LXY Book 4: Chapter 3


Book 4: Chapter 3 – Scars of Battle

Being holed up within a cave, one would eventually starve to death.

But since Xue Ying had already decided to search for a route to survival, that afternoon on the same day, he quietly leapt out of this cave in search for a means of living.

“Sou.” Xue Ying was very agile and flexible. With the aid of the World Energy, his actions did not emit any sounds at all.

“I should not get close to that secretive cavern palace. The defense there is too heavy, and even the weakest black-scaled soldier would be quite tough for me to handle!” Xue Ying speculated that these black-scaled soldiers were even stronger than Xiang Pang Yun. Of course, he himself had comprehended the ‘realm of myriad existences’, allowing his combat power to increase to a stage where he could easily kill Xiang Pang Yun. Yet against the black-scaled soldier… the final outcome would still be inconclusive!


Having no certainty towards handling even the weakest, it would be pointless to mention those stronger protectors.

“Sou sou sou.”

Quietly, without making sound and with his back towards that cavern palace, he moved towards other areas within the valley of this Black-Wind Abyss, gingerly searching along his way.

The valley of this Black-Wind Abyss was really spacious, spanning over five kilometers wide, with the narrowest parts being at least three kilometers.

“Everywhere is full of weed and moss. It seems like for the past ten thousand years, nobody has come here.” Xue Ying was observing the surroundings as he walked. Suddenly, he saw a huge fissure on the large piece of land in front of him. The fissure was cross shaped, with one of the sections being three to four meters wide and approximately ten to fifteen kilometers long.

The other fissure though was only one to two meters wide and three to four kilometers long, with one the ends extending all the way to the walls of the valley, tearing through an enormous crack within. This crack in the wall was close to a hundred meters wide, extending all the way upwards beyond the layer of black wind.

“These two fissures?” Xue Ying had some palpitations in his heart. After all, having comprehended the realm of myriad existences, he could feel a terrifyingly sharp and ferocious Qi emanating from the fissures.

“Split apart by weapons! These two fissures were split apart by weapons!” Xue Ying concluded right there and then.

He walked towards the fissures and peered downwards.

At a glance…

The fissure upon the mountain rocks was pitch-black, preventing him from seeing the bottom-most part, only hinting that it became broader the deeper it went.

“It came from beneath!” Xue Ying concluded based on his observations of the markings, “Such immeasurable power, splitting apart the ground from beneath all the way up to the surface of the valley and leaving behind a 15-20 kilometers long fissure.”

Having deduced this, Xue Ying’s expression changed.

My heavens!

This was actually a strike from underground, and its remnant power left behind a 15-20 kilometers fissure on the surface. How terrifying was such a power? That was to say, those towering mountains of a few thousand meters high, towards such an expert, a wave of his hand is enough to split apart the mountain into two! Even a human city would be totally annihilated in just one move!

Such combat power was too incredible. His battle against Xiang Pang Yun on the Snowrock mountain only resulted in the destruction of several huge rocks, trees and rocks on the side of the mountain despite it being such a long fight. The foundation of the Snowrock mountain remained undamaged.

This showed the gap in power.

His combat power compared to such an expert, was just like an ant compared to a gigantic dragon!

“Unless, this was the scar left behind by a battle between Transcendents?” Xue Ying considered, “No wonder, within the memoirs left behind, some powerful Transcendents could even drink with the deities, and these deities even feared them.”

Xiang Pang Yun and Xue Ying’s combat powers did not even have the qualifications for these deities to even pay attention to.

Not to mention the pseudo-Transcendents.

“A true Transcendent is this powerful?” Xue Ying did not dare believe it. His understanding of Transcendents was too shallow, with all of his knowledge based entirely on the memoirs left behind, like the descriptions written on the 《Dark Ice Spear Technique》, there was an abridged version stating some techniques required to become a Transcendent. As for what would happen after becoming a Transcendent… nothing was written down.

What would happen after becoming a Transcendent?

No idea.

Precisely due to the small amount of Transcendents existing, mortals would rarely get to meet one! Should a Transcendent actually appear in a certain area, Dragon Mountain Manor would definitely warn everyone there to act more humanely, and never ever anger a Transcendent, else their entire clan would be exterminated. Regardless of whether it was the Si Clan or the Mo Yang Clan… towards a true Transcendent, they would be jittery towards him.

“Such power should be the peak amongst all Transcendents.” Xue Ying secretly thought.


At the same moment when Xue Ying was carefully observing the fissure and experiencing the terrifyingly sharp and ferocious Qi, black fog began appearing in every five kilometer square areas within this Black-Wind Abyss valley, before rapidly forming into a black-scaled soldier.

Similarly, in the sky about three to four kilometers away from Xue Ying, black fog began forming into black-scaled soldiers.

Each adorned with a mask, these red-eyed, black-scaled soldiers swept across the whole valley.

Every single day… the entire valley must be swept through thoroughly. This was a regulation set down by the owner of that cavern palace. Despite his death a long time ago, many tens of thousands of years ago, this regulation was still kept unchanged.

“An external guest?” Every time these black-scaled soldiers appeared, there would be a layer of red glow within their eyes, causing their vision of the world to be blurry. Despite that, they still saw the distant Xue Ying standing there.


The black-scaled soldier floated towards the ground before turning into a streamer as it rushed towards Xue Ying.

As Xue Ying was observing the fissures, the World Energy was still kept in operation within surrounding with careful vigilance towards the direction of the cavern palace. Should there be any movements, he would immediately escape, just like how an alarmed bird would be with an arrow from the bow.

“Mn?” There was a twitch on Xue Ying’s ears, and he suddenly turned behind.

Behind him, a black-scaled soldier was rushing towards his location. The distance apart was less than 500 meters. But to Xue Ying and the black-scaled soldiers, a distance of 300-400 meters would be considered nothing.

“Why would a black-scaled soldier appear so suddenly?” Xue Ying was startled, “A Transcendent’s zone would definitely have some strange occurrences. But I was already extremely careful.”

At this moment, it would be too late for him to hide.

“I better kill it fast, else should the movement of the battle become too big, more black-scaled soldiers would come over time, with even stronger protectors appearing.” The Flying Snow God Spear appeared within Xue Ying’s hand as he stood his ground towards the incoming black-scaled soldier.


The long spear suddenly stabbed outwards.

Like a meteor, hu hu hu, a chain of shadows imbued with flame stabbed towards that black-scaled soldier. The black-scaled soldier wielded a black sword, dang dang dang… and rapidly parried against the attacks. This black-scaled soldier’s entire body filled with black fog that coagulated its arms. When it moved, it appeared ethereal, allowing it to block the attacks easily.

“So fast.” Xue Ying did not hesitate in changing his techniques, from speed, it became an attack of power!

Hong! The initial chain of stabs by the long spear suddenly became a sideway sweep. He fully exerted his entire strength and activated his Power Bloodline, coupled with the imbuement of powerful flames on his long spear; it moved in an arc whilst accumulating power as it moved towards the black-scaled soldier who coldly placed his sword in front of him.

A loud sound emanated.

The black-scaled soldier was bombarded until his entire body immediately trembled. Much of the fog that composed its body began dissipating, causing it to become even more blurry.

Seeing such a situation, Xue Ying immediately brought out another two attacks as the long spear continuously attacked the body of the black-scaled soldier, drawing out the fog that composed it. Finally, that soldier collapsed and turned into a fog that dissipated.


In front of the cavern palace.

Other than the numerous black-scaled soldiers, there were some stronger protectors. One of these protectors who was propped against a greatsword and wore a relatively luxuriant armour suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were glowing with a silver light.


He turned into a black-coloured streamer, flying across the skies with a frightening speed towards Xue Ying.

Even though they were 50 kilometers apart, that black-coloured streamer was simply too fast. With just a blink of an eye, he flew past five kilometers at top speed.

Xue Ying was constantly on the look-out towards that cavern palace. After eliminating that black-scaled soldier, he could naturally see a black-coloured streamer flying towards him at an extreme speed.


Among humans, only Transcendents could fly in the skies! As for the Legend rankers who depended on the World Energy, or mages who depended on their spells, their speed would be too slow, and totally incomparable with those flying beasts! As for a Transcendent, their flying speed would be something truly terrifying.

Looking at that black-coloured streamer, Xue Ying felt a bout of terror, that this incoming figure was something not just a level above him.

“No other routes of escape!” Xue Ying looked towards the huge fissure beneath his legs. He was already curious about it from his earlier inspection. That powerful Transcendent who split apart the ground from underneath and created such an enormous fissure must have left a battleground behind. Before his encounter with the black-scaled soldiers, he had already been trying to think of ways to investigate the fissure.

“No other choice!” Xue Ying wielded his Flying Snow God Spear and directly leapt downwards!

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