LXY Book 7: Chapter 35


Book 7: Chapter 35 – Indivisible

Xue Ying, Chi Qiu Bai, Chao Qing and Si Kong Yang were currently looking at the large gouge before them.

They could no longer find any traces of Cheng Ling Shu’s body. The only thing they could do now was to pray for her where her body had shattered to pieces.

“Dust returns to dust. Soil returns to soil. Ling Shu, I pray for your wonderful journey to the afterlife!” Chi Qiu Bai softly prayed.

“Sister Ling Shu, we will definitely kill every, single one of those demons!” Xue Ying quietly mumbled as well. Even though his voice was soft, it was a sincere promise! If anybody else were to say these words, it would be construed as an empty boast. Or maybe they would think that such wars with demons were quite frequent and, like the ones recorded within the Xia Clan’s history, would last for thousands of years. But Xue Ying was currently full of confidence. After all, he had grasped hold of two different grade two True Meanings. The moment he stepped into the realm of Demigods… he would be able to stand on top of every other Demigod in the entire history of the Xia Clan! He would become the strongest Demigod since the very first Demigod recorded within history, and, under his hand, he would wipe out all of those demons!


All he needed now was time.

Xue Ying could only keep all these feelings to himself, like a wolf silently sharpening its claws until it grew up.

“Having become a Transcendent, little lass, you should have gone through quite a fulfilling life!” Old man Chao Qing said.

“In the long history of the Xia Clan, there were many Transcendents who sacrificed themselves for the clan! Within this river of time, even though you were one among many, every single one of you has certainly made my Xia Clan proud and can be considered heroes of the clan.” Si Kong Yang’s eyes were burning with fiery anger. “In my eyes, all of you have earned my respect, unlike those selfish Demigods who turned their backs against our clan and joined the Demonic Faction.”

Si Kong Yang was a very overbearing person who held himself with pride. Yet when facing the Transcendents who died for the Xia Clan during the war, he became extremely respectful.


Xue Ying and Chi Qiu Bai soon separated.

Before leaving, Xue Ying bought a Snowstrider Horse from the city, riding it onwards as he continued his search for traces of demons!

Cheng Ling Shu had died during the battle against the demons.  Xue Ying did not have many true friends even after living for so many years, so each and every one of them were extremely precious to him. Even though Cheng Ling Shu’s death gave him heartache, he could only suppress his anguish. After all, the war with the demons would still carry on! Deaths during wartime were extremely common. If they, as Transcendents, hid themselves in the battle against the demons, then the ones to suffer were the billions upon billions of mortals.

Jia! Xue Ying rode on his horse, galloping past the official roads. His facial appearance had transformed once again, this time into a middle-aged man with a stubble of white hair carrying a sword and bag.


Although the Transcendents of the Xia Clan were extremely furious, they continued their search for demons in a careful manner. While they were searching for the demons and discovering them, the demons were also searching for Transcendents!

Every time the demons attacked the Transcendents, it would be the Demonic Avatar of a rank five demon!

To the majority of Xia Clan’s Transcendents, rank five demons… would be able to suppress them completely. The only ones capable of escaping with their lives intact were some of the Transcendent mages who possessed unpredictable, life-saving treasures. Transcendent knights, on the other hand, would usually die after being discovered by the demons.

“In the past year, five Transcendents have been killed”

Within the Elder’s Hall located in the Infernal Palace of the Infernal World, the Elders of the Xia Clan were currently having a discussion. Even though they were each in charge of different regions of the mortal world, their Qi Avatars had gathered in the Xia Capital to discuss the matter of chasing after any demons who had surfaced.

“After tracking the traces left behind by demons, we’ve found that most of the trails end right in the middle layer between realms,” Palace Head Chen said calmly. “Also, the recent five deaths were caused by sudden assassination by demons! Every time, the Transcendents reported the demon’s presence to the Infernal Palace, they died before we had a chance to reach them! Due to their lack of combat power, they were suppressed completely.

“And when they discovered the demon, they all said the same thing—that the demon was extremely powerful! Clearly, these demons did not hide their aura at all when they attacked!

“Analyzing it from a different viewpoint—

“We can be almost certain that these damnable demons are currently dispatching their most powerful rank five and rank four demons into several minor Transcendent Worlds!” Palace Head Chen concluded.


The Sea Deity Palace Head, Senior Elder Chen, gritted his teeth. “Ever since the demons invaded our world, we set up detection arrays at the entrances to the minor Transcendent Worlds. Yet all this time, there have been no alerts from them! Clearly, these demons have been finding their way through the disordered space void in between layers. And for them to find the locations of all those minor Transcendents Worlds, I bet the information must be coming from the traitorous Demonic Faction!”

How big was the void in between space?

Furthermore, it was extremely dangerous to blindly search for the accurate position of minor Transcendent Worlds in the vast, disordered space void; it was also extremely difficult, unless they had entered the minor Transcendent World beforehand. 

In addition, those entrances into the worlds had detection arrays! It was impossible for demons to be able to bypass those arrays without alerting the Xia Clan… Therefore, for them to enter with such ease through the space void, they must have had prior knowledge of the entrances and their accurate locations.

“Every time the demons invaded, the Demonic Faction must have collaborated with them. In their eyes, even if countless humans are killed, they don’t give a damn.” Si Kong Yang was extremely enraged.

“If they make a mess during peacetime, it doesn’t really matter much. But right now, they still dare to collaborate with the demons!” The cold eyes of the extremely enchanting City Lady Bu were filled with anger. She was the first person who discovered the invasion of demons and had slaughtered countless demons.

“Right now, I want everyone to think of a solution,” Mountain Lord He requested. “The minor Transcendent Worlds are places where Demigods cannot enter.”


“How should we solve this issue?”

The Elders were all frowning.

They had plenty of ideas, but none of them decided to speak out. The history of the Xia Clan was long, and there were many different situations recorded during the wars against the demons! The current situation, however, could be considered as quite a conundrum!

“This is what I’m most afraid and worried about,” Palace Head Chen said. “Before this, we had set up so many detection arrays at the entrances of all those worlds, and yet, it was futile! With the help of the Demonic Faction, the elites amongst the demons have entered the minor Transcendent Worlds. We, as Demigods, have a huge advantage against the demons of equal realm, but against those below the realm of Demigods… demons have an overwhelming advantage over us!”

The demons triumphed greatly because of their large numbers.

There were rumours that spoke of the endless number of demons in the Dark Abyss. For instance, there was an ocean in the Abyss where over 100 million demons were born.

Even though the passageway that connected the mortal world to the Dark Abyss was small, so many demons had already entered into this world.

“It can’t be helped. If only the Deity warriors could enter.” City Lady Bu frowned. “It’s such a pity that among the Laws of the World, there is one that classifies the Deity warrior as a Demigod existence.”

Deity warriors had been sent down by the ancestors of the Xia Clan.

All of them were extremely powerful and unfathomable! They had the combat power of a peak stage Demigod realm Transcendent with a hold of some powerful True Meanings.

Despite their strength, all of them had some deficiencies. Either they did not have a soul, or their souls were damaged. Refined by Deities, they were powerful combat warriors that could not be considered as living beings in the eyes of Transcendents and Deities. However, all of them had wisdom and the ability to think, allowing them to take control of different techniques and Profound Mysteries of the World to the extent of controlling a True Meaning! Thus, in the eyes of the Laws of the World, they were regarded as living beings.

Deity warriors could even match the might of a true Deity’s combat power in the Deity World. The ancestors of the Xia Clan were willing to send such powerful warriors into the mortal world, but it was a pity that the laws disapproved.

With a similar logic.

The minor Transcendent World had also forbidden the transportation of all Demigod grade treasures including Refiner Organisms and Transcendent beings. Otherwise, the Xia Clan would have long swept clean all Transcendent natives living in those worlds.

“We have no choice but to let some powerful Transcendent mages kill their way in, bringing with them some Demigod ranked magic scrolls and related treasures.” Mountain Lord He shook his head as he continued, “But according to our past experiences, once the demons enter those minor Transcendent Worlds, they will definitely build their nests and set up arrays! These arrays would even require a Demigod some time to break it down. If we were to ask the Saint realm Transcendents to go in, with their understanding of the realms naturally inferior to ours, the percentage of their success in breaking those arrays would be even smaller.”

Like the ones built at the Snowrock Castle, arrays had the power to trap a Demigod demon for a period of time!

As for the demons who invaded this world, they were members of a Demon Legion. As a legion, they would have considered all things and prepared beforehand. This time, they had assembled a total of five legion camps in five different minor Transcendent Worlds. Naturally, they had set up arrays in each of those worlds. These arrays… were even more formidable than the array set up in Xue Ying’s Snowrock Castle.

Illusions, entrapment, killing arrays… 

In other words —

If Demigod experts had a high enough understanding of the realms and an endless supply of power in their body, they would be able to break those arrays if given enough time! After all, the arrays had a limited amount of energy stored within.

But what of Saint realm Transcendent mages? Bringing some scrolls with them would not do anything to those arrays.

“It seems that the Transcendents of this generation will have to sacrifice themselves.” Palace Head Chen’s eyes were pained. As Demigods, the number of deaths within their rank were extremely low. Below their rank, however, there would be more and more Transcendents dying in the future. If they did not go all out in attacking the demons by relying on this small number of Demigods from the Xia Clan, they would certainly not be able to protect their entire ancestral land.

“We have no choice.” Mountain Lord He shook his head.


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