LXY Book 8: Chapter 18


Book 8: Chapter 18 – Pleased

Hu, hu, hu… Pu Yang Bo’s breathing was really weak, but as a Transcendent, he managed to keep himself awake.

Zhi ya.

The gates of the torture chamber were pushed open, and a stooping old man walked in. As soon as he entered, he began chanting a curse. Soon, the seals on Pu Yang Bo’s skin began lighting up. Streams of black Qi were visible on the surface of these seals, and vague signs of a black skull appeared on them. Pu Yang Bo could not control himself as he shouted in agony.

“Ahhh, kill me! If you dare, just kill me! I won’t join you. Never! Kill me, ah, kill me!” Pu Yang Bo howled in grief as he cursed out his anger.


“I, as a mere servant, would never dare to kill such a great Transcendent.” The stooping old man laughed. His voice sounded as if it were squeezed out from his throat—dry, rough, ear-piercing. “I am merely following orders!”

“Damn, damn.”

Pu Yang Bo cursed out amidst his anguished wailing.

Although he was a Transcendent, his soul had been locked. He could neither use Qi, nor could he operate World Energy.

Xi Dong. Xi Dong, I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry. I, I am truly not willing. Not willing! Pu Yang Bo’s greatest heartache was due to the female Transcendent he had successfully courted—Xu Dong. She was a Transcendent mage, younger than him just by a bit. As the war with the demons started, the Transcendents truly did not even know whether they would die soon or not. It was during that time that Xi Dong decided to let go of her apprehensions and be together with Pu Yang Bo.

The two of them were truly happy and in love with each other.

Pu Yang Bo was ecstatic. He would always boast to his friends—Yu Feng, Zhang Peng, and Xue Ying!

But where was he now?

I’m doomed.

Doomed… The moment my communication wristband shattered, the Xia Clan should have announced my death, right? I’m a dead person. Even if I were to suddenly ‘revive’, I would most likely end up being suspected. They would certainly not allow me to go back, even if I were to live forever in the dark.

Damn, damn. Pu Yang Bo felt as if insects were eating away at his heart.

At that moment—

“How is it? Did this brat decide to give in?” resounded a voice. One could only see the figure of a male garbed in gray and enveloped in black fog walking in.

“Master Bing, he hasn’t given in. He only wishes to die now!” the stooped old man respectfully answered. He was merely an ordinary mage, while this gray-robed male was a Transcendent.

“Leave first,” ordered the gray-robed male.

“Yes.” The stooping old man left the room obediently.

The gray-robed male closed the metal gates. Only then did the surrounding black fog reveal a cold face. This figure was no other than the oldest disciple brother within the Crimson Cloud Mountain World, as well as the person Chi Qiu Bai deemed to not have any hope of grasping a True Meaning—Situ Hong. 

“Situ Hong!” The shackled Pu Yang Bo raised his head suddenly, sending a savage look towards Situ Hong. He gritted his teeth before saying, “You’re still coming? In just a short three months, you came here three times!”

“I just love seeing your pitiful figure. Seeing you grit your teeth makes it even more delightful.” Situ Hong sneered by the side. “Back in the Crimson Cloud Mountain weren’t you the one always trying to go against me? Haha, those who go against me will never see a good end. Rest assured, you are merely the first! In the future, more Transcendents will come to join you!”

“You will definitely be discovered. At that point, I’m sure the Xia Clan will not forgive you!” Pu Yang Bo’s eyes were filled with hatred. The moment he thought of how many Transcendents had been captured by this traitor, he started getting increasingly more angry.

“Discovered? Haha, did you manage to discover me?” Situ Hong’s eyes were filled with madness. “I will choose carefully. I’ll be slowly capturing one every dozen years, and after hundreds of years,  I will have already grabbed a hold of more than ten! By then, my efforts will be even more prominent!”

“You traitor! Our Xia Clan has treated you so well. And yet, you decide to betray us and harm our Transcendents!” Pu Yang Bo’s voice was becoming hoarse.

“Hmph, hmph. Chi Qiu Bai, Si Kong Yang, did they think anything of me?” Situ Hong laughed. “They didn’t give a damn. In their eyes, Dong Bo Xue Ying was the most important figure! However, just as Chi Qiu Bai said, my cultivation started getting slower and slower. I might have very well ended up being killed by the Qi Avatars of those rank five demons during the war. In that case, why would I no just throw in my support to the Demonic Faction!”

“But the issue of the demon bases has already been solved by Xue Ying!” Pu Yang Bo angrily shouted.

“I had already joined the Demonic Faction by then.” Situ Hong sneered. “And you better not dare talk about Dong Bo Xue Ying!”

Seeing how Xue Ying was becoming stronger… 

Situ Hong felt even angrier in his heart! Damn, why did this Xue Ying not eliminate those demon bases earlier? Did he wait until I joined the Demonic Faction to start eradicating them?

“Pu Yang Bo, I suggest that you just obediently join us. If not…well, what use is there in dying?” Situ Hong said.

“Even if I were to join you, I’d remain forever in the darkness. In that case, I might as well just die!” Pu Yang Bo gritted his teeth. “You want me to join you? Dream on!”

“So what if you continue living in the dark? At that point, you can think of a way to bring that woman of yours, that Transcendent Mage, Xi Dong over… If you do that, won’t you two be together again?” Situ Hong smiled.

“Get out!” Pu Yang Bo’s expression became savage. “I won’t allow you to touch Xi Dong. Never!”

“Ze, ze, ze… the two of your are still quite lovey-dovey. For the sake of your infatuation, Disciple Brother Pu Yang, I’ll be a good brother and help you and Sister Xi Dong.” Situ Hong’s laughter became even brighter.

“You will die. You will definitely die!” Pu Yang Bo felt was in extreme pain.

“The Demonic Faction’s torture methods are truly too weak. Three months in, and you have yet to give in. Don’t worry, the Demonic Faction has been passing on its inheritances for so many ages. I trust that there are even more methods of torture designed by those mages who comprehended darkness and annihilation!” said Situ Hong. “It will take more than a hundred years to go through all these different methods of torture! Even I get scared at the thought of a hundred years of torture. If, by then, you will have yet to give up, you don’t have to worry, your body will be useable in experiments by those mad mages! Even when your body crumbles apart, your soul would still be usable in experiments. They will certainly not be wasted by the Demonic Faction!”

“You will certainly be revealed. You will die. Definitely. This happiness of yours will be short-lived.” Pu Yang Bo continued roaring something like a curse.

“Hmph, hmph. Nobody will find out! Other than the high priest and you, nobody has the knowledge that I am one of the Demonic Faction.” Situ Hong laughed. “It is impossible for my identity to be revealed!”

Situ Hong was truly delighted.

“I don’t know why, but…

“Seeing the agony disciple brother is going through, those pitiable cries are making me very, very happy! A shame that the person locked here isn’t Dong Bo Xue Ying instead. Were it the brightest star amongst those disciple brothers and sisters at the Crimson Cloud Mountain—Dong Bo Xue Ying—locked here right now, I would have been even happier!” Situ Hong revealed his true feelings and expressions.

None of his vile thoughts, selfishness and cruelty in his heart were being hidden now!


In the Mirage.

The black-robed teenager, Xue Ying, was currently watching this scenes with a cold look!


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    1. I’d prefer that Xue Ying take both with him, then let the Xia dynasty know that Situ Hong had turned traitor. That way the Demonic Faction would think he rescued Pu Yang Bo and he’d be hunted by both sides. A life on the run from everyone with a ruined future is just what he deserves.

    2. Personally, I’d like to see him taken away along with Pu Yang Bo, then just released. That way the Demonic Faction will think he double-crossed them, and he’ll be hunted by literally everyone. A long life on the run with no allies whatsoever and a ruined future is exactly what he deserves.

      1. I doubt the demonic faction would be that stupid. It’s obvious he won’t go against both sides. Once he joined the demonic side, he couldn’t betray them…

        1. They can’t afford to take chances, since the Xia dynasty will crush them instantly if their cover is blown, and he was never all that valuable anyway. He’d be completely useless once his affiliation with the Demonic faction was leaked, so I think they’d kill him if they found him just to be on the safe side.

          1. He’d be much more useful as a lab rat to the Demonic faction mages than as a soldier, they have no practical reason to keep him alive, and they’re hardly going to help him out of the goodness of their heart.

  1. What a bastard. But, it was to be expected that he’d betray them. I’m more interested in who the high priest is. I still suspect the City Lady Bu.

    Thanks for translating!

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