LXY Book 4: Chapter 25


Book 4: Chapter 25 – Joining

The rest of the Transcendents came and went away, with the exceptions being Chi Qiu Bai and Tan Shi. The two of them, one being the the strongest human expert within the Saint rankings, were temporarily living at Snowrock Castle. As for the excuse they used… it was for the protection of Xue Ying!

Early in the morning.

Dong Bo Lie and his wife, Dong Bo Xue Ying, Qing Shi, Zong Ling and Tong San were eating breakfast together.

“Father, I’d like hear your thoughts about this.” Xue Ying asked. He told them about the advantages and disadvantages of joining the various big organisations.


“Regarding the matter about joining the Transcendent organisations, why are you even wanting to listen to our suggestions?” Dong Bo Lie replied, “We are not that knowledgeable about Transcendent matters. Ultimately, you should just choose based on what you think is the best and appropriate for you. There’s no need to involve us in your decision.”

Mo Yang Yu continued, “That’s right. Our Dong Bo Clan only has this many people. We even feel the lack of manpower in managing the entire territory of Water Rites Town, much less to say about being in charge of Azure River County.”

“Be rest assured. I’m sure there would be enough helping hands on the side of Dragon Mountain Manor.” Xue Ying laughed.

“Still, as I was saying, you should just choose whichever organisation you think is most appropriate.” Dong Bo Lie quipped. Zong Ling, Tong San and Qing Shi all agreed with him. Clearly, they did not want their thoughts to affect Xue Ying’s decision… After all, the matters regarding Transcendents would be a matter of great importance.

Xue Ying lightly nodded, “If that’s the case, then I’ll be going with Water Daoist Faction!”

“Water Daoist Faction?” Dong bo Lie had some doubts.

“Why?” Qing Shi asked curiously, “Brother, didn’t you say that judging based on the secret techniques an organisation has, Temple of the Earth God and Bloodshed Tavern would have the most powerful ones. And if it was judged based on the treasures given, wouldn’t the Black White Deity Mountain be dominant in that area?”

Xue Ying nodded in agreement.

The founders of Black White Deity Mountain… were two relatively powerful Transcendent mages! Thus, there would naturally be more mages within Black White Deity Mountain, leading to an attraction for even more mages to join them! Thus, there were large amounts of powerful Transcendent weapons and arrays refined by them, attracting even quite a few Transcendent knights. After all, they would be able to obtain many Transcendent weapons at a low price.

The Black White Deity Mountain controlled six provinces, with Mountain Lord He being deemed as the number one under the heavens.

“The Temple of the Earth God and Bloodshed Tavern have too many regulations, and that isn’t suitable for me.” Xue Ying laughed, “As for the other four great organisations, they did not have much disparities in terms of conditions. Since I hail from the Tranquil Sun Province, it would be more appropriate for me to join Water Daoist Faction! Furthermore, Eternal Wind Knight, Chi Qiu Bai from the Water Daoist Faction treats me quite well.”


In the afternoon.

Xue Ying, Chi Qiu Bai and Tan Shi were all seated within the pavilion. As for Manor Lord Yi Hong, he was actually standing off to the side, busying himself with pouring tea for the rest. He was clearly used to serving Transcendents.

“You’ve chosen Water Daoist Faction?” That lion-man, Tan Shi widened his eyes, before slapping on his thigh, “What a pity. Truly a pity that you did not join our Water-Deity Palace.”

“Your Water-Deity Temple already didn’t have much hopes in the beginning right?” Chi Qiu Bai smiled as he was feeling quite good. “My Water Daoist Faction has never viewed you guys as our rivals.”

Tan Shi curled his lips, “Look at you, so proud right now.”

“Xue Ying.” Chi Qiu Bai called him quite familiarly, “From today onwards, we can be considered as brothers. You can just call me Brother Eternal Wind.”

“This…” Xue Ying hesitated.

This was because he understood the rules within the four great Transcendent organisations.

Legend rankers were disciples!

Sky Realm Transcendents were protectors.

Saint Realms would be considered as Elders.

Demigods would be considered as the peak. Even if they were not the head of the Transcendent organisation, they would still be a Great Elder, a Venerable Elder, a Deputy Mountain Lord, or a Deputy Overlord, and other positions of similar status.

Thus, in any ordinary circumstances, Xue Ying would still have to call him ‘Elder Chi’ or ‘Elder Eternal Wind’.

Calling him Brother Eternal Wind would be considerably arrogant on his part. After all, he was the top ranker within the Saint rankings! He had, after all, killed Demigods from the Transcendent worlds and defeated the Demigod Ghost Deity Knight ‘Feng Dong’!

“Don’t be so wishy-washy. The transcendents in the Water Daoist Faction mostly come from the five provinces in the north. As for us belonging to the same Tranquil Sun province, it is natural for us to be closer.” Chi Qiu Bai laughed, “Adding you, our Tranquil Sun province has a total of ten Transcendents! Amongst us, Old Peng and me are Saints. The rest are at the Sky Realm. I have a high expectation of you, or rather, I should say, everyone under the heavens has high expectations of you. As long as you do not slack off, stepping into the Saint Realm should not be a problem. When that time comes, our Tranquil Sun province would have three Saint rankers. And for us who hail from Tranquil Sun Province, we are like brothers under the same family, thus there’s no need to be so polite.”


Nobody would dare to say who would become one. A demigod had a lifespan of three thousand years, yet within the history of Water Daoist Faction, there had only been two! Like that Elder Lei Zhen from before, he had quite the fortune with the Stone of Oceanic World treasure in his possession, yet he failed in the end, dying before he succeeded. Similar cases were too frequent.

Only those who were like Chi Qiu Bai, who could become the top ranker within Saint rankings at such a young age, would be considered as having a huge probability of stepping through to the Realm of Demigod.

“Brother Eternal Wind.” Xue Ying still did not carelessly shout out Eternal Wind as his brother.

“You brat.” Chi Qiu Bai laughed, before casually flipping his hands. Within it appeared three wristbands. One was black, and the other two were white. “This is a Transcendent refiner communicative wristband. I shall be giving you this black one! The other two white coloured wristbands are considered as ordinary communicative wristbands. You can leave them with your family, thus allowing you to communicate with them in the future! This type of white wristband is quite cheap, with just one-half kilogrammes of Origin Stones being able to exchange for five. If you need more of these, you can purchase them yourself.”

Xue Ying’s eyes brightened up as he received them.

The white wristbands were kept for the time being. As for the black wristband, it was easily refined with his Transcendent Qi. When worn on his arm, this black wristband could even assimilate into the skin.

“Mn?” Xue Ying tried reaching out with his senses.

The insides of the black wristband was akin to a three-dimensional space.A simple number was written: Water Tranquil Sun 29

“Your number for calling is Water Tranquil Sun 29’.” Chi Qiu Bai laughed, “In the future, if you need to transmit a message, the recipient would naturally identify you with the communicative number. Every single one of the communicative numbers… represents a Transcendent!”


Xue Ying was startled suddenly.

Because he just received three messages through the communicative wristband, and what was mystical about this was that his consciousness was the medium receiving it.

As for the content of the three messages, they were as followed —

Water Tranquil Sun 16: I am Chi Qiu Bai.

Water Deity Extending Cloud 9: Brat, I am Tan Shi. This is my transmission number.

Dragon Mountain Tranquil Sun: Sir Dong Bo, I am Yi Hong.

“So interesting.” Xue Ying felt really mystified.

“Oh yes, there is still one special number called ‘Infernal Xia Clan’.”Chi Qiu Bai added, “This is the number that every single Transcendent knows. The moment you encountered some important matter or a life and death danger, you can immediately ask for help. You just have to provide your location, which can be obtained from the map function within the communicative wristband. After marking your own location on the map, you can then just transmit it to ‘Infernal Xia Clan’.”

Xue Ying nodded.

Due to all of these being depended on his thoughts to transmit, it could be shown that a Transcendent expert would have quite a powerful spirit. Thus, with just a blink of an eye, the message would be able to be sent out.

“We, the six great Transcendent organisations, have an absolute dominating combat power!” Chi Qiu Bai laughed, “Hence, the Demonic Faction and some of the other Demonic God-based organisations as well as the Sorcerer Palace, would not dare to come and assassinate you. Should they do so, just let us know and there will be some Demigod experts piercing through the void to reach you.”

“If the enemy is so powerful, then won’t he be able to kill all of us?” Xue Ying asked.

“If the user dies immediately, this owner-less communicative wristband will automatically transmit its position to ‘Infernal Xia Clan’. We will then go over and slaughter the killers.” Chi Qiu Bai said, “Thus, within the mortal world and the Infernal World, usually, we wouldn’t meet any huge dangers. Unless of course, the enemy wants to take the risk of incurring the wrath of all six great Transcendent organisations to kill you! Such reckless actions are few and far between. I’ve not heard of them before.”

Xue Ying heaved a sigh of relief.

Based on his importance and position, Chi Qiu Bai was much higher than him in both. Thus, should the Sorcerer Palace or Demonic Faction decide to assassinate him, they would first have to fight against Chi Qiu Bai.


“The communicative wristband is unable to transmit beyond the range of a world. There is naturally an effect of deterioration caused by the space between worlds.” Chi Qiu Bai reminded, “It was only after countless years of operation within the Infernal World that we finally succeeded in enabling the communication with the outer world. But if you are on one of the other Transcendent worlds, regardless of whether they are the major or minor worlds, you would be isolated from the outer world!

“The outer world has no way of reaching you. You will have no way of reaching the outer world as well.”

“Thus, entering a Transcendent world will always encompass danger. On one hand, it’s because of the hatred of aborigines from these worlds for us, and on the other hand, it’s because of the Sorcerer Palace and Demonic Faction who would utilise this chance to kill you! When that happens, and you can not communicate with the outer world, immense danger will arrive.” Chi Qiu Bai said, “Within the Transcendent world, because of avarice, some Transcendents from our six great Transcendent organisations might even backstab you! After all, with no forms of communication with the outer world, so long nobody present exposed the culprit, no one else would be the wiser.”

Chi Qiu Bai looked at Xue Ying, “It’s fortunate that for Transcendents, usually before they stepped into the Saint Realm, they would be forbidden from entering other Transcendent worlds.”

“Understood.” Xue Ying nodded.

The six great Transcendent organisations had naturally considered thoroughly over the matter of safety issues.

“When will you come to our Water Daoist Faction?” Chi Qiu Bai asked.

“I’ve just escaped from the Black-Wind Abyss, and have only united with my parents recently. For now, I would like to stay with them a little longer, for an estimated period of one month, before I leave for Water Daoist Faction,” Xue Ying replied.

“Alright. Then I’ll not stay here any longer! The map attached within the communicative wristband contains an accurate location of our Water Daoist Faction. Until then.” Chi Qiu Bai rose.

Tan Shi smiled, “Dong Bo Xue Ying, take this opportunity to cultivate properly, and enter the Saint Realm as soon as possible. That way, we can team up together for adventures within the Transcendent worlds.”

“I’ll definitely put in my best effort.” Xue Ying rose up as well to bid farewell to them.

Hu hu.

Chi Qiu Bai and Tan Shi immediately broke through the skies, disappearing from the horizons.

Yi Hong who was standing beside, serving the Transcendents smiled, “Congratulations Sir Dong Bo. Since Sir Dong Bo decided to join the Water Daoist Faction, naturally, the Azure River County will belong to the Dong Bo Clan! Since there is a lack of manpower within the Dong Bo Clan, our Dragon Mountain Manor will provide some men for your command! Should any clans within the entire Azure River County, including the Si Clan or the Zhang Clan with Legend rankers within dare defy you, we’ll kill or capture them should we need to! There are many minions belonging to that Si Clan of Azure River County, with too many of them having governmental positions, and they would most likely bring about a great impedance to the Dong Bo Clan. Right now, we’ll immediately arrange for these minions belonging to the Si Clan to be chased away! For now, our Dragon Mountain Manor will dispatch someone to control these positions. In the future, your Dong Bo Clan can succeed these positions at any time! You can see that our Dragon Mountain Manor is extremely crisp and succinct in handling orders.”

“Alright.” Xue Ying nodded. On the matters related to the mortals, the Dragon Mountain Manor did indeed handle them crisply, easily resolving any worries of the Transcendents.

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