LXY Book 7: Chapter 45


Book 7: Chapter 45 – The Palace of the Demons

Palace Head Chen was currently standing in front of the door to his study room, overlooking the mountains outside the Xia Capital. However, the focus of his eyes wasn’t on any of those mountains. The one he was currently thinking of deep inside his heart was Xue Ying. Xue Ying, you must succeed! The fates of half of my Xia Clan’s Transcendents lie on this gamble of yours. You must not lose!

In the chaotic void layer in between space, Mountain Lord He, Chi Qiu Bai and Si Kong Yang were all nervously waiting.

Other than Xue Ying himself, there were only four people in the entire Xia Clan who knew about the mission.

They were all nervously waiting.


With Xue Ying’s current combat power, they had faith that he would certainly be able to get rid of the demons’ bases, but the enemies he was facing were, after all, still the elites of the demon’s army! Previously, they dispatched the peak Saint Transcendents who specialized in breaking arrays, yet they could not even unravel the outermost array at all. This sufficed in proving that the Demon Army’s arrays were not that easy to break through!

And the moment they failed… 

They were not willing to accept that conclusion at all!

Disciple brother Xue Ying. On the Snowrock Mountain, in the Snow Eagle territory, there was also a woman worrying about the safety of Xue Ying.


In the minor Transcendent World.

Xue Ying was currently standing in a vast wasteland. This part of the wasteland was devoid of any creatures—it seemed that the demons had long slaughtered every single being.

Looking down at his wrist, there was no green-gray wristband. Xue Ying was also quite nervous. Right now, everything depends entirely on my own abilities! That Deity warrior who had always followed him was ultimately of the Demigod realm. Under the regulations of the Laws of the World, it could not enter this minor Transcendent World.

This time, I must succeed. Failure is not an option!

Xue Ying would not accept failure under any conditions.

Should he fail, the thousands of years would see large numbers of Transcendents belonging to the Xia Clan dying! If he won, that loss would be greatly reduced.

Even though it was easy to talk about the death of half the Transcendents, in reality, every single death was not just part of a statistic, but represented a life. Like Peng Shan, Zi Che Gu feng, Chao Qing, Yu Feng and Pu Yang Bo, they were close friends of his for many years. Even the person whom he was most concerned for, Jing Qiu… and the currently Legend ranked father of his, Dong Bo Lie, his little brother, Qing Shi, all had a probability of dying during the long war.

These five bases are the greatest threat to my Xia Clan! The greatest calamity! I must get rid of them thoroughly! Xue Ying was absolutely clear of the burden placed on his shoulders.

This mission of resolving the disaster laid entirely on his figure! If he could not succeed, then the other Saints would have no hopes at all!


The wind whistled through this part of the wasteland.

Xue Ying closed his eyes, borrowing the True Meaning of Star to start feeling the surrounding space. With him as the center, anything in a radius of 50 kilometers around  him was under the control of his Gravity Domain! As for the area outside that range, his senses would start getting muffled exponentially… but relying on the fluctuations wrought onto space itself, he could still sense things happening even further.

Judging solely on how good one was at feeling fluctuations, the True Meaning of Star would excel over other True Meanings.

However, his True meaning of Extreme Piercing would be much stronger when judged based on the ability to forcibly penetrate through space to teleport.

Mn? Xue Ying used his control over the surrounding 50 kilometers to sense all strands of space fluctuations beyond that.


To his right, approximately 4500 kilometers away, there was an area of absolute quietness! That area did not have any space fluctuations at all. Based on his senses… that area of absolute quietness would even cause others to feel apprehensive of it.

That’s the location! Xue Ying thought. The base of the demons should be located right there!

The scale of the minor Transcendent World was much smaller than that of a major Transcendent World, and even smaller when compared to the mortal world. Thus, Xue Ying did not need to traverse to other places. Just relying on his True Meaning of Star to feel for any fluctuations in space, he could sense a total distance of approximately 15,000 kilometers.

The entire minor Transcendent World only has this area of absolute quietness! Xue Ying opened his eyes, looking towards the northeastern direction of the wasteland. Space fluctuation is a natural phenomenon. But since that area is so quiet, there must be an external influence!

To set up an array… 

The most fundamental step would be to seal the space shut. Otherwise, the enemy would easily teleport himself inside the base! Even though not many Demigods were able to seal space, many such arrays still existed. Those among the Transcendent mages who excelled in this could easily refine a set of arrays for that purpose. After all, it was an absolute precursor for setting up arrays!

The Demon Army will bring with them arrays of differing strengths, depending on the strength of their elite, Xue Ying thought. According to the information provided by Palace Head Chen, the array set-up this time should be so formidable that even the outermost layer could not be broken by the previous team of Transcendents.

I must examine it.

Two different plans for differing situations, Xue Ying decided in his mind. He would count on his current combat power to plan for any contingencies. Regardless, he would still have to examine the arrays in order to decide upon which of the plans to use.

Let’s begin!


Xue Ying immediately turned into a stream of light soundlessly, entering deep into the ground. With his grasp of the True Meaning of Star, his travelling speed underground was quite terrifying.

As for the reason why he was travelling underground, it was because he had been afraid that there might be several weak demons patrolling above ground! The demons would also borrow the World Energy to investigate for any disturbances. Xue Ying could only try his best to prevent such scenarios from happening. Of course, according to the intelligence provided by Xia Clan, the demons did not have any plans of having patrols!

That was natural.

This location which they had their base set up in would be their accommodation for more than a thousand years. If they wanted to borrow on World Energy to be on the lookout all the time? How tiring would that be! Xue Ying had already felt fatigue even when he had his senses out for half a year continuously. Adding on their absolute confidence in the arrays, they did not feel threatened at all.

In a short moment, Xue Ying was just about 100 kilometers away from that place of absolute quietness.

Deep underground.

A particle was currently hiding. It condensed into a black-robed teenager. However, this figure had fluctuations of the Law of Profound Mysteries, allowing him to be One with the Earth.

Mn? Xue Ying started using his True Meaning of Extreme Piercing for sensing.

Layers after layers of power.

The power of sealing space shut, the power of thunder, the power of darkness… clearly, these were the defenses that made up the array. Those demons were living in the center of the array, with the surrounding array protecting them! Without penetrating through this obstacle, one would be unable to harm those demons!

The obstacles are quite formidable, Xue Ying thought. It’s alright though. My True Meaning of Extreme Piercing could penetrate 15 kilometers in one go!

Under ordinary circumstances, he could penetrate through 50 kilometers of distance easily.

As for the obstacles caused by the arrays, the weaker ones would not affect such an offensive True Meaning. The True Meaning of Extreme Piercing was absolutely tyrannical! All Myriad Existences would be penetrated by it! Regardless of what kind, it could still penetrate through all the arrays! But if the obstacles were too large, then the distance it could penetrate through would decrease drastically. If the arrays were extremely earthshaking, then not even Extreme Piercing could penetrate through it! Of course, as Xue Ying’s understanding of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing deepened, his penetrative power would also become stronger!

15 kilometers, Xue Ying pondered. The area of absolute quietness enveloped an area of about 30 kilometers in radius!

I just have to forcibly penetrate through it twice! ThenI could enter the inner area!

The first plan will easily succeed if that’s the case.

Time to begin!


With two teleports, Xue Ying appeared above the surface from a distance 50 kilometers underground.

On the surface of the Earth.

The black-robed teenager Xue Ying appeared in mid-air. He could feel the aura of darkness ahead of him. That vast and obscure aura surrounded quite an extravagant-looking demon palace. This palace occupied a total of 50 kilometers in area!

Kill! The moment Xue Ying appeared above the ground, he did not have any hesitation. Immediately, he displayed his Extreme Piercing!


Xue Ying instantly disappeared from his original location, penetrating through the layers and layers of obstacles, including the obstacle that sealed space itself which was clearly unable to stop the Extreme Piercing! Being a grade two True Meaning that was on the extreme end of offense… it would be truly rare to see even a Demigod ranked demon in the Dark Abyss having it. Thus, the Demon Army would not be able to prepare for an array to counteract this Extreme Piercing. The price of preparation would be too great!

Mn? The moment he appeared, Xue Ying was already inside the darkness filled part of the array. He did not stop displaying his Extreme Piercing!

The speed of these two Extreme Piercings was very shocking.

Ahead of him, Xue Ying felt the world brightened as he appeared inside an extravagant-looking main hall. The lights of the hall were still bright, and there was currently an ugly demon snoring in his sleep.


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