LXY Book 4: Chapter 18


Book 4: Chapter 18 – Who Exactly is He?

Thunder Tide Shore was a notorious prison for many outlaws. As such, there would be a large number of guards, as well as mages operating the arrays that controlled the entire forbidden area.

“Quick, quick, quick! Something’s happened at Mo Yang Yu’s ward! That black-robed teenager is too powerful! With just a gaze, my eyes became blurry and my ears boomed with loud sounds, making me fall from the Thunder Tide Shore and into the sea… It’s too terrifying!” the guard frantically recounted his experience. Soon, a large number of guards started to gather. The commander of the Thunder Tide Shore’s guards was a Silver Moon Knight.

“Made you fall with only a gaze?” The Silver Moon Knight, who was carrying a weapon box, frowned. “Hmm… unless it’s a mage who specialises in soul techniques?”

“First Squad, Second Squad, Third Squad, gather and prepare to leave now!” the Silver Moon Knight immediately gave his orders, “Get the arrays ready for an attack at any moment.”




All the guards acknowledged his orders.

The arrays within the forbidden place were set into motion. Around the Thunder Tide Shore, the temperature was dropping viciously, frost forming on the surface.

“Go away!” a sound thundered amidst the entire heaven and earth.

A turbulent wave of water appeared out of thin air, like a huge slithering snake. This gigantic wave, several hundred meters in height, swept down on the guards. The guards panicked and took out whatever they could, be it weapons or shields. Standing in front of them, the Silver Moon Knight’s expression changed. A shield appeared on his hands out of thin air.

“Hong long~~~” The wave swept down, making the protectors fly and roll all over the place. The Silver Moon Knight was the only one who could stand firm on the ground. His expression mildly changed, “Water-attributed spell? Such a powerful force… I’m afraid it should be a Silver Moon Mage!”

“Who, who dares to infringe on Mo Yang Clan’s forbidden prison!” The Silver Moon Knight loudly shouted out, “State your name!”

Suddenly, a stream of flame Qi rushed up to the skies.

The faint flame Qi looked as if it was ordinary, yet its presence made the Silver Moon Knight feel an unseen terror. Every strand of Qi felt like the sunlight blazing the heaven and earth. This Flame Qi high up in the skies immediately turned into a gigantic palm.


The gigantic palm immediately smacked at the Silver Moon Knight.

“No no, this is not a mage. That previous wave of water is actually operated from the Realm of Myriad Existences!” The Silver Moon Knight was finally enlightened. He wanted to dodge, yet that gigantic flame palm was too fast. He could only defend himself with his shield.

Peng, the gigantic palm descended. With a smack, it brought the Silver Moon Knight down, forming a sunken cavity on the mountain’s surface, the sound of many breaking bones echoing. The Silver Moon Knight spouted blood.

“Thank you for your mercy, sir.” The Silver Moon Knight felt terrified. He understood that his opponent had given him mercy, else that single strike would have been enough to smack him into meat paste.

Only then did the gigantic flame palm slowly retreat.

The distant, still rolling guards and the Silver Moon Knight were looking at the floating gigantic flame palm with terror! That flame palm then transformed itself into large amounts of Qi, going back to its source within Mo Yang Yu’s cave of the Thunder Tide Shore.

“Captain.” At once, some of the guards came to help up the fallen Silver Moon Knight.

“Everyone, don’t make any excessive moves. We mustn’t disturb that lord.” The Silver Moon Knight immediately called back his orders.


All the guards automatically acknowledged it. Why would any of them be in the mood to make a joke? If they were to truly fight, they would be instantly annihilated. Previously,  that wave of water was actually going easy on them. Other than the Silver Moon Knight, all the weaker guards, including Meteor-ranked knights, had flown around uncontrollably. Yet, none of them were dead. They’d been given mercy.

“This palm did not look like a spell. It’s more like Qi.” The Silver Moon Knight clutched his chest. His eyes betrayed the anxiety and panic he was feeling. “Despite Qi leaving his body, he could form such a force? Unless… Could he be a Transcendent?”


Within the cavern.

Xue Ying was accompanying his mother, chatting with her while she ate some pastries and drank the spiritual liquid transmuted by the Stone of Oceanic World.

He did not want anybody to come and disturb them. Thus, he had decided to use the water from afar to slap away those guards. Were he to use fire… it was likely that the guards would die. Even though deep inside Xue Ying’s heart was filled with fury, ultimately, he was not a crazed fellow and knew that ‘injustice has a beginning, and debt has an origin’. As for those low-leveled guards, they had only taken up the job to fill their bowls with rice.

It was only because the Silver Moon Knight commander had provoked him that Xue Ying decided to give him a lesson.

“Xue Ying.” Mo Yang Yu looked at the faint red misty Qi from outside the cavern entering into Xue Ying’s body.

“Your Qi can already be brought back into your body and you can operate it so freely. Could it be…” Mo Yang Yu did not dare to believe it.

“Mn. I’ve just entered Transcendence not long ago,” Xue YIng said. “I had fallen into the Black-Wind Abyss. It was only because of my breakthrough to the Transcendent rank that I could fortunately escape from there.”

Mo Yang Yu had mixed feelings of doubts and pride.

Her own son…

Her eight-year-old boy from back then had already become a reputed legendary Transcendent 20 years later!

“It feels like a dream. I cannot believe this!” Mo Yang Yu laughed.

“Mother, please eat some more.” Xue Ying arrived with a couple of pastries. He reckoned that his parents had not had a good life these past few years.


Mo Yang Yu was feeling relatively good. Eating the pastries with big bites and drinking the spiritual liquid, her skin transformed at a speed visible to the naked eye. All the wrinkles had started fading away, yet Xue Ying still poured cup after cup for his mother, until a whole pot was emptied. Regardless, with a command from his mind, he refilled the pot with even more spiritual liquid. His mother had suffered from her magic power insurgence all these years, injuring her soul. Furthermore, she had been worrying in the years thereafter. Adding to that a mage’s predisposition to a weak physique, and having no magic power for cultivation, she had definitely fallen to rock-bottom.

Usually, any Transcendent-ranked Saint expert would not dare to treat the spiritual liquid transmuted by the Stone of Oceanic World as a normal sustenance that could be  freely consumed! This was the greatest acquisition obtained by Elder Lei Zhen in his entire life. Before he died, he had laid down an array, preferring to destroy it rather than give it to the beast race.

In any normal occasion, just drinking a bit was enough to satiate one’s hunger.

A pot of spiritual liquid was enough for ten days’ use! Its worth amounted to more than a million gold pieces! But of course, Transcendents would not be willing to use gold for trade. Having reached their level, the mortal world’s gold pieces did not have much worth in their eyes since they had enough for what they needed. What they treasured more was Transcendents’ treasures!

“Mother, how did you know that something happened to me in the past?” Xue Ying asked.

“It was Mo Yang Cheng Bai who sent someone to tell me about it,” Mo Yang Yu replied. “He did it on purpose to anger me. But if it weren’t for him, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have known anything about what had happened even after a long time.”

“Again that Mo Yang Cheng Bai!” Xue Ying’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

‘He must die!’

However, Xue Ying was able to quickly control his feelings and continued  accompanying his mother, chatting and letting her eat. He wanted her to be happy.

“Mn, I’m actually full.” Mo Yang Yu laughed, “Unknowingly, it seems like I’ve drank a lot. The injuries on my soul have fully recovered, and I feel like I can’t drink any more.”

“Once you are full, there’s no need to drink any longer.” Xue Ying laughed. “This Transcendent spiritual liquid is enough to satiate the hunger of ordinary people for an entire day. Mother, it’s because of the injuries on your body, along with the deficit brought by all these years, that you could absorb and digest the liquid continuously. After your body is fully recovered, you would naturally be full.”

In front of his eyes, Mo Yang Yu’s snow-white hair had gained some strands of black.

The appearance and color of her skin had fully recovered to the state it had been six years ago. His mother’s mind seemed even stronger than before.

“So mysterious,” Mo Yang Yu said.

“This spiritual liquid is quite important. Mother, you must tell no one about it,” Xue Ying continued. That Stone of Oceanic World was enough for him to use for more than a thousand years. But of course, he would still leave some for his parents, Qing Shi, Uncle Zong, and Uncle Tong. They were all his loved ones! However, he would still want this to be kept a secret. He was at ease with the rest apart for Qing Shi. However, having encountered such a huge blow that time, he was bound to be more mature now.

After spiritual liquid entered the body, the Dantian Qi sea and the spirit would be nourished holistically, even for Transcendents. Needless to say, for mortals, it would be of an even greater help! Ultimately, his parents could walk far in this road of cultivation, and the liquid could help them live longer.

“Rest assured. I understand,” Mo Yang Yu laughed.

“Then let’s go pick up father.” Xue Ying stood.

“Dong Bo…” Mo Yang Yu’s heart throbbed. Her husband and she had been separated for twenty years already.

Twenty years… It was far too long.

Holding onto her mother’s hand, he walked to the entrance of the cavern.

The Transcendent Qi permeated through Xue Ying’s skin, surrounding and acting as a layer of protection for his mother.

Following that, Xue Ying took his mother up into the skies.

“Thunder Tide Shore.” Flying high up in the skies, Mo Yang Yu looked down to the entire Thunder Tide Shore beneath her, and its dumbfounded group of guards. This had been her prison for the past twenty years.

“Father is at East Fragrant Lake Refiner workshop. Let’s go!” Xue Ying said.


He turned into a stream of flame light, breaking across the sky.

“So fast!”

The pale-faced Silver Moon Knight commander, who had been holding onto his wounds, looked at this in shock, “He’s flying in the skies, he’s a Transcendent!”

“The legendary ability to fly in the skies? Transcendent?” All the guards were startled. Within the mortal world, many people had heard of Transcendents… but those who had actually seen one were few and far between.

“Who is that black-robed teenager?” Mo Yang Yu has been confined all this time, so how could she possibly know a Transcendent? Unless it was someone she knew twenty years ago?” The Silver Moon Knight held onto some uncertainty, “In front of a Transcendent, what would the Mo Yang Clan be? But why would he save her only after twenty years? Was it a Transcendent who has only recently achieved a breakthrough?”

The Silver Moon Knight was trying to speculate and clear his doubts.

Suddenly, he thought of someone–

An extremely amazing, peerless genius that appeared only once every hundred years in the entire Dragon Mountain Empire, and the person who had died in a fight, together with Xiang Pang Yun!

“Unless that’s Dong Bo Xue Ying? Could he have escaped after surviving the fall into the Black-Wind Abyss?” The Silver Moon Knight was still uncertain and shocked. The more he pondered, the more he felt that within Mo Yang Yu’s circle of people, it was only that monster Dong Bo Xue Ying who had the abilities to cross into Transcendence.

“Regardless of who it is, he must have an extraordinary relation with Mo Yang Yu! It could even be said that this Transcendent will be angry at the entire Mo Yang Clan.” The Silver Moon Knight trembled in fear as he continued along this line of thought. A Transcendent’s fury? It was not something the entire Mo Yang Clan could withstand!

“I must pass down the message, I must warn the clan at the quickest speed.” The Silver Moon Knight did not dare delay even the slightest bit, immediately sending someone to pass on the message.

If an expert of Azure River County had been there, they would certainly have recognised Dong Bo Xue Ying.

However, this was Eastfield province, Bellfeather County, where nobody recognised Xue Ying!



Xue Ying held onto his mother’s hand as the flame enveloped around the two of them. They were flying at top speed.

“So fast. So this is a Transcendent’s ability to fly?” Mo Yang Yu looked around her in shock. The surroundings seemed surreal, with just only the scenes farther ahead being clearer by a bit.

“This speed we are travelling is half my fastest.” Xue Ying further explained, “When Transcendents take someone with them in flight, their speed would slowed down by a lot.”

Transforming into fine particles and attaching them to a stream of flame, his speed could then soar to an extreme. Only during cases of more important emergencies would he utilise it, or in cases when he was required to tunnel through some narrow areas.

Flying whist remaining in the form of a human only gave him 70-80% of his maximum speed.

If he were to bring along another person with him… his speed would be even slower! Xue Ying could only maintain half his fastest speed at most.

“We’ve reached our destination. Ahead of us is the East Fragrant Lake.” Xue Ying was takijng  his mother along by her hand, slowing down as he descended past the cloud layer. He could see the sparkling East Fragrant Lake shining below him.

“That was so fast. We’ve only spoken a few sentences.” Mo Yang Yun was amazed past her limits. She had grown up in Bellfeather County, and was familiar with the distance between East Fragrant Lake and Thunder Tide Shore.

Enveloping the entire East Fragrant Lake’s refiner workshop with World Energy, Xue Ying easily found out where his father was. His expression softened after seeing that his father’s condition was much better than his mother’s.

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