LXY Book 4: Chapter 22


Book 4: Chapter 22 – The Six Great Transcendent Organisations

Within the pavilion.

The tea was still warm as Xue Ying laughed, “Ever since humans and beasts emerged, our Xia Clan’s history has had deities emerging as well. Still, within the Beast Clan’s long history, there were also terrifying, absolute, and glamorous characters appearing.  Yet neither could exterminate the other! To finish the battle between the two races once and for all is too difficult.”

“Haha, that’s true.” Yi Hong laughed, “What Sir Dong Bo said is very true. Within the history, there are many characters from the Beast Clan that has caused us to suffer. The Great Elder of Sorcerer Palace is merely just the toughest opponent for this era.”

“I feel ashamed though. This struggle will go on for far too long. Demigods have a long lifespan, all of them chase after the dream of stepping into the realm of Deities to attain immortality!” Yi Hong said, “Oh yes, this Demigod ranking was decided by our Infernal World and might not be an entirely accurate representation! Those Demigods were all trying to become Deities, and who knows, some Demigod might display an untold and insurmountable combat power.”


Xue Ying nodded.

He already knew this information, having learned it during his time in the Abyss. All Demigods desired to become a true Deity! After all, a Demigod only had a lifespan of 3000 years! Deities were the true immortal beings.

“After this, let’s talk about proper business!” Yi Hong continued, “Among our humankind, we have six great Transcendent organisations and a hidden underworld Demonic Faction!”

“The six great Transcendent organisations are as follow: Temple of Earth God, Bloodshed Tavern, Black White Deity Mountain, Cloud City, Water Daoist Faction and lastly, Sea Deity Palace.” Yi Hong introduced, “These six great Transcendent organisations represent Orthodoxy and the aegis for the entire Xia Clan, allowing our Xia Clan to continuously pass down our inheritance to the future! But ultimately, there are some Transcendents… who are quite self-centered! They do not care about the mortals nor their own Clans! They only care about themselves. Thus, they fall into the temptation of Demons… for the sake of treasure, for the sake of greater power, they decide to seek power from Demons, eventually establishing the Demonic Faction!”

Xue Ying lightly nodded.


That was very normal. Transcendents themselves were, by nature, above mortals. Furthermore, on this road of cultivation, the final destination of a Transcendent was to become a Deity! Adding on to their long lifespan, most of them would have certain feelings for their relatives and clans of mortals. Though as their parents, children, and other relatives all began aging and dying, over a few hundred years, they would certainly not have many attachments towards their own clans.

Some of them would even decide to simply become independent.

An instance would be when reaching the bottleneck at the peak of the Sky Realm or the Saint Realm! For the sake of seeking resources, to breakthrough, or simply because of the all too strong allure of greater power, the number of people deciding to depend on the ‘Demonic Faction’ became quite numerous! Behind this Demonic Faction, there was actually an extremely powerful Demonic God, who was willing to find ways to send large amounts of treasures into this mortal world, attracting even more Transcendents.

“The six great Transcendent organisations and the Demonic Faction are the primary Transcendent powers of humankind. As for the ordinary Demonic God Cult and some of the small-scaled Transcendent organisations, I don’t even need to mention them.  They do not have the qualifications to invite Sir Dong Bo!

“Because of your apparent skill,  we can naturally expect the six great Transcendent organisations and the Demonic Faction to invite Sir Dong Bo. The Demonic Faction will contact you in the dark, so I hope that Sir Dong Bo will not choose to join them.” Yi Hong advised. Xue Ying, was a devilishly-intelligent genius who stepped into Transcendence at 28. If he was hooked in and taken away by the Demonic Faction, Xue Ying’s defection would definitely be a huge humiliation for the six big Transcendent organisations.

“Rest assured. Many people are shouting for the Demonic Faction to be attacked, and I even still have a strong bond to my family. Certainly, I do not wish to enter the Demonic Faction,” Xue Ying said.

Yi Hong laughed, “Then I’ll just briefly describe the six great Transcendent organisations.”

“The Temple of Earth God holds faith to an extremely powerful Deity. Within the spirit world, it is said that his position is extremely high, with many Deities begging to become his underlings. They are the only organisation within our entire Xia Clan who are qualified to spread their faith. The rest who dare spread their faith would all be considered part of the cult of Demonic God!”

“With such a huge tree providing shade, there will naturally be plenty of benefits given by the Temple of Earth God. Should you enter, there are  even more secret cultivation methods available compare to other Transcendent organisations. The Transcendents within the Temple of Earth God… could only be rivaled by Bloodshed Tavern’s Transcendents alone. Overall, the Temple of Earth God is stronger by a level than the other four big organisations!”

“As for the Bloodshed Tavern, supporting them is similarly, an amazing Deity. It is fortunate that this great existence does not care about faith. Otherwise, they would be battling against the Temple of Earth God and the outcome would be very unpredictable! Bloodshed Tavern’s Transcendents are all specialised in killing.”

“The aforementioned two big Transcendent organisations both have a powerful Deity backing them! The moment you join them, the advantage would be abundant resources and some powerful secret cultivation methods that you could not learn elsewhere! As for the shortcoming, there are a tad bit more regulations you have to follow.”

“As for the remaining four big Transcendent organisations, the Black White Deity Mountain, Cloud City, Water Daoist Faction and Sea Deity Palace, these were established by the powerful experts from the past dynasties of our Xia Clan. Similarly, their foundations are quite firm, with many years of history. Because they do not have a Deity backing, these four big organisations naturally have more freedom.”

“At the same time, these four big Transcendent organisations have demarcated their territories respectively.”

“The five northern provinces are controlled by the Water Daoist Faction.”

“As for the middle six provinces, they are controlled by the Black White Deity Mountain.”

“The southern four provinces belongs to the Cloud City. Even though it is just four provinces, the southern weather is more pleasant, and they have more farmland, resulting in a greater population.”

“The entire sea, as well as the four provinces it borders, all belongs to the Sea Deity Palace! However, due to the huge area that the sea covers, which is much greater than land, the Sea Deity Palace is unable to control their entire territory. Thus, some small Transcendent organisations have also settled down within the sea.”

Yi Hong laughed, “Our Tranquil Sun province belongs to one of the five northern provinces! Of the many powerful Legend rankers in our province, only the Water Daoist Faction would send an invite to such powers within our province. Other Transcendent organisations like the Temple of Earth God and Bloodshed Tavern would ignore such powers within our Tranquil Sun province.”

“But you, sir Dong Bo, are different.”

“You are a Transcendent and do not currently belong to any single organisation. Furthermore, you are young… thus every single big Transcendent organisations will humbly invite you.

“Oh yes, Sir Dong Bo, since you became a Transcendent, the Water Rites Town will naturally become the territory of your Dong Bo Clan!” Yi Hong said, “If you, Sir Dong Bo were to join the Water Daoist Faction, then the entire Azure River County would naturally be governed by your Dong Bo Clan behind the scenes. If you do not join the Water Daoist Faction… then the Dong Bo Clan would not have much authority in the Azure River County.”

Xue Ying nodded.

He understood this point.

Transcendents had special privileges.

The clan belonging to a Sky Realm or a Saint Realm would all immediately receive the territory of a town! This was their own clan’s territory, and they had absolute control over it.

As for Demigods, they would certainly be able to obtain the control of an entire county!

As for what was done behind the scenes, the Transcendent’s clan would certainly be able to control even more territories. For instance, the Water Daoist Faction had control over the five northern provinces. Thus, the Transcendents belonging to the Water Daoist Faction had a huge influence over those five provinces. Once Xue Ying join them, other than the Dragon Mountain Manor, he would have the power to send down immediate orders to any organisation within the Azure River county.

Other than nominally belonging to the empire, they would still have absolute control under covers. Furthermore, the Transcendent’s clan would have an expansion of power that could spread out to all the surrounding counties!

One must know that the Si Clan depended solely on Si Liang Hong, and they  already controlled the entire Azure River County.

Much less, to say, the clan of a truly powerful Transcendent!

As for the royal clan?

Without the Dragon Mountain Emperor, the royal clan would not be able to contest against the firmly rooted six great organisations and thus, they could only simply give up their control.

“What I need to say has already said. Sir Dong Bo, you should think it through carefully and decide which organisation to join.” Yi Hong laughed, “Actually, it doesn’t matter even if the territory a clan controls is smaller. To Transcendents, their own combat power is more important.”

“I’ll think over it.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Then I’ll take my leave. Oh yes, to whom should I give the first Dong Bo Clan Marquis title to?” Yi Hong asked.

“My father,” Xue Ying answered.

An ordinary Transcendent Clan would have the title of Marquis to be passed down for a thousand years through heredity. A thousand years later, that position would be demoted to a Count.

If he were to become a Demigod, the clan would have the title of Duke for five thousand years.

If he were to become a Deity, then the six great Transcendent organisations would temporarily bow and surrender. He would become the emperor under the heavens, with his own family becoming the royal Clan… this would be passed down through the family until he, the Deity, ascended. Only then could the royal Clan be stripped of their royalty.


Yi Hong and Xue YIng both chatted almost an hour, enjoying some simple snacks and drinks. After that, Yi Hong decided to temporarily reside within the castle.

That night, Xue Ying visited  his parents and little brother.

The family was very lively. Today, however, the Dong Bo Clan had too few members. Because they controlled a large territory, more people were needed to help govern it.


Late at night, the wind blew.

Xue Ying laid on the bed and was about to go into slumber. His mood was quite good.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

“Mn?” Xue Ying frowned. Garbed in loose pyjamas, he walked down the corridors. With just two flashes, he exited the Snowrock Castle, quickly reaching the peak of a hill outside it.

On top of the hill, on a bare stone, squatted a man. The left side of his head was entirely shaved while the hair on his right side hung down.

He squatted in that position with drooping eyelids. Within his hand was a sword that he slowly ground against the stone. Despite the drooping eyelids… Xue Ying could still feel the breath of Qi from this man reaching him. Within this breath was a sharp Transcendent Qi and a surging physique Qi.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying. Who would have thought that even upon stepping into Transcendence, your physique would have already reached the middle phase of the Sky Realm. You awoke the Primordial Bloodline when you were just a mortal?” That half-bald man stopped with his grinding, raising his heads towards Xue Ying. Within his eyes, there was a murderous edge that made Xue Ying palpitate in fear. This was truly a frightening opponent.

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