LXY Book 4: Chapter 5


Book 4: Chapter 5 – Caught

Sou sou sou

How fast was Xue Ying’s speed? With just several evasive moves, he had already pressed over, but Xue Ying’s speed had also begun to slowed down.

“Mortal, obediently go away,” threatened the golden ape with a snarl.

“Refiner organisms are not real living organisms. They have to completely obey their master’s order.” Xue Ying secretly thought. Evidently, this order was a strict one, since even long after their master’s death, the two refiner organisms still obediently followed it.


Xue Ying got closer.

The golden ape still did not attack.


When Xue Ying took another step closer, entering the area that was previously shrouded with the illusionary ripple, the golden ape suddenly roared rushed forward with a large stride.

But Xue Ying immediately took a step back and the golden ape immediately stopped. It then glared at Xue Ying.

“A perimeter?” Xue Ying smiled and looked at the area that just now shrouded what had been the ripple, “Did your master order you to attack anyone who entered the perimeter? I’m outside the perimeter, so you can’t attack me?”

The golden ape howled, “Mortal, so what if you know? Just obediently go away!”

Xue Ying’s mood was quite good. He thought only after several tests would he figure out what kind of order the Transcendent had given before his death, but he never guessed he’d even find the limits of the attack boundary on the first try.

“So just take it.” In a flash, the Flying God Snow spear in Xue Ying’s hand suddenly scuttled into the perimeter area, becoming a blaze that flew towards the golden ape. A surrounding blaze permeated the air and completely enveloped the golden ape. Although the Universe Flame had a formidable suppressing power, to the golden ape, a Transcendent-rank refiner organism, that power meant nothing.

“Die, Mortal!” While ignoring the threat caused by Xue Ying’s spear, the golden ape slapped down with its large palm.


The spear stabbed into the golden ape’s knee but only left a white dot. As a refiner organism, its body material was incomparably sturdy. Even if Xue Ying were ten times stronger, he would still find it difficult to damage such a refiner organism’s body.

Peng…  a big slap came down and Xue Ying instantly dodged.

‘A Transcendent-rank refiner organism’s body defense is too strong,’ Xue Ying inwardly thought. ‘I’m unable to pierce its defenses even when using my maximum force. Fortunately, its flexibility is worse than mine.’

Fighting for only a moment, Xue Ying and the golden ape already recognized each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Peng peng peng!!! Heavy sounds reverberated around the golden ape and Xue Ying, who was bathed in flames like a demon. Xue Ying continuously dodged while his spear swept and whipped about. With all his power, all of his attacks targeted the ape’s joints like knees and ankles. Given the refiner organism’s fighting flexibility, these joints should have had complicated structures which made them quite vulnerable against attacks.

Attacked at the joints, the golden ape occasionally stumbled, but it didn’t receive any injuries and was still able to continuously slap the spear.

“Monkey, you can’t even handle a mortal? Looks like it is better for me to do it.” The golden bird sculpture next to the golden ape suddenly opened its eyes and glared at the ape with its golden eyes.

“You simply have to watch,” The golden ape said unhappily. He grabbed the chains that wrapped around his body. With a ‘huahua’ sound, he abruptly waved the chains, using them like a whip.


Xue Ying was surprised. The chains, with a whistling sound, came fast like a mirage. Xue Ying’s spear instantly tried to pierce a chain’s link, but instead, the chains coiled around the spear.

“He can also use chains. In his hand, those chains are quite powerful. Fortunately, he’s just using simple moves, otherwise I’d be unable to fight the organism.” Xue Ying’s expression slightly changed, and he became more vigilant. By using the chains, the ape’s attack area became wider. The chains gave Xue Ying a difficult time in having to dodge it. Although his opponent’s strength was not that powerful, it was still a step higher than Xue Ying’s power.

With its stronger power, invincible defense, and a strange chain technique, in a short moment, the golden ape made Xue Ying quite exhausted.

But Xue Ying could still endure the battle, thanks to his agility.

“A mortal can actually fight for this long!” The golden bird swiftly dove down like a phantom. Xue Ying was alarmed, ‘so fast!’

Its wings whistled by, sharp as a blade.

Xue Ying hastily used his spear to defend against this winged attack.


With a loud noise, Xue Ying was thrown backwards. At the same time, a bizarre and unpredictable line of chains whipped over with intention of binding Xue Ying.

“Clang” Xue Ying jumped and thrust his spear while in mid-air, causing the chains to change direction.

After landing, he immediately retreated three steps back, taking him out of the organisms attack perimeter.

Xue Ying looked at the distant golden ape and bird with an uneasy feeling. ‘Strength wise, the golden ape’s strength was above me. Its only weakness was its flexibility. Fighting with him was very straining for me. Meanwhile, that golden bird’s speed far exceeds mine. With both of them joining hands, it is impossible to defeat them.’

He could only be trampled on when both of them cooperated.

“Ha ha ha, mortal! I admit you have some strength, but it’s still not sufficient to defeat us. Your spear can only give me scratches and itches,” laughed the golden ape.

“Humph,” the golden bird didn’t bother with words.

‘No need to rush, I have enough time.’ Xue Ying was very calm. ‘My body can still become stronger. My Qi is also still improving. Wait until my body reaches its limit. Perhaps then my strength will also make a huge advancement. When that time come, I will try fighting again with these two Transcendent-rank refiner organisms.’


Water Rites Town

At the same time, while Xue Ying and the two refiner organisms fought, Ji Rong returned to her home in Water Rites Town. Early in the morning, she had already been banished from Snowrock Mountain.

“Rong’er, why have you already come back?” asked Ji Wu Hai as he and his wife stood at their daughter’s side.

“That Dong Bo Xue Ying should just die!”

Ji Rong’s face was gloomy and there was an ominous glint in her eyes.

It had been a long time since she’d been this unfortunate! To be looked down upon and to be bullied, she really wanted to get revenge! When she was at Snowrock Mountain, she was praised, second only to Kong You Yue, the little beauty.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying?” Said Ji Wu Hai suspiciously, “What’s wrong? You already found out the Dong Bo Clan’s secret?

“No,” said Ji Rong coldly, “It’s not important how rich the Dong Bo clan is, the important one is… that Dong Bo Xue Ying. He’s an extremely powerful Legend ranker! Yesterday night, he and Xiang Pang Yun fought at Black Wind Cliff and perished together.”

“Perished together with Xiang Pang Yun?” Ji Wu Hai and his wife, both of them were greatly startled.


Although both of them also had some strength, Xiang Pang Yun was the most powerful personage in the entire Azure River County. How old was Dong Bo Xue Ying? He could matched equally with Xiang Pang Yun?

“He ‘s a Legend ranker? We have to immediately report it to the Guardian,” uttered Ji Wu Hai.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying is already dead. He definitely gave Qing Shi many precious inheritances.” Ji Rong seemed furious and unreluctant. “Formerly, I wanted to continue staying beside Qing Shi, so it would be easier to get my hands on the treasures. But, never did I expect, before he fell down into the Black Wind Abyss, that Dong Bo Xue Ying would suddenly demand to have me banished from Snowrock Mountain. All to prevent me and Qing Shi from being together.

“So many treasures, if offered to the Guardian, how much merit would our family receive… the great god also will give us more.” Ji Rong was unwilling and furious.

“It was a major event. Quickly report to the Guardian.” Ji Wu Hai continued, “As soon as possible!”

At the same time, at the street outside of Ji Clan Mansion.

A dense crowd of soldiers arrived, led by Dragon Mountain Manor’ Manor Lord, Lord Si An.

“My Lord, I have been watching Ji Rong. She just got back to the mansion,” a scout reported.

Lord Si An nodded slightly, “Dong Bo Xue Ying was a genius that could even startle Transcendents. We have to do this neatly. This Ji Clan was suspected of being Demon God believers. Although it is not yet definite, this suspicion is enough to detain them. We need to catch them all first, to prevent this Ji clan from notifying the Demon God’s subordinates and creating more trouble.”

“My lord is wise,” praised You Tu by his side.

Early on, they already had sent people to watch, so they could catch them as soon as Ji Rong returned to her home.

“Get in, catch all these Ji Clan members, including their servants. No one is to be left! Some of the servants may also Demon God’s believers,” ordered Lord Si An.



Numerous soldiers quickly surrounded the mansion. Two gate guards of Ji Clan’s mansion gate were frightened, and they didn’t dare resist. Some soldiers directly attacked, one kicked open the door. A big crowd of soldiers rushed into the Ji Clan’s mansion.

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