LXY Book 7: Chapter 47


Book 7: Chapter 47 – This is Extreme Piercing (I)

The demons were currently synchronizing perfectly, especially the two strongest rank five demons—the crimson-horned demon and the black-robed demon who used 19 different sabers. They were attacking Xue Ying simultaneously.

Seeing the incoming attacks, Xue Ying floated unperturbed in mid-air, not bothering to hide the killing intent in his eyes.


He took a single step, forcibly penetrating through space itself to arrive at a distant space many hundreds of meters away.


The five demons who had initially surrounded him and were closing towards his location realised that with a single Extreme Piercing, Xue Ying appeared in an entirely different position. These five demons were now situated towards the east of Xue Ying’s current position.


Hong long long ~ Xue Ying extended his right hand, producing a dazzling, fiery-red light which exploded out from his palm. The fiery-red Transcendent Qi surged out to form an enormous pillar, which transformed into the shape of a fan and swept across in the direction of the demons! This enormous, fiery-red pillar of light was imbued with the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. Yet due to its wide area of effect, the technique’s might would be spread out equally.

But that was enough!

Being imbued with the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, the fiery-red Transcendent Qi’s fan-like structure was extremely fast. As they were originally situated so close together, other than the crimson-horned demon who could escape the area of effect, the other four had no chance at all!

“Mn?” Even though Wu Lang could escape, he had chosen not to. “He actually displayed an attack with such a wide area of effect? With its power being spread out so thinly… I really want to see how powerful it is.”

If he could not even defend from this attack, then it would be better for him to just admit defeat and suicide! This was his best opportunity to investigate Xue Ying’s current combat power.

“Hmph!” Placing his gigantic, claw-like weapon in front of his body, Wu Lang covered it with his True Meaning of Shattered Space. Using that tyrannical demon body of his, he stood firm against the incoming dazzling, fiery-red pillar of light.

The two True Meanings clashed.

At the juncture when they hit each other… 

Wu Lang’s expression turned unsightly. He could feel some terrifying Laws of Profound Mysteries suppressing him in an overbearing way. Fortunately, it was an attack with a wide area of effect encompassing an area with a radius of about one kilometer. But that small part of the technique’s might still consumed his energy rapidly, especially considering he was currently using his Demonic Energy alongside the True Meaning of Shattered Space to defend himself from the attack!

“How is that possible? Even when he uses such an attack with such a wide area of effect, he can still suppress me?” Wu Lang was shocked. “Doesn’t that mean that in a one-on-one fight, I wouldn’t even have any chance of survival?”

This Wu Lang, who had a grade three True Meaning, could not even defend himself confidently against an attack with a wide area of effect. The other four demons could be considered even more miserable.

“Ah!” The black-robed demon groaned painfully. His True Meaning of Wave Domain could not match the might of the attack. It was as if he tried defending himself with a sieve, the attack immediately penetrated through his protective layer of True Meaning. However, the outer black robe he was wearing allowed him to survive this attack. That robe was an extremely powerful defensive Demigod grade treasure, and it was during crucial situations like this that it protected his entire body from harm. Even though Transcendent Qi could not forcibly penetrate through it, the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing’s terrifying penetrative force… was akin to a lofty mountain pressing its entire weight on his body, causing even that undying body of his to start disintegrating. Blood spurted out of his mouth!

“How could he be so powerful?” The black-robed demon’s eyes were filled with disbelief. 

“This Dong Bo Xue Ying… how could he be so much more powerful than all of us.”

“This Transcendent of the Xia Clan… is too powerful!”

“Sir Wu Lang, save us!”

The other three rank four demons were the most miserable out of all of them!

Had it been a simple attack with a mere flying dart like penetrative force, they could have still used the inherent vitality of their bodies to recover from the short term destruction! Even though this type of injury was extremely serious—even more than being pierced through the head or the heart—the life force of an undying body would still allow them to survive 8 to 10 of those attacks.

But the current scenario was completely different.

Xue Ying’s wide area of effect attack was meant to target these three rank four demons. That majestically thick fan of light had swept across them, such that he still trusted the terrifying might brought by his True Meaning of Extreme Piercing even though the Transcendent Qi was spread out thinly! Ultimately, just the power of a peak stage Saint realm Qi was too weak.

Instead, the Transcendent Qi was there to act as a cover.

Hu hu hu~ The fiery-red light suppressed the three of them. Their protective layers of True Meaning could not even defend them against the attack, and neither did they have the protective treasure of the black-robed demon to protect the different parts of their bodies. Within a split second, their undying bodies completely crumbled apart. At the same time, all the particles which had disintegrated started recovering due to their powerful life forces. Yet as soon as they started recovering, these fundamental particles which constituted their undying bodies began crumbling apart once again under the Laws of Profound Mysteries of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.

The sweep of the fiery-red light pillar lasted a full second.

Only when Xue Ying could no longer feel the aura of these three rank four demons did he stop.

The fan-like pillar of light which had reached close to two kilometers in radius finally began returning back to its source. All the Transcendent Qi he had released entered back into Xue Ying! This Qi amounted to about 20 percent of his total; of course, he could collect it back since this move of his depended solely on the might of his True Meaning. So there was not much consumption in terms of his Qi.

One wide area of effect attack!

Caused three rank four demons to die!

Shua. The moment Xue Ying finished displaying his previous move, the next Extreme Piercing started appearing again in front of that black-robed demon. This time, the Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear in his hand directly pierced towards him.

“Ah!” The black-robed demon was so frightened that he continuously hid himself under the protection of that black robe. That was because the black robe could protect his entire body, and considering the Demigod grade materials it was made from… Xue Ying could not destroy it.


The  spear brought with it a terrifying penetrative force piercing right at that black robe, causing the power to transmit inwards. The demon’s figure shattered instantly, but this was merely the destruction of his scales, flesh and bones! The most fundamental layer of atoms had not disintegrated. With this type of injury… he could still survive even after a hundred or a thousand attacks!

What should I do, what should I do? Will I have to hide in this defensive treasure of mine all the way? But if this keeps going, my life force will eventually run out. That black-robed demon was anxious deep inside his heart, but he could do nothing but hide inside that black robe of his.

Hong! Xue Ying did not hesitate to attack a second time.

At the same time the spear pierced out, it suddenly disappeared in mid-air, and when it reappeared, the spearhead was actually inside the body of that black-robed demon! This spearhead was imbued with the Profound Mysteries of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, which destroyed his body so fast that even his most fundamental atoms started disintegrating.

How could that be— The black-robed demon was incredibly alarmed and frightened. How could this Dark Abyss Demigod robe of mine fail to defend against that attack?

Extreme Piercing.

Everything would be penetrated by it. It could forcibly pierce through space and material before appearing inside the body of his enemy! But at the moment it appeared, it would still be resisted by the material layer of that black robe! After all, without any resistance at all on the material level… the spear would have to pierce through that black robe before entering the body of that demon.

Thus, at that juncture when it appeared, the spear and the black robe would have a repulsive effect on the material layer!

To be safe, he decided to only use the spearhead to block that black robe.

This spearhead was, after all, made up of Stellar Stones from the Deity World! What it was famous for was its sharpness and hardness that could match the might of a Mid-Grade Demigod without needing any arrays to improve its strength! Right now, in this battle on the material layer, the spearhead had clearly won! Its material remained completely intact, though the same could not be said for the black robe, as a hole had appeared on it.

This was the Extreme Piercing! Wanting to depend on a Demigod rank treasure to survive? What a joke!

One must still depend on his own combat power. Either his body had to be strong enough to resist against the attack, or his True Meaning would have to be powerful enough to resist the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing! Otherwise, death would be the only conclusion!

It was actually pierced through? Being frightened off ever since the wave of Transcendent Qi from before, Wu Lang was currently teleporting in an attempt to escape from the area, only to discover shockingly that the Dark Abyss Demigod robe was pierced through? Since he was currently escaping for his life, he had missed out on something. In reality, it was actually the repulsion on the layer of the Laws of Profound Mysteries that led to the Stellar Stone and the materials used to refine that black robe to compete against each other on the material layer. All of that led to the frightening end result—of piercing through a Demigod grade robe!


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