LXY Book 3: Chapter 11


Book 3: Chapter 11 – The Unforeseen Opportunity


That imposing world-sweeping momentum brought about by the spear clashed against the battle sword of Xiang Pang Yun. The next second, Xue Ying exerted force in his arms, causing the shaft of the spear to twist… producing a shocking curvature that resembled a Flood Dragon springing out from the water, charging right at Xiang Pang Yun.

Dang. Xiang Pang Yun did not dare to face it head-on. Wielding the battle sword, he reduced the force through concurrently defending whilst retreating!

“How did his strength explosively increase by so much? This, this strength increase is really too much!” Xiang Pang Yun dared not believe, “Usually, there exists powerful Qi methods based on implementing desperate measures, allowing one’s Qi to explosively increase within moments and cause one’s might to become much greater! But that type of increase isn’t as excessive as this.”


The extent of doubling of one’s power was indeed too shocking.

This was just like comparing two ordinary soldiers with varying strengths.

One soldier would be able to wield 50 kg of force; another soldier would be able to wield 100 kg of force. Obviously, the one wielding 100 kg of force would easily beat the other who could only wield 50 kg of force!

Now if one’s strength was even greater and reached 25,000 kg of force, when compared to one with 50,000 kg of force, the disparity of strength during battle would be even more obvious. After all, one side had 25,000 kg of force more than the other! If the two sides had comparable techniques, then within two to three moves, the weaker side would easily lose his life.

“Die for me!”

Xue Ying rapidly charged forward, his spear struck like a dragon, as he continuously attacked.


In a flash, the spear strokes tore through the resistance from the surroundings, stabbing right at Xiang Pang Yun’s face. In a sudden panic, Xiang Pang Yun dodged the lightning fast attacks, his battle sword parrying the strikes.

“Dang!” One stab instantaneously turned into an explosive forward strike, the spear’s head drove directly at Xiang Pang Yun, causing him to fly backwards towards the mountainous rock by the side. The rocks burst apart, transforming into countless small stones.

“Die, die, die.” Xue Ying’s spear became faster and faster, with each thrust aimed to kill. After obtaining an advantage in terms of strength, Xue Ying’s attack with his spear brought forward an overly oppressive atmosphere that caused the recipient to sense a life-threatening danger each passing moment.


On the other side.

The Black-Moon Centipede descended rapidly on top of Snowrock Castle. Bai Yuan Zhi said, “Brother Zong Ling, brother Tong, and Qing Shi, you guys come with me quickly! We’ll be flying up to a high altitude… giving the lord of this castle peace of mind as he  battles against Xiang Pang Yun. If you all were to stay here, who knows whether or not Xiang Pang Yun might take any of you hostage to threaten the young lord when he finds himself on the losing end.”

“Thank you Great Mage,” Zong Ling spoke, “Tong San, Qing Shi, let’s hurry up.”

The Black-Moon Centipede was a relatively big refiner organism. Its body was long, allowing seven people to easily fit on it. If riders were to squeeze together, even ten people could ride it.

Zong Ling, Tong San, and Qing Shi rapidly mounted the centipede.


The Black-Moon Centipede began meandering its way up into the clear air above the castle.

“Qing Shi,” Ji Rong said diminutively.

On top of the Centipede, Qing Shi gazed at Ji Rong. His heart had changed, and he no longer felt the same way toward her as he had earlier that morning.

Having lived a carefree life for such a long time, just because of the issue with his girlfriend, Qing Shi had thought his brother had been too despicable and had hurled some hateful words towards Xue Ying. But right now, when he looked towards that battle… especially at the current dangerous situation where his brother might lose his life at anytime because of him, that bitter attitude he had towards his brother had long disappeared.

Qing Shi now only felt nervousness and worry.

At the same time, now he was no longer being angry with  his brother, naturally, Qing Shi could put himself into his brother’s shoes and consider the morning’s discussion regarding Ji Rong from a more objective viewpoint.

“Initially, I thought my brother’s side of story was full of subjective conjectures on his part. But in reality… what Ji Rong said was totally from her viewpoint as well! Though relatively speaking, brother did find the Dragon Mountain Manor intelligence to be reliable. With their extensive, supervised network, the Dragon Mountain Manor would definitely be a source of trustworthy intelligence.” Qing Shi thought silently to himself. Teenagers falling in love would usually be hot-headed, especially when this was the first love at such a young age of 16.

Now that his brother was in a life and death situation, Qing Shi eventually calmed down. Although he was naive, his intelligence was not to be belittled.

‘What if Dragon Mountain Manor’s report was entirely accurate?’

‘Ji Rong’s father and mother are extremely hypocritical and malicious people, with Ji Rong inheriting those characteristics in her bones. This kind of family… must be like-minded as well?’ Qing Shi shuddered.

“Not good!”

Before Qing Shi had a chance to speak, Ji Rong, Bai Yuan Zhi’s facial expression changed.

Qing Shi, Zong Ling, and Tong San were all watching what was happening below.

The situation had indeed worsened.

The crimson-robed Xiang Pang had previously been covered in a scarlet sheet of energy, making his entire person look as if it were a blood incarnate! That blood-coloured encasement was precisely his protective Qi! Yet now, that layer of protective Qi had entirely vanished. Simultaneously, the breath of Qi around him had evidently risen. They could even feel that breath of Qi high up in the skies, striking terror in their hearts!

“It has been 30 years since I last utilised my full strength. Even that old fogey Si Liang Hong does not dare to have a true battle with me. Dong Bo Xue Ying, now that you’ve forced me to use my full strength, even in death, you should be satisfied!” Xiang Pang Yun’s fierce and monstrous Qi filled the surrounding area. The colour of his previously mild blood-coloured eyes intensified to a deeper, blood-red colour.

Xiang Pang’s body began to immediately and explosively consume much more of his Qi…

Even the protective Qi surrounding his body retreated back in for the sake of maintaining this higher consumption rate.

An explosive increase in consumption limits! Naturally, his strength would increase explosively as well!

Those top-ranked Qi methods usually had its own desperate measures. What Xue Ying was currently using could only be considered as a very weak, middle-grade Qi method, the  Three Stage Flame Technique. This Qi method did not have such a desperate measure within it. Actually, even if he had that desperate measure, he could also not fully utilise it, since he only had an equivalence of a Silver-moon ranker’s Qi. Xue Ying’s fleshy body had long surpassed the Qi within it.


The two combatants clashed.

Xue Ying was bombarded continuously, retreating and dodging the attacks nonstop.

“Not good.” Xue Ying’s expression changed, “This is Xiang Pang Yun’s true strength? My current strength is still lacking in comparison to the top 500 rankers on the Dragon Mountain Book.”

He had long since fully utilised his entire strength when his Primordial Bloodline was activated!


A white-coloured light flashed momentarily.

Xue Ying evaded the attacks, quick as lightning, with his full strength. His spear’s head clashed with that white-coloured light, re-directing the light by a small angle and causing it to sweep across the surroundings.

All the rocks and trees hit by the light were cleanly sliced through.

“Such a fast blade.” Xue Ying did his utmost in evading.

Xiang Pang Yun had long reached the stage of Power Perfectly as One. His weapon was also of similar quality to Xue Ying’s weapon, and his cultivation blade technique was a high grade one as well – not losing out to Xue Ying’s Dark Ice Spear Technique! Furthermore, he had more experience than Xue Ying. Being overwhelmed in every single factor, Xue Ying immediately felt a dangerous pressure with every attack he parried as his energy was quickly sapped away.


High up in the skies, those on top of the Black-Moon Centipede – Qing Shi, Zong Ling, Great Mage Bai Yuan Zhi all began to feel nervous. Kong You Yue and Ji Rong were both having complex thoughts and were nervously watching the battle.

“Is he going to die?” Although Ji Rong was nervous, she had some expectations.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” You Yue’s feelings were ambiguous. If Xue Ying died, then her previous action of giving up on him was a wise decision! However, on the other hand, she did not have that much hatred towards Xue Ying. Having been with him for so long, she was already accustomed to such a person, and thus, should he die, her heart would still feel unbearable pain to a certain extent.

“Brother!” Qing Shi was utterly nervous. Even both Zong Ling and Tong San were having similar worries.

The three of them were truly the most nervous within the group.

Dong Bo Xue Ying was one of their most beloved people. Zong Ling and Tong San had watched Xue Ying grew up, just as if he were their own child. Why else would they feel so nervous and worried?

Yet they could not do anything other than watch the battle unfold.


Sou Sou Sou.

Xue Ying’s agility was like lightning. After activating his Primordial Bloodline, his speed was shocking to the extent that his spear brought forth after-images in parrying the attacks. He was fully squeezing out every single strength his body contained.

Yet Xiang Pang Yun became faster and faster, his blade technique became fiercer and fiercer.

Everything around the peak of Snowrock Mountain was a mess – the big trees and rocks were are in pieces.

“This cannot go on any further.” Xue Ying’s forehead were full of sweat, “This is too strength-consuming. If this fight goes on any longer, I might just lose my life.”


Even while battling, Xue Ying was still observing his little brother. The moment Great Mage Bai Yuan Zhi brought up his little brother, Uncle Zong, and Uncle Tong onto the Black-Moon Centipede up high in the skies, Xue Ying let go of his worries. Right now, the most important thing to do was… to survive!


Xue Ying borrowed the strength from one of the clashes between their weapons, flying two to three hundred meters  away before sprinting off.

He escaped!

“Escape? Do you think you could escape?” Xiang Pang Yun grinned. In a flash, he flew towards Xue Ying; his speed was faster by quite a bit.

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    1. I wonder, will the MC at least know about how the girl actually does care for him to at least feel pain if he died?

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    1. Also shows, not a great fit for mc, because someone who’s going to be super strong in the future, should be with someone who can keep up on their own instead of needing to rely on the big tree that is their husband.

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