LXY Book 5: Chapter 13


Book 5: Chapter 13 – Revealing His Techniques!

The battleground was a few kilometers in diameter, with undulating mountains and flowing streams of rivers – painting quite a beautiful scenery.


A relatively huge figure descended from the skies and entered the battleground with a ‘bang’, smashing into a mountain with enormous impact force. Yet that impact did not damage the mountain at all. Actually, Transcendent mages had refined the ‘mountains’ in the battleground. What appeared to be an actual mountain was, in reality, arranged scenery. As such, the tenacity of the scenery was, at the very least, something which no Sky Realm Transcendents could ever damage.

“Mn?” Xue Ying looked at that enormous figure. The mortals who were viewing from the western end of the platform all cheered in excitement.


This huge figure was a lizard-based Refiner Organism. Crimson in color, it stood about fifteen meters tall with a pair of golden eyes that stared right at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying’s face curved into a smile.

Actually, the opponents he would be facing in this Transcendent Battle of Life and Death had long before been arranged.

According to the rules, one would have three consecutive matches during the Life and Death Battle before an hour of rest to restore Qi and stamina. After that, he would have another bout of three continuous matches, before once again resting for an hour… and this would continue on and on, until the challenger lost a battle! That would then mark an end!

Many new Transcendents would usually lose in the first round of three matches, especially most mages due to their weakness in one-on-one battles. As for mages who were able to win three battles, most would be considered quite powerful.

Following this arranged plan, the first and second matches would pit the challenger against  Transcendent Refiner Organisms! Only during the third match onwards would one be pitted against a native of a Transcendent World! The further one proceeded, the more unique and powerful their opponents would get!

“Roar~~~” The big crimson lizard immediately strode forward, its pace heavy enough to create tremors.

Xue Ying gestured, causing a black-colored spear to appear within them.

He casually shook the spear a few times. Even though it did not have any power amplification arrays, his energy could still be transmitted through the body of the spear relatively smoothly.


In a blink of an eye, the big crimson lizard reached Xue Ying, preempting the battle with a stomp with its huge hoof claws. This single stomp caused many of the mortals located in the west viewing platform to palpitate with anxiety as they dared not breathe. But Xue Ying easily evaded the attack with a single movement. Following that, his figure continued flashing here and there as he evaded the attacks of this big crimson lizard.

Seeing as how he could evade the attacks continuously without blocking once, he could definitely attack the lizard easily.

‘My first opponent is really weak. I reckon that most Transcendent knights would win easily.’ Xue Ying did not have much experience in battling against other Transcendents. As a result, he would certainly utilize every single opportunity to learn and experience with  these battles against other Transcendents.


Xue Ying finally decided to retaliate.


The spear abruptly erupted out in an enormous arc. Streams of water could be seen revolving around the spear. That big crimson lizard hurriedly used its hoof claws to defend against the attack. Chi~ At the moment when the spearhead touched the hoof claws, the strange rotating force embedded in the attack allowed the spear to easily bypass the lizard’s defense before reaching the lizard’s abdomen.

After that, Xue Ying exerted his power with a swipe upwards


The force of the upwards swipe caused the entire big crimson lizard  to lift off the ground. At that moment, when it was in mid-air, as it anxiously tried to right itself, Xue Ying followed up with a sudden whiplash attack!

This caused the big crimson lizard to be defenseless in mid-air. The spear turned into a blurry shadow as it explosively whipped against the lizard’s body, smacking it away at high speed, before eventually smashing the lizard into a rocky mountain over tens of meters away. An enormous boom was heard. As the lizard rolled downwards, dropping to the side, it began stumbling about, revealing a helpless expression of defeat.

Dong! A deep beat of a drum sounded in the entire Hall of Life and Death.

Unseen power enveloped the battleground, enfolding the big crimson lizard before bringing it out of the location.

The countless mortals viewing from outside buzzed in excitement as they discussed the battle amongst themselves. Clearly, Xue Ying was just holding back in the beginning. When he decided to strike, he smacked his opponent away with a single move. A black-clothed young man being able to smack such a big lizard to more than ten meters away… was something shocking after seeing it visually.

‘End of the first match.’ Xue Ying was calm, ‘This Transcendent Refiner Organism has a similar strength to me, yet its comprehension of martial techniques is too poor.’

His own fleshy body was only at the middle stage of Sky Realm.

That big lizard should have a strength approximately at the level of mid stage Sky Realm as well! Yet judging on its fighting techniques, it could not even compare with Xiang Pang  Yun. Today, Xue Ying’s fighting techniques were a multitude times higher than what he was in the past, and it was at a level that could tyrannically oppress Xiang Pang Yun. Naturally, against this level of a Transcendent Refiner Organism, his current strength was now something he could easily use to defeat such an opponent.

After merely ten breaths of time…

Hu. A figure descended once again, landing on the highest peak of the mountain in the battleground. This time, it was a scorpion Transcendent Refiner Organism. It had a low body and long scorpion tail. The scorpion was black with sharp claws on its limbs. There were even spikes on the joints of its foot limbs, showing that weapons protruded from  different parts of its body.

This match was obviously going to be much harder than the previous one.

‘This is my second opponent. Many Transcendent mages and weaker Transcendent knights were defeated in this round of battle.’ Xue Ying walked barefoot towards the big black scorpion, step by step.

Not all of those who had become Transcendents had comprehended the Realm of Myriad Existences.

Some were fortunate enough to step into Transcendence after merely comprehending the Realm of being One with the World! Many such Transcendents would thus be several times weaker and would be defeated in this second match.

Hua hua hua~~~ The gurgling streams of water were akin to ribbons wrapping around the mountains.

Xue Ying stepped onto the water barefoot. Even without using the World Energy or his Qi, he could still step onto the surface of water without sinking, as if it was flat land.

Every step he took was filled with an aesthetic feeling of nature! There was an unseen rhythm hidden within his movements!

That was how he walked towards the big black scorpion ahead of him. The scorpion though was deeply entrenched at its current location, observing its opponent carefully, as it awaited the right moment to strike against Xue Ying.


Amidst the crowds of mortals, Yu Jing Qiu watched that black-clothed, barefoot Xue Ying inside the huge battleground as he walked, step by step, on the surface of the water towards the big black scorpion.

Somehow, she felt that he was very handsome!

That aesthetic feeling of nature quickened her heartbeat as she avidly watched the encounter.

“Somehow, I can feel that he is extremely formidable.”

“Why are we feeling his extraordinariness even as he is just walking?”

“What do you even know? This is because the comprehension he had of the Profound Mysteries of the Myriad Existences were embedded in his footsteps. Such comprehension could not only be found in his spear techniques, but even his normal movements could operate the Profound Mystery of the World. Casually raising his hand or making a simple movement could have a frightening force hidden within.” A Legend ranker explained, enlightening others who did not know.

At the very least, these Legend rankers could barely see the Profound Mysteries in Xue Ying’s movement. As for those weaker mortals, they were here to enjoy the atmosphere. Such Transcendent battles were indubitably beautiful and amazing to them.


As Xue Ying walked towards the peak of that mountain in the battleground, the entrenched big black scorpion felt that Xue Ying was close enough and finally struck.


As fast as lightning, the big black scorpion’s steady tail strangely and unpredictably stabbed towards Xue Ying.

Chi. Xue Ying easily parried the attack with the black spear in his hand, with the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences weaving around the haft. All along, Xue Ying had been using the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences, as it was more suitable for defense. Regardless of how weak his opponent was, it would be better for him to be prudent.

Chi chi chi. The big black scorpion attacked wildly.

Using its tail, limbs, and spikes, the scorpion tried to overwhelm his opponent with furious attacks.

Xue Ying, though, constantly defended. Faint streams of water were seen revolving around the spear. Despite the overwhelming attacks, the scorpion could not even reach closer than two meters from Xue Ying.

‘Fighting techniques are ordinary. Its specialties are the composition of its fleshy body. Several Transcendent knights who merely comprehended One with the World would indeed be defeated easily. Transcendent mages do not specialise in close combat, and don’t use any unique equipment. They can only utilise the simplest of staffs and would be easily defeated as well.’ Xue Ying concluded his analysis from his observations. The spear, that had been initially used to defend,…

Suddenly spun outwards.

The defensive rotation turned into a furious stab – filled with unpredictability and speed. This unpredictable stab by Xue Ying had a rotating force that was constantly twisted in arcs that made it hard to even block against from afar, much less to say, from those who were close to him.

The big black scorpion did not have the time to block against the attack. It was stabbed on its foot, limbs, and several joints on its body. Peng, it flew to the side.

“So fast, so unpredictable.” Some Transcendents on the eastern viewing platform were amazed. Indeed, when the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences was applied on the spear, it became unpredictable. Even though the Transcendent Refiner Organism could rely on its own body to barely resist against a straightforward attack, using such techniques, filled with unpredictability, would even cause them, and to a certain extent, a true Transcendent knight, to suffer losses. Thus, Refiner Organisms would have an even harder time to withstand such attacks. Xue Ying easily stabbed its vital points, causing it to fly and tumble to the side by more than ten meters, before it finally rolled to a stop.

Accompanying that spectacle was a drumbeat, dong.

That big scorpion flew upwards before being brought out of the battleground by an unseen force.

‘The third match is going to start soon.’ Xue Ying understood the danger caused by the battles from now on, ‘Natives from Transcendent Worlds will be appearing from now on! Only after killing them will I win the battle! At the same time, these natives from Transcendent Worlds will be trying to kill me as well!’

What was a Battle of Life and Death?

From the third match onwards, this conflict would finally entail the essence of Life and Death!

Opponents from both sides would gamble on their lives!

But of course, sometimes, at the most crucial moments when the challenger from the humankind was going to die, Demigods, given the task to protect, would react. In most cases, the challenger could be saved. But those who were more unfortunate would only have a single outcome in the end – death.


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