LXY Book 5: Chapter 21


Book 5: Chapter 21 – A Big Surprise Instead!

“End of the second round of matches. After an hour break, we’ll continue with the third round!” A loud voice reverberated throughout the entire Hall of Life and Death. Hidden in that voice was a slight hint of delight as the majority of new Transcendents would not even have the qualifications to start a battle among the third round of matches. Even as the emissary in charge of the Infernal Palace’s matters, such words were rarely spoken.

“Hong long long~~~” The gates of the Hall of Life and Death were once again, opened.

Countless mortals and even Transcendents were still excitedly talking about Xue Ying. After all, any single Transcendent who could kill his way through to the third round of battles was someone worthy of admiration.

As for Xue Ying, he went through an opened side-door in one of the corners of the battleground.



Within a pavilion in the gardens.

Xue Ying stood around thoughtfully while absorbing the Origin Stone in his hand to replenish the energy used previously. Still, the previous battle did not consume too much of his energy reserve. With the outbreak of his Power Bloodline, he had instantly eliminated his opponent. As for the injuries on his body that had been incurred, more than half of them had long been recovered! Within the time taken to brew a cup of tea, Xue Ying had absorbed the ‘Primitive World Energy’ within the Origin Stone, reaching an optimal condition in both his state of mind and physique!

With a flip of his hand, Xue Ying took out his spear and started training.

‘The spear techniques I’m currently using are still too weak in power. At the time of attack, the explosive power isn’t clean enough.’ Xue Ying stood where he was, and with a turn of his wrist, the spear traversed through an arc before stabbing out! Flames accompanied the stab, bringing out quite a frightening explosive power with it. The waves of air produced from the after-effects smashed into the distant walls in the garden, though no damage could be seen.

‘I need to make the explosive attack even cleaner! Executing it sloppily will only lessen the explosive power.’ Previously in the battle, Xue Ying had sudden inspirations that led to the discovery of a multitude of problems in his spear techniques. Even after the battle ended, he was still thinking about how to refine his spear technique.



As the spear was stabbed outwards, some occasional slight changes could be seen.

Xue Ying was pondering and finding the right move that would be suited to his theory. Drifting flames surrounded him as he extended his senses to feel the endless Profound Mysteries hidden behind the World Flame. He searched for an answer.

Half an hour later.

“This time, I’ll succeed.” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened as he, once again, stabbed out with his spear.

The spear was just like a flaming meteor, thrusting out explosively at a speed akin to lightning. Traces of flames were left behind in the air from his attack.

Clean stab!

Even though it was seemingly ordinary and with an even weaker momentum as compared to his previous attack, the current power was much more focused. This change allowed the attacking power to become even more fearsome!

‘I was too foolish in blindly chasing after the explosive power of flames previously. In reality, completely condensing the explosive power into a single point would have an even greater power.’ An expression of joy broke out on Xue Ying’s face as he stabbed out with his spear once again, pu pu pu… Vestiges of the spear were seen. The resounding echo from the attack became softer. Instead, traces of flames from the meteor-like attack were seen staying in the air for a long period of time.

Having condensed the explosive attack completely to a single point, its power became even greater.


With a single thought, Xue Ying controlled the power of World Flame in the surroundings. Clearly, his control of the World Flame had increased greatly. Countless Flame started gathering before condensing into one that burned hotter! There was a great increase in the suppressive power of this current flame!

‘Realm of Myriad Existences second level!’ Xue Ying laughed, ‘I’ve finally reached the second level of the Realm of Myriad Existences in my understanding of the Profound Mystery of Fire!’

Having a breakthrough in comprehension of the Realms, there would be a qualitative change in his control of the World Energy!

When he was at the underground Great Hall for six years, the comprehension of Profound Mystery of Fire had increased greatly! Half a year after becoming a Transcendent, his understanding became even deeper. With the accumulation of even more understanding during this life and death battles, Xue Ying finally saw the light and stepped into the second level of the Profound Mystery of Fire.

‘Who would have thought I would have a breakthrough now. Usually, the others would breakthrough instantly after enlightenment, yet it was only after an hour of rest did my understanding of Realm breakthrough.’ Xue Ying was spontaneously laughing as he shook his head silently, ‘I have reached the second level of understanding in the Realms of Myriad Existences for Profound Mystery of Fire, but the third round of matches is going to begin now, leaving no time for the Profound Mystery of Water. It’d be better if I try perfecting my ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack.’

The Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack was in fact, Xue Ying’s first killing technique after transcension.

Fusing both the Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire led to the creation of such a frightening technique.

Xue Ying kept it a secret. The power of such a move was too great. He would rather first use his own Power Bloodline before that! Only when his understanding of the Profound Mysteries behind ‘Water and Fire’ increased would the ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack’ technique became even more formidable.

‘Right now, the Profound Mystery of Water is weaker than the Profound Mystery of Fire. This might lead to some problems with ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack’. Xue Ying immediately displayed his move.


Just like a Flood Dragon coming out of water, the power rotational power of the spear gathered at the spearhead. Extreme Yin becomes extreme Yang. That attack suddenly became a Fire Dragon! This time, the Fire Dragon was even fiercer than previously, with its power being more focused. Arm-thick waves of air became even clearer as they shot straight towards the distant walls, forming ripples on it.

‘The explosiveness is even cleaner and focused, allowing its power to greatly increase.’ Xue Ying smiled. He did not expect that he could execute the Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack the first time he tried after improving.

‘It seems that this time, I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, am going to scare the daylights out of everyone.’ He felt extreme elation.

Following the original plan, Xue Ying would refine himself in these life and death battles. When he was suppressed to an extremity, his power would definitely shoot upwards! And if he could not win after an increase in strength, he would utilise his killing technique ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack’! Following his previous estimation, just by using the killing technique… he should be able to win the eight match easily, with the ninth match being inconclusive!

Right now, with an increase in his comprehension of the Realms, achieving the second level of Profound Mystery of Fire, the Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack would become even more powerful! As such, he was quite confident of winning the ninth match, and even the tenth!

‘Winning nine matches?’ Xue Ying was amazed at himself, ‘I bet the record in the past ten thousand years was someone winning nine matches.’

His own primordial bloodline was very ordinary and yet, he could still win nine matches! How dazzling would that be?

And if he could win the tenth match, that was something extremely shocking!

‘This is the first time I’m revealing myself in front of all of the human Transcendents!’ Xue Ying silently thought, ‘I must do my best! Use my full strength to show them who I am!’

The more devilish intelligent and genius he was, the higher the Infernal Palace would regard him. According to his own understanding of the history of the Xia Clan… humankind had always met dangers from different areas. Thus, if he was talented enough, he should be able to have greater care and cultivation! Furthermore, whoever wanted to set a bounty on him with the Bloodshed Tavern would have to pay an even more hefty sum!

In conclusion, the more talented he displayed himself as, the more benefits he would get.

‘Mn, secure nine and rush to the tenth!’

‘I’m really looking forward to it.’

Xue Ying had always been calm throughout the battle of Life and Death. However, he had a loathsome interest at the same time – he looked forward… to the situation where all Transcendents would became dumbfounded at his prowess.


Soon, Xue Ying entered the battleground once again.

He was extremely calm as he stood in the battleground. Looking upwards at the eastern viewing platform, he saw Chi Qiu Bai, Peng Shan and the other Transcendents from Tranquil Sun Province. They were all good friends of his, and were smiling at him. Some of them even raised up their fists.

‘I’ll give all of you a big surprise.’ Xue Ying extended his control of the World Energy throughout the entire battleground. Ever since achieving the second level of the Realm of Myriad Existences, his confidence had greatly soared!


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