LXY Book 5: Chapter 29


Book 5: Chapter 29 – Decision from the Elder’s Gathering

Transcendents were coming one by one to chat with Xue Ying. They were not hoping for anything more than that, at the very least, Xue Ying would recognise them as a familiar face in the future!

And Xue Ying himself did not have any signs of arrogance. He would respond with a smile adorning his face and interact with these Transcendents! Respect was earned. If he were to respect the others, the others would naturally reciprocate the feelings. Furthermore, Xue Ying originally did not have a cold disposition. Even when he was treating the Manor Lord Si An from the Dragon Mountain Manor in Water Rites Town, Xue Ying did not show any arrogance due to his great combat power.

“Xue Ying, you’ve become famous overnight because of this series of battle. You are really amazing  to win nine matches within the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death. Let’s go go go and celebrate the occasion today.” Chi Qiu Bai had a pleasing expression and a fondness  towards Xue Ying. His comprehension of the Realms was high, and thus, he understood that from Xue Ying’s move – ‘Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack’, Xue Ying would really have the certainty of comprehending the ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’.

Since there appeared to be another formidable brother emerging from his Tranquil Sun Province, Chi Qiu Bai was elated.


“Yes, but this time when we are celebrating, it should be little brother Xue Ying who shall treat us. After all, little brother Xue Ying has gotten a windfall, with other 2500 kilograms of Origin Stones. I’m so jealous.” Devil Blade Peng Shan said.

“Twenty five hundred kilograms! I’ve cultivated for close to five hundred years and I’ve never even obtained more than 500 kilograms of Origin Stones ever!”

“You only won four matches that year. How could that even compare with little brother Xue Ying?”

“I don’t hope for much. The day I could own at least 500 kilograms of Origin Stones will be the day I’m satisfied.”

“Little sister Ling Shu, why aren’t you speaking?”

“This Ling Shu sister actually gambled and won a few hundred kilograms of Origin Stones!”

Wu Kui, Dong Yu, Ba Ming, and Zong Tu spoke. They were currently Sky realm Transcendents. Wanting to attain 1000 contribution points at their level was really tough. Thus, to Xue Ying’s windfall of over 5000 contribution points, they felt really envious. But Xue Ying had achieved this through his own combat power. Thus, the others could only be envious and admire  him!

“Treating others is a small matter. Let’s go.” Xue Ying’s attitude towards this was carefree. He obtained the news from the transmission wristband from Infernal Palace that he had obtained 5110 contribution points after winning the nine matches.

The group of Transcendents immediately took up to the skies.

Just like the other Transcendents, they flew directly out of the Hall of Life and Death. The countless mortals could only walk out of the place in an orderly manner.

And amidst the crowd of people at the gates of the Hall of Life and Death, there was a group of Legend ranking mages. Yu Jing Qiu was one of those within this group.

“Look, that’s Dong Bo Xue Ying.” Immediately, the Legend rankers discovered Xue Ying who was flying in the skies amidst the group of Transcendents.

Yu Jing Qiu hurriedly looked up.

She saw the black-robed Xue Ying who was currently chatting and laughing with Chi Qiu Bai, Cheng Ling Shu and the rest while flying in the skies.

‘I’m just one person in the crowd while he is flying high up in the skies. We belong to two different worlds. I’m afraid that he hasn’t seen me yet.’ Yu Jing Qiu was feeling uncomfortable deep in her heart.

‘But I’ll definitely become a Transcendent.’ Yu Jing Qiu’s eyes brightened up as fighting spirit surged up in her.

She became a Legend ranker at such a young age. Furthermore, she was a mage! Usually, mages could only depend on investigation and understanding the natural world before they had the ability to become a Legend ranker. Thus, she was similarly being regarded highly upon with an almost certainty of becoming a Transcendent! As a result, many Legend rankers would cluster around her and hold to her. She was extraordinary and beautiful at that. Hence, there were many Legend rankers chasing after her.

‘Dong Bo Xue Ying, wait until the day when I breakthrough into being a Transcendent. By then, I’ll be standing in front of you once again.’ Yu Jing Qiu smiled. She had some affection towards Xue Ying. But due to the fact that their interaction previously was short, Yu Jing Qiu’s state of mind was still focused on the investigation of magic arrays.


The same day.

Xue Ying and the other Transcendents booked the entire third floor of a certain restaurant. They were enjoying themselves with food and drinks! Those who were relatively closer with Chi Qiu Bai came rushing over – for instance, the ‘Leftmound Knight’ Tan Shi. Close to a total of twenty Transcendents were currently having a gathering. As the lifespans of Transcendents were long, they were currently having a big celebration and it was very natural for it to last for three to five days.

The dancers were dancing to the tune. The musicians had even switched a few times. Maidservants were refilling the wine for these Transcendents. Many precious delicacies were being brought out. A plate of these delicacies could even cost up to that of a Refiner weapon!

Based on entertainment and enjoyment, as the Xia Clan was the gathering place for Transcendents, there would absolutely be the best forms of entertainment provided here, as long as you were willing to pay the cost.

Xue Ying had already stayed at the Xia Capital for half a year. Thus, he knew most of the prices. Such an extravagant celebration would cost more than 10 million gold pieces! And this was comparable to about 10 or so contribution points! To Xue Ying who had just made a windfall of over 5000 contribution points, how could that be considered as much?


As the night falls.

While Xue Ying and the group of Transcendents were celebrating, within the Infernal Palace, in an ‘Elder’s hall’.

There was a huge round stone table.

Surrounding the stone table were enormous stone chairs! Each of these stone chairs were emitting some strange fluctuations similar to that of the stone table. Any ordinary Saint experts would feel suppressed and hard to breath should they come close to that emission.


On the stone chairs, there were extraordinary existences seated on them, including Mountain Lord He, Faction Head Si Kong Yang, City Lord Bu. Chao Qing was amongst them, though old granny Ye was not around.

One had to be a Demigod before they had the rights to become an elder of the Xia Clan. However, those Demigods from the ‘Temple of the Earth God’ and ‘Bloodshed Tavern’  had no such rights of becoming an elder due to the fact that they were loyal to their respective deities, and they were therefore bounded by regulations! The other Transcendent organisations were loyal to the Xia Clan!

“The gathering begins with 15 elders present.” One of the stone chairs had a black-haired elder seated on it. The space around him could be seen vaguely distorting, “The Elder’s gathering this time is suggested by Elder Chao Qing. This marks the official start of the gathering.”

“Mn.” Chao Qing nodded.

The black-haired elder continued, “Elder Chao Qing, please sound your thoughts.”

Even though this black-haired elder was not on the top ten of Demigod rankings, his current status was extremely unique. That was because he was currently the Palace Head of the Infernal Palace. He held extremely loyalty to the Xia Clan, and within the Infernal World… he was truly an invincible existence.

“This old man suggested for an Elder’s gathering this time all because of Dong Bo Xue Ying.” The dry and deflated face of Chao Qing emerged a smile as if it was a flower, “Dong Bo Xue Ying’s innate talent should be something all of you have seen. Even at such a young age, he can fuse both the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire… such an innate talent shall mean that he has a certainty to comprehend the ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’.”

“Thus, I suggest for us to put him into the list of ‘Substitute Elder’, and proceed with grooming him as one!” Chao Qing finished.

“I don’t agree!” Seated on the other side, an old man filled faintly with killing intent around his entire body coldly replied, “True Meaning of Water and Fire is merely just a fourth grade True Meaning! Those who can enter the list of ‘Substitute Elder’ are usually those who have the hope of comprehending at the very least, a third grade True Meaning! Or those with the hopes of even comprehending a second grade True Meaning! Don’t you find this Dong Bo Xue Ying to be lacking in this?”

True Meaning was categorised into nine different grades.

The lower the numerical rating, the greater the power in the True Meaning.

First grade would be True Meanings only spoken in the legends like the heaven-shaking ‘True Meaning of Black Hole’, ‘True Meaning of Time’, and others like that… 

Second grade True Meaning would also be mentioned in the legends, like the ‘True Meaning of Space’ or ‘True Meaning of Yin Yang’.

As for third grade True Meanings, they would usually be much weaker as compared to those of higher tiers.

And the higher the number… the differences between a single grade would be smaller.

Like the differences between a True Meaning of ninth grade and an eighth grade would be extremely small. The differences between the second and third grade would be huge, while the differences between third and fourth would be large but not as huge.

“He has the certainty to comprehend the True Meaning of Water and Fire. Furthermore, he might even have the chance of even reaching a higher height… comprehending the True Meaning of Yin Yang!” Chao Qing rebuked.

“Hmph, hmph, reaching a higher height? I guess the chances are too small. Who knows, he might even comprehend something weaker – the True Meaning of Icy Fire.” That old guy who had killing intent surrounding him mocked.

“Alright. Elder Dong Guo, I know you are against it. You can shut your mouth now.” Blue veins bulged on Chao Qing’s forehead.

The elder who had killing intent surrounding him laughed and did not continue. Chao Qing was after all, the eldest amongst them. Furthermore, he could even be amongst the top ten of Demigod rankings with the True Meaning of the Thunder God and had a fiery explosive temper. Thus, there was no need to argue with him.

“What do the other elders think about this?” Chao Qing looked towards the other elders, before softly transmitted a message to Mountain Lord He, “Little brother He, hurry up and help me.”

“I agree with Elder Chao Qing.” Mountain Lord He smiled.

He was after all, the number one expert under the heaven. Hence, he would have a huge influence. The other elders looked towards  him.

“Just like Chi Qiu Bai, he was relatively ordinary when he was a Sky realm Transcendent. However, after that, he actually comprehended the True Meaning of Void Cleavage from the Profound Mystery of Wind in Myriad Existences!” Mountain Lord He laughed, “Dong bo Xue Ying can certainly comprehend a True Meaning of the fourth grade right now, so why can’t he achieve something even high?”

“Mountain Lord He, that cannot be affirmed. Chi Qiu Bai might be formidable, but that doesn’t represent that Dong Bo Xue Ying will be similar to him.”

“But he is young!”

Mountain Lord He added, “Don’t forget his age! Youth represents potential! If he is 100 years old now, even though the fusion of Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire might be quite good, I’ll still not agree with him becoming a Substitute Elder! But right now, he’s merely 29 years in age!”

That juncture, many Demigods nodded.

“Elder Chao Qing, do you still want to add anything?” The black-haired old man asked.

“I’ll add one more thing. He can win nine matches in the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death, and he is also young. All of these showed that he has talent in battling. I’m just an old man who is dying soon, thus the reason why I suggested that is in the hopes of wanting to help Xia Clan groom another power.” Chao Qing said, “Alright. This old man is finished with his words.”

The black-haired elder nodded, “Okay, let’s start the voting.”





One by one, they spoke of their opinions. The list of Substitute Elders were extraordinary. Those with merely just the hope of getting a fourth grade True Meaning would have no qualifications of entering it.

“I agree as well. Thus, amongst the fifteen of us elders, nine agree while six is against! Since the number who agreed is more than half, Dong Bo Xue Ying will be put onto the list of Substitute Elder.” The black-haired Elder announced.


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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Isn’t it silly to only include people who can possibly get the 2nd or 3rd ranked True Meanings? Since they already said that no one has gotten a 2nd ranked one, and almost none have gotten a 3rd ranked one? So that means that the people they are supporting are really not ever going to likely get anywhere.

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