LXY Book 3: Chapter 14


Book 3: Chapter 14 – Big Contribution

Black Wind Cliff was so tall that the peak penetrated the clouds.

At high altitude above the clouds, Black-Moon centipede hovered with Bai Yuan Zhi, Qing Shi, Zong Ling, Tong San, Kong You Yue, Ji Rong, and Si Chen on its back. All who rode the centipede nervously looked at the battle below them.

“Black Wind Cliff! They’re actually deciding life and death at Black Wind Cliff!” exclaimed Bai Yuan Zhi.

Besides the Black Wind Cliff was the Black Wind Abyss with its Black Wind maelstrom. The maelstrom was so great, setting off endless winds, shaking and distorting the world. Seeing this massive windstorm made Bai Yuan Zhi and the others feel a measure of  fear.


In the middle of the howling black wind, two figures frantically fought on top of the cliff.

“Their positions are very dangerous. Once their feet leave the ground, without anything to hang on to, they could easily be dragged into the Black Wind Abyss,” explained Bai Yuan Zhi, “Once dragged into the Black Wind Abyss… mortals like us would definitely die. Maybe only Transcendents can survive such an event and come out alive.”

“This Xiang Pang Yun, why does he insist on chasing after my brother!” Qing Shi trembled, “Didn’t he want to kill me? There was no hatred between him and my brother. Why disregard his life and fight with my brother on this Black Wind Cliff?”

“That’s right.”

Bai Yuan Zhi shook his head, “Chasing and trying to kill Xue Ying along the way here is fine, but  Black Wind Cliff is very dangerous. The fact that Xiang Pang Yun still doesn’t want to give up… well, no wonder people say he is a madman who kills for fun. We don’t think the same way he does. I suspect that for him, your brother is the newest and best plaything.

“Damn, damn, why’d it become like this?” Qing Shi anxiously watched the fight between the two figures below. The black clothed youngster who used a spear was his brother, his closest and most important family member.


Minutes and seconds passed by…  

Xue Ying completely traversed to the brink between life and death. He deliberately approached the edge of Black Wind Cliff to let Xiang Pang Yun feel more peril.


The two ceased to fight. Xiang Pang Yun broke off his attack, instead, he just tenaciously stared at Xue Ying.

“You still have not used up your Qi?” Xiang Pang Yun couldn’t believe it.

“Why are you asking? Have you almost depleted your own Qi? I say ah, until now you’ve been using a secret Qi technique, so your Qi should be used up by now.” There was a hint of excitement and accomplishment in Xue Ying’s eyes. He had borrowed Black Wind Cliff dangerous environment to make Xiang Pang Yun always feel menaced by the abyss. This way Xue Ying could prolong the fight. At this point, both sides were at their limit.

Xiang Pang Yun had used a secret Qi technique, making his Qi consumption rate suddenly increase. Likewise, Xue Ying had activated his bloodline power, putting his physical body under continuous pressure.

Even though the World Energy would replenished their power, their consumption rate was much higher than their replenishment rate.

In the end, Xiang Pang Yun would soon also be unable to maintain his Qi.

Xue Ying could now finally grasp his slim chance of survival.

“How could you have more Qi than me?” Xiang Pang Yun couldn’t believe it. He lived for so long, his Qi cultivation had already reached one step below the Transcendent rank. His technique had also been passed to him by his ‘Father’. It could be said that it was rare to see someone among the Legend rankers with more Qi than him, let alone a brat who had recently become a Legend ranker.

Xiang Pang Yun didn’t understand.

Xue Ying had been primarily relying on his physical strength, so it was obvious that he could last longer than someone strictly relying on a Qi outburst.

“You will quickly use up your Qi. You will be dead if we continue to fight!” Xue Ying eyed his opponent. Xiang Pang Yun’s speed was faster than his. He still had some Qi left, if he decided to flee immediately… Xiang Pang Yun could easily distance himself from Xue Ying.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.”

Xiang Pang Yun felt no shred of panic at all. His scarlet eyes stared at the black clothed youngster in front of him, “I admire you, this year you are only 22 years old, and already you can become One with the World and also reached the state Power Perfectly as One! You are even able to fight with me until this degree. Although your strength is weaker when compared with mine and Si Liang Hong’s, but it is already enough to entered the top 1000 rankers in the Dragon Mountain Book.

“Twenty two years old and already so impressive. You still have long lifespan to continue to strive and work hard, at this rate, you have an eighty or ninety percent chance of becoming a Transcendent.”

“Once you become a Transcendent… you will reach another plane of life.”

Xue Ying was baffled.

Something was not right.

Xiang Pang Yun should using this moment to continue his attack or give up and retreat immediately before his Qi is soon depleted. Why was he speaking this nonsense?

“To kill a future Transcendent, such a feat is a big contribution!” Xiang Pang Yun laughed evilly. Peng~~~ His whole body suddenly began to change. It began to rapidly expand and numerous black scales appeared on his skin. In the blink of an eye, Xiang Pang Yun transformed to black beast that was more than 10 meters long and had four hooves.

This four hooved beast had a pair of scaled wing and blood red eyes. Its body fully was covered by black scales with a touch of red color randomly circulating them. It’s aura made Xue Ying felt an immense threat.

It was six meters tall.

A tall and huge magical beast had just appeared in front of him. Xue Ying was completely stunned.

“Bea… magical beast?”

“You’re not a human!” Xue Ying couldn’t believe it, “A magic beast! Moreover, a mutated magic beast?”

Xue Ying instantly assessed it.

There was a sixth rank fearsome magical beast in front of him! Moreover a mutated one!

A sixth rank magical beast, its power was equivalent with a Legend ranker. There were so many magical beasts already identified and recorded, so people could easily recognize any magic beast. But a mutated one was a special existence which had already awakened its primordial bloodline. No books had recorded it yet.

In the immemorial era, there giants and beasts among the primordial life forms.

So it was also extremely rare for magical beasts to awaken their primordial bloodline. Humankind relied on Qi while magical beasts relied on their physical power. A magical beast would become more frightening when they awakened their primordial bloodline.

“Humph, humph” the four hooved black beast’s bloody eyes were full of madness.

Its human body was granted by its ‘father’.

After that he had blended into the human world.

A mortal human, even a Legend ranker would be unable to live past 200 years unless he were someone like Si Liang Hong who had already altered their body into that of a blood demon. This magical beast had already used his alias ‘Xiang Pang Yun’ for more than 100 years. Even if he wasn’t exposed now, after some additional years, he could still have retired and returned to his origins.

This time; however, Wind Devil had accepted this mission…

Actually Xiang Pang Yun would have turned up his nose at this particular mission. When he heard that Bloodshed Tavern was reporting that Dong Bo Xue Ying might be a young 22 year old powerhouse Legend ranker, Xiang Pang Yun knew in his heart he wanted to participate. Bloodshed Tavern was very unlikely to claim that someone was a Legend ranker without some kind of proof. If Dong Bo Xue Ying really was a Legend ranker, and at such a young age, then there was little doubt that he would become a Transcendent in the future.

To slay this kind of genius was definitely a big contribution! Even bigger than killing ten or twenty other Legend rankers. That’s why Xiang Pang Yun had voluntarily participated in this mission.

The facts, as they turned out, were even more surprising than expected.

This Dong Bo Xue Ying had not only achieved One with the World, but he had also attained Power Perfectly as One. Even Xue Ying’s strength was comparable to Xiang Pang Yun’s strength. This kind of frightening evildoer was rarely seen in the entire Dragon Mountain Empire. Could he give up this kind of big contribution?

So no matter what, Xiang Pang Yun had to kill Dong Bo Xue Ying!

Xiang Pang Yun from the beginning of the mission!

His very purpose in coming to the human world was for slaughtering this kind of genius.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, receive your death.” The four-hooved, black-scaled, mutated beast rushed out.

“It turns out my opponent is a mutated magic beast.” Xue Ying also knew that the situation was not good. His body moved like lightning.


The four-hooved, black-scaled, mutated beast didn’t care about the stab to his stomach. Even if a crack were to appear there, it would be impossible to pierce him. The scales were layered together such that one needed to pierce two or three scales before one could penetrate into its body.

“Hu” the four-hooved, black-scaled, mutated beast angrily clawed at Xue Ying.

It’s four hooved legs were more than three meters long, thick and powerful. The ends of the hooves were sharp as blades. With the two front legs attacking at same time, the powerful assault blocked out the sky.

Xue Ying tried hard to resist the massive force slamming him into the ground.

“Its strength is more powerful than when the creature is in its human form!” Xue Ying started to feel despair. The gap in power was too big, and the mutated magical beast’s scale defense was too impregnable. He thrust his spear again and again but was still unable to pierce through. How could he fight against this kind of strength? If the human form Xiang Pang Yun listed in top 500 rankers, maybe its beast form, was at least in top 200 rankers if not in the top 100 rankers.

For a magical beast form to have such a power increase was also within expectations.

Magical beasts, of course such a creature’s true form was more powerful. After all a human body was naturally quite weak.

“Hu hu hu”

The four-hooved, black-scaled, mutated beast ‘Xiang Pang Yun’ continuously pounced, three times, quick as lightning. How powerful was the flapping force of it’s scaled wings? It’s flying speed could easily reached the speed of sound! A flying mutated beast, naturally didn’t care about the gale besides it.

Fast speed, huge body, within only three attacks, Xue Ying couldn’t resist any longer.


Although his spear blocked the attack in front of his body, the smack of the four-hooved, black-scaled, mutated beast made to his spear still caused Xue Ying to retreat and fly back.

“Stabilize!” Xue Ying turned upside down as he flew away. He tried his best to stab his spear into the ground. The spear stabbed into the rock more than a meter deep. Numerous cracks appeared in the surrounding surface, and Xue Ying’s upside down body stopped its out of control flight.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, don’t keep struggling!” The four-hooved, black-scaled, mutated beast once again arrived in front of Xue Ying.

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    1. I honestly think he’ll fall into the ravine and somehow survive. Why else would they go to an entirely new area while battling. They have repeated a bit too much that non but a transcendant could survive it to be honest.

      1. I think you are misunderstanding me. By father i mean the old dude that turned the Coyote to a human, and told it to call him father. I think they both got the ability to turn to human from the same person.

        1. No, YOU are misunderstanding me.
          I’m saying there is no ‘both’, this is the Coyote that got turned human and told to call him father, there is no second one.

          1. Ahh i understand what you mean, but it isent possible for this beast to be the same as the Coyote, because of the time. This one has been publicly know for decades as one of the strongest under transcendes, while the Coyote is still a young child/kid, so its literally impossible for these two to the same beast.

          2. “while the Coyote is still a young child/kid, so its literally impossible for these two to the same beast.”
            Can you prove that the scene we saw with the Coyote wasn’t a flashback from 150 years ago or so?

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