LXY Book 6: Chapter 12


Book 6: Chapter 12 – Absolutely Different Indeed

The power of the Profound Mysteries of Light and Darkness was very frightening. Even though it was just a very crude start in fusing them together… it was enough to let Yuan Qing win six matches of the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death!

Even though he was not as bright a star as Xue Ying from that year, under the condition of not having any primordial bloodlines, he could still win six matches at such a young age. Indeed, it was something amazing and many Transcendents praised him.

“It seems the Tranquil Sun Province has had an eruption of talents.”

“That’s right. Not to mention the Eternal Wind Knight, as he is the first in the Saint rankings! Even Dong Bo Xue Ying from the previous Transcendent Life and Death Battle has shown himself to be extremely talented. This Yuan Qing is someone quite capable too.”


“Does everyone realise this fact about the Tranquil Sun Province? The youngest three Transcendents in the past 1000 years are Dong Bo Xue Ying, Yuan Qing and Chi Qiu Bai?”

“That’s right!”

“As they all hail from the same province,  it seem that at this time, it’s the Tranquil Sun Province’s turn to explode.”

The Transcendents were talking amongst each other, treating this information as a form of entertainment.

After all, the entire Xia Clan was still quite united as one. The competition between the six big Transcendent Organisations was also relatively peaceful.

“Little brother Yuan Qing, you’re too fierce and formidable, come, let’s this sister give you a kiss!” Cheng Ling Shu was so excited that she hugged Yuan Qing, causing him to dodge and hide behind Peng Shan.

Peng Shan looked at her shyly, “Sister Ling Shu, come, kiss here.”

“Looking at you and your old face made me lose all my desire.” Cheng Ling Shu tilted her mouth, though she smiled while looking at Yuan Qing, “Little brother Yuan Qing, you and Xue Ying are my lucky stars.”

“How much did you win during these two Transcendent Battles of Life and Death?” Chi Qiu Bai smiled.

Xue Ying and the others were similarly curious.

Cheng Ling Shu’s squinted, showing the delight she had, “Not much not much, adding up the two battles, I’ve won about 500 kilograms of Origin Stones, haha, hahaha….” Finishing that, she could not help but laugh.

The others by her side felt envious.

Five hundred kilograms of Origin Stones.

That time when Xue Ying won nine matches, he earned a mere 2500 kilograms of Origin Stones.

But even it they were envious, it was useless. Gambling… was something these Transcendents avoided as there had been many cases of examples of people falling into the trap!


Everything went according to his expectations, during the second day, in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

“Our Scarlet Cloud Mountain will have a new Transcendent from today onwards. He is called Yuan Qing.” Si Kong Yang stood there, his unseen pressure suppressing the rest, just like the brightest sun during afternoon, making others feel awe, “Yuan Qing will be the youngest disciple brother of yours. Hopefully, you will be able to treasure this friendship between everyone. Of course, what I hope for more is for one or two Demigods to be awakened amongst you all.”

“I’ve regarded highly upon Dong Bo Xue Ying in the past.”

Si Kong Yang swept his gaze.

Within the group of Sky realm Transcendents, Xue Ying was standing at the corner, being as low-key as ever. He had been acting in this fashion for a while and was used to it. Ever since the Faction Head Si Kong Yang and the others had been disappointed in him, Xue Ying did not care less about performing any longer. That was because he knew that even if he performed splendidly — he would forever be scolded and ranked the first from the bottom!

As such, he had long stopped caring about his own performances.

“Mn?” Yuan Qing stole a look at Xue Ying who was standing by the side. When he was selected to be a Substitute Elder, he was actually quite excited. Seeing Xue Ying made him even more joyful. After all, even though the period of time they were acquainted with each other was short, their personalities matched well together.

“However, Dong Bo Xue Ying relied on his own high innate talent, and decided to randomly  cultivate,” Si Kong Yang coldly said. “Originally, his path towards the True Meaning of Water and Fire was all good, yet he destroyed it himself! Even until today, he is not repenting his actions.”

Everyone was quiet.

Hearing that, Zhuo Yi gave Xue Ying a look from the corner of her eyes. Initially, she was moved by Xue Ying, thinking that he was young and had an extraordinary innate talent with a certainty of becoming a Demigod. Even though he was not that handsome, it was something bearable. The more she looked at him, the more she got used to his appearance. After all, youth was always a weapon! Situ Hong, Zhang Peng and the others gave off a feeling of being middle-aged men, while Xue Ying appeared extremely young.

It was a pity that he destroyed his own future and had no combat power. Thus, everything appealing about him disappeared.

The more Situ Hong heard these words, the happier he got inwardly. He loved hearing Xue Ying being scolding by Faction Head Si Kong Yang.

The person who was most calm amongst the many scolding words was Xue Ying. After all, six years had passed, and today, his beliefs had long become firm. He understood in his heart… Faction Head Si Kong Yang was still reprimanding even today was because he wished Xue Ying would repent and listen to his advice  about repeating all Xue Ying’s training all over again. After all, Xue Ying was still young and had the time to restart from scratch.

“Yuan Qing, your innate talent is high, though you are still weaker than Dong Bo Xue Ying.” Si Kong Yang said indifferently, “Thus, don’t be so presumptuous in doing things your own way and destroying your own future.”

“Yes,” Yuan Qing answered.

Right now, his mind was filled with fog —  he had no idea what had happened before! Why would Xue Ying destroy his path of True Meaning of Water and Fire? He had no understanding of what was happening.

Yet with Si Kong Yang and his immense  aura and overbearing attitude, Yuan Qing did not dare to ask more and could only reply with a ‘yes’.

A moment later, when Si Kong Yang left, Gong Yu said a few sentences before leaving as well.

Yuan Qing was the newest here, and thus, he would be given the center position – ranked fifth. Xue Ying naturally reached the new lowest position number – the tenth position!

This group of disciple brothers and sisters also introduced themselves briefly so as to break the ice between them.

“I am called Situ Hong, the oldest amongst this group of disciples. You can just call me disciple brother Situ.” Situ Hong was the first to stand out with a smile as if he was a good senior.

The others all briefly said a few words.

“Yuan Qing, I’ll be leaving first.” Xue Ying gave a pat on his shoulder, before flying through the skies. He could not care less in staying any longer and was going to continue reading his books!

“Mn.” Yuan Qing nodded. Previously, he had been drinking and eating supper with the Transcendents from the Tranquil Sun Province. Thus, in this Scarlet Cloud Mountain, he was the closest with Xue Ying.

“Disciple brother Yuan Qing, let me tell you.” Situ Hong walked over and said softly, “You should keep your distance with this Dong Bo Xue Ying.”

“Keep my distance?” Yuan Qing was stunned.

Situ Hong explained, “You see how arrogant and foolish he is? Did you not hear what the Faction Head Si Kong said previously? He was originally walking down the path of the True Meaning of Water and Fire… and many people regarded him highly. But guess what? He decided to comprehend another Profound Mystery of Wind, fusing the three Profound Mysteries of Wind, Fire and Water together, throwing it into chaos, thus destroying his own cultivation path.”

“Ah.” Yuan Qing was shocked, he had not known of this beforehand, “Disciple brother Xue Ying dared to do that?”

“That’s why he is the most arrogant and foolish person!” Situ Hong jeered, “Even after the Faction Head reprimanded him so many times, he still continues with his wayward ways. Hmph, hmph, Right now, he is still young and has the time to restart all over again… wait until the future when his combat power becomes small and weak, he will get bullied easily, and get killed by some Transcendent native. That time, he will understand what is called regret.”

“Situ Hong, enough with your cursing of others behind their back.” Pu Yang Bo sneered from the side.

“I’m just telling disciple brother Yuan Qing some of the matters that happened.” Situ Hong coldly glanced at Pu Yang Bo.

Yuan Qing watched all of this quietly.



Today was the first day he met Si Kong Yang. Standing in front of him, that pressure was really extremely powerful, and yet, disciple brother Xue Ying dared to go against the Faction Head Si Kong Yang. Furthermore, even after such a long period of time… he still looked after me! That was not an easy task that can be accomplished just by being arrogant. Instead, it would require an absolute firm determination. Usually, Transcendents would have no courage in going against this kind of suppression.

Yuan Qing looked towards the Situ Hong by his side. He understood that disciple brother Xue Ying and this disciple brother Situ Hong were two absolutely different people!


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