LXY Book 2: Chapter 7


Book 2: Chapter 7 – 110,000 Gold Coins

Lord Si An explained, “To obtain the Honorary Marquis title, you only have to accumulate merit points! If you had read the Book of Exchanges carefully, in it you would have found is a condition to become an Honorary Marquis. In order to exchange merit points for the Honorary Marquis title…… you have to exchange 20,000 merit points!”

“Is it the only way?” Xue Ying, of course, already knew this method.

But 20,000 merit points, that was too far away.

Right now he was able to take the Black Iron level missions, but they only rewarded merit points of 10 to 100 or so! The mission with 100 merit points were the dangerous and time consuming missions.


100 merit points for a single mission. He would have to complete at least 200 missions in order to accumulate 20,000 merit points!

Even if a mission only needed 2 months to be completed…… without rest, within one year he could only accomplish six missions. It would take more than 30 years to accumulate the required amount of points! Moreover, the Black Iron Level mission list sent by Dragon Mountain Manor only had one mission. How could he complete several missions which awarded 100 merit points?

“There is no other way?” Xue Ying continued to ask.

“Unfortunately, no,” replied Lord Si An. “There is no shortcut to obtaining Honorary Marquis title. Only after experiencing many life and death adventures, could a powerful Legend ranker accumulate such merit points! This way, the Honorary Marquis title has even more value. Because behind the title holder’s back stands a powerful Legend ranker who is willing to risk his life for him.”


Xue Ying closed his eyes.

‘Father…… ‘

‘Father…… what should I do?’

Xue Ying really wished to deal with the Mo Yang clan now. He wanted to slaughter them and save his father. But the Mo Yang clan was an ancient clan with a legacy spanning millennia. Their foundation was strong. Mo Yang Chen Bai with his refiner armor alone could match the power of a Legend ranked expert! Not to mention other powerful forces and the Pseudo-Transcendent! Although, if it was a Pseudo Transcendent, perhaps just a single move could already kill him.

“To obtain 20,000 merit points, doing missions right now is unreasonable. My primordial bloodline awakened not long ago, and my body became powerful after constantly being nourished with dou qi! My dou qi has also continued developing at high speed. Everyday my strength improves significantly,” Xue Ying reminded himself. “Under normal circumstances, my power level is comparable with a Meteor ranked expert. Soon my power will be able to rival Silver Moon ranked experts and even Legend ranked experts!”

When that time comes, I can get a Bronze Order! I can directly take Bronze level missions. The minimum amount of merit points awarded for Bronze level missions is 1000, and some dangerous missions would even give 10,000 merit points. If I complete this kind of mission, I just need to do two missions,” Xue Ying pondered.

Some preparations needed to be done for him to be able to achieve his goal efficiently. If he wanted to be more efficient when doing the task, he needed to increase his strength first!

He understood that this method was the fastest way to accumulate 20,000 merit points.


‘What about father?’

‘Can father hold out until I accumulate 20,000 merit points?’


The atmosphere inside the living room was very heavy.

Wood pieces from the broken armrest scattered all around the floor. Xue Ying silently sat on the chair. Lord Si An could only quietly sip his tea.

“I can’t save my father for now,” Xue Ying said with a hoarse voice. “But I want to protect his life, is there any way to do it?”

“Although Mo Yang Chen Bai keeps sending people to torture your father, he is also ordering the alchemy workshop’s Mage to heal your father. He probably wouldn’t let your father die.” explain Lord Si An.

“He wouldn’t?”

Xue Ying gritted his teeth, “My father’s life shouldn’t be at Mo Yang Chen Bai’s disposal! Moreover, my father has already been doing hard labor for several years. You will never know when Mo Yang Chen Bai will lose interest in continuing to torture my father. When that time comes, my father is very likely to lose his life.”

“I want to ensure my father’s life,” said Xue Ying while looking at Lord Si An. “With enough money, even a Transcendent can be hired! I believe in the power of money.”

Money, many people can be charmed with money.

“Lord Si An, how many gold coins are needed to protect my father’s life?!” Xue Ying demanded resolutely. If he could easily take out 10,000,000 gold coins, even a Transcendent would willingly help him rescue his father and shelter him. But that amount of money to hire a Transcendent…… was not something Xue Ying could provide.

“Gold Coins?” Lord Si An thought for a moment, “If Lord Xue Ying, have enough gold coins. Maybe I can work out a way to accomplish it.”

“Please tell,” replied Xue Ying immediately.

“When I helped you search for information about your parents’ whereabouts, your father was located inside East Fragrant Lake Refinery. This refinery is the Mo Yang clan’s most important, core refinery. The person in charge of it is a very powerful Grand Master Refiner! His strength is at the Silver Moon level. He is very skilled at refining. His position within the Mo Yang clan is also higher than Mo Yang Chen and Mo Yang Chen Bai,” explained Lord Si An.  

Xue Ying’s eyes brightened, a powerful and skilled refiner…this was an exalted position in every ancient clan.

“He controls the entire refinery! In the refineries, the Grand Master Refiner position is absolute.” Lord Si An continued, “If he is willing to save your father, protecting your father’s life will prove to be an easy task. Your father would no longer even have to do the hard labor.”

“Please ask him to help,” uttered Xue Ying.

“Although this Grand Master Refiner is very enviable, he’s not loaded. He’s afraid to be looked down on, to be seen as unworthy. Lord Si An continued, “I think it would need 100,000 gold coins! I’m quite certain that if you can provide 110,000 gold coins… I can help you settle this matter! 110,000 gold coins, 10,000 gold coins for Dragon Mountain Manor’s commision to settle this and 100,000 gold coins to buy the Grand Master Refiner.

“If it fails, 100,000 gold coins will be refunded! As for the commision, it can’t be refunded,” explained Lord Si An.

The Dragon Mountain Manor intelligence network was spread all over the world.

Moreover, in addition to monitoring the world, the Dragon Mountain Manor was also considered as the world’s most powerful force. This kind of minor shady arrangement was really not entirely illegal.

“110,000 gold coins? Fine.”

With a flick of his hand, a stack of gold certificates appeared in his palm. “This is a stack of Empire Bank’s gold certificates, equivalent to 110,000 gold coins.

Lord Si An became shocked.

Good Lord!

110,000 gold coins!

Although he easily took the money out, it was because earlier, he didn’t have to pay 50,000 gold coins to Bai Yuan Zhi. To become Bai Yuan Zhi’s personal disciple, one had to pay 50,000 gold coins for the apprenticeship fee. The reason was because a personal disciple was someone who would receive a lifetime’s tutelage. However, Xue Ying gave him a Silver Moon heart instead of 50,000 gold coins! And this was because obtaining such a large amount of gold coins was extremely difficult.

This time, because he could hunt the Silver Moon Wolf King and the Shadow Leopard, he had earned plenty of money.

Nevertheless, even Legend rank Knights were unwilling to earn this kind of quick money. Because if someone had bad luck and encountered a magical beast with the same power level as them, this encounter would be like delivering one’s own life! In fact, when he had encountered that Shadow Leopard, Xue Ying had truly almost lost his life.

To get so many gold coins, one usually needed to attempt dangerous adventures or go to the Mountain Range of Desolation.

Without risking their lives, it would be very difficult to earn so many gold coins.

These 110,000 gold coins…. After Xue Ying had sold the Silver Moon King Wolf’s fur and other valuable body parts for 70,000 gold coins, he had also exterminated Bent Blade Union and confiscated some gold coins from them! Right now Xue Ying had 120,000 gold coins in his possession, and he had only taken out 110,000 gold coins.

“Rest assured, within one month I will update you. I can guarantee that this matter is already 90% settled. Mages and refiners truly value money because they need to upkeep their experiment material expenses. 100,000 gold coins are enough to ensure a workshop worker’s life, they will certainly accept it,” Lord Si An assured.

Xue Ying nodded.

If this attempt failed, he was willing to offer even more money!

News about him killing the Silver Moon Wolf King had already spread around. Some merchants even took the initiative in trying to acquire the Silver Moon Wolf King’s fur and other body parts. Besides he still had the body of the Shadow Leopard, which was already fully dissected, but not yet sold!

“I’ll have to trouble Lord Si An,” requested Xue Ying. “If this matter is settled, Xue Ying will not forget this debt I owe to Lord Si An.”


“Haha, be at ease!” When he heard Xue Ying announce that, Lord Si An immediately replied happily. If he could successfully settle this matter, Xue Ying would definitely remember this debt. Taking into account Xue Ying’s current position, this debt was not worth anything. But if you considered the future possibilities of when Xue Ying became Legend Rank, it would be different.


Dragon Mountain Manor Internal Division, secret communication channel. Lord Si An immediately contacted the master of Bellfeather County, Eastfield Province’s Dragon Mountain Manor. Lord Si An conveyed the matter to a specific person.

Although Mo Yang clan could easily manipulate and control matters within Bellfeather County, the Dragon Mountain Manor was an independent organization!

No ordinary family could interfere with Dragon Mountain Manor, like Lord Si An from Water Rites Town’s Dragon Mountain Manor. He was actually from the Si family, a direct descendant of that old witch Si Liang Hong! Because he didn’t have to worry about the Si family, he could even afford to have some enmity with them.

Of course, some families like the Tranquil Sun Province’s most powerful clan, the Eternal Wind Clan could influence Dragon Mountain Manors outside of the province! As for the Dragon Mountain Manors within the Tranquil Sun Province, they would naturally yield to the Eternal Wind Clan.

But the Si Family and the Mo Yang Clan didn’t have that kind of power.


East Fragrant Lake refiner workshop, Bellfeather County, Eastfields Province.

East Fragrant Lake was a very beautiful lake. Its surface looked like a mirror. Beside the lake, there was a closed refinery shop, standing like a big fortress. Located in the center of the workshop was the tallest building, the Mage Tower! This Mage Tower belonged to Grand Master Refiner Xu Guang Qing. Albeit he was only a Silver Moon rank Mage, but in the workshop and even within the whole Bellfeather County, he was the number one expert!

Many other families wanted to invite him, but in the end Mo Yang Clan succeeded in roping him in. The reason was because the Mo Yang clan also offered him the position “Outer Elder.” This position also enabled him to participate in the Clan’s Elder Council.

The other reason for Xu Guan Qing being willing to accept Mo Yang clan’s offer was also because his home town was within Bellfeather County. If not for the latter reason, maybe he wouldn’t have joined the Mo Yang clan.

“Hua hua hua~~” Next to blazing hot gear, a topless middle aged man was covered with sweat, using all his strength trying to push forward. This man was Dong Bo Lie, and there were other workers laboring away.


“You’re a Heaven rank knight, exercise more power!” a foreman sometimes looked over at  Dong Bo Lie, occasionally coming to whip him.

Compared to the past, Dong Bo Lie had lost some weight.

He was silently doing the work.

Day and night, he would complete hard labor in addition to receiving punishment and torture. Living through this kind of hellish nightmare, he could only grit his teeth and endure. He refused to give up. His wife, his two sons…… He wanted to live, he still had too many worries to give up.

Even living like a dog, he still wanted to live!

“Grand Master.”

“Grand Master.”

A foreman nearby suddenly trembled and greeted respectfully while the workers were startled and frightened.

A black man wearing a red robe slowly came in, and everyone respectfully held their breath. The man in front of them was not only a clan elder, but also this refiner workshop’s overseer, Grand Master Xu Guang Qing!

“Recently I’m doing a new experiment and I need some people to help me,” Great Master Xu Guang Qing requested. “The person involved in my experiment will be exempted from this kind of hard labor and will also receive more wage.”

Everyone was stunned.

Great Master Refiner experiment?

The foreman’s face suddenly became pale. Who was stupid enough to volunteer for the experiment?

“How many prisoners do we have?” Seeing no one volunteer Xu Guang Qing frowned. Some workers were the clan’s servants or they had a certain degree of freedom. But the prisoners, they had no freedom and could be forced.

“Reporting to Great Master, here we have more than 2,000 prisoners,” one of the nearby foremen replied.

“Give me all of the prisoners’ names on a list, along with their power rank. I will choose from there,” ordered Xu Guang Qing.


The Chief Foreman immediately responded.

That day, twelve unlucky prisoners were selected to help the Great Master’s experiment, including two Heaven Rank Knights, five Earth Rank Knights and five Human Rank Knights! Those prisoners, under the pitying looks of other prisoners, went to see the Great Refiner Mage with fear, despair or numbness in their hearts.

“Are you Dong Bo Lie? You stay here,” ordered Xu Guang Qing.

Other prisoners continued to walk. Wearing tattered clothes, Dong Bo Lie stood there, feeling a little nervous.

Xu Guang Qing whispered, “Dong Bo Lie, there is someone who spent several thousands of gold coins to ensure your safety. From today onwards, you stay with me, becoming my assistant. You don’t have to do the delicate work, just help my disciples handle some heavy goods.”

“Assistant?” Dong Bo Lie was dumbfounded.

“You can be at ease here. No one would dare to ravage my Mage Tower,” assured Xu Guang Qing. “Later, you should just obediently stay inside the Mage Tower, and not go outside. My disciples will inform you of any further detailed arrangements. You can go now.”

“Yes Master.” Dong Bo Lie couldn’t believe it and felt somewhat at a loss.

‘The hellish nightmare days have ended just like that?’

Being an assistant for experiments was more relaxed compared to doing hard labour inside the workshop.

“There’s a problem with metal ratio?” Xu Guang Qing frowned, pondered while looking carefully at the experiment file. For him, this was just a trivial matter. He was still happy that he could get 100,000 gold coins. Of course…. he couldn’t have receive the money without doing anything. Because he had gotten the money from Dragon Mountain Manor! After receiving the money, he had to make sure he did good work.

As for Mo Yang Chen Bai?

He didn’t care for a clan knight relying on a refiner armor. He was someone who could refine many valuable artifacts. He had the clan’s support.

“It seems the experiment will continue. Hmm, some materials are insufficient. Humph, those clan’s elders are always cutting my materials supply.” Xu Guang Qing knitted his brows.


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