so? Even Dong Bo Lie’s  Heaven Rank Knight’s body can not endure it, and Mo Yang Cheng Bai still ordered the doctor to treat Dong Bo Lie just so he could receive more harassment?

Xue Ying’s chest blazed with fury, his anger surging.

“Mo Yang Cheng Bai, if I don’t kill you, then I’m not a man!” Xue Ying swore. His heart filled with killing intent. But with a stranger next to him, he couldn’t shout it out loud.

It was no use to yell it.

It only needed to be done!

“How about the Mo Yang clan? And Mo Yang Chen? When he tortured my father, did no one care?” asked Xue Ying.

“The Mo Yang clan does not care if your father lives or dies. As for Mo Yang Chen, although he already entrusted someone to take care of your father, it’s no use. Firstly, Mo Yang Chen always immerses himself to study magic. Secondly, Mo Yang Cheng Bai has already achieved the Bronze Order. His status within the Mo Yang clan is not inferior to Mo Yang Chen. Moreover Mo Yang Chen Bai specifically assigns people to torture your father. After all, Mo Yang Chen can not constantly go to protect your father right?

Lord Si An added, “Besides, although Mo Yang Chen may have some affection towards his sister, he doesn’t have any strong sentiment towards your father.”

After hearing this, Xue Ying gritted his teeth.

He understood.

He understood all of this.

But he really hated it. He simply couldn’t take it.

“How can I save my parents?” asked Xue Ying.

“According to our information, the Mo Yang Clan strictly implemented their clan’s rules. No one can violate it! And your mother is being held in a prohibited area, while your father is inside Mo Yang clan’s Fragrant East Lake Forge. Outsiders can’t go inside the forge, so there is no way to save your father.” implied Lord Si An, “There is no ordinary method to do so, it’s futile.”

What about an unordinary method?” Xue Ying asked.

“A relatively simple method is to give your father the noble title of “Honorary Marquis” ,” Lord Si An suggested. “The Marquis title has a high status and privileges. No Transcendent can arrest them. And to directly kill or imprison a marquis? Even the Mo Yang clan’s Pseudo­-Transcendent can’t bear the consequences!”


Indeed, it was a special title.

It was special because the titles below Marquis, ‘Earl’ and ‘Baron’ could be bought with money, but no one could buy the Marquis title! Even then, the Marquis title was very rare. Under normal circumstances, only someone born within a Transcendent clan that could cultivate to become a Transcendent could be one! And even then only one person within the Transcendent clan,  could be appointed as a Marquis. This title was only hereditary for a millennium! After a millennium, the title would be lowered to the Earl title.


Usually, a Marquis was the nominal leader of Transcendent clans. As for the other people with Transcendent level power? They had no title at all.

So a Marquis was prohibited from being imprisoned, killed and so on. Pseudo-Transcendents didn’t have that qualification. As for Transcendents, even if they dared, they still had to pay a hefty fine.


The title ‘Honorary Marquis’ wasn’t a hereditary title! Usually, only when someone performed a great merit for the Empire, would they have a chance to receive an ‘Honorary Marquis’ title and possess privileges similar to a hereditary marquis. But unlike a hereditary marquis, the Honorary Marquis title couldn’t be inherited by their descendants.

“If your father becomes an Honorary Marquis, your mother will become a Marchioness. Then the Mo Yang Clan would have to stop any punishment immediately. They can’t even harm a single hair on your parents head,” explained Lord Si An.

“How can I obtain the Honorary Marquis title?” asked Xue Ying

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