LXY Book 5: Chapter 23


Book 5: Chapter 23 – True Meaning of Water and Fire?

The Golden Magic Peacock moved erratically. The front edge of her wings was as sharp as a blade. Her pair of hook-like enormous claws were just like a machete. With the speed of the Profound Mystery of the Water of Myriad Existences being too slow, it had no use in this battle! Thus, Xue Ying decided to just simply use the spear technique with the recently comprehended second level Profound Mystery of Fire, allowing his spear techniques to be fiercer and more aggressive.

Hong! Hong! Hong!…

At times, the spear hacked downwards. At times, it was whipped outwards. And at times, it was stabbed outwards.

Fast as lightning, as he was fought in close quarters with the Golden Magic Peacock, feathers could be seen flying around when Xue Ying stabbed at the wings of the peacock, injuring her.


But these sorts of injuries were not noteworthy to the Golden Magic Peacock. She continued with her close-distance attacks, using her wings and claws… to the extent that she was more focused on killing the human in front of her than caring about such small injuries.

‘I’ve actually used the spear technique with Profound Mystery of the Fire of Myriad Existences and released my Power Bloodline. Yet the full strength of my stab could only barely penetrate through the feathers and give her some light injuries?’ Xue Ying was dumbfounded and helpless. He finally understood the difficulty of the eighth match. No wonder, Chi Qiu Bai who had no primordial bloodline was defeated in the seventh match and could not even start the eighth match.

Hong hong hong~

The roaring sound from both sides attacking could be heard. Two lines of injuries appeared on Xue Ying’s body as he was cut by his opponent’s razor sharp wings. He had not expected that the golden light from the peacock could even leave her body! Fortunately, her attacking power was too weak. After penetrating through Xue Ying’s Transcendent Qi protective covering, the attack only left behind a shallow cut on his powerful body.

Xue Ying had two lines of injuries whereas the Golden Magic Peacock had tens of injuries. Despite this, she grew braver. Such small injuries were not worth mentioning considering how large her body was.

‘I just need to hit once! As long as he is hit by my wings or my claws, his entire body will be slashed apart.’ The Golden Magic Peacock desired victory as she wanted to regain her freedom!


The battle was particularly intense.

Regardless of whether they were  mortals or Transcendents, all watched the battle closely. A Transcendent who could reach the eighth match was too rarely seen!

‘I cannot let this continue on any further.’ Xue Ying’s expression changed, ‘I’ve already consumed half of my stamina! And I still have to prepare for the ninth match.’

According to the rules, the ninth match would immediately follow the eighth.

Furthermore, releasing his Power Bloodline consumed an even greater amount of stamina every second. Even though his physical strength improved tremendously after transcending, he could still not use it for too long. After all, he needed to retain some strength for the next match!

Even though such a fierce battle was a great opportunity for him to refine his spear technique, the next opponent he would be facing was a rumoured Abyss Demon! Xue Ying desired to experience a battle with it.

Hua! Two enormous claws, each more than a meter long, came once again. The attack was as fast as a phantom and enchanting as  a ghost.


The spear in Xue Ying’s hands moved.

The spear rotated through a frightening arc, an arc that surpassed every single technique he displayed previously! At the same time, an intense stream of water was generated. It revolved around the body of the spear, swirling and gathering right at the center – the tip of the spearhead! The moment the spear stabbed out was just like a Flood Dragon coming out of water, with streams of water revolving around it!

At the same time, the revolving power instantly changed from extreme Yin to extreme Yang.

And the Flood Dragon coming out of water, became a Fire Dragon!


At the juncture when a claw clashed against that spear, the peacock could feel the extreme strangeness behind the rotational force in allowing it to draw the claw away. The spear  continued on its movement, bringing with it a huge power as it stabbed into the abdomen of that Golden Magic Peacock. The tough feathers on her body could not stop the spear from penetrating through, leading the spear to stab a entire meter into her body.

Xue Ying’s killing technique — Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack!


The Transcendent Qi contained within the spear exploded from within the Golden Magic Peacock. Following that, Xue Ying immediately pulled his spear out and retreated backwards in case the peacock suddenly counter-attacked.

Pulling out the spear and retreating.

The Golden Magic Peacock instead staggered as fresh blood poured out from her abdomen. Her blood-coloured eyes filled with a look of  madness and disbelief, “You, you… how could you. Die, die for me!”

She was injured heavily. Knowing that as time passed, her injuries would worsen, she knew that she had to kill off this human immediately. This time, the injuries she incurred were too heavy! It was fortunate that as a Transcendent beast, her physical body and lifeforce were strong.

Hu, she came rushing forward in madness.

Yet Xue Ying floated backwards in retreat. He would occasionally block an attack or two coming his way. Having delayed for two breaths of time, the injuries of that Golden Magic Peacock worsened, causing her combat power to drop sharply. Xue Ying did not use his ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack’ again. Instead, before the peacock could even stop her injuries from worsening, he fiercely hacked down on her head.

Peng– With fewer feathers to protect it, the head was a vulnerable point in the peacock’s defense. Under the power of the heavy blow, her brain immediately transformed into paste. Fresh blood could even be seen coming from her nose and ears. The peacock immediately fell down on the ground; her wings could be seen drooping down on each side with no other movement.

Death of the Golden Magic Peacock!

Victory on the eighth match!



At the point of time when Xue Ying displayed his killing technique, the ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack’ which heavily injured the Golden Magic Peacock, most of the Demigods in the eastern viewing platform were full of shock.

Even the number one assassin under the heavens, the cold old granny Shen Ye, or City Lord Bu who was on another level… everyone was shocked as they saw what Xue Ying did.

“Did you see that spear just now?” City Lord Bu had watched carefully.

“I saw it.” Faction Head Si Kong Yang’s eyes were full of delight.

“It’s actually a move containing the fusion of Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire.” Mountain Lord He continued, “Not only is it a fusion, it’s also a fusion that’s perfectly utilized! Formidable, so formidable. Such a young age… and he can already fuse the Profound Mysteries behind both Water and Fire and even use them in the battle. I dare say that this youngster will definitely comprehend his ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’ in the future!”

“He is indeed very formidable.” City Lord Bu had an expression that seemed bitter sweet. She looked at Si Kong Yang, “Such a pity that you, Si Kong Yang, got him.”

“Hahaha…” Si Kong Yang’s laughter was clear and bright.

True Meaning of Water and Fire.

That was an extremely powerful True Meaning. Even though it was not on the level of ‘True Meaning of Void Cleavage’, it could still be ranked amongst the top few! Wanting to comprehend the ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’, would require one to comprehend both Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire. The hardest part was fusing both Profound Mysteries together as one!

Regardless of the different Profound Mysteries, the fusion of the Profound Mysteries was actually the hardest part. And the first step taken towards fusing the Profound Mysteries was the most important! Xue Ying could actually take his first step at such a young age. He still had a long lifespan ahead, showing clearly that it was almost a certainty that he would comprehend the ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’ with such early high level comprehension.

“Who knows, maybe the True Meaning of Water and Fire might not be his final limits. He might even be able to comprehend the legendary True Meaning of Yin Yang!” Mountain Lord He laughed.

“Don’t think so far ahead. It would be great even if he comprehended the True Meaning of Water and Fire.” Si Kong Yang rebutted.

True Meaning of Yin Yang?

That was a legendary True Meaning at a level even higher than the ‘True Meaning of Void Cleavage’. Such a True Meaning… was something that nobody had seen ever since the start of the Xia Clan! As to the reason why they knew of its existence, it was actually passed down from the Deity World, in one of the memoirs, stating the existence of such a powerful heaven-shaking True Meaning.

Profound Mystery of Water and Fire was just like the Profound Mystery of Hard and Soft, and the Profound Mystery of extreme Yang, or the Profound Mystery of extreme Yin… all of them had a chance of growing into becoming the ‘True Meaning of Yin and Yang’. But ultimately, it was merely the existence of a chance. Nobody had ever succeeded within the Xia Clan.

Thus, Si Kong Yang and Mountain Lord He would say that if Xue Ying comprehended the ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’, they would feel satisfied.

“Oh yes, this Dong Bo Xue Ying had just won the eighth battle. The ninth battle is going to start soon?” City Lord Bu lifted her eyebrows. The corner of her mouth had the vestiges of a smile. Indeed, she was someone worthy of becoming a ‘beauty who would topple the world’. Her smile was so beautiful that it was soul-stirring, “Saying that, Mountain Lord He, Si Kong Yang, I think none of us have ever seen the ninth match before, right?”

Mountain Lord He and Si Kong Yang were dumbfounded.

The Transcendent Battle of Life and Death ninth match?

Indeed, they had not seen it before. After all, winning the eighth match was something extremely difficult. Xue Ying not only had his primordial bloodline, he also comprehended the second level of the Realm of Myriad Existences, and even fused both Profound Mysteries behind Water and Fire, turning them into the ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack’, before finally taking down the eighth match!

“The previous ninth match occurred about 2000 years ago. Only old granny Ye and the rest have seen that battle before.” Mountain Lord He laughed, “Indeed, we have not seen it before today. Who would have expected that this time, we could actually see it!”


A drumbeat sounded.

“Ladies and gentlemen. The ninth match’s opponent is a demon from the Abyss. Due to the lack of preparation, the Infernal Palace would need half an hour to prepare. There will be a break during this period of time! In half an hour, the ninth match will begin! Adding on to that, this is the first time we are having a ninth match in 2300 years. Everyone should thank Dong Bo Xue Ying in allowing us to see a living Abyss Demon!” The voice of that emissary from the Infernal Palace was filled with excitement.


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