LXY Book 9: Chapter 12



Book 9: Chapter 12 – I Already Have An Arrangement

The headquarters of the Demonic Faction was a castle shaped like a planar hexagon, spanning 250 kilometers in length and 5 kilometers in height. Underneath this castle, situated in a certain underground area, was the closed secret room. After walking down the corridor for about 3.5 to 4 kilometers, the mysterious crimson-armored man finally reached this room.

“Mn? He’s here?” Observing everything from inside the Mirage, Xue Ying’s expression changed.

The number one expert in the Demonic Faction came here to check upon the Deity Avatar of the Great Demonic God. While this action did not seem out of the blue, it still made Xue Ying feel somewhat vigilant!


That was because… he immediately came over to this sealed secret room on the same day that the five Demon Generals had been taken care of. It would have been stranger if Xue Ying didn’t become suspicious!

Shua. Xue Ying suddenly teleported inside the Mirage to a position by the space door.

In terms of combat power, this mysterious crimson-armored man was even stronger than Mountain Lord He and the rest—he might be the number one expert under the heavens! In a direct fight, Xue Ying could not match him, so he had to think of a different method to obstruct him.

“Palace Head Chen, something is amiss. The crimson-armored expert of the Demonic Faction arrived at the headquarters and rushed straight to the secret room containing the Deity Avatar of the Great Demonic God,” Xue Ying immediately transmitted to Palace Head Chen using his Qi Avatar inside the Infernal Palace.

As Xue Ying finished the transmission… The mysterious crimson-armored man instantly made his move.

Ka ka ka~ The door to the secret room opened. Upon entering, the crimson-armored man flashed towards the gigantic bronze coffin unhesitatingly and grabbed it. A surge of incredible dark demonic energy enveloped the coffin in its entirety, even spreading to the shackles suspending it and engulfing them as well. These thirteen shackles—beng beng beng—were all pulled out from the walls of the room.

The mysterious crimson-armored man raised the 20 meters long, 6 meters wide bronze coffin bound in shackles before turning into a streamer and directly rushing out to the space door!

Too fast!

Even Xue Ying could travel a mere distance of three and a half to four kilometers in the blink of an eye, not to mention someone like this crimson-armored man with a combat power significantly surpassing Xue Ying’s! As soon as he grabbed the enormous bronze coffin, he flew with such speed that he seemed to have teleported. Hu. He instantly crossed the distance and arrived at the space door. But upon arriving there, he saw a black-robed teenager.

Pu chi! A spear had already pierced the array board by the side of the space door. With the might of Extreme Piercing, the spear could instantly shatter one of the most crucial boards in the array, promptly causing the initially stable space board to crumble apart.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying!” The mysterious crimson-armored man gritted his teeth.

“You are still too slow.” Xue Ying laughed at him, though his eyes were full of coldness.

“Very good.” The mysterious crimson-armored man’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

The best case scenario had failed!

This crimson-armored man was truly confident of his combat power. He thought that as long as he grabbed a hold of the bronze coffin, even if Xue Ying was truly hiding in the dark, he would not be able to destroy the bronze coffin in front of his eyes. But who would have thought… that this Xue Ying would destroy the space door instead.

It must be known that the previous best case scenario was to carry the bronze coffin through the space door and then close it shut. If that were to happen, the Xia Clan would have never been able to chase him down!

With the destruction of the space door, however, attempting to escape became a much more troublesome task!

Hong! The mysterious crimson-armored man immediately unsheathed a gigantic blood-colored saber from his back. His eyes were brimming with killing intent.

“Obstruct him, bind him!” On the other side, Xue Ying promptly began retreating while simultaneously waving his hand.

Shua shua!

Two streamers rushed out at the same time.

One of them was a green-gray fog which surged out to cover the world, immediately binding the crimson-armored man. Although the blood-colored saber struck with incredible might, it could still use its body to defend against the attack! It was, after all, a Deity warrior which even Deities would have a very hard time trying to destroy.

The other streamer was a tall, sturdy, black-colored male. Actually, this was the gold man whose skin color Xue Ying had decided to alter slightly! That was because he did not want the matter of his visit to the Black Wind Deity Palace exposed. One must know…the Black Wind Deity Palace had a fearsome reputation, but in reality, nobody in the current generation had the ability to kill their way through the various stages and take a look at this gold man!

In that case, just slightly changing his color to anything other than gold would cause him to be unrecognizable!

He~ With a tyrannical aura, the gold man directly sent out a brazen punch. His fist was akin to the dazzling sun in the sky, emitting endless amounts of golden rays. This punch could cause many to tremble at its strength.

At this sight, even Xue Ying himself was shocked. What a good fellow. With this punch, he should be comparable in combat power to the top three ranked Demigods! He’s definitely worth his title of apex Deity warrior in terms of his specialty of offensive power!

One fist punched out, filling and covering every single centimeter of space with golden rays!

On the other side, the blood-colored saber was filled with a gray aura, causing even space to crumble and everything in the surroundings to be annihilated. Even the dazzling, tyrannical rays released by the fist had been destroyed. The fist, however, remained undamaged as it directly clashed against the saber.

Hong long hong long~ A sound of two hard things smashing into each other rang out.

Both the crimson-armored man and the gold man were specialized in fierce, direct attacks.

This single exchange was so powerful that the surrounding structure of the underground castle of the Demonic Faction headquarters began to crumble apart; the shape of the walls on the sides already started to distort. One must know that the Demonic Faction headquarters was a place formidable beyond words, yet it was still currently being affected. 

The gold man was struck to such an extent that he was forced to retreat 11 continuous steps backwards with a dong dong dong sound. Every one of his steps formed a huge crater in the firm surface of the ground. Yet he remained full of fighting spirit, his eyes overflowing with excitement as he howled out, “Such a powerful Transcendent! It’s been too long since I’ve met someone like you. Come, come, come, let’s continue fighting!”

At the same time, the green-gray colored fog had already begun binding and shackling the mysterious crimson-armored man, who was getting anxious after witnessing it.


Two Deity warriors?

One of them would shackle him, forcing the crimson-armored man to release a continuous stream of mighty dark demonic energy using the Laws of Profound Mysteries to defend himself. That was enough to reduce his combat power by 20%! On top of that, there was the incomparably valiant gold man who had actually used his fist to directly clash against a Deity weapon! 

These Deity warriors can’t be destroyed. They are incredibly obstructive and will certainly be able to stick onto me! Although the crimson-armored man was anxious, he had no other choice. Instead, he remembered the order he received from the Great Demonic God—to not keep fighting zealously! He would be awarded with the greatest merit if he could bring the bronze coffin away.

“High Priest, this place has been revealed! You must move fast! The space door has also been destroyed. Quickly open the main door. I have to leave,” the mysterious crimson-armored man immediately transmitted.

Hong hong hong~

The moment he received the transmission, the High Priest was truly shocked, but he still promptly took control over the headquarters. A passageway opened at the top of the originally sealed hexagonal castle. 

A dark energy surged out from the surface of the crimson-armored man to surround himself as well as contain the bronze coffin. This energy caused ultimate death, ultimate destruction of the Laws of Profound Mysteries. It surged out continuously, obstructing both the gold man and the green-armored protector. The protector was constantly shackling him while the gold man was instead fiercely clashing against him.

Xiu! With one hand grabbing the bronze coffin and the other wielding the blood-colored saber…the mysterious crimson-armored man immediately shot up to the skies, rushing towards the open passage. All the while, the gold man and the green-armored protector were doing their utmost to keep up to him and bind him.

Xue  Ying similarly followed him from behind. With the gold man and the green-armored protector binding the crimson-armored man, Xue Ying could easily keep up with them. In case the situation took a turn for the worse, he could at least enter the Mirage and teleport inside. 

I hope no issue crops up with Palace Head Chen during this crucial moment! Xue Ying was anxious as he followed along at high speed. Just before, as he destroyed the space door, he had immediately transmitted a message to Palace Head Chen—“The Demonic Faction has discovered that I was investigating them. The mysterious man has already took the bronze coffin and is trying to escape.”

In response to this transmission, Palace Head Chen replied with, “I already have an arrangement! Xue Ying, you just do your best to delay him!”


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