LXY Book 5: Chapter 5


Book 5: Chapter 5 – Capital of Xia

“That is the world door that leads to the Xia capital of the Infernal World!” At the peak of an icy mountain within the Water Daoist Faction stood a door undulating with spatial ripples. Gong Liang Yuan said, “Let’s enter.”

“Mn.” Xue Ying had great expectations within his heart.

Knowing what was within the Infernal World made him naturally more eager to enter.

Hu, hu.


The two of them entered the door, side by side. At that moment, when they passed through the door, they felt as if their bodies had become immersed in water. That feeling stayed for a while until they exited to the other side and into  the other world with a ‘pu’.


Xue Ying was startled by what greeted him.

He was standing beside the world door at the peak of a high mountain. Even though it was late at night, moonlight shone across the entire world. He could see a domineering city towering above the land.  Within the city, there were nine meandering roads, as if depicting nine different Deity Dragons. Mansions littered the sides of each road, some glittering in the moonlight and others in varying conditions of disrepair.

A majestic palace occupied the center of the city, emitting endless power and influence as misty flames wove around its towers. The light diffusing from the flames caused it to stand apart from its neighbors, a glittering spectacle amidst the night sky.

“Xia Capital” Xue Ying murmured.

“Yes. This is precisely the capital of Xia, the one true capital of our entire Xia Clan!” Gong Liang Yuan’s eyes were filled with blazing passion, “Even though our Xia Clan has met with countless dangers over the many generations, like the Deity who emerged from the Beast Clan, or the invasion of demons, or even an attack by natives from the different worlds… The existence of Xia Capital in the Infernal World, this city, has allowed our Xia Clan to endure through all those trials.”

Gong Liang Yuan pointed towards the majestic palace that was emitting light from its misty flames, “At the center of the Xia Capital, there is a palace. That palace is the Infernal Palace! As for why it’s named ‘Infernal’, it’s simply because they follow the ideology of ‘passing down the flame’.”

“Many times, the material world would see battles that raged until the world itself fell to  ruins. Wars that would tear kith and kin apart until almost all mortals were exterminated, nearly decimating the Xia Clan in the process.”

“Despite our temporary losses, we still have this Infernal World behind us!”

“There are a few billion mortals living in this Infernal World! Furthermore, the Xia Capital contains many important inheritances left behind by the Xia Clan. If the war is not in our favour, Transcendents would all safely retreat back to this Infernal World.” Gong Liang Yuan said, “Waiting for the right opportunity before going back to reclaim our world.”

Xue Ying nodded.

The power of a Deity surpassed every single Transcendent’s power.

Much like the time when a Deity emerged from the Beast Clan – the entire Xia Clan could not resist it. The  six great Transcendent organisations did not hesitate in migrating their entire headquarters into the Infernal World! They preserved as much vitality as they could! As the Infernal World is a major Transcendent world, no Deities could enter!

During the initial period, the Beast Clan wantonly destroyed, butchering almost every single mortal in the entire world! The beasts rapidly reproduced until almost every single piece of land and sea were filled with them!

But ultimately, a Deity would still be rejected out of the material world!

That was when the Xia Clan started their retaliatory action of killing!

The Xia Clan possessed a deep heritage and deeper roots. Even without a Deity, they could still suppress the entire Beast Clan!

Over time, the hatred between these two clans grew deeper and deeper. Whenever a Deity emerged from the Xia Clan, they would frequently exterminate the Beast Clan to the best of their abilities! Occasionally though, both sides would try to negotiate… such as when the human race belonged to the weaker side, that was when they would try to migrate as many mortals as they could into the Infernal World.

“The Beast Clan, the Demons from the Dark Abyss, the natives from the many different worlds…” Gong Liang Yuan continued, “There are dangers everywhere. But since the Infernal World was built in an impregnable manner, it persists until today. The laws and regulations upholding the Xia Clan are decided by the Xia Capital.”

The imperial palace in the external world…

Was merely a decoration!

As for places like Dragon Mountain Manor or the Imperial Army, these were powers directly controlled by the Xia Capital over in the Infernal World! Why else would there be so many Transcendents within the army?


Xue Ying flew side by side with Gong Liang Yuan.

The Xia Capital had undergone countless years of development to reach its current level of strength. Terrifyingly powerful arrays were superimposed on top of each other, each one many time more stable than those back at the Black-Wind Abyss. After all, they had survived a diverse collection of attacks and invasions by Demigods of other Clans. Furthermore, those Demigods capable of invading this far would undoubtedly use powerful Deity weapons to launch their assault.

However, the weight of the Xia Clan’s history was enough to ensure that, regardless of whoever dared invade, they would only face defeat and retreat as the final conclusion!

“At any given moment, there will be many Legend rankers training at the Xia Capital.” Gong Liang Yuan pointed down to the many mansions below, “There are, of course, many Transcendents within as well! Almost all the Sky realm Transcendents will be located here. Saints and Demigods have their own mansions! Sometimes, they will come to the Xia Clan.”

“If that is the case, why would the external world still have headquarters of the six great Transcendent organisations?” Xue Ying was bewildered.

The Xia Capital could become the assembly ground of all Transcendents.

“That’s because the mortal world needs protection.” Gong Liang Yuan replied, “The external mortal world could be considered as the most stable and perfect world. It holds the possibility of letting mankind reproduce easily, and is our Xia Clan’s foundation! It’s where our ancestors lived in the past. Whenever the six great Transcendent organisations discover any demons from the abyss, abnormal races, etc., they will be required to exterminate them!”

“I understand.” Xue Ying nodded.

The Infernal World was the safest location.

Similarly, The mortal world would be safe when there were no activities going on. However, should something big happen, the results would be beyond frightening! Historical records spoke of demons from the abyss bringing about unprecedented destruction when they invaded. That was why Transcendents must be present at all times, to guard against and respond to any circumstances!

Sou sou!

The two continued with their flight. Soon, under the lead of Gong Liang Yuan, they descended onto one of the many mansions.

The mansion’s doors were already wide open. There were guards standing at the door, and maidservants standing neatly in rows within. They had been waiting for close to a day already.

“This is your master from now on, Sir Dong Bo!” Gong Liang Yuan said directly.

“Greetings master!”

More than a thousand attendants and guards knelt as one as they showed their respect.

“This is?” Xue Ying was surprised.

“This is your very own mansion, Dong Bo.” Gong Liang Yuan laughed, “If you are not satisfied with it, we could always get you another one. However… I would guess that you are very satisfied with it. The mansions of nine other Transcendents belonging to the Tranquil Sun province are located around you.”

Xue Ying was taken aback as he looked around him, “Around me?”

“Look, that mansion belongs to Elder Eternal Wind, Chi Qiu Bai. Beside it is the mansion that belongs to Elder Devil Blade, Peng Shan.” Gong Liang Yuan introduced, “For the sake of welcoming you, these nine Transcendents belonging to the Tranquil Sun Province have been lingering around the Xia Capital.”

“Ah.” Xue Ying felt touched.

Nine Transcendents came here to wait for him, yet he had stayed behind at his home for a month. How shameful.

But through this, he could feel the unity between the Transcendents of Tranquil Sun Province!

“As for the guards, servants and maids belonging to your mansion? Hahaha, all the other mansions have the same thing. Even the mansions of Legend ranking mortals have up to a hundred servants. After all, they are here to experience a battle of survival. Any trivial matters would naturally be left for servants to complete them.” Gong Liang Yuan answered.

“Do they have salaries?” Being a Lord in the past, Xue Ying was naturally cognizant of the practical aspects of attendants.

“Ha.” Gong Liang Yun could not help but laugh at Xue Ying’s question, “Rest assured. They are being paid by the Infernal Palace! Actually, many servants are willing to come and serve Transcendents. The salary they get is secondary for them. More important is the opportunity for them to learn spells and obtain powerful Qi cultivation methods, and even chances to learn high grade and top grade Qi cultivation methods.”

Xue Ying blinked a few times, his own ‘Three Stage Flame Technique’ was just a middle grade technique.

“Alright. You should go and have a good rest. Accompanying you here marks the completion of my task!” Gong Liang Yuan said.

“I’ve troubled you this time, Elder Gong Liang Yuan. Does elder Gong Liang Yuan want to sit inside?” Xue Ying immediately asked.

He replied, “Tomorrow, Elder Eternal Wind and the rest of the Transcendents belonging to the Tranquil Sun province will take over in introducing the place. Right now, the skies are already getting bright. You should go and take a brief respite first. There are still many matters to be completed thereafter.”

Xue Ying felt startled after hearing that. With a nod, he did not ask any further.

There were indeed many matters that he had to deal with.

Other than meeting his fellow Transcendents, it was the forthcoming Transcendent Battle of Life and Death that he had to prepare for!

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