LXY Book 6: Chapter 7


Book 6: Chapter 7 – Take Care of Yourself

Everyone beside the Demigods and Xue Ying were silent. Who would have thought that such an existence standing at the peak of the world, the extreme overlord Faction Head Si Kong Yang, would be so furious! To them, even if it was a talent who destroyed their future, it was just a small matter to the entire, Xia Clan. That was because there would be even more geniuses to choose from! So there was no reason for Faction Head Si Kong Yang to lose himself!

“From today onwards, I’ll come to the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World frequently.” Si Kong Yang angrily shouted, “I’ll help you set down your new cultivation path! Following this path that I set for you, following the path taken by others, do you think you can do it?”

“Mn?” Gong Yu looked at Si Kong Yang in shock. 

Du Rou Rou, Wen Yong An, Situ Hong, Zhuo Yi and the rest were similarly stunned.


This Xue Ying had already destroyed his own path of True Meaning of Water and Fire, yet Faction Head Si Kong Yang did not want to give him up?

Xue Ying felt warmth in his heart.

“Faction Head,” Xue Ying respectfully said, “I can’t do it!”

“You, you…” Si Kong Yang was angry to the brim right that moment and was absolutely disappointed!

Xue Ying’s path towards his own destruction had become a fact, yet Si Kong Yang had always favoured Xue Ying during this past ten years. He also feel that even though Xue Ying veered off the road, he was just 39 years this year! His combat power was already second to that of Dou Rou Rou who comprehended the Profound Mystery of Time. How talented and intelligent was he?

Even if he were to start all over again and choose a new path, step by step, he felt that Xue Ying would similarly have hope of rising up again!


Xue Ying actually rejected it!

“You can’t do that?” Si Kong Yang stared at Xue Ying.

“It’s because of my fanatical love for spear techniques that I am so highly motivated in this path of the Transcendent! If I were to set down my path of cultivation, and that I would have to comprehend along this path, under this kind of manacle, I’ll not be able to withstand cultivating for thousands of years. And I’m afraid that my speed in cultivation would greatly decrease.” Xue Ying shook his head.



“What do you treat cultivation as? Without having a direction, how can you wish to just cultivate randomly according to your wishes. Do you think that with how casual you are, you can become a Demigod?” Si Kong Yang shook his head. How high was his status? Many other Transcendents had no one to lead them, and as they casually cultivated, nearly all of them would deviate from the correct path! And as for some Transcendents, after setting down a goal in mind, walking down this path step by step, they would become stronger and stronger, and a few hundred years later, they would have hopes of becoming a Saint!

Amongst the many Saint Transcendents, more than 90 percent had done this.

And for Demigods, more than a half did it this way as well.

Casually cultivating did have hopes for one to become a Demigod, or a Deity… though they were the minority!


Quickly, Wen Yong An, Du Rou Rou’s exchange of moves ended. Faction Head Si Kong Yang gave some pointers to the two of them, though his expression was unpleasant.

“Following the current spar, your rankings will be arranged once again,” Si Kong Yang announced.

Du Rou Rou, Wen Yong An were still the first and second. Third was Wu Cang, Fourth was Zhuo Yi, Situ Hong, Zhang Peng, Yu Feng, Pu Yong Bo with Xue Ying at the ninth position!

He immediately became the first from the bottom!

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.”

Si Kong Yang turned towards him, “If you were to continue on like this, you are wasting the resources of my Xia Clan! Since you are so inclined towards your own beliefs, then take care of yourself!”

Finishing his words, Si Kong Yang immediately took a step before disappearing from the skies.

Master Gong Yu did not say anything. He only shook his head and sighed before leaving.

On this piece of empty land, only Xue Ying and the others were left.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” The oldest Situ Hong shook his head. There were some mockery on his face, “Ten years of time, all those treasures that you’ve eaten have really wasted! I feel my heart ache for my Xia Clan.”

Situ Hong honestly did not like Xue Ying.

That year, his comprehension rate of the Profound Mystery of Space was the fastest, and he had been regarded highly by Faction Head Si Kong Yang. But thereafter, he had been stuck at the Profound Mystery of Space, second level in Realms of Myriad Existences’ bottleneck. That was why he dropped down in rank. As for these ten years… Xue Ying was the brightest star amongst them. That was because his chances of becoming a Demigod was different from the rest. Xue Ying was previously given a hundred percent chance of becoming one!

A Demigod existence? Even though Situ Hong was jealous and unhappy, he would still treat him politely and not anger him.

Actually, what made him the most unhappy was disciple sister Zhuo Yi. Disciple sister Zhuo Yi had the Extreme Yin Body, causing Situ Hong to want to chase after her. However, she actually looked down on him! Yet — disciple sister became closer in terms of attitude toward Xue Ying, and he had become one of the closest persons to her! If Xue Ying truly wanted to chase after her, he was afraid that disciple sister Zhuo Yi would have jumped into his embrace.

Fortunately, Xue Ying was like a piece of wood, and he had kept his distance with disciple sister Zhuo Yi.

Even still… 

Situ Hong was always extremely jealous! He was only forcibly suppressing it in himself.

Right now, Xue Ying was actually destroying his path! Such a bright road was being destroyed, causing Situ Hong to feel extremely excited. The jealousy suppressed in the past started breaking outwards. He did not now care to cover it up, thus the ridicule.

“Disciple brother Situ Hong, you shouldn’t say that. Disciple brother Xue Ying honestly had a good path in the past.” Wen Yong An said, “It’s just that he has veered off to the side path only.”

“Good original path? He did not even have any original path! Did you not hear what he said? He has always been casually cultivating. With such casual attitude… there will certainly be no bright future ahead!” Situ Hong did not hold back his disdain, slating his eyes at Xue Ying, “He is actually my, Situ Hong’s, disciple brother. How shameful.”

“Disciple brother Situ Hong, enough,” Du Rou Rou said.

Only then did he held back. However, the mocking sounds were still present as he was too lazy to even look at Xue Ying directly in the eyes as if he did not consider Xue Ying worthy of direct eye contact.

“Disciple brother Xue Ying, why did you make such a move recklessly, ai.” Du Rou Rou was disappointed as well.

“Brother.” Pu Yang Bo hugged Xue Ying, before laughing, “All these years, I’m always the one on the bottom of the rankings. Who would have thought that right now, I’ll be the second from last finally, haha.”

“And I’m the third from the bottom,” Yu Feng muttered.

“And I’m the fourth from the bottom,” Zhang Peng laughed.

Xue Ying looked at them silently.

Only when one was in a dire situation would the true faces of everyone be revealed. Before this, he was regarded as someone who would certainly become a Demigod. Thus, everyone treated him really well.

But now?

Pu Yang Bo, Yu Feng, Zhang Peng’s feelings towards him were still genuine. That was something Xue Ying could feel. Du Rou Rou was clearly disappointed in him. Wen Yong An had kept his distance from him. Wu Cang was still by himself, and did not say anything.

Situ Hong’s behaviour was the most obvious out of all. That sort of mockery and ridicule could not be covered.

As for the disciple sister Zhuo Yi whom he was closer with, she was currently standing further apart and shaking her head. She was too ashamed to even look at Xue Ying. She had been quite close with him in the past, and that was because Xue Ying seemed destined to become a Demigod. But the moment he became an ordinary Transcendent, she looked down on him! There were too many powerful Transcendents chasing after her.

“I’ll go back first.” Xue Ying said a few words with Yu Feng and the others. Ten years together made them good friends.

“Want to go for drinking tonight?” Pu Yang Bo asked.

“No thanks.”

Xue Ying immediately turned into a streamer and flew away.

“If I were you, I would not even have the face to step into the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World again.” Situ Hong deliberately shouted out. His voice brought with it the ripples of space as it transmitted towards Xue Ying.

Flying high up in the skies, Xue Ying turned towards Situ Hong and gave him a cold look, before flying away as he could not care less about him any longer.


Xia Capital, within Xue Ying’s mansion.

A black-robed Xue Ying descended from the skies. He flew into the mansion directly. It was rarely for him to not enter through the front doors.

“Master.” The female housekeeper Xu Qin brought a few other maidservants over to greet him respectfully. She was merely a mortal, and Xue Ying was a great and majestic Transcendent existence to her. Thus, she did not dare offend him. They could see that Xue Ying’s current mood was bad.

After all, they did not know that…

Their master Xue Ying had been severely reprimanded by one of the peak Demigod existences, and that his status had dropped tremendously

“I want to be by myself. Don’t come and disturb me.” Xue Ying ordered, before walking towards the back garden’s couch. He casually lay on it, gulping down a mouthful of the spiritual liquid condensed from the Stone of Oceanic World. That refreshed his mind, letting him feel more awake. He started thinking through everything carefully.


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