LXY Book 3: Chapter 15


Book 3: Chapter 15 – The Longing of a Transcendent Being

High up in the skies, those on top of the Black-Moon Centipede – Great Mage Bai Yuan Zhi, Qing Shi, and the others were all shocked at seeing Xiang Pang Yun change into a gigantic four-hooved, black-scaled, mutated beast.

“It’s a mutated beast, and one that is different from an ordinary kind of magical beast! A rank six mutated beast on top of that!” Si Chen sighed in alarm, “Xiang Pang Yun is unexpectedly able to transform into a magical beast.”

Peng peng peng.

With just three swooping attacks by the four-hooved black-scaled, mutated beast, Xue Ying entered a dire situation.


“No, D… Don’t!” Qing Shi clamored, tears flowing down his cheeks, “Don’t!”

That was his most important loved one.

“Xue Ying!” Zong Ling and Tong San were frantic as well.

“Quickly escape, quickly escape, we will die as well should the lord of the castle perish.” Great Mage Bai Yuan Zhi’s expression greatly changed. Seeing the pair of wings on the back of the four-hooved, black-scaled, beast, he immediately felt terror. He knew his Black-Moon Centipede could only travel at half-sonic speed and a rank four flying-beast could even surpass his mount. A rank five flying-beast had the absolute capability of easily surpassing the speed of his Black-Moon Centipede refiner organism.

As for a sixth rank magical beast, and Xiang Pang Yun being such a mutated beast, its speed would definitely be more frightening! They had to hurry with their escape, else in front of that terrifying mutated beast, each and everyone of them would die!

Bai Yuan Zhi fully understood that after Xiang Pang Yun had revealed his true form to Xue Ying, that Xue Ying would not have any chance of retaliating against him. This situation would not give Bai Yuan Zhi and his fellow riders enough time to escape. Thus, every single moment of time must be fully utilised for them to leave the area.

“Hu!” The Black-Moon Centipede immediately turned about, flying at top speed away.

“Brother, brother!” Qing Shi’s streamed, endlessly, down his cheeks. He fixated on Black-Wind Cliff not far away, praying that a miracle would happen, praying that his brother would survive.


The long spear stabbed a meter deep into the mountain rock, allowing Xue Ying’s inverted and flying body to stop. Yet that four-hooved, black-scaled, beast once again pounced towards his direction.

“He!” Xue Ying exerted his strength, dodging to the side while pulling out his long spear free from the rock.

The four-hooved, black-scaled, monster’s blood eyes oozed killing intent.


Its gigantic scaled wings suddenly flapped wide, showing the enormity of its wingspan.

Its enormous body charged towards Xue Ying but he managed to dodge it. Following behind the beast’s were its gigantic wings with a blood-coloured stream of energy. Xue Ying was unable to dodge the blood-coloured stream of energy in time. With a ‘Peng’ — the wing’s stream instantly slapped his body with a turbulent force, causing Xue Ying to fly backwards.


This attack caused Xue Ying to fly out of the Black-Wind Cliff zone. He flew unceasingly while the black wind maelstrom buffeted him with its powerful force.

The difference between the two combatants was too big.

After transforming to its true self, Xiang Pang Yun’s strength was too overwhelming. Coupled with the wind being too fierce on the Black-Wind Cliff and the enormity of that four-hooved, black-scaled, beast, dodging was too much of an arduous task.

“Hahaha…” The four-hooved, black-scaled, beast flapped its wings and charged out of the Black-Wind Cliff, before flying up the skies. With another flap, it was able to easily stay in mid-air, despite of the black wind maelstrom surging close by. After all, how powerful were the wings of a four-hooves black-scaled, mutated beast? Being a flying-beast by nature, it had an innate talent in using wind!

The power wrought by a flap of its wings was unimaginable. Even if he was in the midsts of the black wind maelstrom, he could still fully withstand the force of wind and not be swept away by it, much less to say when he was far from the maelstrom.

The four hooved, black-scaled, beast and Xue Ying stared at each other.

Xue Ying was being swept backwards.

The four-hooved, black-scaled, beast discontinued its pursuit. Continuing its pursuit meant that it would have to continue deeper down the maelstrom with increasing levels of danger. Naturally, it did not want to enter such situation. Furthermore, the ‘Black-Wind Abyss’ would suffice in killing Xue Ying.

“Haha, Dong Bo Xue Ying, you’re dead. I’ll let your little brother and the rest accompanying him join you so that you won’t be so lonely after your death.” The four-hooved, black-scaled beast flapped its wings before flying off in its chase of the Black-Moon Centipede. It wanted to kill off every single human within it.

“Little brother.”

Time slowed down.

Xue Ying’s vision captured the escaping Black-Moon Centipede high up in the skies. He was able to see clearly those on the centipede, that anxious and agonised Uncle Zong, Uncle Tong and the distraught little brother Qing Shi, who looked as if he wanted to rush down from the Black-Moon Centipede. Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong both appeared to be holding Qing Shi back.

“Brother, brother–” His little brother was totally distraught. He raised his hand, gazing  straight at his brother who was currently being swept towards the middle of the maelstrom.

That was his big brother!

“Little brother…”

“Little brother, little Pebble.”

Xue Ying did not know when they began, but tears were now streaming down his face.

When his parents were still around, the little Qing Shi would often babble while hugging his legs, “Brother, hug.”

“Brother, bad guy.” After being teased, little Qing Shi would shout.

“I want to sleep with brother.” That snotty and chubby child had slept with him on the same bed for many years, and his shirt had been wetted by the saliva from  his brother many times.

“Brother, half is for you to eat.” That greedy snotty child was only willing to share with his brother the food that was so very tasty.

Over time, that snotty child grew up and went on to learn magic.

“Brother, I’m already a mage, I’m a mage,” He would exclaim joyfully.

“Qing Shi is so awesome.” Xue Ying would laughed when he hear that.


Memories of his past ran through his mind.

Regardless of how naughty he was, or how wayward he became at times, Qing Shi would always remain Xue Ying’s most important person in this life, and someone he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect.

A sudden wave of powerful determination began coursing through his soul.

No one!

No one can kill my little brother!

Definitely not!

‘I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, even if I were to die, I would still climb up from hell!’

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!” Xue Ying suddenly roared out in fury, a roar that most deeply resonated within him. At the same time, a short spear appeared in his left hand. At that moment, the maelstrom already had a strong hold on him, and he could not reach towards that four-hooved, black-scaled, beast. Thus, the only method he had now was to depend on this short spear, even though it seemed like a joke.

However, at this very moment, Xue Ying only knew that he had to grasp hold of this opportunity.

The flames of anger burned in his chest, the endless fury pumped through his body, leaving him feeling as if his entire body was on fire.


Suddenly, a bright flame appeared on Xue Ying’s body, surrounding even the skies around him. The short spear in his hand was being encircled by that similar flame. Within the world-sweeping black wind, this red-coloured flame was incredibly bright, terrifyingly eye-catching.

At this moment, he was akin to a deity in the flame.


His body was flying backwards in mid-air. Then suddenly, he exerted his strength, causing the short spear in his hand to fly out as a blaze, as if it were a meteor.

“En?” The four-hooved, black-scaled, beast turned towards Xue Ying when he heard the roars of fury. Following up, he saw Xue Ying’s entire body being surrounding by flames, and the meteor-like short spear that was being shot towards him.

“This!” The four-hooved, black-scaled, beast was shocked. He hurriedly put his entire thought into defending.


Its feet and claws barely made it into position fast enough to defended itself, with the spear piercing towards it, lightning fast. That meteor-like radiance continued onwards and with a ‘puchi’, it pierced right into the chest of the beast. The entire spear fully entered into its body, continuing to the point where the spear tip exited out the other side of the magical beast.

“Die for me!!!” Within Xue Ying’s hands, a second short spear appeared, and then a third short spear appeared.

Hong! Hong!

The second short spear pierced through the lower abdomen of the four-hooved, black-scaled, beast, leaving behind a big hole through the depths of its body. As for the third short spear, it pierced directly into the skull of the beast, forcing itself directly through it!

“Myriad… Myriad Existences… ” The four-hooved, black-scaled, beast could not believe itself as it looked towards that figure surrounding by flames. At this moment, he finally realised something – that this terrifying genius had actually attained power perfectly as one a long time ago.

Realm of Myriad Existences.

On the Dao of techniques, once one comprehended it to the peak, the next level would be to grasp hold of the mysteries behind the Myriad Existences in the universe.

According to the divide of realms…

Great Spear Master represented reaching the peak in a mortal’s technique.

Realm of Myriad Existences would instead refer to the start of a Transcendent’s understanding towards the nature of heaven and earth, and the very first step towards comprehending it. Usually, one would only attain such comprehension when one became a Transcendent. As for Legend rankers… even in the entire Dragon Mountain Empire, including those Legend experts over hundred years of age, approximately only 50 of such existences could reach this realm.

Great Spear Master – represented one’s physique power perfectly united as one. Thereafter, further comprehension would allow one to start to feel nature, for one to understand the mysteries behind the heaven and earth.

Dong Bo Xue Ying attained power perfectly as one when he was 15. After that, he had built himself a bamboo house at the back of the mountain in order to start comprehending the laws of nature. His spear techniques had become more and more restrained, with a touch of the breath from nature within it. This was the process behind understanding the mysteries of heaven and earth.

‘One with the World’ was actually a state for cultivators to look more closely at the nature of heaven and earth!

Before achieving that state of One with the World, one could still feel nature, just that the feelings would be fuzzy, as if watching through a layer of chiffon! But with the passing of six years, his spear techniques would inevitably be transformed by nature.

Especially the Qi method, “Three Stage Flame Technique”, allowing him to feel clearly the mysteries behind the flame every time he absorbed the power of flame into his body.

Six years of accumulation.

All of the life energy burst out right at this moment alongside with his willpower, that endless fury of flame and desire… finally allowed him to breakthrough the ‘Great Spear Master Realm’, achieving the ‘Realm of Myriad Existences’. Among these so-called Myriad Existences belonging to the heaven and earth, Xue Ying had only comprehended a little secret behind the Profound Mystery of Fire. But this was a profound power from the heaven and earth, and was something only the top 50 experts in the Dragon Mountain Book could comprehend. Such power was enough to kill even pseudo-Transcendents!

“Hu~~~” Xue Ying was bathed in flame, with the surrounding flame bringing out power in trying to stop his motion within the black wind maelstrom.


The power of the flame could only carry up to 5,000 kg of force. Furthermore, when he threw out that short spear, his body also flew reacted with an opposite force, moving backwards until the current state of his body was close to the eye of the maelstrom where the whizzing of black wind swept forth with a strength of a few times greater than the 5,000 kg of force, ensuring the futility in resisting. This 22 years absolute genius who could rank in the top 50 of the Dragon Mountain Book, could only display his terrifying radiance at this moment, before falling from his splendor.

“Qing Shi.” Xue Ying could see the currently escaping panicky Black-Moon Centipede. With it, a smile of relief appeared on his face.

That’s enough, that’s enough.

So long as his little brother could live, that was enough.


Under the sweeping force of the fierce wind, Xue Ying fell unceasingly. Yet he would still hold his head high up, smiling at the Black-Moon Centipede high up in the sky, looking at the loved ones on top of the Centipede whom he was willing to sacrifice himself for.

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