LXY Book 5: Chapter 31


Book 5: Chapter 31 – Scarlet Cloud Hill

“This… what is happening?” Xue Ying could not help but ask.

“The Substitute Elder position is a secret of our Xia Clan.” The yellow-robed old man said, “I believe you should know about the elders of Xia Clan?”

Xue Ying nodded.

Elders of Xia Clan were something he certainly did know about! All the Demigods of humankind, as long as they did not belong to the Demonic Faction, the Bloodshed Tavern, or the Temple of the Earth God would have the qualifications to become an elder of Xia Clan! The gathering of elders of Xia Clan… was actually something held at the highest level within the entire Xia Clan. They would control everything behind the Xia Clan in order to let the Xia Clan flourish onwards in the future.


“Our Xia Clan has a limited amount of resources, thus we cannot groom every single Transcendent.” The yellow-robed old man said, “As such, since a very long time ago, there is the plan of having ‘Substitute Elders’ where we would choose those amongst the Sky realm Transcendents with high potential to groom thoroughly. As long as this grooming is successful and that Transcendent achieves greatness, they will be an enormous aid to our Xia Clan! Those talents who are chosen usually have the hope of grasping a third grade True Meaning or even a second grade True Meaning. Thus, the moment they comprehended such a powerful True Meaning, the chances of becoming a Demigod would be great. Only with such Demigods can we continue to uphold the strength of the backbone of our Xia Clan!”

Xue Ying nodded.


Even between Demigods, the difference in comprehension of True Meaning would create a frightening world of different in their combat power.

Like the ‘Great Elder Ao Lan’ from the Beast Clan, the True Meaning he comprehended was the True Meaning of Life. Even though he did not condense a ‘True Deity Heart’, he was still the third in ranking within the Demigod rankings! At the same time, he was a huge headache to all the experts of humankind. That was because the ‘True Meaning of Life’ he comprehended was a grade three True Meaning!

With regard to the clan of any race, a true peak expert would be of a huge aid to the entire clan and race! Hence, the Xia Clan would also groom those with hopes of comprehending a grade three True Meaning or even those with possibility of comprehending a grade two True Meaning.

“What about me?” Xue Ying had some doubts, “Do the elders think I’ve the chance of comprehending a grade three True Meaning?”


The yellow-robed old man replied, “You are an exception.”

“An exception?” Xue Ying was startled.

“Previously, we’ve chosen eight Transcendents to groom. Four amongst them had comprehended part of the Profound Mystery of Space! In the future, they might have hopes of obtaining a True Meaning related to Space!” The yellow-robed old man Gong Yu said, “One of them comprehended the Profound Mystery of Death, and one with the Profound Mystery of Life. One had comprehended the Profound Mystery of Extreme Yang while the last grasped hold of some Profound Mystery related to time.”

Xue Ying was dumbfounded.

Xue Ying had long grasped hold of information from books related to the nine grades of True Meaning. This was something that all Transcendents should know.

Grade one True Meaning: True Meaning of Time, True Meaning of Black Hole, True Meaning of Extremity, True Meaning of Chaos… these were legends amongst the legends. For instance, the True Meaning of Time – in reality, under ordinary conditions, only those who were about to become a Deity would have some comprehension regarding the Profound Mystery of Time. Transcendents would usually be unable to comprehend anything related to the Profound Mystery of Time. Unless one’s primordial bloodline awakening gave one the innate talent related to time! Only then would one have the hope of comprehending the Profound Mystery of Time.

Simply said, grade one True Meanings were the most perfect True Meanings in the countless worlds, including the Deity World or even the Dark Abyss.

Second grade True Meaning: True Meaning of Space, True Meaning of Yin Yang, True Meaning of Life Death, True Meaning of Annihilation, True Meaning of Reincarnation, of time stop, time acceleration, time deceleration…

These were similarly True Meanings spoken in the legends. Those who could comprehend them were amazing experts. During a battle, if one side had extremely great power and speed, while the other side had someone who comprehended the True Meaning of time stop, without a doubt, during this period of time stop, he would be able to kill off all those enemies who were supposedly unstoppable!

Thus, the distances between comprehension of Realms were actually the distances between their essences.

Without true power, one would only be torn to death easily!

Third grade True Meaning: True Meaning of Void Cleavage, True Meaning of Space Destruction, of Teleportation, of Shadow Space…  any branches related to space were usually of the grade three level of True Meaning. Other than that, there were the True Meaning of Death, True Meaning of Destruction, True Meaning of Life, True Meaning of Gravity, True Meaning of Extreme Yin, True Meaning of Extreme Yang, True Meaning of Waves…


Those of the top three grades were all extremely terrifying. Not counting the first and second grade, as long as one grasped and comprehended a grade three True Meaning, they would be able to control the world.

“Amongst these eight, there is one who had a time-related understanding with hopes of reaching a grade two True Meaning.” Xue Ying murmured, “The other seven had hopes of comprehending a grade three True Meaning. What about me? Why am I an exception?”

“Right now, you are able to fuse both Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire. In the future, you might have the chance of comprehending the grade four ‘True Meaning of Water and Fire’.” The yellow-robed old man Gong Yu said.

“Grade four?” Xue Ying was stunned.

The others could comprehend a grade three or grade two while he only had hopes of comprehending a grade four?

“The other eight only have the hopes of comprehending.” The yellow-robed old man continued, “Wanting to truly control a grade three or grade two True Meaning is actually very difficult. By our estimates, only two or three of the eight will succeed! As for those who might become a Demigod, I will have to make a statement that if just one of them becomes a Demigod, that would be impressive. As long as there’s a Demigod who comprehended a grade three True Meaning emerging, our efforts in grooming them could be a considered a resounding success!”

“As for you! You’ve more than a 90 percent chances of controlling the True Meaning of Water and Fire!” The yellow-robed old man said, “Their chances are low while your chances are great! Even though it’s merely a grade four True Meaning, it’s enough already. Furthermore, you are still young, and you have the strong recommendation by Elder Chao Qing… thus, that’s why the motion was passed for you to become a Substitute Elder.”

He did not elaborate. In reality, that time when the decision was made, only nine elders agreed with the decision with six going against it! This ratio was quite high as compared to usually, when choosing one with great talents, that choice would easily be decided.

“You’re still young. Who knows, you might even improve a step further from the True Meaning of Water and Fire to the True Meaning of Yin Yang,” The yellow-robed old man Gong Yu said.

The understanding of a True Meaning could be said to be always changing.

Like the ‘True Meaning of Gravity’, it might even improve slowly until it reached the grade one ‘True Meaning of Black Hole’.”

“You’re still young, and that’s the reason why most elders agreed.” Gong Yu laughed, “Let’s go and meet you fellow disciple brothers and sisters.”


Flying in this world with undulating mountains, Gong Yu introduced Xue Ying to the place, “This group of mountains is known as the Scarlet Cloud Mountain range, thus giving rise to the name of ‘Scarlet Cloud Mountain World’ for this vast space… Because this clan protection Deity treasure was sent back by one of our ancestors of the Xia Clan, ‘Emperor Scarlet Cloud’.”

“Emperor Scarlet Cloud.” Xue Ying silently etched that name in his mind. It was because of these ancestors of Xia Clan who did not forget their homeland even after becoming Deities and sent back these Deity treasures that the Xia Clan flourish and had the power to completely suppress the Beast Clan and Transcendent natives!


“It’s just in front,” Gong Yu pointed to the head of one of the mountains. That mountain was extremely beautiful, with mountain springs all around. Gu gu sounds could be heard from these springs. Fog could be seen surrounding the place, and bamboo houses could be seen beside the mountain springs.

“Usually, your disciple brothers and sisters would be found here.” Gong Yu said.

“Senior Gong Yu” A sound was heard.

One of the mountain springs’ fog rapidly dissipated. On the empty ground stood nine figures. The one leading them was someone who was bright like the sun – a green-robed male. An unseen pressure emitted by him made the others feel awe.

“Faction Head.” Xue Ying immediately recognised him. That was actually the Faction head of his own Water Daoist Faction – Si Kong Yang!

“Faction Head Si Kong.” Gong Yu greeted politely. His posture showing the lower status he had compared to Si Kong Yang. After all, Si Kong Yang was one of the human existences standing high up at the peak.

“Xue Ying, come stand over here,” Si Kong Yang said.

“Yes.” Xue Ying immediately and obediently stood beside the other eight people. He understood that these were the other Transcendents who were being groomed.

“Our Scarlet Cloud Mountain will have one more Transcendent from today on,” Si Kong Yang said, “I’m sure you all should recognise him already – he is none other than Dong Bo Xue Ying, the one who just had his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death! Dong Bo Xue Ying came here the latest, and would be the youngest disciple brother! During the next hundred years or so, you will all be cultivating together. I hope that you will treasure this disciple friendship you have with one another. In the future, if two or three amongst you become a powerful Demigod, as one of your masters, I will feel extremely proud.”


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