LXY Book 4: Chapter 28


Book 4: Chapter 28 – Departure

In front of the main building of the castle…

The Dong Bo couple gazed upon the incoming group of people.

“Brother, how do you think our parents will handle this? Will they just let the Mo Yang Clan get off easy?” Qing Shi asked his brother softly.

“Since I’ve promised to let mother and father handle this matter, we do not need to be concerned with the issue any further.” Xue Ying looked upon the scene. Suddenly, he frowned. The silver-garbed female, Mo Yang Qi, was walking at the forefront. Behind her, within the group of clan elders, was a man wearing a gray robe. He was precisely the uncle whom he had seen when he was young, Mo Yang Chen.


“Mo Yang Qi and the elders have come today to apologise with Marquis Dong Bo and his wife!” Mo Yang Qi did not hesitate to kneel.


The entire clan of elders knelt in an orderly fashion.

This very scene caused Xue Ying’s eyelid to twitch.

“Please don’t.” Mo Yang Yu’s expression changed as she rushed forward towards her brother, Mo Yang Chen, bringing him up, “Everyone please rise, please rise.”

Looking at that scene, Dong Bo Lie himself went forward similarly to help them up.

“Our Mo Yang Clan is indebted to both of you.” Mo Yang Qi did not stand up. The other elders remained in their kneeling position regardless of how Mo Yang Yu and Dong Bo Lie tried to raise them up.


A cold snort was heard.

A strand of tempestuous Transcendent Qi formed into a fan in mid-air, sweeping across Mo Yang Qi and the other elders, yet at the same time, miraculously avoiding the Dong Bo couple.

Bang~~~ Mo Yang Qi and the rest were fanned upwards, being hit by the wind. Some of them fell onto the ground, and some were struck against the wall, while those who were weaker physically vomited blood right there and then. Mo Yang Qi and the rest had a change in their expressions as they looked at the icy-cold expression of Xue Ying with terrified expressions.

“Atone for your crime? By kneeling down?” Xue Ying had a laugh of indifference, “Do you think there’s any meaning in using all these vain tactics?”

“This is the dossier!”

Mo Yang Qi’s reaction was very fast. She immediately took out a dossier, hurriedly stood up and brought it to Mo Yang Yu respectfully, “Marquess, please have a look.”

“Dossier?” Mo Yang Yu’s feelings were a mess as she looked upon Mo Yang Qi. This was the matriarch, a person of extreme status within the clan. Actually, among those who were present, Dong Bo Lie and Dong Bo Xue Ying had an extreme hatred towards the Mo Yang Clan. It was only Mo Yang Yu who had conflicting and complex feelings towards them.

She opened up the dossier and looked through meticulously.

“Hum hum, such a wonderful clan with a thousand years of history.” As Mo Yang Yu looked through, her expression became ugly, “ These people from the different branches and of different bloodlines actually fought so ruthlessly against each other. So the origin for the early death of my father was because of so many different reasons.”

“Five thousand eight hundred and sixty nine were sentenced to death. Twenty thousand others were charged with felonies.” Mo Yang Yu flipped to the last page before becoming shocked.

“What!” Dong Bo Lie did not dare believe it.

“More than five thousand people were sentenced to death, and twenty thousand others were charged with felonies?” Qing Shi were similarly startled.

Even Xue Ying himself was shocked. This was so ruthless! Within the entire Mo Yang Clan, including the protectors and servants, they would only have around a hundred thousand people. As for those who could be charged… if they were servants or protectors, they would still be considered relatively closer to the clan. Ultimately, there would still be a large portion of protectors who did not blend in too much with the clan. Excluding these groups of people, the entire clan would only have at most, fifty to sixty thousand people.

Charging thirty thousand people with felonies?

Such ruthlessness.


Actually, having strife occur within such a big clan was normal. The moment it was investigated thoroughly, many people would certainly be affected by it. This time, Mo Yang Clan did so to appease Xue Ying’s fury and to strengthen their clan from within! They took this opportunity to remove those cancerous opportunists, which was something that no past patriarchs would’ve dared to do. Under the banner of ‘appeasing the fury of a Transcendent’, they would certainly make use of it to cut away all the weeds in their clan!

Out of those 5800 people who were killed, more than 3000 of them had no relation with Mo Yang Yu, or rather, it should be said that their relationship with her was extremely superficial.

As for those who were sentenced with felony convictions… those twenty thousand were actually thugs and protector-related people. They were the underlings of those purged clan members, and were directly taken away, sentenced to penal servitude.

“Here are ten million gold notes.” Mo Yang Qi followed up by taking out a thick stack of gold notes. Every single piece had the value of an exorbitant sum of hundred thousand gold. In total, there were a hundred sheets!

“They are actually able to bring out such a sum.” Xue Ying was startled. Xiang Pang Yun only left behind a total of eight million gold pieces. Although the Si Clan might be able to bring out a little more than that, their entire family inheritance should not be too exaggerated. But Mo Yang Clan had been started by a true Transcendent in the past. As a result, they had a more stable base to build on. Yet that was a thousand years ago, and most of the inheritances should be of fixed assets instead, such as refiner workshops, territories, big castles, shops, etc.

Being able to take out ten million gold was indeed an arduous task.

Actually, the Mo Yang Clan had gotten rid of many tumors within their clan, seizing the property of these people. Most of these properties were actually mortgaged to the empire in exchange for gold. They then added up the remaining from their own clan’s coffer, before finally gathering a total of ten million! This was approximately a third of the entire Mo Yang Clan’s inheritance!

“Also, during the Clan’s Elder gathering, they agreed unanimously that Mo Yang Chen will be the new Patriarch of the clan,” Mo Yang Qi continued.

“Brother?” Mo Yang Yu fell in a daze.

The edges of Xue Ying’s lip turned upwards.

This was truly ruthless.

Letting his own uncle become the new Patriarch, or killing and sentencing thirty thousand people from their clan, or giving ten million gold. His mother and uncle were after all, siblings related by blood. Naturally, their relationship was good.


In the blink of an eye, it was time for Xue Ying to leave.

Early in the morning…

Within the martial field, Xue Ying was training his fist techniques To him, a spear was simply an extension of his fists! Xue Ying loved training in his spear techniques, though similarly, he loved training in fist techniques as well, letting the power of his entire fleshy body be united as one… this power circulated within his fleshy body, move by move, it was either receive or discharge.

“Hu.” Xue Ying stopped. He took in a deep breath.

The air around him vibrated faintly for a moment before silence replaced it.

“Xue Ying, come, drink some tea and have some snacks.” Seeing Xue Ying stop, Mo Yang Yu cried out immediately.


Xue Ying walked over with a smile. He took up the cup of tea, drinking it in one gulp before taking the snacks, eating each piece in one bite. “Mother’s homemade snacks are still the best. I haven’t been able to eat such delicious snacks since I was eight.”

“There are so many professional chefs within the castle. How could it be that the snacks they make is worse than mine?” Mo Yang Yu laughed.

“I’m not lying. There is truly no one who could make them like you do.” Xue Ying finished the big plate of snacks swiftly, leaving not even a single crumb behind.

A month passed by comfortably.

Ever since he was eight, he had been spending all his time practicing spear techniques diligently. After that, he fell into the Black-Wind Abyss and stayed there for six long years. This one month was akin to being in a dream.

“You are leaving this afternoon?” Mo Yang Yu suddenly asked.

“Mn, that’s right. I’ll be leaving this afternoon.” Xue Ying smiled, “If I delay any further, I’m afraid I’ll become a spoiled son.”

“So what if you are dandy.” Mo Yang Yu felt distressed.

“I still want to walk further down the path of Transcendents.” Xue Ying laughed as he reminisced about his past, “Since I was young, I’ve always loved reading the memoirs of these Transcendents, looking at each and every one of them. I’ve even dreamed of flying high in the skies myself, drinking wine with deities and catching some demons just to have fun with them. Now that I’ve finally stepped on this road, I’d definitely put in all my effort to walk even further. To me, this road contains so much meaning.”

If one were to say that for the sake of saving his parents, he did not dare to slack off in the last twenty years…

Then right now, he was chasing after his heart-felt dreams.

That was also another reason that he did not speak of — Looking at how the Si Clan and other clans lowered their heads, looking at how the entire Mo Yang Clan knelt down in front of him, Xue Ying swore that he would never ever allow his own clan members to reach such a state!

“Big brother Eternal Wind and the rest have great expectations for me. I’m after all, the youngest person to become a Transcendent in this thousand year period. If I do not continue on this path, I’m afraid I’ll become the greatest joke amongst the Transcendents of the entire Dragon Mountain Empire.



Having finished his lunch, Qing Shi, his parents, Zong Ling, and Tong San were all standing at the gates of the main building, bidding farewell to Xue Ying.

“There’s no need to follow me any further.”

“If any matter crops up, you can just transmit a message through the communicative wristband.” Xue Ying laughed, “That’s all. I’ll leave now.”

“Brother, I’ll definitely become a Transcendent as well!” Qing Shi suddenly shouted.

Xue Ying looked dazed.

Beside him, Zong Lin, Tong San and the Dong Bo Lie couple all laughed.

“Good ambitions.” Xue Ying laughed as well, “Qing Shi, I’ll be waiting for you then.”

“Mn.” Qing Shi nodded.


Following that, Xue Ying became enveloped in a bright flame. Having one last look at his loved ones, he smiled before rushing up into the skies, flying northwards and disappearing beyond the horizon.

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  1. hahahaha, everybodys going on and on worrying about the petty character of that kong whatshername girl, yet the true ruthelessness is this clan right on here XD. Also technically this means he is in control of two provinces (i assume the Mo clan is in control of their province with a Pseudo-Transendent if a legend rank was previous ruler of his own province with the power of time and money). Not that mortal wealth effects him, but it DOES effect the foundations of his clans future.

  2. The clans punishment is done rather incredibly, the clan will only continue to prosper after such events. Problematic people were removed from existence, petty characters were punished heavily, and a more suitable clan head has been assigned, it was indeed a very impressive cleanup by the clans elders.

  3. Honestly, Im disappointed in the way his mother/author handles the situation. Twenty years of effort and struggle and yet… When he met his parents for the first time nothing really happend. Was´nt touching which it should be and now after what, 4 lines of conversation with his parents they´ll be forgotten?

    Too much of the emotional talk and how the family cries tears of blood for the mc´s effort like in AST is way too much but here, there´s nothing…

    1. Well, IET has never been good at character development, emotional scenes, or interpersonal dialog. So, just don’t bring your hopes up whenever there’s anything like that. I do agree, though.

      1. True dat, IET´s major “downside” would be his inability to create a good emotional scene. But hopefully his future LN´s will improve on this regard.

  4. His mother is really stupid for still having even the slightest bit of compasion for her trash family excepy for her brother. So what if they are family and blood related, she should hate them even more because of that. How can her own family do such things to her husband and children. Let them kneel, why bother to beg them to stand.

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