LXY Book 5: Chapter 14


Book 5: Chapter 14 – Native Transcendent

Within the western spectator area, countless mortals watched with great expectation. They were there… especially looking forward to the showdown between a human Transcendent and Transcendent world natives!

“This Dong Bo Xue Ying is really skilful with his spear techniques. He has a watertight defense using the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences. I think he should be able to win the third match.”

“That is not certain! native Transcendents have different innate talents. Who knows? Xue Ying might meet one who can restrain him.”

“Yes, it really boils down on his luck.”


The Transcendents were discussing as they watched the battle with a diabolical vision, analysing things as they went.


Being watched by many hundreds of thousands of mortals and by the majority of human Transcendent experts, Xue Ying stood at the peak of a small mountain in the battleground and calmly sensied any possible movements. To him, he did not care about others as this Transcendent Battle of Life and Death was a rare opportunity for him to gain experience.


A human figure descended from the sky and landed on the battleground.

The moment the figure reached the ground, an unseen killing intent spread outwards.

“Mn?” Xue Ying mildly frowned as he stared at his opponent about five hundred meters away. This native Transcendent figure was over three meters tall, and relatively thin! He wore loose, white clothing with two swords on his back. His skin was green, and his eyes were fiery red. His hair was similarly fiery red, standing straight out of his head.

“A native Transcendent!” Xue Ying did not dare be careless.

What was a native Transcendent?

They were actually lifeforms that were naturally born in Major or Minor Transcendent Worlds.

Just like those Primordial Beings who were born from the earliest period in the beginning of a material world and emerging from the World, all such beings had incredible powers and techniques. The peak most such lifeforms had powers that could rival a Deity!

The Material World was too close to perfection whereas the Transcendent worlds had simple natural laws. Therefore, lifeforms being formed from the World were weaker, with the strongest of any native lifeform coming from a Big Transcendent world being only able to reach the power of a Demigod! As for Minor Transcendent worlds, the natives emerging from them could only reach Saint realm.

Thus, to summarise this with a single sentence — native Transcendents were similar to the weaker versions of Primordial Beings!

They had many innate techniques that could not be looked down upon.

“Human!” The green-skinned native Transcendent stared at Xue Ying from the distance. His fiery red eyes were faintly filled with sparks. With an upturned mouth, he mocked, “The strongest existences amongst your kind captured me, tormented me, and now, they still want to use me to hone your skills… Yet sometimes, expectation and reality can be very different. You will die in my hands, and I’ll be rewarded with freedom!”

“I feel that it’s not me, but you who will die! And you can die a worthy death, being the very first native Transcendent to die under my, Dong Bo Xue Ying’s, hand!” Xue Ying stood on the peak of a mountain with a spear in his hand. He was calm beyond measure.

“Is that so?” The green-skinned native Transcendent sneered. He unsheathed the two swords at his back.

Wearing loose, white clothing, holding onto one sword in each of his hands…

He was similarly barefoot! The differences were that his legs were green in color and big.

“Sou!” He moved suddenly. Having a  slight sparkle of electricity surrounding his body, his entire self was akin to a thunderbolt – flying in a the shape of a ‘Z’, he flashed towards Xue Ying. There was originally five hundred meters separating the two, yet in the blink of an eye, he reached Xue Ying. Upon arriving, he slashed right at Xue Ying with his  two swords, trailing an electrically charged path with his swing.

‘So fast.’ Xue Ying was surprised. Moving the spear in his hand, he shrouded his front with a looping motion.


The green-skinned native Transcendent’s electro-figure twisted slightly. Immediately, his entire body flashed towards the sides of Xue Ying. He slashed out with both his swords once again.

With a spin of his spear, Xue Ying immediately rotated towards the side, enshrouding a large area with his defense! The streams of water revolved around the spear… doing their utmost in defending against the onslaught.


Shua shua shua… That green-skinned, three-plus-meter tall, native Transcendent appeared to mortals as more than ten images. He surrounded Xue Ying, slashing at him madly! Xue Ying, though, just stood at his original position, defending against the onslaught with just a spear.

In just the time of a single breath, the native Transcendent suddenly retreated back two hundred meters in a flash.

The countless mortals held their own breaths. It was too fast for them. They could only see an afterimages of a flickering assailant. But in actual fact, these mortals did not know that… the native Transcendent and Xue Ying had not even once clash with their weapons, at all, from the start to finish!

‘So fast.’ Xue Ying made use of this moment for a respite. At the same time, he was speechless, ‘This native Transcendent’s comprehension of the Realm is very ordinary. His sword techniques are quite rough as well! My spear techniques are much more mysterious than his by an unknown times more. But, his speed is too fast. Judging by the electricity surrounding his body as he moves, I reckon that his innate talent should be lightning-related, with his specialty being speed. With this kind of speed, the moment he initiated his attacks, I cannot even touch him!’

Regardless of whether it was explosive speed or direction-changing speed, his speed was still twice that of Xue Ying’s! With twice as much speed… it was something more exaggerated than having twice as much strength since the opponent would be able to control and take the initiative of the battle.

And what notion did this bring?

That native Transcendent could use his ‘rough around the edges’ sword techniques to attack Xue Ying all by himself!

“Your defense is quite formidable.” The distant, green-skinned, native Transcendent sneered, “My weapons did not clash against yours from the start to the finish, allowing you to defend yourself to such perfection. But what if they clash?”

Xue Ying’s expression changed.

The moment they clashed, his spear would certainly be affected aversely.

“Haha, don’t you feel despair? Just die submerged in despair!”

The body of that green-skinned, native Transcendent had some faint electricity revolving around it. His speed became even more frightening. Once again, he flashed towards Xue Ying, slashing out with his two swords at an insane speed.


Their weapons clashed for the first time.

Xue Ying tried his utmost to defend against the attack. The streams of water revolved around his weapon. Also like water, the snow-white light of each sword came again and again at top speed! It was clearly seen that defending against the attacks was taxing on Xue Ying. Along the clashes of ‘dang dang dang’, he began feeling even more fatigue as he strenuously defended with his spear, bringing with each clash  greater expectations for that native Transcendent.

“The moment has arrived!” At that juncture when their weapons clashed, the spear in Xue Ying’s hand became like a python turning itself over.

The native Transcendent felt his swords being stuck to that spear when he slashed out against it. The feeling was like a strange, rotating force leading his swords, and the spear becoming like a dragon exiting from its cave, stabbing outwards explosively.

Based on the speed of the native Transcendent’s  physique, Xue Ying could not compare with him. With regards to the movement of his weapon, however, he was much faster!

“No.” The native Transcendent tried his best to dodge the attack.

“Pu!” That spear pierced through the native Transcendent’s shoulder, forming a bloody hole. Following that action, this native Transcendent retreated ferociously backwards, avoiding a second attack by Xue Ying.

“You actually escaped with your life.” Xue Ying slightly shook his head.

“You are doing this on purpose in trying to act weak!” The distant native Transcendent growled. Based on his strange and unpredictable spear techniques, how would it be possible for Xue Ying to be suppressed by him? It was entirely on purpose in trying to act weak, allowing him to attack with indulgence. At the same time, when the opportunity arrives, Xue Ying will be like a poisonous snake, assaulting suddenly.

“Your speed is truly very fast and prevented me from striking at your vital points.” Xue Ying stared at the shoulder of that native Transcendent from afar – that shoulder hole slowly recovered by itself. Deep green colour blood flowed slowly downwards.

“You only have this trick?” Xue Ying looked at him.

The green-skinned, native Transcendent had a cold expression. He was aware that with the strangeness and unpredictability of his opponent’s spear technique, winning would be too difficult.

“Relying on your innate talent of having a frightening speed, it’s such a pity that your sword techniques are too rough around the edges and incomparable to even ordinary Legend rankers.” Xue Ying shook his head. This native Transcendent’s comprehension of the realms was truly too low. His sword techniques were too crude, and he had not comprehended One with the World, much less to say, the Realm of Myriad Existences. It was a waste of time and effort for him to let his opponent attacked with his frightening speed in vain. But through this, he could see the the extent of the threat brought by this native Transcendent!

Should this native Transcendent’s comprehension of the Realms reach a greater level, he would assuredly become extremely terrifying!

“Since you do not have any powerful techniques, then this battle will come to an end.” As Xue Ying finished his statement, hong long long ~~~ the surrounding seven to eight hundred meters in diameter of area were filled with turbulent waves of water! Actually, the entire battleground was merely one-and-a-half to two kilometers in diameter. At this moment, the enormous surging water maelstrom… completely covered most of the battleground.



The countless mortals widened their eyes as they saw this sight.

The gigantic battleground soon turned into a huge water maelstrom. Standing at the eye of the maelstrom was that black-robed young man. He looked just like a Deity amidst the water! The maelstrom was extremely violent, with a strange undercurrent hidden within, as the swirls constantly rotated. That green-skinned, native Transcendent had a huge change in his expression as he stood within it. That was because he could feel the undulating changes and unpredictability of power in the maelstrom.

“Do you think you can still escape from this?” Xue Ying moved so fast that he left an apparition behind as he went killing over.

“Escape, escape.” The green-skinned, native Transcendent tried his best to escape, yet the surging waves of the water maelstrom were too hard to withstand against. If it was just merely some oppressive force, he would not care. However, these sort of undercurrent changes made him unable to bear the attack.

Actually, merely using pure strength to suddenly change the suppressive direction would still cause this native Transcendent who did not have Power Perfectly United as One to suffer!

Much less to say Xue Ying’s integration of the Profound Mysteries of the Water and Fire of Myriad Existences. Within the softness was hidden some sort of explosive fierceness, and within the fierceness was hidden the vigor of softness! The undercurrent in this water maelstrom was constantly changing, making even those human Transcendents with higher comprehensions of the Realms to be at a disadvantage.

As he tried running, he would stumble every now and then, with his speed being only thirty to forty percent his usual. But what was more important was that even his ‘accuracy’ was entirely affected! Every step he took, he would either appear further away, much closer than his intended distance, or that he would suddenly be at an unexpected angle toward his destination.

“No!” The green-skinned, native Transcendent turned his head, looking backwards with his fiery red eyes wide and rounded. He was filled with unwillingness as he tried in defending with his swords.


The spear was like a dragon as it stabbed into the place above his eyebrows before it was removed in an instant! There was a finger-shaped hole above the native’s eyebrows, though his brains were already turned into a paste.

Native Transcendents were generally extremely powerful. Usually, only after they were beheaded, their hearts were pierced, or their brains were penetrated would they die. As for those who were ‘undying’, they would be extremely terrifying.


The countless mortals looked upon the surging waves of water in the huge battleground. The black-robed young man stood on the waves, and beside him, the corpse of the approximately three meters tall, green-skinned, native Transcendent rose and fell.

The battleground arena was filled with silence for a moment. Then, the crowd erupted in excited cheers!

Yu Jing Qiu was full of excitement as she, too, applauded.

“End of the first round of matches. After resting for an hour, the second round will begin!” A loud voice resounded in the entire Hall of Life and Death.

The endless waves of water dissipated.

Xue Ying headed towards an opened door in the corner of the battleground to take his rest for an hour in preparation for the second round of matches.


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