LXY Book 3: Chapter 13


Book 3: Chapter 13 – Battle on the Black-Wind Cliff

Having reached the foot of the mountain, Xue Ying started rushing upwards. Sou sou sou, his body turned into a blur as he reached an altitude of two to three hundred meters in a blink of an eye. Xiang Pang Yun did not hesitate to chase after him. With one chasing after the other, they began traversing closer to the peak of this towering mountain… which Xue Ying and Xiang Pang Yun treated as if it was a flat surface.

“Rushing up another mountain?” Xiang Pang Yun had gone over quite a few mountains in this hunt. Initially as he started moving upwards, nothing felt wrong. It was only after a while of travelling did the surrounding wind start to get brutal, causing his expression to change. “This is… the Black-Wind Cliff?”

“This Dong Bo Xue Ying actually chose to head towards Black-Wind Cliff?” Xiang Pang Yun understood what his opponent was planning.

The Black-Wind Cliff itself did not contain much danger.


Instead, it was the abyss beside Black-Wind Cliff… that was given the famous name as the place of despair, ‘Black-Wind Abyss’.

One must know that the Mountain Range of Desolation was actually the location known for having the most beasts gathered. The peak-Transcendent rankers of humankind had been fighting with beasts in this particular location for over countless ages! Across generations, even when famous characters like the Dragon Mountain Emperor were alive, they could not exterminate the entire clan of beasts! Beasts tried to eat humans, while humans tried to kill the beasts.

Mortal armies had tried to clear the beasts time after time while Transcendent combatants from both sides – human and beasts – occasionally fought.

Thus, even within the Mountain Range of Desolation, certain special zones were classified in the aftermath of the terrifying battles that had happened in the past. These zones could even threaten the lives of Transcendents. These zones… were all located in the deeper recesses within the Mountain Range of Desolation! As for those outside of the Mountain Range of Desolation, there were approximately ten or more such areas, with ‘Black-Wind Abyss’ being classified as one these areas about 50 kilometers away from the Mountain Range of Desolation.

Ever since a very, very long time ago… the appearance of Black-Wind Abyss was already such a well-known special zone. This zone was called a place of despair!

“You want to go Black-Wind Cliff?” Xiang Pang Yun had a ferocious visage as he chased after Xue Ying.

“It is exactly Black-Wind Cliff that I want to go. Why? Are you scared?” Xue Ying bolted in front of him.


Xiang Pang Yun yet again madly chased after his quarry.

At the midway mark of this great mountain – upwards of 2,000 meters in altitude, the two began exchanging blows once again! During this confrontation, Xiang Pang Yun greatly desired to kill off Xue Ying. Even though he had the advantage over Xue Ying, the disparity of their combat power did not reach the point of hopelessness. Furthermore, whenever Xue Ying saw an opportunity, he would burst forth with his fighting spirit, desperately fending off the attacks of his opponent.

Having rebounded once again by borrowing the head-on force of a weapon-on-weapon clash, Xue Ying continued rushing upwards.

Hu hu hu, the surrounding wind started becoming stronger and stronger. Currently, the wind was greyish in colour. Yet the further up they went, the darker it became.

“I’m almost there.” This was Xue Ying’s first time here. He only knew that this place was very terrifying.

“I can’t reach him.” Xiang Pang Yun wanted to have another bout of battle before Xue Ying reached the Black-Wind Cliff, yet judging by the distance between them, it seemed that he was too far behind for to accomplish what he desired.


Xue Ying continued his dash before finally reaching the peak of this great mountain. In front of him was a bare patch of land about  two to three hundred square meters; there was just the flurry of air caused by the black ferocious wind.

“Black-Wind Cliff.” Xue Ying stood right at the peak of the mountain. Right where he was – this piece of bare land – was actually known as the Black-Wind Cliff!

Beside the cliff, there was an enormous swirl caused by the ferocious black wind. It spanned over an area of a few thousand square meters and gave off the feeling that it was sweeping away the world. Such a scene was truly shocking. A Legend ranker standing in front of it could not help but feel weak and minuscule.

The black swirl actually entered the deepest part of the abyss.

“Such a strong wind.” Just by standing on the Black-Wind Cliff, Xue Ying could feel a few thousand kilograms of force pushing on his body. And this force, exerted by the fierce wind, exceeded 5,000 kg of pressure the closer one stood  towards the edge of the cliff. Only when reaching the ranks of Legend could one stand firmly on this cliff. As for a Silver Moon knight, even if they had a physical strength of more than 5,000 kg, their body would not be able to abide steadily under the condition of such fierce winds, and they might even be swept directly into the Black-Wind Abyss as a result.

“Haha, Xiang Pang Yun, do you dare to have a life and death battle here at the Black-Wind Cliff?” Xue Ying held onto his Flying Snow God Spear, staring at the incoming Xiang Pang Yun.

Xiang Pang Yun observed the surroundings with a distasteful expression.

Currently, they were standing firmly on the Black-Wind Cliff. But should a life and death fight break out, with the high velocity they would be moving at, especially with the rebounding force wrought by the weapons clashing… one careless move and they would be pushed out of Black-Wind Cliff. The moment they left ground, with the puny 500 kg of force exerted by the World Energy, it would be entirely impossible for them to go against the fierce wind whirling into Black-Wind Abyss. Inevitably, they would be swept in with the gale.

“You should know how formidable the Black-Wind Abyss is. That is a place of despair with a few hundred thousand years of history. The moment you get trapped within, even Transcendents might not be able to come out alive. But right beneath Transcendent rank is actually Legend rank! Even though in the past hundred thousand years or so, countless Legend rankers went down for exploration, none have ever come out alive.” Xue Ying said.

Anyone below Transcendent who dared to enter would only have one conclusion – death!

Of course, there might be possibilities of people surviving this encounter, but at least according to what was published in the intelligence reports, none had ever come out alive – showing precisely how dangerous and terrifying this place was.

“Transcendents said before this – at the Black-Wind Abyss, the black wind’s swirling force is endless. Should you get swept by it, you would fall faster and faster, reaching a velocity that even Legend rankers might get smashed to death!” Xue Ying continued painting the terrifying danger of this place in order to generate some fear in Xiang Pang Yun.


Under normal conditions, Legend rankers would never get splattered to death by falling down from high altitudes! Yet in the Black-Wind abyss, the moment you get swept, the fierce wind would only become stronger and stronger, causing you to fall at an even faster speed – a speed that exceeded mach one. With the tiny force brought by the World Energy, any Legend rankers would not have the capability to reduce their speed against the black wind swirls. And the moment he reached the rock-bottom of the abyss, the Legend expert would get splattered and instantly die!

Thus, when even the first round of the encounter was so dangerous, those who came here for exploration would usually go down gingerly by the cliff. Excluding those who decided to retreat before they reached the abyss, everyone who went down died, showing precisely that there existed some other dangers on top of the fierce wind.

“You… very good.” Xiang Pang Yun’s blood-coloured eyes were full of killing intent, “Very good. I, Xiang Pang Yun have not been forced to such a state for a very, very long time. The last time I encountered such danger was when I was young, and that time my combat power was much weaker.”

“But I’ve already lived for over a hundred years, so what if I die? Haha…”

“Furthermore, as a murderer, I’m never afraid of death! Today, I’ll fight with you, Dong Bo Xue Ying, on top of this Black-Wind Cliff. Let’s see whether it’s you or me, who will die!” Xiang Pang Yun walked towards Xue Ying. Initially, his pace was slow, but gradually he began picking up speed. This was him trying to acclimatise to the effects of such fierce wind.

The World Energy from both sides were already clashing with each other.

But these energies felt so small, so weak, when being utilised beside the fierce wind.

“So courageous.” Xue Ying’s eyes were also, filled with fighting spirit, “Let’s see who will survive this ordeal then!”

This was one of the few places where he knew he had a chance of surviving.

This was because even when he tried escaping, he would not be able to escape very far with Xiang Pang Yun constantly chasing after him. At the very most, he could only reach places at about 100 km away. Run towards ‘Water Rites Town’? To Xiang Pang Yun and Xue Ying, Water Rites Town did not even contain a tiny bit of threat to them. Entering the Mountain Range of Desolation was a choice but it had a distance of more than 500 km away. With such a far distance, even his Primordial Bloodline could not be held on for such a long period!

Black-Wind Cliff was the only location which he could think of that was close. This place was really dangerous.

If Xiang Pang Yun retreated because of knowing the associated danger and the risks, it would be all the better for Xue Ying.

If Xiang Pang Yun continued in his attack, there might be a small chance of him getting careless and getting swept into the Black-Wind Abyss!

The greater the influence of such factors, the better Xue Ying’s chances of surviving!

“Kill!” Xiang Pang Yun made his move, slashing out the battle sword horizontally at Xue Ying’s legs.


The long spear immediately parried the attack, and Xue Ying had to step back in order to neutralise the force.

With such a powerful clash between weapons, coupled with the sweeping force of the fierce wind around him, Xue Ying had to back away in order to stabilise himself. Should both his legs accidentally leave the ground, without a surface for him to rely on, he would inevitably get swept into the Black-Wind Abyss. Thus, Xue Ying unhesitantly used the long spear in his hand, Peng! The spear stabbed right into the ground, and this aided him in rebounding a distance away for evasion.

“Battling on the Black-Wind Cliff is truly different.” Xue Ying was secretly shocked. He knew of how formidable this place was and had prepared himself mentally for it. But the fact is he had no experience in battling at such places.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, in terms of battle experience, I certainly have much more than you.” Xiang Pang Yun grinned and continued with his attacks.

At the peak of Black-Wind Cliff, under the gushing fierce wind, the two began their mad fight.


Xiang Pang Yun was knocked backwards. Borrowing force from the rocks with his sword, he continued once again in the mad pursuit of killing Xue Ying.

Xue Ying tried an uppercut with his long spear with the hope of lifting Xiang Pang Yun  off the ground, so that he could be swept into the abyss, yet Xiang Pang Yun did not receive that attack. After all, Xiang Pang Yun had the advantage and the direction of the battle was in his hands.

Both sides were trying their utmost in killing their opponent. Scars were seen appearing everywhere on the surface of the  peak of Black-Wind Cliff, and rocks were all being thrown by the attacks, before getting swept into the deep recesses of the Black-Wind Abyss.

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