LXY Book 6: Chapter 3



Book 6: Chapter 3 – Soaring Cloud Peak

Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, the summit Soaring Cloud Peak

A black-robed man was currently sitting and leaning back on a stone chair. He was drinking wine while looking at the rising and dipping ranges of mountains. He loved this place very much because it was high enough for him to overlook the many mountains. Ever since his youth, when living at the Snowrock Castle, Xue Ying would love this feeling of looking down at the vast world! And this ‘Soaring Cloud Peak’ was indeed high enough and peaceful enough that he would not get interrupted during his practice of spear techniques!

At night, he would gaze at the moonlight on top of the Soaring Cloud Peak, wondering at how the moonlight brightened the entire Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.


During the day, he would be able to see the clouds moving amidst the mountains, and that view was something absolutely beautiful.

Xue Ying rarely drank when he was young.

However, the older he got, the more frequent he would drink. Every time he pondered his spear technique and pondered the world, he would become joyful, yet there was no one around him to share this joy with. As a result, he would drink.

The road of cultivation for a Transcendent was, after all, a lonely one!

Of course, even though it was lonely during cultivation, a Transcendent might not be that lonely in terms of his relations.

‘Who would have thought that the person most formidable in cultivation in our Clan is my father!’ Xue Ying shook his head and laughed. Having completed the 10 life-death missions, he would frequently go home. He would usually also transmit messages through the communication wristband, ‘And as I expected, mother and brother are stuck at the Silver Moon mage level. As for Uncle Tong, after drinking down the spirit liquid from the Stone of Oceanic World six years ago, he had, at the very least, stepped into the Meteor rank. It’s just that Uncle Zong has cultivated at a speed that could not reach that of my father’s.”

Amongst his kin…

If given a choice in choosing the person who would first become a Legend ranker, Xue Ying would have chosen Uncle Zong!

But in reality… recently, his father, Dong Bo Lie, had become a Legend ranker and the only Legend expert within the Dong Bo Clan.

‘When I saved father, he was merely a heaven level knight’. Xue Ying sighed.

His own high innate talent in cultivation could be said to be inherited from the positive traits of both his parents. Thus, from this point of argument, his own father would certainly have a high innate talent as well.

Contemplating it thoroughly…

His father had no contact with any Qi cultivation methods when he was young. It was only after he grew up and joined the army that he had any contact with Qi. Thereafter, his father learned a lower grade Qi cultivation method that was worse than Xue Ying’s in the past! Starting cultivation at such an old age with such a poor Qi cultivation method, he would, as a result, get stuck at the bottleneck of a Heaven level knight! And Uncle Zong was someone from the royalty of the Snake Clan with good cultivation methods. He started from youth and had only been a heaven level knight that year – the same as his father. It was only due to the unique traits of a Six-Armed Devil Serpent that made him stronger than his father by a whole level.

From this perspective, his own father should have an extremely high innate talent.

After that, his father was captured for 20 years – a 20 year break in his cultivation. After Xue Ying saved his parents, he provided large amounts of spiritual liquid from the Stone of Oceanic World. He provided other top graded cultivation resources as well – like the Qi cultivation methods – from the mortal world. To a Transcendent, providing such excellent conditions for cultivation was something done easily. Thus, it should be natural for his father to suddenly breakthrough fiercely.

‘Father, mother, Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong. Amongst the four of them, I reckon that it should be my father who has the greatest innate talent. It’s just that he had no chance to cultivate.’ Xue Ying laughed before standing up suddenly.

Stretching his hand, the Black Dragon Spear appeared within it.


His spear techniques were instantly displayed.

Hong long long~ One could see that Xue Ying’s spear techniques – regardless of whether it was a furious sweep or a direct stab – the sound produced from the spear was loud, like a mighty thunderclap suppressing all in its path! On the spear, there were even water and fire revolving around it, with some vague sense of wind streams intertwined with the revolving water and fire. All these brought a great increase in the power of that spear.

‘This is the spear technique that I wanted.’

‘This spear technique is even more formidable than just having a spear technique solely formed with the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire.’ Xue Ying was full of joy.

Last year, after he fused the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire perfectly, the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire had become a single entity. That time, his killing move – ‘Water and Fire Twin Dragon Attack’ – it basically utilised the Profound Mystery of Water, before converting it perfectly into that of Fire. In actual fact, it was just a conjugation transformation! It was just the first step towards fusion. But last year… he successfully and perfectly fused both Profound Mysteries together as one!

With the rotational power of water, it would increase the explosive ferocity of the flames. And if the explosiveness of the flame became more fierce, the water rotational power would be even stronger. These two Profound Mysteries would complement each other, creating a qualitative change. Any hit or hack would produce an immense power.

But after the perfect fusion of Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire, Xue Ying gradually realised a weakness within.

‘It is too dull.’

‘Water and fire – these two powers are too dull. There existed a lack of some sort of flexibility, adaptability, and layering. And the change during every interval between his spear techniques wais too rigid!’ Xue Ying felt that there was a problem with his spear techniques. For instance, the move ‘Twin Dragon Attack’ – after it was displayed, it was would absolutely powerful and fierce! After that, he would borrow the Profound Mystery of Water to instantly translate into the next procession of moves. Although this seemed  to be coherent, Xue Ying still had the feeling that… it was way too rigid!

Half a year ago, Xue Ying comprehended the first level for Profound Mystery of Wind!

Profound Mystery of Wind contained the flexibility and adaptability he wanted! Thus, if he could perfectly fuse the Profound Mystery of Wind into his ‘Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire’, the power of his spear techniques would increase by a huge margin!

‘Right now, my current spear techniques can finally be called as truly unpredictable and powerful!’ Xue Ying was so proud of and happy for himself.


The spear was stabbed out majestically and ferociously, hong hong hong, three spears were stabbed out consecutively, with the next spear being stronger than the previous one! And why was that so? This was because the power from his first spear would be stacked led by Xue Ying to be used on his second spear, and then the third spear. As such, the next move would be stronger than the previous one. Of course, he could only consecutively release up to three spears today.

“Hong long long~~~” Xue Ying’s spear was extremely unpredictable – hack, sweep, whip, burst, stab… all the various moves had an extremely fast transformation with a great power inherent within. That was because the power of the moves could be used to stack onto the second move.

‘My original spear technique is too crude. It’s not flexible and natural enough when I use my strength.’ Xue Ying leaked out a smile, ‘Right now, it’s stronger by much.’

Wind aided fire in making it fiercer.

Wind aided water in making it more tempestuous.

And both water and fire would make the wind even stronger.

These three different elements could complement each other, stacking on top of each other to make the final power output unimaginable.

And recently, Xue Ying had successfully assimilated the Profound Mystery of Wind into his spear techniques, letting him feel that it had a qualitative change compared to a year ago! Even though master Gong Yu asked him not to be distracted, Xue Ying still felt that… only through this could his spear techniques be even more perfect. After all, the ambition he was chasing since youth was to perfect his spear techniques.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, come to the bamboo house mountain immediately. Faction Head Si Kong will be coming in a moment.” The communication wristband immediately transmitted the news from Gong  Yu.

“Faction Head?” Xue Ying did not neglect the instructions. At the same time, he felt joy, “When the time comes, I can ask the Faction Head for some pointers as to how to improve my spear techniques further.”

The Faction Head came once every year and a half. Thus, this chance was something not to be missed.


Xue Ying flew towards the bamboo house mountain, turning into a streamer. At the same time, the other eight Transcendents also received the news from Gong Yu, with some being at the Xia Capital. They all came rushing back.


A short moment later.

At the halfway mark of the bamboo house mountain, on a large empty piece of land, Xue Ying and the other eight Transcendents descended downwards as streamers. Pu Yang Bo was the last to arrive.

Hu, that totally frightened me. I was having some fun with a beauty previously, but now I had no choice but to push her aside and rush over.” Pu Yang Bo had a frightened look for a moment, “It’s fortunate that I did not come late.”

Yu Feng followed up, “What beauty? You actually did not tell me about it.”

“A female Transcendent Knight. She was so spicy that I could not even win over her.” Pu Yang Bo laughed, “I can only depend on my teleportation to evade and dodge. But I’m sure she has an interest in me.”

“Must you pick a female Transcendent as your wife?” Xue Ying joked, “And how many have you picked already?”

Amongst their group of Transcendents, it was only Pu Yang Bo who was constantly shouting out that he wanted to find a wife. Furthermore, he was only interested in finding beautiful female Transcendents. Though it was a pity that all his attempts ended in failure!

“Little brother Dong Bo, can you not pour salt on my wounds?” Pu Yang Bo stared back.

He was naturally a clown. In terms of combat power, he was the weakest amongst the nine.

“Faction Head Si Kong is here.”

Xue Ying and the other eight Transcendents all quietened down. Looking up ahead, they saw two figures coming side by side. It was precisely Faction Head Si Kong and Gong Yu.


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    1. Wouldn’t Wind and Earth also be considered somewhat ‘opposites’, if he manages to learn earth and fuse them both then it might give him a path toward the Yin Yang mystery since he already knows Water Fire combination.

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