LXY Book 5: Chapter 18


Book 5: Chapter 18 – The Sixth Match of the Battle of Life and Death 

The waves of water were turbulent.

The huge native was like a rock, unmoving. Furthermore, he was close to five meters tall. How big would his body be? Xue Ying’s height did not even reach this native Transcendent’s thigh. The huge native once again casually bashed at Xue Ying with his shield, like an oncoming rushing wall. Casually swinging his axe… Xue Ying  found himself hardpressed  to evade the attack. If instead of being large, this huge native was smaller but more agile, Xue Ying might have a better chance of overcoming him.

But this native Transcendent suppressed Xue Ying with his straightforward techniques, enjoying his advantage to his heart’s content by utilising his huge body and strength.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying is in a dire situation. I’m afraid he is going to be defeated in this fifth match.”


“Hmph. Relying on the unpredictability of his Water of Myriad Existences to defend against this giant’s upright suppression is something totally useless! He has no further hope for this battle!”

“I’ve heard that he has an awakened Primordial Bloodline. Maybe after activating it, he might turn the tables around.”

“The few of you should not belittle others. Who knows? Dong Bo Xue Ying might break through in the spur of the moment! That year, Chi Qiu Bai actually broke through during his fifth match in a life and death situation, allowing him to attain the second level of the Realm of Myriad Existences before winning the sixth match.”

At the eastern viewing platform, some of these Transcendents were sitting ramrod straight, totally focused on the match.

“Xue Ying.”

“Little brother Xue Ying.”

Chi Qiu Bai and the other Tranquil Sun Province’s Transcendents were filled with anxiety. From what they saw, without activating his Power Bloodline, Xue Ying would have a hard time winning this battle!

“What a pity that Xue Ying is still too young, and his comprehension of the Realms is lacking quite a bit,” Peng Shan commented.


Xue Ying was, instead, not anxious at all. He fought in an exceptionally happy mood.

His spear whipped around, at times soft and unpredictable, while at other times, fierce and explosive! As for Xue Ying’s opponent, out of ten strikes, six or seven of the attacks were extremely aggressive, with most of them meeting force with force.

Hong~ Hong~

‘A straightforward suppression seems to have no inherent flaws. But he is way too ferocious! The best fighting techniques would have both Yin and Yang, both soft and hard!’ That year, Xue Ying had comprehended the Fire of Myriad Existences first, before realising that something was wrong. He realised the meaning behind firmness and flexibility before comprehending the Water of Myriad Existences.

Whenever he pondered about the World…

He understood that everything had two sides – both Yin and Yang. Purely attacking with hardness and suppressing with an upright method might have good results, but if he could not win the match within the short period of time, there might be chances for his opponent to retaliate!

‘He has tenacity.’

‘But I have both hardness and softness, thus granting me hope of winning the battle. He might seem to have no flaws… Then I’ll create some during the battle!’ Xue Ying was different from the usual Transcendents. Transcendent knights could be classified under two categories – those who had many life and death battles right from the beginning and those who preferred to experiment and ponder. The first type used their battle experience to comprehend and constantly refine their techniques during these battles,  allowing for greater comprehension of the Realms. Such Transcendents included Chi Qiu Bai. He loved battles, and every battle he fought made him even stronger, before finally, he had condensed the ‘True Meaning of Void Cleavage’.

As for the other Transcendents, they did not participate in many life and death battles. Instead, they would spend long periods of time building a solid foundation before continuing to refine themselves and finally, reaching a higher comprehension of the Realms!

Xue Ying belonged to this latter group of Transcendents.

After becoming a Transcendent, he did not have many of these intense battles! He only participated in the battles within the half-month period at Mountain Range of Desolation, the battle with the Demonic Emissary, and with Xiang Pang Yun – these three battles that were the most intense.

Thereafter, within the valley of the Black-Wind Abyss, inside the underground great hall, the six years were spent by himself in trying to cultivate through self-comprehension. At the most, he would fight and learn with the two Transcendent Refiner Organisms. Other than that, there were no battles of life and death.


He had inherited the strong points from his mother – Xue Ying loved thinking, investigating and summarising.

It was the same during battles. While fighting with the huge native, Xue Ying did not feel anxious. Instead, during the short exchange, he immediately understood the weak and strong points of his opponent before planning out the battle according to his own strong points.

Hong hong hong~

The clashes from both sides were extremely ferocious and explosive.

Under the operation of spear techniques using the Profound Mystery of the Fire of Myriad Existences, even though it was weaker by a level, the huge native was still affected by the vibration. His arms became numb, and his body staggered. Under the constant clashes, Xue Ying was keen to uncover any flaws in the giant’s techniques with the goal of killing this huge native. But apparently, the native was indeed a Shield Grandmaster and would never give Xue Ying an easy chance to attack.

But defenses could be broken down after enough time passed as long as the right measures were utilised against such a defense. As long as one was patient, the chance would definitely arrive!

Hong! Following Xue Ying’s horizontal strike against the shield, under the huge impact, the spearhead of the spear in Xue Ying’s hand vibrated to the extent that he had to retreat backwards.

But Xue Ying had already devised a counter-measure. The spear rotated 180 degrees, with the tail of the spear becoming the head, and the spearhead at the end.


The spear in his hand instantaneously stabbed outwards!

Using the tail of the spear to stab!

This spear tail had also rotated as it formed an arc, bringing with it a frighteningly powerful and unpredictable power as well as allowing streams of water to revolve around it.

“Ah.” The huge native was careless. After all, it was rare for someone to stab out using the tail of the spear. Even though it was not sharp, this stab… was similar to the stabbing principle of staff techniques – a terrifying power.

The shield did not have the time to block the attack. It was only through the use of that great axe, with a desperate sweep, that the native Transcendent could hurriedly parry the attack.


The tail of the spear clashed against the axe head.

The tail was sleek, and did not have any sharpness. Furthermore, with an unpredictable rotating power in play, where even the naked eyes could not the movement arc, and with just merely a touch and a rotate, the spear bypassed the axe.


The rod hit the head!

The sleek end of the spear pointed right at the huge native’s throat. With an unpredictable penetrative power, it instantly ran through. Hong~ That thick spear tail was still rotating when it penetrated through, forcefully milling out a circular wound in the throat! After all, the neck of that huge man was thick, and if the wound was too small, he would not die.

“Kill!” The huge native’s throat was run through with the spear until a huge wound could be seen. His eyes were still wide as he intended to continue attacking with his shield.

Xue Ying immediately retreated backwards.

Sou sou sou.

He increased the distance between them.

That huge aborigine stood with his eyes wide opened, before he covered his neck with one of his hands. But ultimately, it was futile. The hole was too big, and the huge lifeforce his body had was not enough to  save him.

He stood there for two breaths of time, before finally falling down!


At that moment, some of the Transcendents who were watching stood up. They were all watching in amazement as that huge native’s body  fell.

He won?

Xue Ying’s method of winning was shocking to many of the Transcendents!

“This Dong Bo Xue Ying integrates both water and fire in his spear techniques during close combat, instilling both firmness and flexibility in it! When he is defending with softness, there are hardly any flaws. At the same time, when he is attacking fiercely, it is extremely ferocious. Furthermore, the transition from a hard spear technique to a soft spear technique… is very natural.”

“That huge native originally had no flaws, but because he transitioned from hardness to hardness, flaws were eventually engineered.”

“So formidable.”

Many of the Transcendents praised Xue Ying.

Transcendents who walked down the two extremes might be very powerful, but their weaknesses would be extremely obvious!

For those like Xue Ying, focusing on both offensive and defensive, both firmness and flexibility… were people who are extremely tough! But in reality, Transcendents who chose to walk down this path were rare. That was because, Transcendents had a limited amount of energy. By walking down a single extreme path… they could easily raise their combat power! Even though Xue Ying’s style of technique was perfect in almost all areas, too much energy would be needed.


Dong! Following that, the drum beat reverberated in the Hall of Life and Death. Countless mortals were exhilarated, with many Transcendents standing up as well. Those who did not stand were still watching the battles thoroughly. It was only people like the Cloud City’s Lord Bu, the number one assassin Old granny Shen Ye, and some others who were able to casually watch the matches at ease.

The sixth match was about to start.

The sixth match was the battle where Chi Qiu Bai won only after attaining the second level of his comprehension in Realms of Myriad Existences.

“The sixth match.” Xue Ying took a deep breath. This was a crucial match would be much more difficult than the previous few matches.


A figure descended from the skies.

It was a green-haired, two meter tall man. He had a sturdy body, with an expression that looked like it was carved from stone. His hair was quite luxuriant. Even as he was standing, he gave out an inexplicable breath.


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