LXY Book 8: Chapter 15



Book 8: Chapter 15 – Pu Yang Bo

The seven of them had never thought that they would be free so soon. After all, collecting the treasure from the major Transcendent World in the presence of native Demigods that should not be riled was a dangerous task!

“Give me a brief introduction to all your combat powers.” Xue Ying eyed the seven warriors in front of him, trying to calm the excitement within his heart. These were seven Deity warriors with a truly tyrannical combat power! Excluding the True Meaning of Mirage, the weakest White Fog Ape was comparable to him! The other six were much stronger than him.

“Master, you can call me Bi Mo!” The Black Rat said. “That is the name given to me by my first master.”


“I am the leader of the Five Shadows, Gold Devil!” The gold man said vigorously.

“I am the second amongst the Five Shadows, Saint Child.” A cold and apathetic child said. His eyes were filled with a cold and endless darkness.

“I am the third of the Five Shadows, Delicate Beauty!” The seductive woman smiled with an attractive charm. If Xue Ying judged by appearances, then this woman would be the number one most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her appearance and figure were perfect! A smile and a knit of her brows would move the souls of others. If she was compared to his Jing Qiu though, there was still a point she lacked.

Jing Qiu might not be as beautiful as this seductive woman in terms of appearances, but Jing Qiu exuded this aura that could be described as—human! Although Deity warriors had spirit, they were so perfect that they did not feel human anymore.

“I am the fourth, Battle General!” The red-haired handsome teenager was full of mettle as he said, “Master, if you have any enemy whom you want to defeat, just call me.”

“I am the fifth, Blade Assassin!” The gray-robed male did not say much.

The very last Deity warrior would be the White Fog Ape. He introduced himself. “I am called Lei Wu, and am the weakest amongst the seven.”

The gold man continued, “If we were to compare the combat power between Water Rat, second brother, and me, we are quite close to one another. If it’s in terms of direct offense, then I’m the strongest! Regarding defense, then Water Rat is the best in that area! Second brother is balanced in both aspects. Although he might be weaker than the Water Rat in terms of defense, his offensive ability is quite close to mine. Our combat powers are similar to the limit Deity warriors are placed under by the Laws of the World in the mortal world.”

Xue Ying felt great joy from hearing that.

Three Deity warriors that were close to the limit of power?

“Third sister’s specialty is seducing and assassinating others. Fourth and fifth brother specialize in direct offense.” The gold man said, “We, as the Five Shadows, were refined from a single expert in the Deity world. One material was used to make all of us, the ‘Deity World Shadow Wood’. This gives the five of us the innate ability to enter the shadow space. To us, living in the shadow space is as easy as breathing. For our entire life, it’ll remain as easy as always, and that’s the reason why we are termed as the Five Shadows!”

“Moving through the shadow space?” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened after hearing that.

For someone to survive eternally in the shadow space, it was akin to the first stage realm of the True Meaning of Mirage. As a result, the five of them were proficient in assassinations as well!

Of course, compared to Xue Ying who could walk in the Mirage, there was some qualitative differences!

“Right now, I want all of you to clean out the entire Black Wind Deity Palace. Whatever you can carry, just take it.” Xue Ying requested, “In a bit, we’ll congregate in the main hall.”

“Yes.” The seven Deity warriors immediately disappeared.


A short moment later.

At the entrance to the Black Wind Deity Palace’s Cavern Palace, the red-robed Xue Ying walked out with seven Deity warriors and 12 refiner organisms following behind him.

“Master.” In front of Xue Ying was a gigantic Black Dragon that was currently entrenched in the ground. His figure was huge, so he could only obediently extend his head towards Xue Ying while lowering his head and look excitedly at Xue Ying with the pair of gigantic golden eyes, “You are too formidable. I truly did not expect that I could regain my freedom so soon. Haha, I, Black Dragon, am finally free!”

“You still cannot leave this place!” Xue Ying said.

“Ah!” The Black Dragon’s two golden eyes immediately widened like two wide balls.

“I’ve already obtained the inheritance from the Black Wind Deity Palace, but for this period of time, I do not want anyone to know about it.” Xue Ying said, “This is why you and the refiner organisms behind you should temporarily remain in the Black Wind Abyss as the protectors for this location like in the past. This is done in order to mislead other people.”

“That cannot be possible, Master!” Black Dragon hurriedly shouted. “I’ve waited for this day for far too long… Why can the seven of them leave and not me? Is it because I, old dragon’s, combat power is the weakest? I know I can’t defeat the seven of them, but I should be stronger than the 12 Saint refiner organisms over there.”

Xue YIng laughed. “This is unrelated to how strong or weak you are. It’s just that your reputation as the Black Dragon is too huge! Everyone knows that there is a Black Dragon stationed outside the Black Wind Deity Palace protecting it. If you disappeared suddenly, it’ll certainly attract unwanted attention… Thus, I believe you should know your importance compared to all of them. This is also the reason why they can leave, but you must temporarily remain here.”

“”Oh.” The Black Dragon’s head lowered with understanding. If he left, then it would be akin to publicizing the news that the treasures of the Black Wind Deity Palace had been obtained.

Even though publicizing it might not be anything huge, right now, the Demon Generals were all lurking in the dark. Xue Ying did not wish for it to be known as of now.

“Master, how long do I have to wait for?” The Black Dragon asked Xue Ying, his golden eyes filled with expectations. It truly wished to get out.

“If it’s short, then about ten years. Otherwise, it could be as long as 100 years,” Xue Ying answered.

“Alright, alright.” The Black Dragon obediently acknowledged. It immediately glanced at the refiner organisms by his side. These were the refiner organisms who had accompanied him these few years. “Do you hear that? All of you must continue protecting the palace. That’s the order given by the master.”

Xue Ying shook his head, smiling as he waved his hand.

The seven Deity warriors and 12 refiner organisms were immediately stored inside. Xue Ying truly found this aspect of Deity warriors remarkable—they could survive for long periods of time and even be stored in a storage space!


He immediately turned into a stream before appearing 50 kilometers away at the peak of Snowrock mountain.


Standing above Snowrock Castle, the current sky had turned dusky. It was already evening.

Xue Ying looked into the distance.

Before becoming a Transcendent, his Transcendent body could see even a small earthworm 50 kilometers away. Today, his current combat power was even greater than the past. Even though the Transcendent Qi-condensed Qi Avatar did not have a qualitative change in its vision power, it was still on another level compared to when he just became a Transcendent. Even if it was a city 500 kilometers away, he would still be able to see it, albeit slightly blurry.

Five thousand kilometers was the extent his eyes could see… 

There were countless villages, small towns, and cities all around. The cities were still vaguely filled with bright light with many people moving around.

“Countless mortals live by so many different kinds of lifestyles. Some might always be constantly on the move, while others become an outstanding person,” Xue Ying softly said. “However, there are still the damnable demons hiding behind them! Especially those Demon Generals. The Demon Generals are currently all hiding in the dark, none taking action yet. The moment they move, the result of their actions will cause billions of mortals to die!”

Demon Generals.

To them, the mortal world was their utopia. The material world’s human souls were their greatest nutrition.

“Right now, they are all hiding and eating large quantities of human souls gifted to them by the abundant weak little demons. The more they eat, the stronger they get. Their combat power would certainly improve over time. Either they had already become a Demonic God, or too many weak demons had died, bringing about the lack of contribution of human souls by these demons. That should be the time when the Demon Generals bare their fangs.

“They will wantonly eat the souls of humans, eating so maniacally that it might possibly annihilate an entire country.”

“If we fought one against one, the Xia Clan Demigods would never be able to kill them. Only when the strongest Xia Clan’s Demigod surround and attack them do we have a chance of killing one of them.

“Even though my Xia Clan’s combat power can exterminate them, how many people will have to die from it?”

Xue Ying shook his head inwardly.

There was a possibility that Demigods would die from the battle. As for mortals? That would be unimaginable.

My next move is to find these Demon Generals! After finding them, we’ll kill them! Xue Ying thought. But first, I have to test if they would be able to sense me when I’m walking in the Mirage! Mn. Tomorrow I’ll find Faction Head Si Kong Yang and Vice Faction Head Chao Qing to try this out.”


That night.

Xue Ying was eating dinner with his family.

As for matters regarding the Deity warriors, Xue Ying did not tell his family members as well since there would be no benefits in telling them that! However, he had already decided how he would assign the seven Deity warriors.

Pa. The chopsticks in Jing Qiu’s hand fell down.

Xue Ying’s expression changed too.

News had come—

Pu Yang Bo, killed in action! He was killed in battle at Spring Sun City.

“Disciple Brother Pu Yang Bo.” Jing Qiu could not believe it.

“Pu Yang!” Xue Ying’s expression paled as he felt his heart tightening.

In the past 20 years, none of the substitute elders from Scarlet Cloud Mountain World had died, but today, the five demon bases situated within the minor Transcendents World had been exterminated while the other demons had retreated. Right when the Transcendents of Xia Clan were celebrating, someone died. How long had it been? Just a month! The New Year had only just passed, but Pu Yang had already died in battle?

Pu Yang Bo had a good relationship with Xue Ying when they were in Scarlet Cloud Mountain World.

He was actually ranked first from the bottom! Only after Xue Ying had been reprimanded by Faction Head Si Kong Yang and fell to the last position did Pu Yang become second last! He, Pu Yang Bo, Yu Feng and Zhang Peng were the top four from the bottom, though Xue Ying was quite pitiful during that period of ten years as the Elders of Xia Clan felt truly disappointed in him.

At that time, the others from Scarlet Cloud Mountain had started drifting away from Xue Ying.

But not Pu Yang Bo, Yu Feng and Zhang Peng. The three of them had always been brothers to Xue Ying, and that was before Jing Qiu and Yuan Qing had joined them.

“Pu Yang, my brother!” Xue Ying’s eyes somewhat filled with tears. “How did this happen?”

The demon bases had already been exterminated!

Even though there were still Transcendents dying after that, the threat they brought had been greatly reduced! Furthermore, Pu Yang was extremely good at teleportation, to the extent that he could even teleport during battle! Yet he still died?

He was still young.

After so many years, he had finally chased after a female Transcendent… 

And he had died just like that?

“Senior Disciple Brother Pu Yang, he…” Jing Qiu looked towards Xue Ying beside her. She was the closest to Xue Ying in Scarlet Cloud Mountain World. Although, she had joined them quite late, her relationship with Pu Yang Bo was relatively good after living together for so many years. How could she not feel sad over his death? But she understood that Xue Ying and Pu Yang Bo were even closer. That time when they were ranked from the bottom together, they had become true brothers.

“Father, mother.” Xue Ying stood up, trying to control his sorrow. “We need to go out for a moment.”

After saying that, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu immediately left the restaurant.


The two of them started flying at a rapid speed.

“Let’s go to Spring Sun City.” Xue Ying waved his hand. Si la~~~ Space was torn apart. Holding Jing Qiu’s hand, they immediately flew through the space tear.


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