LXY Book 7: Chapter 39


Book 7: Chapter 39 – That Fateful Day… Has Arrived!

Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9680, Summer.

By the side of a secluded lake, beneath a slightly tilted, thick and solid willow, a white robed teenager was sitting cross-legged, fishing. This teenager was none other than Xue Ying, who had changed his appearance while in search of demons! Naturally, he had borrowed the World Energy to observe the surrounding radius of 50 kilometers. This area contained a few villages, even a bandit group.

The willow branches were swaying in the breeze. Occasionally, ripples formed on the surface of the lake.



The fishing line vibrated, and the surface of the water bubbled.

“Oh?” Xue Ying immediately pulled up his fishing rod. It flew to the shore, bringing along with it a big fish.

“Jing Qiu, I’ve caught another fish, and it’s rather big at about 1.5 kilograms.” Xue Ying chatted with Jing Qiu via the communication wristband.

“Disciple brother Xue Ying, your luck is quite good today. This should be your fifth or sixth fish already. I’m currently shopping for clothes. The store I’m in is pretty commonplace, but it actually sells clothes that they designed themselves. Although the owner is just an ordinary mage, he came up with some good designs for the clothes,” Jing Qiu replied. As the search for traces of demons had always been extremely mundane, they had to find some activities to while away their time. “Oh yes, disciple brother Xue Ying, do you not have any plans to visit Qing Shi at the Eternal Wind Academy? He actually broke through to the Legend rank. As his elder brother, you should at least go and congratulate him!”

“Is breaking through to the Legend rank that big of a matter?” Xue Ying retorted.

Even though he replied that way, he still felt extremely elated on the inside.

Having watched his little brother grow up, they were mutually fond of each other. In his heart, his feelings for his brother were extremely deep.

“I can’t praise this brat too much. Right now, he finally broke through to the Legend rank and is sure to be extremely proud of himself. If I rushed back to see him now, he might not even know who he is by the end!” Xue Ying said. “Let him cool down for a moment and realise how things actually are, so that he won’t get too full of himself.”

“You shouldn’t look down on your little brother. Having been able to step into the Legend rank, he should have attained quite a high level of refinement in his spirit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to attain the stage of One with the World.”

After chatting for a while, their conversation gradually died down.

Xue Ying continued fishing. As he fished, he could feel his own thoughts turning towards his comprehension of Profound Mysteries and spear techniques.

These few years…

His Qi had already reached the peak stage Saint realm, and his body had also reached the early stage of the Saint realm. These tasks were quite simple, however, since he only needed to spend some time consuming Origin Stones in order to attain the required energy.

Whether it was the countless mortals or the Transcendents… they continued living their daily lives as usual. Of course, there had been many injuries and deaths happening as of late. Each time the demons returned to their wanton slaughter, there were large numbers of mortals dying. This was unremarkable for the Xia Clan as a whole, but whenever Xue Ying and the others chased after the demons, they would realise that the demons had long since fled, leaving behind a scene of misery.


While fishing under the willow and pondering the refinement of his spear techniques, Xue Ying suddenly had a realisation. In his mind, all the different thoughts were pointing towards a single conclusion.

An enlightenment!

This feeling was incredible. Xue Ying examined his surroundings. The sky and the ground remained the same. The surface of the lake was still just the surface of the lake. All the distant trees, the mountains and wild birds felt the same as before.

But… somehow, they felt different as well.

The landscape did not change! The world did not change!

Yet in reality, a transformation had occurred.

Xue Ying was able to see the essence behind the reality, the fundamental rules that governed the world behind the scenes. When he saw that behind the Myriad Existences of the world were countless Laws of Profound Mysteries revolving, he was only able to perceive a very small part of the entire picture. This small part, however, was extremely close to the true essence of the Profound Mysteries! With it, he felt as if he had become the ‘ruler’ of this world!

When learning a new craft, an ordinary person might not understand any of it, thinking the craft extremely complex. Only when the craft was truly mastered would one be able to easily see through the true essence underlying it.

The same logic applied in this sense as well.

Once he fully grasped hold of a True Meaning, Xue Ying would be akin to having a sharp blade—a blade that could pry open the entire revolving Laws of the World! The closer this blade was to the essence, the more terrifying and dangerous its potential in causing destruction to the Laws. This time, while fishing, Xue Ying had grasped hold of an extremely terrifying sharp blade.

Anything within this area of 50 kilometers around me is within my attacking range. Xue Ying felt drunk on this feeling.

Let’s test it out. With a movement of his hand, a distant falling leaf immediately flew onto Xue Ying’s palm.

Clasping the leaf between his fingers, he threw it!


The nature of a fallen leaf would not contain any sort of Qi, but its surface contained a layer of essence! This sort of mystical power was unpredictable and appeared due to the Laws of Profound Mysteries! For him to reach the level of manipulating this essence represented the comprehension of a True Meaning! The formation by the Laws of Profound Mysteries!

The leaf immediately penetrated through space, containing within it a power that seemed to be able to tear through every obstacle in its way.

Following that, in a location about fifty kilometers away.

A fragment of the leaf appeared out of nowhere at the peak of a mountain. It immediately tore through a large mountain rock 3.3 meters in height. The moment the leaf touched that rock, the layer of True Meaning encapsulating the leaf immediately punctured the mountain rock. Soundlessly… the rock was pierced through. This was not piercing in the material sense. Instead, it had pierced through the Laws of Profound Mysteries!

It was an even deeper layer of particles beyond atoms and molecules that had been pierced through! In other words, the most fundamental particles had been cleaved! The deepest layer had been destroyed!

“Disperse!” Xue Ying immediately sent a thought.

The leaf containing True Meaning immediately lost its power. Having already penetrated through the big rock, the leaf floated down slowly in midair.

As for the large mountain rock, it had a finger-width hole in it, yet no dust from the rock could be seen.

If I hadn’t taken the initiative to disperse the True Meaning covering it, I’m afraid this fragment of the leaf would have continued piercing through for more than 500 kilometers, Xue Ying thought. Unknowingly, I have finally reached the level of that expert who had left behind battle scars within the cavern palace of the Black-Wind Abyss.

A single move from that expert had destroyed the immense pillars supporting the cavern palace, tearing through its way for more than fifty kilometers.

Even more, Xue Ying’s attack was converged onto a single point!

Even though the two moves had their pros and cons, they were both on the same standing in terms of power.

The strength of a Demigod?

Xue Ying was startled.

Even when using any single Law of Profound Mystery in attacks, the might of a True Meaning had great power! Xue Ying’s fully completed True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, however, currently had a power so great that with a single smash outwards with his fist, he could annihilate a city of 50 kilometers in radius or disintegrate mountain.

The Laws of Profound Mysteries by themselves could control the World Energy!

Of course, this was the most simple type of power.

Only when one’s strength matched the Laws of Profound Mysteries could it be called terrifying! A muscular man blindly smashing his fist at someone would only do so much damage. If that muscular man was instead matched up with a sharp blade, his combat power would be greatly increased due to his strength being matched up with the sharpness of the blade.

One’s innate power would be akin to having strength! What was contained by the True Meaning—the Laws of Profound Mysteries—was the sharp blade!

That was why… everyone aimed to attain a True Meaning of an even higher grade!

“Palace Head Chen.” Xue Ying remained seated with the fishing rod at his side.

“Xue Ying?” Palace Head Chen was currently in his study room within the Xia Capital’s Infernal Palace. It had long been filled by the large volume of scrolls. Even though he remained within the Infernal Palace, he was actually the one arranging and dispatching all the Transcendents of the Xia Clan! Even the Dragon Mountain Manor’s intelligence network that covered the entire world was under his lead. For him to be able to assume this position meant that he had an unquestionable loyalty and had long sworn his soul to his clan.

Currently, the message sent by Xue Ying sent shivers through his heart.

That was because… Xue Ying would rarely take the initiative to contact him. Furthermore, it hadn’t been too long since their last meeting.

“Palace Head Chen, I’ve finally grasped hold of the complete True Meaning!” Xue Ying transmitted.


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