LXY Book 5: Chapter 15


Book 5: Chapter 15 – A Familiar Opponent.

Hong long long~~~ The gates of the Hall of Life and Death opened slowly. Due to the one hour break, the hall gates would naturally be opened for everyone to walk around during that time before attendees went  back to their seats  for the next round of battles.

The many mortals felt their blood boiling with excitement after watching the battles.

As for those people located in the eastern viewing platform, they were either in groups of two’s or three’s, or they might be in groups of eight to ten. These Transcendents were just chatting with one another calmly. To them, they were here to watch the bustling crowds, and at the same time, take this opportunity to meet up with their old friends.

Winning three matches?


How did that even matter? It was too ordinary. If a mage could win three rounds, it might be worth getting excited about as mages would be at a disadvantage when they fought one-on-one battles while not using their own Transcendent treasures! However, a Transcendent knight would fundamentally be good at fighting such battles. As long as they could comprehend the Realm of Myriad Existences, and that they had a wealth of fighting experience, it would be a joke it they could not win at least three matches! And winning this first round of battles was considered as merely ordinary!

Only after winning four to five battles would he be considered as relatively powerful.

And winning six battles would mean that he was someone amazing!

Just like the Vice Faction Head Chao Qing and Chi Qiu Bai… they won six battles in the past, and were considered as amazing warriors already! Winning six battles under the conditions of solely depending on his own comprehension of the Realms and battle experience, while not  awakening his primordial bloodline… was something worthy of admiration!

As for winning seven, eight or nine battles… those were usually existences who had already awakened their primordial bloodlines’ unique talents!

Just like the recent ten thousand years, ‘Dan Qing Yan’ had awoken her primordial bloodline that was a unique talent relating to blood. Under the combustion of her own blood, she could raise her own power, speed and other attributes explosively, reaching a state where her body became undying! That year, based upon her own comprehension of the Realms and fighting experiences, she won six matches. After those initial six wins, she engaged  her innate talent to increase her combat power explosively. With a body that was close to that of undying… she won the seventh, eighth, and ninth match!

Speaking of the person who set the historical record of winning the most battles, ‘Purgatory Knight’ Jie Li. His Primordial Bloodline innate talent was something even more mysterious. Even as a mortal, he could manipulate high temperature flames! After becoming a Transcendent, integrating both Profound Mysteries of the Myriad Existences and his Qi, the flame he could innately control became an extremely frightening flame that was termed by Transcendents as the ‘Purgatory Flame’. That was why Jie Li was also named as the ‘Purgatory Knight’.

This temperature of the Purgatory Flame was so high that it could burn ordinary Sky Realm peak stage experts to death!

The Purgatory Flames burned a fleshly body with such an intense pain.  Even withstanding it temporarily, how painful would it be? Furthermore, the Purgatory Flame had an an extreme suppressive force that could prevent his opponent from exerting more than half his usual combat power! With his own amazing comprehension of the Realms, borrowing his innate talent, he finally set down the incredible record of winning eleven battles. Up to the present time, nobody from the Xia Clan was able to  match such a record.

Thus, in other words—

Those who could achieve great results in this ‘Transcendent Battle of Life and Death’, other than having great battle experience, one must also have a great innate talent from his primordial bloodline. Xue Ying’s innate talent was merely just doubling his power… and amongst the many possible innate talents, it was just a humble talent.


Thus, right now, when Xue Ying won three matches, the Transcendents were more or less feeling calm, and were chatting casually as it was something quite ordinary.


Within a garden  in the Hall of Life and Death…

Xue Ying was carrying a flat-bottom flagon containing the spiritual liquid from the Stone of Oceanic World. He was sitting in the garden and looking at the plants and flowers around him. Due to the current season – winter – the garden only had a few white flowers and grasses with relatively strong life force surviving.

“Gu gu.” He casually drank a mouthful of spiritual liquid from the Stone of Oceanic World. This spiritual liquid had a nourishing effect to his body’s Qi and spirit. Thus, it made him comfortable after drinking it.

‘The first round of three battles were not very difficult. It was only that native Transcendent who had quite a unique innate talent.’ Xue Ying praised, ‘His speed was actually double mine!’

Given a choice of doubling one’s strength or one’s speed…

Almost all of the Transcendents would choose to double one’s speed.

‘My primordial bloodline innate talent is actually something very ordinary.’ Xue Ying had a self-deprecating smile. Regardless of whether it was the Dragon Mountain Manor Head Lord Zhu Yi Hong or the other Transcendents like Chi Qiu Bai, after knowing that Xue Ying’s innate talent brought by his primordial bloodline was just a power outbreak, they did highly value such a capability.

“However, when I was weak, this primordial bloodline actually gave me a great help. I’m afraid that if I did not have this primordial bloodline, I would have died to Xiang Pang Yun’s hand.” Xue Ying did not care much about how ordinary his primordial bloodline was. After all, after transcending… the further one gets, the more important his comprehension of the Realms becomes. Other matters would have a lower priority.

As he was drinking the spiritual liquid from the Stone of Oceanic World, Xue Ying became more focused.

He thought back to the three previous battles, analysing his own execution of each entire battle and learning something from it.

‘The second round of battles will be very difficult.’

‘According to the rules of Infernal Palace, the fourth battle will be an Qi avatar The fifth match should be a lower ranking native Transcendent! As for the sixth battle, it should be with a middle rank native Transcendent.’ Xue Ying thought to himself.

A Qi avatar was only something a Saint Realm expert could create. Through this, the Saint expert could form a human with merely his ‘Transcendent Qi’ which he could transform freely! Furthermore, as a Saint Realm expert, his soul would be even more formidable to an extent that he could even place part of his soul onto the ‘Qi avatar’. This way, the Qi avatar could move independently and exert a relatively strong combat power. Usually when one was adventuring, the Saint expert would use his ‘Qi avatar’ to explore the unexplored lands.

When such a Saint expert met a great danger, he would lose part of his soul when his Qi avatar died! However, at the very most, the Saint expert would lose some of his vitality which could be recovered eventually. If he were to bash onwards recklessly with his true self… he might lose his life easily!

How powerful the Qi avatar was would be determined by the amount of ‘Transcendent Qi’ and how much soul was imparted into it.


The lower ranked, the middle ranked and the upper ranked native Transcendent were categories given by humans to the Transcendent world natives.

These native Transcendents were similar to a weaker version of Primordial Beings, and would thus have some strange innate talents.

According to the innate talents’ uniqueness and threat, the humans would categorise them into a lower, middle, and upper rank.

Actually, such categories were gleaned from how the Abyss Devils were categories! The Abyss Devils would be categorized as lower, middle and upper ranking… based on their threat. These Abyss Devils had a threat much more frightening than the native Transcendents. After all, they were frightening existences that came from the dark abyss.

Of course—

Like the native Transcendent which Xue Ying exchanged moves with previously, that expert of similar level with double the speed would merely be categorised as a ,’lower rank native Transcendent’.

A ‘middle rank native Transcendent’ was extremely frightening.

As for ‘upper rank native Transcendents’, they were rarely seen. Even the Xia Clan would have a tough time in capturing an upper rank native Transcendent. And after being captured, Demigod Transcendent mages would experiment on these native Transcendents., As such experiments would make them unable to battle, there was almost no chance of them being brought to the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death. After all, investigating the ‘bloodline and fleshy body’ was something many Transcendent mages would do! Just like the mortal ‘Si Liang Hong’ from the Azure River County, she was someone who specialised in understanding the bloodline and fleshy body.


An hour passed in the blink of an eye.

The gate of the Hall of Life and Death was once again closed. The many mortals had long returned to the hall, waiting expectantly for the later matches. These matches promised to  be even more remarkable, with the opponents becoming more and more unique!

Within the battleground…

Xue Ying stood by himself as he awaited his opponent to arrive.

“Dong!” the drum beat was just like thunder as it resounded across the entire Hall of Life and Death. Everyone quieted down.


A streamer slowly descended upon a mountain rock. This was actually a white-robed, relatively handsome man. He carried a divine sword on his back. His entire body faintly glowed, showing that he was not a body of flesh, but was an avatar of Qi!

Xue Ying looked upon this white-robed man with consternation, “Elder Gong Liang!”

Even though the white-robed man was made up of Qi, he could recognise him with a glimpse that it was in fact, Elder Gong Liang Yuan, the person who led him into the Infernal World!

“Ah ah.” The white-robed, handsome man rubbed his nose, before giving a helpless smile, “I have no other choices. Your opponent in this fourth battle is me.”


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