LXY Book 4: Chapter 26


Book 4: Chapter 26 – Turmoil in Azure River County

“Then I will take my leave, Sir Dong Bo can use the communication wristband to get in touch with us anytime you need,” said Manor Lord Yi Hong.

“Sorry to trouble Manor Lord Yi Hong.” nodded Xue Ying.

“This is what our Dragon Mountain Manor should do. Regarding the Azure River County matter, I will immediately arrange it, and it will be complete within three days time. Later I will give the detailed report to Sir Dong Bo. Furthermore, we will build a branch of Dragon Mountain Manor on Snowrock Mountain, specially to cater to the Dong Bo Clan’s needs.” Manor Lord Yi Hong smiled.

“Good.”  Xue Ying was very satisfied with how Dragon Mountain Manor handled this matter.


Yi Hong immediately changed into a streak of light and flew away.



Inside the dining room in Snowrock Castle’s main building, the whole family sat down for lunch. Xue Ying really enjoyed their happy family reunion. Since long ago, he had been wishing for and struggling hard for this day to come.

“Father, mother, from now on, Azure River County will be under our clan’s control,” said Xue Ying.

“Our control? Then what about the Si Clan?” Dong Bo Lie wasn’t afraid, after all he already undergone countless life and death situations and then neatly managed the whole Snow Eagle Territory. If he really needed to take care of it, he was still capable to do so.

“Yes brother, the Si Clan is already deeply rooted in our Azure River County. Their people spread throughout every organization and every level,” reasoned Qing Shi.

Xue Ying shook his head, “Deeply rooted? In front of Transcendents, they are all are nothing! Our Azure River County didn’t have any Transcendent before, and because of this, the Si Clan could slowly expanded their influence and control over Azure River County. But now, I have become a Transcendent. According to the Water Daoist Faction’s rules, naturally the Azure River County will now fall under our Dong Bo Clan’s control.”

“This is the Water Daoist Faction’s rules! Other Transcendents are also unable to refute it,” explained Xue Ying. “ Within three days time, most of the Azure River County governmental position will be taken over by Dragon Mountain Manor. They will also establish a Dragon Mountain Manor branch at the foot of Snowrock Mountain to accept any assignments from father.”

“Wait until our family has enough manpower. After that, you can assign people to take over those positions. Dragon Mountain Manor people are merely a stopgap” Xue Ying casually said.

For Xue Ying, this mortal power was meaningless.

Transcendents had a long lifespan. In the beginning, they may have many entanglements with mortal world, but these ties would become less and less in the future. Some Transcendents even selfishly didn’t care about mortals in the slightest, and many of those chose to join the Demonic Faction!

Xue Ying did not really care about other people, but he still cared for his family. At least as long as his relatives were still alive, he would try to let them live in nice conditions.

“Haha, Dong Bo” Zong Ling on the side smiled, “At that time in the past when we went off adventuring together, did you ever expect things would turn out this way? To become the first generation of a Transcendent’s thousand year long  Marquis family?”

“How could I have imagined? I didn’t even dare dream about it!” Laughed Dong Bo Lie.

Xue Ying suddenly looked outside the room.

Hong long ~~~

World Energy swoop down, closing the big door of the dining room.

Inside the dining room, the Dong Bo couple, Qing Shi, and the others were all startled. Suspiciously, they looked at Xue Ying. Why did the door suddenly closed?

Xue Ying waved his hand, and then five big wine jars appeared beside him.

“Xue Ying, what is this?” asked Tong San curiously.

“This is a kind of Transcendent’s Spirit Liquid,” replied Xue Ying, “each wine jar is filled with more than a hundred and fifty kilograms of Transcendent’s Spirit Liquid. That amount is enough for a Transcendent’s drink for more than ten years. A mortal’s body is more feeble. With that in consideration, this amount should sustain a mortal for more than a hundred years!”

Mo Yang Yu was surprised, “Xue Ying, is it the same spiritual liquid you gave me to drink before?”

She drank it before, so she clearly knew the mystical effects of the spiritual liquid.

No matter how weak the body, the liquid could heal it. Both physical and soul injuries could be restored like before. How mystical was it?  She estimated a pot of this spiritual liquid could sell for a sky high price.

“Yes,” conformed Xue Ying.

“This, this is too valuable. Xue Ying, for us to use it too… “Mo Yang Yu want to reject it.

“I still have a lot of it,” said Xue Ying, “This liquid can help your cultivation. I also do not lack this liquid. This liquid is indeed valuable, so to avoid any inconvenience, by all means, do not tell others. Especially Qing Shi, no matter how close you become to them, you shouldn’t leak the existence of this liquid to other people! If you really want to give some to other people, just tell them this liquid was granted by me. Definitely don’t allow other people to know you possess this much!”

“Bro, relax, I’m not an idiot.” smiled Qing Shi.

Xue Ying nodded.

Spiritual liquid could greatly help a Transcendent’s cultivation, it’s effects were even more astonishing for mortals! Actually, if a Transcendent consumed these five big jars of spiritual liquid in fifty years, its worth was equivalent with seven hundred and fifty kilograms of Origin Stones! Even if his brother revealed the spiritual liquid and gave some to other people to drink a little bit, maybe that little amount itself would be valued at a maximum of around a half kilogram of Origin Stones. As long as Xue Ying’s identity as a Transcendent existed, the source of this liquid would simply be a small matter.

In a small quantities, the Stone of Oceanic World spiritual liquid was nothing.

But in large quantities, people would be surprised. The Stone of Oceanic World produced enough liquid for a Transcendent to use for a thousand years. Its value was equivalent to fifteen thousand kilograms of Origin Stones! Compared with Xue Ying’s saint-grade protective inner vest and that pile of Origin Stones…. The Stone of Oceanic World was much more valuable! It could make pseudo deities desire it. So before his death, Elder Lei Zhen laid down an array, preferring to destroy it than giving it to the beast race cheaply.

By giving the spiritual liquid to his family, Xue Ying hoped their lifespans would be extended a bit.


Snowrock Mountain was very calm, but a severe turmoil was starting in the Azure River County City.

Top administrative staff and numerous military officers within the city guard were forced out from their positions.

“What is the Dragon Mountain Manor’s meaning with this! Your actions are making our Si Clan and the Water Daoist who stand behind us your enemies!”

“City Lord Si, if you are still resisting, we are authorized to kill you.”

“You what?”

“Go back and ask your Si Clan ancestor.”

When Dragon Mountain Manor did the ‘cleaning’, the so called ‘deep-rooted’ was entirely uprooted. At the same time, when Dragon Mountain Manor performed their task, the Water Daoist Faction also transmitted an order to the Legend rankers in Azure River County, telling them, “Dong Bo Xue Ying has become a Transcendent, and joined our Water Daoist Faction. Azure River County shall be under the Dong Bo Clan’s control.”

According to the seniority, Si Liang Hong and the other Legend rankers were all Water Daoist Faction disciples. Xue Ying position as a protector was higher by a level than them.


County City’s imperial refiner workshop.

This was the largest refiner workshop in the entire Azure River County. Many mages researched here along with numerous workers. It was simply a city within a city. A great amount of the army’s formidable weapons were also produced here.

Inside one of the laboratorium.

The elegant mage, Si Chen was conducting some experiment. Kong You Yue stood by, carefully watching him.

“Do you see it, You Yue? Your previous spell model problem was this. Too trivial, the so called world nature. The more perfect the spell matrices, the more it needs nature support.” Guided Si Chen from the side, “Actually, when you’re studying spell matrices, you can see it. Usually when you feel it is not natural enough, there’s some problem in the spell. Even if you can cast it, the efficiency usually very low.”

 ”Si Chen, you’re awesome,” admired You Yue.

“Ha Ha.” Si Chen was satisfied, stroking You Yue’s head, “You try it again.”

“Mn.” You Yue immediately fetched some magic material to use and immediately tried it again.

The Si Clan was capable of putting their people in the imperial army, they could also allow Si Chen, the genius mage, to work inside the imperial refiner workshop. This kind of large workshop was abundant with various experiment materials. With Si Chen’s identity, he could conduct experiments as much as he wanted. If done with the Si Clan resources, the amount of material used would make their hearts bleed.

But using the imperial refiner workshop resources, there was no need to feel hurt or bleed. They could just use it!

With Si Chen’s help, You Yue was also able to enter the imperial refiner workshop, experimenting to her heart’s content, making her ability improved quickly. Two years ago she had already became a Heaven rank Mage.

But like before, You Yue and Si Chen’s relation was still not clear.

Using You Yue words… we are still young, so let’s research magic first!

Their relationship was always like this.

Bang. Suddenly the door opened from outside.

“We’re doing experiments here!” Si Shen furiously looked out. It was taboo to disturb an experiment.

Two old mages came inside, one of them, wearing a black robe, spoke, “Mage Si Chen, starting from today, you will be leaving the imperial refiner workshop!”

“What?” Si Chen was stunned.

“No reason,” the black robed old mage also looked at You Yue on the side, “Mage Kong You Yue, you also have to leave.”

You Yue was confused.

Her days here were so comfortable.

She could use any kind of material, and she also became familiar with many amazing great mages in Azure River County. This was the place where most mages gathered.

“Hmph, so freely using the material, who do you think you are?” sneered the other red robed great mage. “You have to leave before the sky turns dark, otherwise we will banish you with force.”


Si Chen, You Yue and the other twelve Si Clan’s mages were forced to leave the refiner workshop.

If they really had the ability and could benefit the imperial workshop, they could still stay there. But Si Chen and the others took it easy. Like Si Chen, although he was a genius, but to make refiner items, he needed experience, patience and also a long time to finish each item. Si Chen’s objective was to practice his magic, with every experiment wasting numerous materials. He had no time to waste making refiner items.

In the past, he had the Si Clan help him. But now the Dragon Mountain Manor had ordered all of them to get out of there.

“Si Chen, what’s wrong, how come this happened?” You Yue blankly asked, even Si Chen, the favourable genius from the Si Clan was also evicted, not to mention other mages from Si Clan. Perhaps the Si Clan lost their influence?

“Nothing,” Si Chen somehow felt worried.

You Yue become more anxious.

After leaving this imperial workshop, the Si Clan could continue to spend some resources for Si Chen’s sake, but her? Why would the Si Clan support her?

“The Si Clan controls everything in the Azure River County. What has happened so we were forced to be evicted?” You Yue felt nervous.

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