LXY Book 4: Chapter 11


Book 4: Chapter 11 – Six Years…

There were two different methods usually used for stepping into the realm of Transcendents – one was through body transcension while the other was through the Qi transcension!

Many pseudo-Transcendents were fortunate… and were able to borrow external forces to aid them in transcending their fleshy body. Only one out of ten would succeed. Even when they succeeded, their Qi cultivation still remained at the Legend level and could not compare with a true Transcendent in terms of combat power. At the very most, they would only rank within the top 500 of the Dragon Mountain Book. Despite that, many Legend rankers would still carry on despite the danger, risking their lives in gambling for attainment.

That was because the moment they became a pseudo-Transcendent, their lifespan would prolong! Facing the more powerful Legend rankers, even if they could not win, they could still escape through the skies – flying away.

‘According to legends, the second awakening of one’s Primordial Bloodline could allow one to step into the realm of Transcendence,’ Xue Ying silently thought to himself, ‘It’s a pity that this is really too difficult.’


Within the memoirs of Lei Zhen, there were several mentionings about the second awakening of the Primordial Bloodline.

The first awakening would allow one to dominate amongst the mortals.

As for the second awakening… only attaining it would one have the elegance of a primordial being.

One must know that a primordial being had the capabilities to rival the strongest true deities! However, the traces of any Primordial Bloodline found within mortals were too thin, and people with even the first awakening were a rare-find. For one to even have a second awakening… nothing detailed was mentioned within Lei Zhen’s memoirs. But Xue Ying could infer from the context that such a second awakening was really difficult.

‘I am currently trapped here within the underground Great Hall of Black-Wind Deity Palace and do not have any other way. The only path I could take is the most ordinary one – Qi transcension.’ Xue Ying thought to himself.

The moment one’s Qi underwent transcension, this Transcendent-type Qi would inevitably seep within the fleshy body, bones, viscera and mind, creating a body transcension along it.

This path of transcending…

Was the safest out of the two.

Like those pseudo-Transcendents, under the condition of being stuck at the bottleneck in breakthroughs, they would utilise some external force in reforming their own fleshy body. Especially during the process where one reformed his brains, nine out of ten would die from the process. Only a small number of these people would succeed in becoming a pseudo-Transcendent, prolonging their lifespan.


Xue Ying sat cross-legged on the smooth ground within the Great Hall. The energy of the Universe Flame entered into his body and into his Dantian Qi sea.

Within the Dantian Qi Sea, a small round ball was seen rotating about.

This was precisely the True Dan formed after a Legend ranker’s Qi fully agglomerated into a materialisation.

“I must continuously cultivate and polish this lump of True Dan before there can be a qualitative change within it. Only when a strand of Transcendent Qi appears within the True Dan can the transcension of all the Legend Qi occur.” Xue Ying felt quite vexated, “Cultivating and polishing… a qualitative change…”

There were no shortcuts for this road.

Many Legend rankers, including the transformed beast Xiang Pang Yun and the top 50 genius monsters noted in the Dragon Mountain Book were all trapped within this bottleneck for a long period of time, trying their best to cultivate and polish their True Dan until the day that they could transcend!

‘I’ve attained the realm of Myriad Existences, and also comprehended the mystery behind the Fire of Myriad Existences.’ Xue Ying thought, ‘My Qi is also that of a flame Qi… and I have the spiritual liquid transmuted by the Stone of Oceanic World. All of these should allow me to step into Transcendence at a faster pace.’

The probability of an ordinary Legend ranker stepping into Transcendence was really low.

And those who were able to comprehend the Realm of Myriad Existences were all ranked within the top 50 of  the Dragon Mountain Book, and usually had a higher chance of transcending! Most of those who comprehended the Realm of Myriad Existences were over a century in years, with Xue Ying being just 22. Thus, he had plenty of time and could be said to be certain of transcending. The only variable was how long he would take, ten years? Fifty years? One hundred years? Nobody was able to predict it!

“Being anxious is useless.”

“Calm down. Let’s do it slowly step by step.” Xue Ying sat cross-legged as he slowly absorbed the energy from the Universe flame, slowly cultivating the Qi True Dan within his body.


Time is merciless.

On top of the Snowrock mountain, the cycle of melting and reforming of snow had happened over and over again. The trees, flowers and grasses on top of it had withered and flourished over and over again…

Before Xue Ying fell into the Black-Wind Abyss, the name of Lord Xue Ying was well known. Within the entire Tranquil Sun province, and including places outside of it, discussions were made regarding him.

But regardless of how genius an monster was, a dead genius would lose his title as a genius.

Right now, any discussions about Dong Bo Xue Ying within Tranquil Sun province were becoming rare. Even his hometown – Water Rites Town – did not have many discussions over Xue Ying. After all, to them, Xue Ying was just a passing guest. Only when they were drinking would they occasionally sigh about the matter… After all, the Water Rites Town had actually given birth to such an amazing character.

Three years after Xue Ying fell into the Black-Wind Abyss…

A piece of news shocked the entire Azure River County, even reaching to the entire Tranquil Sun province.

The genius heaven-favored girl mage ‘Yu Jing Qiu’, had become One with the World and entered the realm of Legend ranks!

Entering Legend ranking was actually not rare.

But she was just 28 years old and had actually become a Legend ranking mage! That was too rare. Mages were fundamentally different from knights – in that knights could breakthrough as long as they comprehended the World Energy. But for mages, they would have to consolidate their understanding gradually and analyse the many spell matrices and that of the World energy to a certain level before they could finally step into the realm of One with the World!

Just 28 years? She was indeed quite a monster.


Within the Eternal Wind Academy.

The Autumn rain sprinkled down. Today, many discussions could be heard within the academy about the female mage ‘Yu Jing Qiu’. Although she could not compare with Dong Bo Xue Ying, the mosnter seen only once in a hundred years in the entire empire, Yu Jing Qiu was already quite capable in her own ways, with such a talent appearing once every 18 years in the Dragon Mountain Empire.

“Jing Qiu,” A gentle voice could be heard.

Yu Jing Qiu was sitting within a pavilion, drinking a cup of tea while looking out at the sprinkles of Autumn rain. After this breakthrough, she felt quite excited within her heart, yet it was quelled the moment she thought of that genius.

“Teacher?” Yu Jing Qiu turned towards the source of the voice. Standing up, she saw a white-bearded old man carrying an umbrella walking towards her.

“Jing Qiu, have you decided? Are you ready to enter one of the Transcendents’ organisation?” The white-bearded old man said.

“Teacher, you and the Academy principal and many other Legend rankers within the Academy are all part of the Water Daoist Faction.” Yu Jing Qiu said, “I would of course join the Water Daoist Faction as well.”

The Water Daoist Faction was an extremely big Transcendent organisation.

“The Temple of Earth God values you quite greatly, and even gave you quite good conditions for joining them. Aren’t you going?” The white-bearded old man laughed.

“The Temple of Earth God is more strict about giving freedom.” Yu Jing Qiu shook her head, “I don’t like to battle and kill. I only want to discover more about the spells peacefully and freely, investigating more about the mystery behind nature.” “Mn.” The white-bearded old man nodded lightly, “Good. Then you should prepare yourself. One of these days, I’ll bring you to the Northern Great Snowy Plains to visit the Water Daoist Faction. Thereafter, I’ll bring you to the Infernal World! All of this elementary knowledge is stuff I told you before, so do finish the mundane matters before we leave.”

“I understand.” Yu Jing Qiu nodded.


Within the valley of Black-Wind Abyss, inside a dilapidated underground Great Hall within the Black-Wind Deity Palace.

A black-robed young man was seen bending his body. In his hands, there was a dagger that swiftly cut away his messy hair. With his control of the World Energy, he was able to have a fine sensing of every single strand of his hair. Very quickly, he was able to cut his hair into a simple and casual hairstyle. When he was young, he would always have the habit of having a short hairstyle whilst training diligently every day. After all, having long hair could be very troublesome, and thus, he did not want to waste time on such matters.

Following that, a flame appeared out of thin air, incinerating all his cut hair into ashes.

It had been six years.

There were not many changes in Xue Ying’s facial countenance, except the expression within his eyes that showed him being more reclusive along with his entire character being more aloof.

Being trapped in this place for six full years with only two Transcendent refiner organisms to talk to, how boring and mundane were the days here? Initially when he started, Xue Ying felt uncomfortable already. Fortunately, all these years were spent madly training in his spear techniques, allowing him to slowly conform to such loneliness!

“Monkey, come. Let’s fight.” With a single move of his hand, the Flying Snow God Spear appeared in Xue Ying’s hand.

“Master, you only know how to bully me.” The golden ape felt depressed.

“I’ve always feel that my spear technique is not right. Stop grumbling and just receive my spear.” As Xue Ying was still contemplating in his heart over the problem with his spear technique, he executed a move right at the golden ape, beginning their exchange and at the same time, pondering over his problem while sparring.

Initially, he did not feel any problems existed with his own spear technique.

Yet the more he cultivated and trained within the Great Hall, the more he felt that there was a huge problem with his spear technique, something that became more uncomfortable as time wore on.

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