LXY Book 6: Chapter 19.5


Book 6: Chapter 19.5 Interlude – Spear Sparring

It was late into the night but Xue Ying could still be found training his spear, attempting to improve his spear techniques.

After the surprising news that Chi Qiu Bai had become a Demigod and his subsequent arrival and exchange of pointers, things slowly returned to normal in Scarlet Cloud Mountain. Receiving the Eternal Wind Knight’s approval and support had given Xue Ying more confidence about the path he had chosen to take.

After several hours of fruitless—yet exhilarating—training, Xue Ying decided to return to his little hut, his home in Scarlet Cloud Mountain. To his surprise, he saw a figure standing in front of his house, watching him with a slight smile as he approached. It was the Eternal Wind Knight, Chi Qiu Bai.

“Greetings, senior.” Xue Ying hurriedly said as he alighted from his flight.


“Haha Xue Ying, is there really a need for such formality? We come from the same province after all. Just call me big brother; senior makes me feel old.” Chi Qiu Bai said, a broad grin on his handsome face.

Xue Ying was distracted by that grin for a moment, dazed. He didn’t understand why seeing that smile made him feel so flustered.

Trying calm his oddly racing heart, Xue Ying shyly smiled as he answered, “Okay, big brother Qiu Bai!”

“Haha, that’s more like it!” responded Chi Qiu Bai, a soft smile on his face now.

“Faction Head Si Kong Yang has been giving you a hard time, huh?” asked Chi Qiu Bai with a concerned look.

Smiling bitterly, Xue Ying responded, “Faction Head is simply concerned.”

“Indeed. In his eyes, your choices are akin to throwing away your talent. Faction Head Si Kong Yang is a man that puts the future of the Xia Clan above all else, after all.” Chi Qiu Bai said seriously.

“Anyway, were you raised by wolves? Are you going to let a guest stay out here in the cold?” Despite his attempt to be serious, Xue Ying could see a teasing grin in the corners of Chi Qiu Bai’s mouth.

“Haha, please come in big brother. I don’t have much to offer, but I do have some rather good wine.” Slightly embarrassed, Xue Ying hurriedly invited Chi Qiu Bai into his house.

Chi Qiu Bai and Xue Ying entered, and after they sat down, Xue Ying took a bottle of wine from his storage ring. After serving Chi Qiu Bai a cup and taking one for himself, they settled into a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“So…” After a few minutes, Chi Qiu Bai finally said, “do you have any questions or doubts that I can help clear? After all, we are from the same province and should help each other wherever possible, right?” Chi Qiu Bai wore a serene expression.

“Well… Lately I feel that my bloodline could be nearing the threshold for a second awakening. My senses, however are not powerful enough to detect such minute changes, even if it is my own body. I thought about asking Faction Head to look into it for me, but… alas.” Xue Ying sighed.

Chi Qiu Bai had surprise written on his face, but it soon changed into a frown. A second awakening of a bloodline was incredibly rare and usually only happened once a transcendent reached peak Saint level.

“Well, I can certainly look into it Xue Ying, but you mustn’t have high hopes. It is indeed very rare and difficult, to achieve a second awakening of one’s bloodline,” Chi Qiu Bai said.

“I understand that, big brother. It’s just that I’ve been feeling changes to my body that seem to come from my bloodline. It might be nothing, but I think it would be remiss of me not to check.”

Chi Qiu Bai nodded in agreement. “In that case, sit on the floor with your back turned to me. Pull down your robes so that you reveal your back,” he instructed.

With a slightly expectant expression on his face, Xue Ying did as he was told.

Chi Qiu Bai was met with the glorious sight of Xue Ying body as he shrugged off his robes. Years of fanatical training with the spear had made every single line and muscle perfect, as if they had been sculpted by the greatest of artists from tan marble. Whenever Xue Ying moved, his muscles would ripple in perfect coordination.

As if sensing the eyes of Chi Qiu Bai, Xue Ying blushed slightly as his upper body was finally laid bare.

“Sit down and circulate your bloodline power,” Chi Qiu Bai said in an oddly low voice.

Xue Ying obediently did as he was told.

Xue Ying began to circulate his bloodline power. Chi Qiu Bai placed his hands on Xue Ying’s back, right under his shoulder blades. The cool hands made Xue Ying shiver.

Chi Qiu Bai couldn’t help but marvel the muscles rippling under his hands. As they sat there, he slowly started to inject his Qi into Xue Ying’s willing body.

Xue Ying shuddered as Chi Qiu Bai’s Qi penetrated his body. A blush rose on his face.

“Concentrate. Don’t pay attention to the feeling of my Qi entering your body. Focus on circulating your bloodline,” whispered Chi Qiu Bai into Xue Ying’s ear.

Shivering once again, Xue Ying tried to focus but couldn’t. The feeling of the power entering his body was overpowering; it felt wild, like the power of a mighty tiger roaring defiantly at the heavens above. Even the smallest strands of power felt boundless, deeper than the largest oceans.

Is this the power of a Demigod? It feels like the immensity of heaven and earth… thought Xue Ying.

“I’m going to push more Qi inside you; concentrate and don’t lose focus,” Chi Qiu Bai said, once more whispering in Xue Ying ear and causing the younger man to shiver.

The increased amount of Qi he was injecting into Xue Ying pulled an immediate reaction from the young man. As power entered his body, he shuddered and let out a low moan.

Xue Ying was mortified.

What is wrong with me? Why am I reacting like this to big brother’s Qi!? If he didn’t know what he was feeling before, he certainly knew now. Xue Ying may have been a spear-obsessed young man for most of his life, but he was still a young man. He wasn’t naive and was quite aware of what his reactions meant.

Hoping that Chi Qiu Bai didn’t notice his reactions, Xue Ying tried his best to suppress them.

However, how could Chi Qiu Bai not know? He hadn’t been alive for hundreds of years for nothing after all!

Nevertheless, he was surprised by the reaction of this junior brother of his. He couldn’t deny that he was interested though, especially after seeing the glory that was Xue Ying’s body. Plus, Xue Ying had a personality that was deeply attractive to someone like Chi Qiu Bai. He was also obsessed with cultivation and improving himself. This hard-working young man moved him in a way that he hadn’t been for quite some time.

With a mischievous smile, Chi Qiu Bai decided to see where this could go. How far could he take this before this junior brother of his couldn’t take it anymore?

Decisively, he started pouring more and more of his Qi into the willing body in front of him.

Xue Ying felt his body begin to heat up from the influx of Qi. No longer capable of focusing on circulating his bloodline, he was helplessly absorbed into the sensations inundating his body. His shudders and moans became more and more pronounced, gasps filling the air. His body felt like it was on fire, burning from the inside out. It wasn’t pain that he was feeling, but a pleasure he couldn’t explain.

Chi Qiu Bai gradually became entranced by the reactions of this junior brother of his. Suddenly stopping the flow of Qi, he saw Xue Ying let out a confused sigh. He looked at him with dazed eyes, as if waking up from a deep state of meditation.

“W-why did you… stop?” asked a still confused and dazed Xue Ying. Immediately afterwards, he seemed to come back to himself and blushed furiously. His entire head seemed like it would burst into flames at any second.

Chi Qiu Bai had a wide grin on his face, his pupils dilated as he looked at Xue Ying with a ravenous hunger.

“I stopped because I can’t do what I want like that,” he said with a voice filled with desire.

“W-What? I don’t -mmph!” Xue Ying words were interrupted by a pair of soft lips roughly smashing against his. Startled, he didn’t know what do. Should he push the other man away?

That decision was taken away from him when Chi Qiu Bai put a hand behind his head and tugged his hair. He forced his tongue into Xue Ying’s mouth and hungrily plundered it, looking for something he desperately needed.

Xue Ying moaned, any thoughts of resistance obliterated from his mind by the possessive lips moving against his own.

Xue Ying found himself lying back on his bed with a sudden burst of Qi. Since most nights he was either meditating or training his spear, he had rarely used the bed, feeling no need or desire to sleep.

Now he was going to use the bed for a different, if far more enjoyable, reason.

As Chi Qiu Bai continued to plunder Xue Ying’s mouth, his hand started caressing the young man’s well-defined torso. Ghosting over his nipples, he heard Xue Ying gasp and felt them stiffen under his hand. Going lower, abs that were carved from marble trembled as the young man squirmed under his body.

As his hand went lower, he felt the hardness of the young man and squeezed it, pressing down with his palm and moving it up and down the length hidden under the robes.

Breaking off the kiss, Chi Qiu Bai said, “I think it’s time we remove this hindering piece of cloth, don’t you think?”

Xue Ying trembled. With his eyes still closed, he waved his hand and withdrew his robes into his storage artifact.

Xue Ying was now laid bare in all his glory. Chi Qiu Bai couldn’t help but let out a low growl as he looked at the young man under him. Laying another rough kiss on Xue Ying’s lips, he started kissing his way down the young man’s body, savouring every inch of skin. Reaching Xue Ying’s nipples, he lightly bit them, delighting in the gasp and moan that slipped past Xue Ying’s bruised lips.

Going lower, he finally reached his prize. Xue Ying was glorious. Long, slightly flushed, and magnificent!

Waiting no longer, he grabbed the tumescence and gave it a long, slow lick from the base to the tip, tasting the young man’s arousal. As the moans and pleas grew more and more intense, Chi Qiu Bai decided to take pity on his prey. He swallowed the shaft down to the base in one go.

“Oh, Fu!” Xue Ying almost screamed and thrashed around on his bed, hands gripping the sheets so tight they almost ripped.

As Chi Qiu Bai sucked him, he let out a rumbling noise of approval, almost causing Xue Ying to spill his seed right away.

As Chi QIu Bai continued the slow, torturous attack with his mouth, his hand moved lower, teasing Xue Ying’s perineum before moving on to the twitching puckered hole. He circled the pink bud with his finger, eliciting more delicious sounds out of his partner. After teasing the entrance for a few minutes, he finally inserted a single finger, slowly breaching the young man’s body.

“Oh fuck, yessss!” Xue Ying screamed and hissed, the sibilant noise making Chi Qiu Bai want to take him right there and then.

Chi Qiu Bai prepared that pliant hole for a few minutes, before finally removing his mouth from the throbbing cock. He chuckled at the small mewl of complaint from the young man.

“Would you rather I continue with that, or move on to tonight’s main event?” Chi Qiu Bai teasingly asked.

Xue Ying didn’t answer, simply opening his legs further. His pupils had dilated to the point they consumed his entire iris.

Looking at the actions of the young man, Chi Qiu Bai needed no further encouragement. He quickly stripping himself, and before Xue Ying could even admire his body, he plunged himself inside Xue Ying with one powerful thrust, like sheathing a blade into its scabbard.

“Argh!?” With an incomprehensible sound of pleasure, Xue Ying convulsed on the bed. Pleasure shot through his body like lightning, stimulating all his nerves and making his vision go bright white.

Giving a loud, barking laugh, Chi Qiu Bai continued his powerful thrusts for what seemed to be hours on end, thankful that his partner was a transcendent and could take the strength behind each of his plunges.

“Yes…Y-yes! Fuck!” Incoherent words spilled out of Xue Ying’s mouth as the pleasure mounted, almost nearing the breaking point.

“Come, Xue Ying! Let go. I’ll be here to catch you.” Now panting, Chi QIu Bai shouted in a growling voice.

Nearing the zenith of pleasure, Xue Ying was infinitesimally close to the point of no return. Seeing this, Chi Qiu Bai lowered his body. With one hand stroking Xue Ying’s shaft, he kissed him deeply and bit next to his neck, leaving a deep mark in the flesh.

Feeling the bittersweet mixture of pleasure and pain, Xue Ying could no longer hold back, spilling his seed over his lover’s hand with a shout.

“Oh god!” Xue Ying screamed, his voice echoing off the walls of his small house.

With a grunt, Chi Qiu Bai gave several more powerful thrusts before following his lover into the bliss of release.

Weakly falling on top of his younger lover, Chi Qiu Bai noticed, to his amusement, that Xue Ying had lost consciousness. Pulling his now-spent cock out of the velvety cave, he laid his body beside Xue Ying, looking on as the young man’s breath slowly calmed and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Grinning, Chi Qiu Bai thought, Well, I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted this…

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