LXY Book 4: Chapter 4


Book 4: Chapter 4 – Refiner Organism

Within a moment…

That black-coloured streamer began descending, then landed beside the edges of the fissure. That silver-eyed armoured protector coldly looked downwards into the fissure. There did not seem to be the slightest strand of emotion shown in its eyes.

After observing for a while, it propped itself  against the greatsword, guarding the location.

After all, the master of the cavern palace had given out orders to patrol only up to this point. Should the invader not be within the boundaries, it would not chase after him.



Hu hu.

Accompanied by the sound of the wind flowing by his ears, Xue Ying rapidly fell downwards. His entire body was shrouded by flames, irradiating everything within the underground fissure.

Peng, he touched the ground.

Xue Ying looked ahead. The underground fissure seemed to extend towards the direction of that cavern palace.

“Did the battle take place within the cavern palace?” At once, Xue Ying darted in that direction. His speed was relatively fast. Along the way, he looked behind him, before sighing in relief, “Fortunately, the protector didn’t come chasing after me.”

Following the curb of the underground fissure, he darted forward.

Finally, he stopped.

Xue Ying looked ahead. In front of him, were walls that glowed a silvery-white, as if they were made of of jade. Beside the mountain rocks, these walls were exceptionally eye-catching. However, their beauty was marred by a gigantic crack that cut across them! This crack was seven to eight meters long. On top of that, Xue Ying felt the remnants of sharp, ferocious Qi, which put him on edge.

That ferocious qi had been left behind tens of thousands of years ago, and yet, Xue Ying could still detect such a level of pressure!

‘It seems that an incredible battle happened in this place many, many years ago. A powerful expert slashed out ferociously, cutting across the walls, earth and underground rocks, and leaving behind scars that ran through more than 50 kilometers until they reached aboveground. These are huge continuous fissures of 15 to 20 kilometers.’ Xue Ying nodded inwardly.

This devastation shocked him. The underground was composed of earth and rocks, yet one strike could penetrate through more than 50 kilometers? By the heavens! It was not an exaggeration to use ‘Armageddon’ to describe this!

Outside the silvery-white walls, he hesitated for a moment.

“I’ve no other choices! Going up the Black-Wind Abyss valley is a dead-end.” Xue Ying understood that within the silvery-white walled constructs in front of him, there could still be frightening dangers lurking within, or there could be surprises awaiting him, “I can only take this gamble!”

He wielded the Flying Snow God Spear in his hands…

The flames enveloped his body, while the World Energy spread outwards.

Xue Ying began to move along the walls of the fissure and into the construct.


The moment he entered, Xue Ying’s eyes brightened.

In front of him was an enormous, great palace of more than 300 meters in height, towering above all else, with a width measuring close to one kilometer! Such an enormous great palace… it was really shocking! There were broken pillars all around, either broken stumps or pieces on the ground. Most of the great palace was in ruins. Ferocious cracks littered the surface of the otherwise solid, silvery-white ground.

Far away, there was even a silvery-white wall with dozens of cracks criss-crossing it. He realized that he had arrived to this very place by following one of those cracks.

“I’m sure some terrifying, great battle took place here!” Xue Ying was startled as he carefully examined the entire palace.

Since the remnants of this great palace were spread out panoramically, a single sweep allowed one to examine the entire place.

Despite that, Xue Ying was unable to find a single door! No doors to lead him into the palace, and no doors to take him to other areas.  The entire palace was sealed. Furthermore, even though the palace was crumbling, no extraordinary debris was left behind on the surface of the palace.

“It seems that there was a survivor in that battle in the past who actually cleaned up this great palace,” Xue Ying whispered to himself. “How exactly did they enter this great palace, and how did they exit it? I doubt they entered through the crack I came through…”

“There must be something I’ve not discovered yet!”

Xue Ying was not satisfied.

He did not want to starve to death in this Black-Wind Abyss. He wanted to survive.

As he walked through the inner palace, Xue Ying carefully observed his surroundings, using the World Energy to scour through every single corner of the location. He surveyed the area slowly and meticulously.

“Omm~~~” During the time taken to boil a cup of tea, as his World Energy was used to sweep across every single corner of the great palce, a ripple suddenly appeared in one of the spaces.

“An abnormality!”

Xue Ying brightened up as he cautiously dug out a piece of silver with his hands.


The piece of silver was thrown out, becoming a streamer as it shot towards the ripple, causing that ripple to convulse and immediately collapse, revealing what was hidden beneath it.

The entire area of a full hundred square meters had suddenly changed!

Now there was a stone bed with a skeleton sitting cross-legged on it. An ice-blue energy circled around it, and it wore a silver-coloured robe.

In front of that stone bed were eight polygonal pools. Within the pools a crystal-clear liquid moved about, with a light mist which floated above it. There was even a densely-inscripted array which circled the pools,  and conjuring the surrounding World Energy to maintain itself.

Beside the pools, two golden mutated beast sculptures of at least 20 meters in height were entrenched in the ground.

One of it was of the shape of an ape with chains wrapped around it.

The other golden sculpture was a golden big Roc.

“Refiner organisms?” How good was Xue Ying’s eyesight? With just a glance, he could see that these two golden sculptures were extraordinary. “That skeleton with ice-blue energy circulating around it – despite having died who knows how long ago…  must have been a Transcendent.”.

An ordinary mortal would never have such abnormal events happening to his corpse after dying.

“As for the refiner organisms, I wonder if they can still move.” Xue Ying pondered over these thoughts. Refiner organisms required energy to operate. Without supplied energy, they would not be able to move! As for refiner organisms left behind by a Transcendent… Xue Ying was quite unsure regarding their circumstances.

Sou sou sou.

Xue Ying rapidly retreated back to the opening that he had previously come in from.

“Xiu!” Only then did he throw out a silver piece.

That silver piece became a fiery stream, flying over 500 meters of distance before hitting right on the ape-like golden sculpture. Suddenly, the ape-like golden sculpture opened its eyes without any warning. It’s eyes glowed with a golden light. It raised its huge hands at the speed of lightning and grabbed the incoming silver piece. Chi chi chi, the silver piece turned into powder, immediately, flowing down from the gaps between its huge hands.

The golden ape organism’s gaze swept across the surroundings, finding out Xue Ying, who was situated far away, at the entrance in the fissure, before roaring, “Mortal, don’t come and disturb our lord!”

“Mn?” Xue Ying’s expression brightened up, “It can speak?”

Transcendens’ refiner organisms were indeed different – they could even speak!

“I’ve thrown out a silver piece that actually awakened it before even reaching it.” Xue Ying silently thought, “It seems that once any attacks breach a certain area, the organism will wake up. But looking at the speed with which grabbed that silver piece… it did not seem overly powerful.”

That silver piece was not an appropriate hidden weapon, and he’d used it only to test out the refiner organism.

After flying for a distance of over 500 meters, the attacking momentum brought by that silver piece would be weakened and grabbing it would not be a difficult task.

“Analysing from the speed with which it grabbed the silver piece, it seems that it isn’t stronger than me by too much. As for the aura it released when it was awakened, I didn’t feel any pressure at all from it.” Xue Ying had some expectations, after all, when he saw that black, gigantic, dragon-like organism as he was falling from the Black-Wind Abyss, just a sweep of its eyes caused him to tremble and his knees to weaken.

As for the two golden refiner organisms in front of him, they could not compare with what he’d seen at all.

“Maybe this is an opportunity for me to obtain the treasures left behind by the Transcendent. And after that, I might even be able to find a way out of this place.” Xue Ying could barely contain his excitement. Since the skeleton was placed in this location, there were bound to be routes leading to the outside world from here!

“Let’s try again.” Xue Ying turned his hands over, and a short spear appeared within.

Compared to the silver piece, the short spear was at an entirely different level in power.


Xue Ying suddenly activated his Power Bloodline, with a strand of profoundness mixed with it within the flame. This profoundness within the flame allowed the power of his short spear throw to become even greater.


That short spear tore through the air, emitting a piercing sound as it covered the 500-meter distance between him and that golden ape.

“Peng!” The golden ape furiously slapped out its hands with a boom. That short spear was deflected onto the ground, and the golden ape was knocked backwards a step, its expression turning to one of alarm and fury.

“Hahaha, the gap isn’t that huge at all.” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened up with excitement.

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