LXY Book 4: Chapter 13


Book 4: Chapter 13 – Transcendent Being

Surprisingly, Xue Ying had Transcended so suddenly…

He was so excited, he felt feverish as if all his blood was boiling. Trapped inside the Black-Wind Abyss for six years, he always yearned to become Transcendent! However, deep inside his heart, he thought it would have taken twenty or even fifty years for him to achieve it. But who could have known that… he would break through and become a Transcendent in only six years!

“I’ve become a Transcendent! I- … I can go back! I can go back home!”  Many scenes and people flashed through Xue Ying’s mind.

The hustle and bustle of the outside world, his brother Qing Shi, his parents, Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, the castle’s soldiers and the Great Mage Bai Yuan Zhi as well, and even Si An from Dragon Mountain Manor along with Yu Jing Qiu, who had taken a mission together with him.


Having been alone from such an early age, Xue Ying was already yearning for his freedom.

“With me becoming Transcendent, it will be easier to save father and mother.” Xue Ying was so excited, there was a faint trace of tears in his eyes. He immediately grinned and took a deep breath, “Calm down, a meal needs to be eaten one bite at a time. First I need to completely transform my Qi in order to become a Transcendent.”

Inside Xue Ying’s Dantian Qi Sea, the round lump of his True Dan was letting off threads of lights which continuously radiated brilliance, condensing even more mist. The faint red flame mist was increasing in quantity. The first thread of Transcendent Qi was hardest to form. After the first thread was formed, the next one would take much less time to materialize.

A large quantity of red flame mist quickly permeated throughout his Dantian Qi Sea area. With a ‘ka ka ka’ sound, the lump of True Dan started to crack. The lump of True Dan was the condensed form of Legend Qi. Along the crack, all the Legend Qi was being sucked in and transformed into Transcendent Qi without exception.

After a time, there was no Legend Qi left. All that remained was the faint red flame mist.

Hu the energy of the Universe Flame continuously rushed into his body.

World Energy was being continuously changed into Transcendent Qi, thus being directly absorbed by Xue Ying. It kept going until he faintly felt his Dantian Qi Sea filled to the brim, at which point he stopped it..

“My Qi has transcended now.

Xue Ying was full of expectation, “Now for transcending my body!”!”

Si si

One by one, threads of Transcendent Qi started to seep into his skin, flesh and bones. Actually, in the mortal stage, people could already use Qi to transform their body, so Xue Ying was already familiar with the process. But the changes caused by Transcendent Qi were more visible and extreme.  

Xue Ying’s skin and flesh was absorbing Transcendent Qi, slowly leading him into a body transcension.

His skin and flesh also became more durable, and flexible, showing an innate qualitative change. .

‘Gu, gu, gu’ as his bone marrow was also transforming. Likewise, the blood produced by the bone marrow also evolving. The blood flowing throughout his entire body was transforming his internal organs into their new state.

Using one’s own Transcendent Qi to transform their body was the safest method, because everything would naturally happen.

Using external force to transcend one’s body like those with Pseudo-Transcendent bodies was like gambling with your life. Even if one was to be  successful with this method, one would still have to pay a huge price. It was usually worth the cost, however, as a Legend rank was still mortal, with a lifespan of only around 100 years more than a normal person’s, whereas if they succeeded, they would have the chance to live for much longer.

“My flesh, skin and bones already transcending, now for my viscera and brain,” Xue Ying silently thought to himself. Due to the circulation of his blood, his viscera and brain had already undergone a minor transformation, so it was more accommodating to the Transcendent Qi.

Transcendent Qi directly penetrated into his viscera, being rapidly adsorbed, and transforming his insides.

His viscera produced a fine substance, the majority of it going to his brain, making the latter undergo a transformation.

After one hour, his viscera transformation was complete. This time, Xue Ying’s Transcendent Qi finally penetrated his brain, making it undergo numerous minor changes, and thus very safe to receive Transcendent Qi.


Xue Ying felt a rumbling sound from his brain. Whilst it was transforming, Xue Ying felt that his brain was blazing hot and his ears were ringing, but he kept calm.

Slowly, this rumbling sound gradually dissipated. Unprecedentedly, his mind was crystal clear, his thinking speed also greatly increased. His sight, smell and hearing had also undergone an astonishing transformation. His eyesight had greatly improved, enabling him to see things from fifty kilometers away. He could even could see a small earthworm fifty kilometers away!

Unimaginable! This was what it was like to be Transcendent!

“It’s a strange feeling.” Xue Ying looked around. The great hall that originally looked dilapidated and desolate, all of sudden become colorful. The world had become very beautiful.

“Transcendent.”  Xue Ying stretched out his hand and then directly used dagger to stab his arm.


The dagger cut through his arm as if it were air, leaving no injury whatsoever..

It seemed like the dagger and arm were not in the same dimension. The dagger had clearly passed through his arm, but the arm hadn’t been affected at all.

“Mortal matter and Transcendent matter are entirely different!” exclaimed Xue Ying. “My body has already undergone transcendence. Now, only Transcendent matter can inflict injury on my body”

So, no matter how many mortals there were, all of them were nothing in front of a Transcendent!

It was because no matter what, they were unable to inflict any injuries on Transcendents. Even the puniest Pseudo-Transcendent, a Legend ranker expert listed in the top fifty of the Dragon Mountain Book, still needed to use things forged from Transcendent materials, or weapons coated with a layer of Transcendent material, before they able to harm and even kill a Pseudo-Transcendent. But it would be very hard to kill them if the Pseudo-Transcendent focused on escape.

“My body should be able to transform!” Xue Ying’s body underwent a transformation.

Gu gu…

The body instantly became soft,  becoming a pool of liquid, and condensed into a flowing sphere.

“Ah, Master!” at this moment,  from distant place, the golden ape and roc were shocked. Their master transformed into sphere-shaped liquid, “Master already became a Transcendent?”

The liquid sphere continuously changed.

Occasionally it became a cube, in other a knife or a spear.

And then completely broke down into numerous particles! These numerous particles were the Transcendents physical body ability to break down their body into the most tiny form.


In the end, Xue Ying transform into his original human appearance.

“A Transcendent body is amazing!” Xue Ying was completely amazed. But maintaining human form was still the best choice in life and death battle. The other form’s defence was weaker, and so was its fighting capabilities.

“Fly!”. In a flash, Xue Ying’s body changed into a flame.

A flame like a shooting star.


With his high speed, in a split second, he had already flown around the great hall once. The flame sped up and circling the great hall again and again, leaving trail of light behind it. Countless blazing lights appeared inside the great hall. The flame landed and changed back into Xue Ying’s human form.

“Change again into water!” Xue Ying instantly changed into water body and then with high speed, he flying freely around the great hall and even making ‘S’ flight pattern before stopping.

“Very impressive!” Xue Ying expressed his happiness.

A Transcendents flying ability was aided a little by World Energy.

If someone who was already able to comprehend ‘One with the World’ stepped into the Transcendent rank and transformed their body into fine particles, they would be able to use World Energy to control the particles, making them fly at high speed. That was why a Transcendents flying speed was so amazing.

Flying in the air was the most relaxing, as both the land and sea offered some obstruction to one’s speed.

If someone reached the Realm of Myriad Existence, the fine particles form could even attach to the Universe Flame or water energy, making their flying speed even faster and amazing.

Different forms of Myriad Existences would give different movement attributes!!

For example, mastery in Profound Mystery of Earth using Earth Energy will enable its user to walk through the earth with high speed.

Using it at a water stream like the ocean, river or lake, also enabled them to move at high speed. Mastery of a profound mystery outside the source they were trying to move in resulted in a slower speed.

Someone who mastered the Profound Mystery of Space were even capable of teleportation! But it was very difficult to master ‘Profound Mystery of Space’.

When he landed, Xue Ying felt wonderful, “Flying gave me a wonderful feeling; so free and unrestrained.”

“Mn, before, as a mortal, I was unable to see other parts of Elder Lei Zhen Black-Wind Palace. I will look around now, after that, it’s time to go home.” Xue Ying was full of joy.

When Xue Ying landed, the golden ape and golden roc also came closer. At the same time, both of them said, “Congratulations to Master for becoming Transcendent!”

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      1. @blackhawkrider He already knows that, but a few chapters ago we were told that the Transcendent who’d created those refiner organisms and whose treasures Xue Ying was using had identified a way to get out that would be easy for a Transcendent, since it could be used by someone capable of turning into a liquid. Hence his confidence.

        1. You are talking about that crack which requires him to be a transcendent to go through? I am not hundred percent sure but didn’t the previous chapter declared that the path is still dangerous although not as dangerous as the other paths?

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