LXY Book 7: Chapter 36


Book 7: Chapter 36 – Attacking the Minor Transcendent World

Although Palace Head Chen and the other Xia Clan elders knew that these rank four and five demons had invaded the Minor Transcendent Worlds, the current situation was quite a conundrum!

But they couldn’t give up!

History had shown that if these rank four and five demons were allowed  to invade and colonize the Minor Transcendent Worlds, their Demonic Avatars would eventually turn their attention to ambushing the Xia Clan’s Transcendents! If that situation arose, the Xia Clan would incur innumerable casualties. During a simple frontal fight against an ordinary demon, the Xia Clan Transcendents would normally be able to preserve their lives. But, when dueling a rank five demon’s Demonic Avatar, the probability of survival was too low.

“This is their deadliest strategy!” City Lady Bu exclaimed, dissatisfaction exuding from her eyes. “Everyone, please think of a method that could lessen our Xia Clan’s Transcendent casualties.”



“I’ll try my best to think of some plans.”

“The lair constructed by those demons in the Minor Transcendent Worlds—perhaps they have weak magic arrays? Maybe we can try to break them.”

Demigod Transcendent Mages also put forth several suggestions, only to have the other Demigods refute them!

In the process of proposing and refuting plans, many plans were eliminated, while others were improved and perfected.


After three days of discussion, the elders decided on a plan. The top six Saint Transcendents, three of which were Transcendent Mages, would form a team. This team would take a treasure specialised in breaking magic arrays and send their Qi or Magic Avatars to raid the Minor Transcendent Worlds.

The main purpose of this venture was to break the magic array! If they were unable to break it, the only thing waiting for them was defeat.


Half a month later.

All preparations were done. Mountain Lord He and City Lady Bu personally accompanied the top six Saint ranked Transcendents.

On a mountain peak where a cold, biting wind was blowing.

Mountain Lord He was waiting there.

“The six of you…”

City Lady Bu gazed at the Qi Avatars and Magic Avatars of the six Saint ranked Transcendents and said, “All of you know how important this mission is. You can only depend on yourselves after you enter the Minor Transcendent World! All of you must be cautious and try your best in breaking the array. Once the array is broken, you can use the Demigod’s Spell scroll and any other methods you possess to directly attack and kill them!”

According to their gathered intelligence, the demon legions had no way of matching the Xia Clan in terms of artifacts. The Demon Gods of the Dark Abyss were very stingy. There was no way for a Demigod there to get their hands on a Deity Weapon! The Xia Clan, on the other hand, had many Ancestors and Deities who were willing to refine powerful scrolls and treasures before their ascent to the Deity World. In this way, the Xia Clan accumulated precious artifacts generation after generation, and the inheritance they had amassed was astonishing!

Of course, over the long years, there had been many obstacles, so the Xia Clan had to use many of their resources.

“Equipped with Deity Weapons, our Xia Clan’s Demigods have an overwhelming advantage!” City Lady Bu’s voice was full of killing intent. “Moreover, the Deity World soldiers are still not moving! Demon Generals have no way of entering the Minor Transcendent Worlds, so we need not worry about those Demon Demigods who can only hole up. Once they appear, however, we will attack and kill them!”

“As for those demons below the Demigod level, their numbers are too large!” City Lady Bu gritted her teeth. “They have the absolute advantage in numbers. If their elite rank four and five demons enter the Minor Transcendent Worlds, there would be no life threatening danger to their real bodies since they can just safely send their Demonic Avatar to ambush and assassinate us.” 

“If it continues like this…”

“Looking at the record of our past wars with the demons, no matter how careful we are, or how many strategies or tricks we have, after a period of time… perhaps 80% of our numbers will perish!” City Lord Bu continued, “I do not want to see that scene! We, as Demigods, really hate our helplessness.”

“If you fail, then we will no longer have any hope.”

“This is our Xia Clan’s biggest crisis and biggest disaster!”

City Lady Bu looked at them. “As long as we can pass this crisis, the casualties from this war with the demons will be greatly reduced!”

If the demons hiding within the Minor Transcendent World dared to send their Demonic Avatars for any assassinations, the Xia Clan’s Demigods hoped to follow them through space and find their location! If the demons were inside the Mortal World and tried to mount a sneak attack with their Demonic Avatars, the Xia Clan’s Transcendents could even more easily detect their presence with World Energy. Not only their location, but even their lair could be found quickly. 


“City Lady Bu, we will do our best.”

“We will definitely do our best to destroy the array.”

The six Transcendents all responded.

They were selected because breaking an array required specific methods, which were more effective than sending a Demigod to break it! A Demigod had an advantage, however, in their endless power. They could use brute force to continuously attack and exhaust the array’s energy.

As for the Transcendents?

In comparison, they were much weaker and only could depend on treasures. Moreover, a Demigod grade spell scroll was only equivalent to one attack by a Demigod! Even if they had a hundred scrolls… it was still only equivalent to a hundred attacks by a Demigod. How could it compare with a real Demigod’s endless flow of attacks?

Even with information on the array, forcibly crushing and breaking it with artifacts could not be done half-heartedly. Yet from another perspective, they could afford to do so as the material and their supply of the treasures were not inferior in any way.

“It depends on you all.”

Mountain Lord He and City Lady Bu led them through the void until they arrived near a Minor Transcendent World’s membrane wall before directly ripping the wall apart.

Six Transcendent Qi  and Magic Avatars entered, borrowing the World Energy to quickly investigate.


There were numerous Minor Transcendent Worlds and could only be searched one by one.

After spending more than two hours checking over thirty Minor Transcendent Worlds, they finally found one where the demons were stationed.

“Xia Clan Transcendents incoming.”

“Ha ha ha, come, come, let’s see what these Xia Clan Transcendents are up to!” A lofty, heavily-guarded palace had already set up their array. This was because using arrays as their vanguard was a strategy frequently used by the demons, and it was certainly a very effective one. The rank four and five demons leisurely watched Xia Clan’s Transcendents’ efforts to break through.


In the void outside the Minor Transcendent World’s membranous wall.

Mountain Lord He and City Lady Bu waited anxiously. Even  at their level, they could only await the results.

These six were the most knowledgeable Saint Transcendents on the subject of magic arrays. They also possessed the most suitable treasures to break the magic array. If their joint attack couldn’t break the array, there would be no other way to break it.

Of course, Mountain Lord He and City Lady Bu didn’t know that Xue Ying had already grasped grade two True Meanings. This kind of information was top secret.

The six Transcendents did their utmost to break the array. Their real bodies also received advice from the Xia Clan’s Demigods through their communication wristbands. Unfortunately, those Demigods had no way of seeing the array. An array had many fluctuations and other factors that couldn’t be explained or pictured by a mere verbal description.

Two hours later.

“They fell into the array and are unable to advance or escape. They can’t support their Avatars any longer and thus decided to use the treasure on it!” information came through.


A crashing noise resounded.

Mountain Lord He and City Lady Bu, who remained inside the disordered space void, looked at the distant space membrane wall that had exploded. The inner part of the Minor Transcendent World also surged with energy. This attack had consumed many  treasures, but the space membrane wall quickly restored itself.

“They couldn’t even break the outermost array.” Mountain Lord He sighed. “We had hoped for too much.”

“Damn.” City Lady Bu gritted her teeth, fury flashing through her eyes.

They had hoped—hoped that the demon legion was disorganized and that the array was weak one. In reality, it was the complete opposite. This was a perfectly organized legion with no major flaws. They also had a powerful array! The six Saint level Transcendents prepared by the Xia Clan couldn’t even break the outermost array.

This fact completely shattered the Xia Clan’s Demigods’ vision!


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  2. Thanks for the chapter Miseal, Ruze, Spud, Hafoza, and Zero! I wonder if Xue Ying could use his Extreme Piercing to destroy key points of the array.

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