LXY Book 6: Chapter 14


Book 6: Chapter 14 – Disciple Sisters and Disciple Brothers Again?

Demigods with the power to match Deities?

At least in this era, nobody had the capability to match Deities. For instance, Great Elder Ao Lan with a grade three True Meaning was merely ranked second in the Demigod rankings! Amongst the topmost strongest group of Demigod overlords, they had their own specialties, though none of them would say that they could sweep across a group of other Demigods. Even if it was one against one, it would be really hard to kill a peak Demigod.

Thus, one could see that this strongest clan protection Deity Weapon of the Xia Clan had a terrifying power inherent within it!

Controlling it would mean that one’s combat power would override all other Demigods! Being able to compare with Deities!


This clan protection Deity Weapon would usually be unable to be used by ordinary Deities. It was the ancestors of Xia Clan who thought of ways to send it back home. But because of its prowess, most Demigods would not be able to use it. Only those with a soul that resonated with this powerful Deity Weapon could use it more readily, thus, allowing one to use such a weapon while in the realm of Demigod!

“Fellow elders!” Another new gathering amongst elders was held.

The Infernal Palace Palace Head said in a straightforward manner, “Yu Jing Qiu’s importance is something that I don’t have to expound on again. This secret must be kept only amongst us Xia Clan Elders! Nobody can leak it out.”


“As long as Yu Jing Qiu becomes a Demigod, then our Xia Clan… will have a Deity weapon user with a lifespan of 3000 years.”

These group of Xia Clan elders were expectant.

Deities were unable to enter the Transcendent major worlds. Only Demigods could! As for Yu Jing Qiu, as long as she could wield the clan protection Deity Weapon, she would be able to sweep across all the Transcendent major worlds, and could even slaughter members of the Beast Clan! For the Beast Clan and Transcendent natives to recover from that impact… it would take a long time as a result.

“Right now, the issue is how shall we groom her into becoming a Demigod!” The black-haired old man said, “Fellow elders, let’s come together and think of a good method in placing all our efforts toward grooming her into becoming a Demigod.”

“This old man has obtained three Ice fruits.” Chao Qing laughed, “Initially, I wanted to leave one of them to that brat Dong Bo Xue Ying, one to the Water Daoist Faction, and one to the Infernal Palace… but now, I’ll just give them all to that little girl Yu Jing Qiu. These three fruits should be of a huge help for her.”

“Brother Chao.”

The many Xia Clan Elders tensed up.

Even though Chao Qing said it in a carefree manner, these Ice Fruits were actually the Earth’s Core Icy Fruit that came from one of the eight major Transcendent World – the Ice World’s deepest and innermost core. Each of the fruits had a value of over 5,000 kilograms of Origin Stones, and were even more precious than the Stone of Oceanic World which Xue Ying had.

“Little girl Yu Jing Qiu’s talent is still quite good.” Chao Qing said, “Being a mage, she became a Transcendent at such a young age! If we do not groom her, then I’m afraid she will only become a Saint in the end. As long as we put in our best efforts… she will have a hope of becoming a Demigod. However, right now, the Beast Clans have infiltrated into our Xia Clan. If we can’t break apart Ao Lan’s life magic, then this little girl Yu Jing Qiu’s identity will be known to the Beast Clan.”

“Relax, she will be safe within this Infernal World,” The black-haired old man said.

“What if she wants to return to her home?” An elder asked.

“I feel… it’s worth the effort to send a Deity World warrior along to protect her,” the black-haired old man replied.




These elders all agreed with the decision.

They regarded Yu Jing Qiu as the most important seedling. As for the other Transcendents in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain, even if they became someone formidable… it was quite amazing for a persona like Mountain Lord He to emerge from among them. But it would not change the situation of an entire world! As for Yu Jing Qiu, the moment she became a Demigod, everything would be different.

She could sweep across all the Transcendent native Worlds! She could sweep across the Beast Clan!

After the discussion, the elder of Xia Clans agreed upon a plan related to Yu Jing Qiu, for instance, on how to groom her, how to guide her, and how many resources to be spent on her. Adding up all the resources given to the ten talented Transcendents in Scarlet Cloud Mountain World could not even reach up to the amount of resources given to Yu Jing Qiu alone. This was something even Demigods would feel jealous of, though the elders of Xia Clan were willing to do it!

Because, it was worth it!

If they succeeded, they could casually sweep across all major Transcendent Worlds, giving back even greater rewards.


In the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

“This will be your newest disciple sister.” Si Kong Yang had a smile, “She will be the only female mage which our Scarlet Cloud Mountain World is grooming. Because she is a mage, she will have a Demigod mage to guide her.”

“Yu Jing Qiu!”

The Transcendents were all stunned when they saw the female standing beside Si Kong Yang.

Garbed in green robes with her hair fluttering in the wind, her eyes were like the stars from the heavens, and her looks were regarded as the most beautiful since the moment she was seen participating in the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death.

Such a soul-stunning beauty’s appearance made even Wen Yong An and Wu Cang, these people with their characters, brighten up.

“So beautiful.” Pu Yang Bo almost salivated.

“Mn?” Situ Hong’s eyes were emitting light as he felt some intolerable itching in his heart.

“Wa.” Yu Feng could not help but praise.

‘Ah, mage Jing Qiu is here too.’ Yuan Qing, ‘Seems like she has her own talents as well.’

Xue Ying though expressed a slight smile as he looked upon the scene.


This situation was getting really interesting. At that moment when Yuan Qing entered the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, he had long wondered how interesting this situation would get! And the moment Yu Jing Qiu was added to this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World… Xue Ying became really excited. He could feel that the cultivation days in the future would become much more entertaining.

Yu Jing Qiu’s gaze swept across everyone, but the moment her eyes met Xue Ying’s, a light blush appeared on her face.

“Following the old rules, Yu Jing Qiu’s ranking will be that at the center – the sixth rank.” Si Kong Yang said, “She is a mage, thus, her improvement in combat power depends on investigations, and is different from the rest l of you! It will be decided by the Demigod teacher guiding her. I hope that all you Transcendent knights do not get superseded by this female mage.”

“Alright, you guys should get to know one another.” Saying that, Si Kong Yang and Master Gong Yu left.

Only the group of young Transcendents were left behind.

Amongst them, there were many male Transcendents who were feeling the itch in their hearts. Even though Zhuo Yi had the powerful attraction from her Extreme Yin Body, that was merely an attraction based on life’s instinct, and not that of the willingness from the inner heart! But it was different in the case of Yu Jing Qiu. She was beautiful, and her temperament would make others like her very much.

Humans loved beautiful things. Looking at her represented an enjoyment by itself.

“Disciple sister Yu, I’m called Pu Yang Bo.” Pu Yang Bo was the first to open his mouth. When he wanted to say more, he was pushed away by Situ Hong standing beside him. Situ Hong grabbed hold of his shoulder and used the ripple of space to press Pu Yang Bo backwards two to three steps. This caused a change in Pu Yang Bo’s expression. Situ Hong though, just smiled, “Disciple sister Jing Qiu, this Pu Yang Bo loves chasing after female Transcendents. You should stay away from this sort of guy. I’m called Situ Hong and am currently left with a single step before grasping hold of the a True Meaning related to Space, and should be the fastest person amongst us to grab hold of it. In the future, becoming a Demigod shouldn’t be too difficult for me.”

Situ Hong let his smile become more brilliant and full of affinity.

Yesterday, the moment he saw Yu Jing Qiu during the Transcendent Battle of Life and Death-

Situ Hong felt excited. So beautiful. She was the most perfect creation of life! Such a beautiful creation must be obtained by him! He understood that there would be many competitors. Who would have thought that Yu Jing Qiu would actually arrive here in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World? That was splendid. The heavens were helping him! In this Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, who else could compete with him?

As for the disciple sister Zhuo Yi whom he was chasing previously? Disciple sister Zhuo Yi was only hanging by his side. After a few years, he had not even held her hands! It seemed that unless he grabbed hold of a True Meaning, disciple sister Zhuo Yi would never give him a chance.

Right now when he saw Yu Jing Qiu, he had long thrown Zhuo Yi to the back of his mind!

“Disciple brother Xue Ying.” Yu Jing Qiu started, her voice was soothing.


Many people were stunned. Situ Hong was dumbfounded.

The words she first spoke of was ‘disciple brother Xue Ying’?

Situ Hong’s heart felt like it had been poured by a bucket of cold water.

“Such a coincidence that I see you here as well, disciple brother Xue Ying.” Yu Jing Qiu took a step before floating towards Xue Ying.

“Indeed, a coincidence.” Xue Ying revealed a smile.


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